I Know Everything chapter 268

Chapter 268: Tragedy!

“Ding Dong!”

“The weak chicken host once again advocated social justice and won the praise of the system so the system will reward the host with a small reward in order for the host to not be too arrogant.”

“The system rewards the host with Professional Chef ability and hope the host will continue to work hard and strive for more rewards!”

Chen Huan heard the sound from the Good Lord when he got into the car and couldn’t help but feel great.

It was said yesterday that reward wouldn’t be so easily obtained and yet he received one from the Good Lord when he was trying to solve a problem.

Chen Huan quite liked the skills of chefs.

It was impossible to be hungry as a chef no matter what time it was.

It was a great thing for the stomach and one’s mood when one ate delicacies.

In the future, he would show his skill from time to time to his wife and kids. Wouldn’t that make it look like he had the brain and the brawl?

Moreover, Chen Huan took a look at the memories that were just stuffed into his mind and saw there were dozens of types of cuisine.

This was an all-around skill!

All-around was the best!

Being able to let his family eat dishes from different regions everyday would make him look even better and godly!

While he was in his merry thoughts, Bu Yiyi sitting nearby him had an ugly expression and did a perfectly executed pinch at him.


Chen Huan was awakened from his thoughts and subconsciously tried to push the enemy’s attack away in order to avoid a worse fate.

However, the hand that was stretched out could not be retracted so he could put his hand on Bu Yiyi’s shoulder.

In the end, the two people sat in a way to face each other.

Bu Yiyi glared at him and said, “You bastard, you were quite happy showing off how powerful you were just now, right? You felt you were really cool, right? And didn’t care about the people who worried about you, right?”

“Yiyi, I remember saying it many times that I can do it and not to worry, did you forget?” Chen Huan said aggrievedly.

“I didn’t hear it! Even if I heard it, it was definitely some empty words so how can I trust you?” Bu Yiyi said unreasonably.



You are beautiful and very reasonable.

Chen Huan could only hug and said, “Alright, Yiyi, I know you care about me… I was wrong this time and there would definitely not be a next time!”

Bu Yiyi didn’t expect Chen Huan to be so presumptuous so she stepped on his foot in retaliation.

Chen Huan wasn’t in pain but after seeing Bu Yiyi’s furious stare, he screamed in pain and released her.

“Let me tell you something, you bastard!” Bu Yiyi grabbed his T-shirt and yelled at him, “Do you think this lady is an easy girl? Do you think I’ll be like your Han Dong’er, Shui Qianyu or School Flowers and all become your wives!? In your dream!”

“Would you believe me if I say this was just a friendly hug?”

“Fuck off!”

Bu Yiyi’s face almost touched Chen Huan’s face as she said, “If you want to chase this lady, you must show some worth! Don’t think because you know how to write songs, know mathematics, and know how to play basketball that you’re awesome… right, are you Chu Liuxiang?”

“Yiyi, I also know how to cook!” Chen Huan realized he had another specialty and said, “I know how to cook your Yuzhou’s dishes…let’s go, when we go back, I’ll make a hotpot fish, maoxuewang and spicy chicken for you!”

“Don’t lie to me, how could you, a Lin’an native, cook Shuchuang’s dishes?” Bu Yiyi obviously didn’t believe it.

“It might be fate now that we talk about it.” Chen Huan seriously said, “Maybe it was God who hinted to me that a beautiful girl will come to me in the future and that she likes Yuzhou’s cuisine…”

“Alright, alright, stop bragging or I’ll really let you do it and get yourself embarrassed.” Bu Yiyi waved her hands, “Go away and let me calm down, it was a rollercoaster of feeling earlier.”


Chen Huan went to the car’s window seat.

Wang Xi, who sat in front of him and never spoke during this, saw Bu Yiyi close her eyes and get some rest so she gave a thumb up to Chen Huan to tell him he was impressed to be able to calm down the Small Flower Dan.

Chen Huan gave her a proud glare.

In this era, wouldn’t he stay as a single dog if he didn’t have a sweet mouth?

He had enough of this kind of pain during his past life so he must change it this life!

It was already late at night.

There were three people in a car and they were the Shui Family of three.

They were rushing to a nearby Lin’an county town as Shui Qingshan drove very fast.

“Honey, slow down, slow down, our daughter is in the car!” Xia He was frightened and kept warning him.

Shui Qingshan’s face was pale and didn’t say anything but he slightly stepped on the brake when he heard it.

“Dad, Uncle Xuan and the other are auspicious people, they’ll be fine so don’t be too worried.” Shui Qianyu reassured him at the back, “Uncle Xuan has no other relative and you are his relative. You should be calm in a situation like this, what should they do if something happened on your side? Who else can the family of three rely on in their hard time?”

Shui Qingshan nodded and took two deep breaths to calm himself.

The county was 50km away from Lin’an and it would take an hour in the car to reach the county’s hospital.

They were led by a nurse to quickly meet with the doctor in the emergency hall.

“Their condition is very bad. The father’s cerebral hemorrhage is the most critical. The mother’s had a severe blood loss from her wound on the back and the broken glasses injured her spine, which isn’t much better. Only the on year old child due to being protected by the mother, was only frightened and fainted so not much of a problem.” The doctor described the condition solemnly.

Shui Qingshan’s legs softened as he staggered.

Fortunately, Xia He got him and pulled him aside.

The emergency doctor continued, “You’re Lei Daxuan’s brother, right? Hurry up and try to get him to Lin’an as soon as possible…if you don’t have the right relationship then, we can only send him to the Provincial Third Hospital that is affiliated with us.”

“Yes, I can decide for him.” Shui Qingshan’s stomach was turning but his voice was unusually calm, “Can they withstand the travel?”

“No problem, there are first-aid measures during transport.” The emergency doctor said, “Now, we’re doing the final hemostasis and bandaging to keep them as stable as possible.”


Shui Qingshan agreed and turned his head toward Shui Qianyu, “Darling, call Chen Huan. I remember that the last time the Grandpa’s wife was admitted to the Provincial First Hospital, it was due to some connection?”

“Yeah, that’s right!” Shui Qianyu also remembered, “They went to look for the vice president of the Provincial First Hospital, he is a good friend of Big Bro Tang Yuan.”

“That’s great!” The emergency doctor exclaimed, “The Provincial First Hospital has excellent expertise toward those two problems and they’ll be lucky if they can have the top doctors help them!”

A look of joy appeared on Shui Qianyu’s face and dialed Chen Huan’s number, “Hello, Chen Huan…”

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I Know Everything Chapter 359

Chapter 359: An Invitation From Across The Ocean.

Meng Zijing took the recorded song and left while thanking them profusely.

What she needed to do next was to discuss the shares for the upload on the music websites.

However, it was hard for an out of date singer like her to negotiate a good share.

Meng Zijing didn’t expect her first song to be treated like Han Dong’er or Su Mo but she hoped to have a better position in the recommendation.

She could rely on the song ‘Understanding’ itself but also on the fact that the song came from Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.

The three major music companies would give face as long as the song came from Teacher Lu.

She believed she would rise whether she was given a chance or not.

Meng Zijing didn’t ask for too much fame as long as she could rely on this song to first pay Teacher Lu for the three millions and then rely on the online sales as well as performing everywhere to earn a few millions before she could relax a bit.

But it was impossible to relax completely.

Today’s life was very expensive and raising a child wasn’t only feeding them enough. To assure their future when they grow up, seven or eight millions was nothing and even 10 million was nothing if they wanted to buy a house in the big cities.

But with this masterpiece, Meng Zijing wouldn’t have a problem making money for the next 10 years.

She knew the people sought after entertainment and their admiration toward a good song.

Heaven would find it hard to accept if ‘Understanding’ didn’t get popular.

In fact, Chen Huan didn’t care whenever Meng Zijing would give the money.

Money was never the most important thing to Chen Huan.

He had a house in Mingde Alley and a big apartment in Cyan Waterfront, which was enough for him to live.

Moreover, he still had 30 million with him.

In addition to the ten millions bonus he received from the princess previously, he received 2 million from the ‘Godly Singer’ prize money and another 3 million for ‘Don’t Wanna Grow Up’.

The rest were from the royalties he received for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ with around 20 million.

Even if it cost a lot of money to furnish the house and buy the muscle and bones strengthening potion, he still had 30 million left.

But Chen Huan didn’t go buy some properties as he thought he would but instead saved it to donate it away when he wanted rewards from the Good Lord.

That’s right.

There was nothing simpler than donating a generous sum of money to get rewards from the Good Lord.

Chen Huan didn’t want the 3 million from Meng Zijing when he wrote the song for her.

Honestly, Meng Zijing was just a lone singer and could at most just give the 3 million.

If Chen Huan gave it to a record company, he would get the 3 million but also a big favor.

This favor could be more useful than the money if used well.

Chen Huan did it because he sympathized with Meng Zijing on one hand and because Shui Qianyu wanted to help her on the other hand and the Good Lord also released a mission.

In short, Meng Zijing was very lucky this time as this didn’t have much to do with Chen Huan’s personal desire.

He was anxious about recording the song and hoped Meng Zijing became popular due to ‘Understanding’ so she could get out of her tragic life and so he could claim his reward earlier.

Chen Huan was very eager to receive things such as the Lunar Ointment.

However, Meng Zijing hadn’t released it yet before someone came to find him.

It was Xiao Yan from Yanhuang Music that came to Chen Huan.

Xiao Yan was the golden producer that said “Lu Xiaofeng’s songs weren’t worth 2 million.”

Because of that sentence, he was ridiculed for more than a year and was even more famous than some singers, but it was infamy.

But what nobody could think of was that Xiao Yan would swallow his pride after taking such a big humiliation and take the initiative to contact Chen Huan and Han Dong’er before signing Han Dong’er to an unprecedented fee to Yanhuang Music.

After the release of ‘Red Bean’, the album was continuously popular and Han Dong’er was hailed as being very likely to become an Empress in two or three years with an unlimited future.

It also happened that her contract was about to run out with Yongren Studio so everyone wanted to sign her.

Everyone thought it would be the largest record company in the industry Phoenix Record that would sign Han Dong’er.

It wasn’t only because they were the biggest but also Lan Kai and Tang Yuan were from it and they were friends with Han Dong’er and Chen Huan.

But in the end it was Xiao Yan who succeeded in doing so and everyone couldn’t help but feel admiration at that.

Chen Huan also changed his opinion on Xiao Yan.

Although he wouldn’t be friends with Xiao Yan, the guy knew his work and knew how to distinguish between interest and feelings.

As long as Chen Huan’s strength was enough to suppress him, Xiao Yan would be a good partner.

But if Chen Huan fell from his height in the future, Xiao Yan definitely would step on him without hesitation.

However, Chen Huan didn’t deal with Xiao Yan ahead of time because of this. In the civilized society, one couldn’t possibly just bury someone because competitively, right?

Moreover, from the past till now, there had always been less helping in need and more kick while down.

Even relatives could be like this so how could a stranger be criticized for it?

What Xiao Yan brought to Chen Huan was good news.

‘Tears in Heaven’ that was sung by Comeback during ‘Godly Singer’ finals was spread to overseas internet because the song was in English.

As a masterpiece from the God of Guitar, ‘Tears in Heaven’ obviously would be very popular with Westerners.

It didn’t take long for ‘Tears in Heaven’ to gather a huge amount of Western fans and also attracted the attention of Hollywood big director Bloomberg.

There were many renowned directors in the competitive and prestigious Hollywood.

The 52 years old Bloomberg was one of them and he was amongst the top 3-5.

He didn’t have many work and only had 7. He generally made one every 3 years.

But all of the seven works were classics with three artistic films that won 17 Oscars in total while the remaining four were commercial blockbusters that grossed over 3 billion USD in total.

Bloomberg, who had gained both fame and fortune, was now more and more exigent and careful with his move to a very harsh point.

He had very high demands even when he was filming an artistic movie.

Now the film was about to be completed but it didn’t have any theme song that could move people’s hearts and for this reason Bloomberg had searched for it everywhere but without success.

At the ‘Tears in Heaven’ most popular moment, Bloomberg heard it playing from his son’s computer and had been instantly taken away with it.

He sat and listened to it for the entire afternoon.

Then he immediately had someone come to China and contact someone in hope to buy the copyrights of ‘Tears in Heaven’.

The one they contacted was Yanhuang Music or more precisely Yanhuang Pictures before it was transferred to Yanhuang Music. Then, Xiao Yan immediately came to talk with Chen Huan.

“Those Americans are sure generous!” Xiao Yan said with a smile, “They directly quoted the price of 1 million USD, that’s 7 million Yuan! Moreover, this is another Bloomberg masterpiece that is about to smash the Oscars, if it did well, it might win the Best Original Song at the Oscars! Then Teacher Lu would be very impressive!”

Xiao Yan knew that 7 or 3 million Yuan was nothing to Chen Huan.

The most important bargaining point was that it would be selected for the Oscars.

It would be a big honor to be among the selected even if it didn’t win.

It was the most important Award in the Western world and a big recognition to Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.

When reaching the point where Teacher Lu did, wouldn’t he like to be known across the frontiers?

So Xiao Yan put the emphasis on that point.

Unexpectedly, Chen Huan refused without hesitation, “No need to discuss about the copyright, I won’t sell.”

Xiao Yan was stunned and didn’t know what to say but Chen Huan fortunately followed with, “But I can let them use it for free.”


That was in fact fine.

Xiao Yan breathed a sigh of relief.

Getting the copyrights of ‘Tears in Heaven’ was an order given by the top brass in Yanhuang Pictures.

But they also knew Chen Huan wasn’t someone easy to talk to and their pressure was akin to a joke to Teacher Lu.

No matter how rich the Qi family was, they couldn’t control someone who had no needs for the entertainment industry.

So their bottom line was they must make this cooperation work.

But he didn’t expect Chen Huan to hold on tightly to the copyright.

Didn’t Chen Huan previously easily sell the copyrights of his songs to the other people?

How come he refused now when the price was so high and with so many benefits?

Chen Huan solved his pondering the next moment as he said, “Uncle Shui and the other will record their album in the next month and ‘Tears in Heaven’ is indispensable to their first album and the history of this song is also different for them. I can’t give this song to other people.”

This is reasonable!

Xiao Yan nodded his head.

He already knew that Comeback wanted to release an album.

There was a lot of noise previously because of the competition for Wu Xinyan’s song.

The biggest singer under Xiao Yan Zhu Shengyu was a little unhappy as thought that Teacher Lu was disrespectful by robbing him of the song he loved and looked very hard to find.

Everyone thought that Chen Huan could write classic songs easily so what was one more or one less?

But if it was another song, Director Bloomberg wouldn’t want it.

If this opportunity was passed, it would probably never come up again.

So Chen Huan’s choice was unexpected but very reasonable.

Everyone knew the relationship between Chen Huan and the Shui family.

With Chen Huan personality, it was completely impossible for him to hurt their relationship for the sake of money.

Of course, Xiao Yan also coveted the album Comeback was about to make.

Everyone knew that whichever company produced their album would receive a huge amount of fame and profit.

However, everyone in the industry knew that the album had an owner so nobody brought it up.

Just from the fact that Lan Kai helped collect songs was enough for everyone to know that Comeback’s first album would be Phoenix Record’s.

After all, no matter if it was in terms of relationship or influence, Phoenix Record was Chen Huan’s best choice.

In other wprd, it was because Phoenix Record already had Empress Zhou Jing and small empress Liu Fiu’er so Xiao Yan was able to seize this opportunity to snatch Han Dong’er from them.

Yanhuang Music also had a bit of connection with Chen Huan.

It was hard to say anything about their current relationship but Han Dong’er connecting them and as Xiao Yan gave his all to produce Han Dong’er albums, organize concerts, look for endorsements etc… Teacher Lu would definitely take that into account.

Then at that time it would be hard to get one or two songs from him!

A newcomer that got one song from Teacher Lu, would they still have to worry about not soaring to the sky?

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I Know Everything Chapter 358

Chapter 358: She didn’t laugh, she also didn’t cry.

Chen Huan didn’t expect that early in the next morning that Meng Zijing, who lived in a nearby hotel, would come up to his door.

Although her eyes were still a bit swollen, her mood was much better.

Meng Zijing was very sorry for her poor performance yesterday and assured Chen Huan she would be able to record it well today.

As the issues of her emotion went awry, she sang the song over a hundred times yesterday by herself so she got over it and wouldn’t run rampant like yesterday.

Chen Huan looked at Meng Zijing with seriousness before remembering a saying.

“Women are originally weak but once they become a mother, they would gain unexpected strength.”

It seemed that Meng Zijing knew the responsibility on her shoulders so wanted to do it well so they could record the song as soon as possible and upload it on the three big music websites and mount her comeback.


But an hour later, Chen Huan remembered another saying.

“Women’s words cannot be trusted. The more beautiful a woman is, the more deceptive she is.”

Meng Zijing was obviously good looking otherwise she wouldn’t have the potential to become a small empress. The empress position could be earned by skills but most small empresses had to go through the look test as young people would like pretty ones.

For example, the current three small empresses, Han Dong’er’s ‘Facial Paralysis Fairy’ title had her the ‘Fairy’ wholly based on her appearance.

The small empress Yang Dan had the classic beautiful face as well as a tall and stylish figure. She would look like the four ancient legendary beauties in a Chinese robe.

Liu Fu’er wasn’t that stunning but she was delicate and pretty with a lively personality and very gentle. Her singing was also very explosive so she was very popular.

Li Bi, who had been very aggressive lately and climbing toward the position of small empress, was also very pretty and charming with a hint of wildness in her, which made the fans go crazy.

Back to where he was.

Meng Zijing indeed deceived Chen Huan.

Because when she stood in front of the microphone and listened to Shui Qianyu play, she instantly collapsed.

All the water broke through the dam this time. She wept right off the bat before she squatted down and cried in anguish, which shocked Guo Zishan.

He had seen singers that got emotional from the song before even singing it.

But such an emotional singer, he had never seen one before or even heard of it.

He also was very curious and excited.

How great would it be once Meng Zijing sang the song and released it?

Guo Zishan would eat all the equipment here if the song wasn’t good and didn’t move anyone.

But unfortunately, Guo Zishan wouldn’t be able to hear it today.

He could only wait for the third day.

Even Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu could only do so.

Meng Zijing felt embarrassed but she couldn’t help it.

She really steeled herself and told herself that she couldn’t lose it or cry anymore but the more people suppressed their emotions, the greater they burst out.

It could also be seen how much grievance Meng Zijing accumulated over the years.

Her sobbing wasn’t only for her relationship but also her younger days.

Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu understood her thoughts, especially after watching that variety show.

Fortunately on the third day, Meng Zijing didn’t drop the ball anymore.

She stood in front of the microphone and although she took a lot of time to ready herself as well as stop multiple times in the middle, she sang it once, twice, three times…

When Meng Zijing sang it the fifth time, she finally got into the right state.

Low and high pitch voice, the great high pitch change and the emotion filled voice put Guo Zishan in admiration.

The sound engineer nearby also couldn’t help but exclaim, “Miss Meng really sings this song amazingly! Teacher Lu, you’re really an unparalleled master, the best!”

In their eyes, Chen Huan’s song matched with Meng Zijing was really the greatest combination and very satisfying to listen to.

Meng Zijing still felt it wasn’t good enough so wanted to sing it for a sixth time.

But she already sang it five times in a row so her throat was tiring so Chen Huan asked her to rest for a bit.

Was this a joke?

You may not be tired but my Xiao Shuishui was definitely tired after playing the piano for such a long time.

Then Shui Qianyu came out and pulled Chen Huan’s sleeve as she said, “Chen Huan, I feel that she’s… she’s lacking something when she sings… it’s not what I imagined it would be.”

Chen Huan nodded and asked the sound engineer to replay the fifth try while everyone was there.

After closing his eyes and listened to it, Chen Huan looked at Meng Zijing and said, “Sister Meng, you’re too hasty in your singing and your voice is too ferocious… do you feel something inside and can’t let it out?”

Meng Zijing frowned and blinked her eyes with a stern expression before letting out in a deep voice, “Yes.”

This feeling was very hazy and the more she wanted to do well, the worse it got.

She wanted tried to get that feeling but couldn’t so she started to grow anxious and could only try until she could feel it.

Now, she was instantly enlightened after Chen Huan pointed it to her.

Sister Xiaofeng really deserved his name, he was really a genius among genius!

“Then what should I do Teacher Lu?” Meng Zijing knew that Chen Huan certainly would have an idea.


He got some ideas after he carefully compared the version sung by Empress Xin and hers.

“Sister Meng, you should try to add a woman’s nasal and struggling sound when crying when singing…the feeling as if you were sobbing, wouldn’t that be better?” He suggested.

When Chen Huan said this, Guo Zishan and the sound engineer didn’t understand it while Shui Qianyu got a bit and Meng Zijing completely understood.

After all, Meng Zijing had 15 years old experience and although she went away from the music path for a long time, her spirit was always there.

Especially in her current situation.

She lowered her head and hummed a bit before some color came back to her face as she said, “Alright, let’s try again!”

Then came the sixth recording.

This time, Meng Zijing just closed her eyes and she didn’t sing it as high-pitched as before and her bass was so low that it was almost inaudible.

But the feeling from it, which was similar to the sadness that made people unable to speak, instantly surged in the people who listened to the song.

This was the first time.

After singing it repeatedly, Meng Zijing finally found that feeling.

She obviously didn’t cry but people could feel the dry tears from her and it made people want to listen more of it.

Meng Zijing had reddened eyes when she opened them and saw Chen Huan give her a thumb up.

She didn’t laugh.

Tears flowed down from her eyes.

She didn’t cry out either.

She did it silently.

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I Know Everything Chapter 357

Chapter 357: Sobbing.

How a person felt could be seen from their actions.

Chen Huan called at night and the next morning, Meng Zijing rushed to the small noodle shop.

When Chen Huan went to the small backyard behind, she was already sitting at a stone bench and finished a bowl of plain noodles.

Sitting next to her was Shui Qianyu and the two were talking.

Compared to her on TV, she only had light make-up now and didn’t look as young.

She was only 35 years old but the Empress Zhou Jing with the same age as her and the two years old younger Xu Ping, looked much younger than her.

The pressure of life was never easy to handle as the harder they had, the harder they had to work.

“Teacher Lu!” Meng Zijing stood up and apologized when she saw Chen Huan come over, “Sorry, I thought you were…”

“It’s okay, it doesn’t matter.”

Chen Huan didn’t want to make this awkward so stopped her, “I didn’t think it through, otherwise I would have someone to warn you in advance.”

Meng Zijing gave an embarrassed smile as she said, “Even if you did, I probably wouldn’t believe it either… You don’t know but the conditions and surviving for us bottom of the ladder singers are very hard.”


Shui Qianyu nodded repeatedly, “I just heard from Sister Zijing that the pay from the performance venue isn’t low but half goes to the middle man. Imagine working so hard and put so much effort on the performance only to earn ten or twenty thousand!”

Chen Huan couldn’t help but smile softly at that.

You wanted to say that Meng Zijing had it hard?

It was indeed hard!

One person raising two kids and the various expenses weren’t small. In her home, apart from the mom who could help, nobody could help her and she only had a single babysitter in order to save money and she was brought from the countryside.

But you wanted to say she had it very hard?

That wasn’t true.

Some workers and peasants only earned 3 to 5 thousand a month while working very hard and they also had to take care of their families, didn’t they have it harder than Meng Zijing?

Meng Zijing sang a song for ten thousand and twenty thousand in the best scenario. Although there were only two or three occasions per month, she would get around 40k after expenses were removed.

Income like that was definitely at the level of the middle class.

Of course, Meng Zijing certainly couldn’t be compared to Comeback.

The price for Comeback to perform was 500 k a song now and 2 million if they wanted them to sing 3 songs at one sitting, it was at the level of emperors.

Even if there were four there, it was great to get 500k just for a song.

However, Comeback wasn’t in a hurry to perform and everything would be based on Lei Daxuan’s recovery.

When Lei Daxuan recovered, those that were free may go on a tour to earn some retirement funds.

“Lil’ Shui must have told Miss Meng, right?” Chen Huan asked, “The reason I’m looking for you.”

“She told me.”

Meng Zijing had a grateful expression as she said, “I don’t know how you were able to write a song based on my experiences! … I don’t know how to thank you for this! Don’t worry, I’ll quickly give you the money for the song!”

She was smart about it as she didn’t do things like ‘I’ll pay if I’m satisfied with the song’ as she assured she would take the song without hesitation.

The attitude of complete trust, whether she was trying to make Chen Huan feel good or whether she was sure that Chen Huan’s song was a sure hit, would make Chen Huan have a positive view of her.

“We can talk about money later.” Chen Huan shook his head, “If Miss Meng is ready, how about we go to the studio later?”


Meng Zijing agreed.

She was also very curious about what kind of song Chen Huan specially made for her.

“Okay, I’ll first eat something, here’s the score, you can take a look.” Chen Huan handed the score to her.

“Thank you.”

Meng Zijing took it.

She just glanced at it and she seemed to be frozen.

She had the same reaction as Shui Qianyu.

Shui Qianyu felt very touched by the lyrics yesterday.

Meng Zijing was even more stunned as her eyes reddened really quickly.

She remained like that until they went to the studio.

Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu didn’t notice that Meng Zijing’s body slightly trembled.

This recording studio was used by Comeback during the competition previously. It wasn’t big or small and it had 5 recording studios in total with top tier equipment in Lin’an.

Because Comeback used it, the recording studio was quite popular nowadays with professionals and amateurs that hoped to rent a room there.

No matter how busy it was, a room would always be open for Comeback especially when it was Teacher Lu who asked for it.

By the time Chen Huan arrived, many singers and musicians were already at the door ready to greet Chen Huan.

Regardless of whether Chen Huan could remember them, as long as they could speak a few words to Chen Huan, who knew if it would be useful or not in the future?

However, they weren’t surprised when they saw Chen Huan was accompanied with two women.

Shui Qianyu was perfect, she was Chen Huan’s most precious baby so what was there to say when Chen Huan took her out?

But Meng Zijing, a female singer that was out of the music scene for a long time, left them puzzled.

They had to listen from a boss that was in the industry for 20 years to recall who she was.

“Why did she come to the studio? Did she get a song from Teacher Lu?”

“It can’t be, right? I don’t see anything that could impress Teacher Lu.”

“Maybe he likes mature women, maybe he’s doing whatever she wants and randomly made a song for her.”

“Get out of here! Is Teacher Lu someone like that? If that’s the case, how many girls are willing to jump at him? But do you see anyone?”

“Perhaps she has a good contact! Just like with Guan Yili, isn’t it thanks to Ning Wu being Zhu Mei’s junior? Maybe she has a contact and got lucky?”

“Wow, you say even a woman can have a contact like that so why can’t I? I’m willing to sell myself as a slave to the small noodle shop!”


Putting the disturbance outside aside.

The sound engineer was already in place when they entered the studio. Meng Zijing entered the recording room and Shui Qianyu followed after as she sat at the piano seat for the live accompaniment.

Chen Huan stood outside and watched them through the transparent glass as he listened to the music.

When Chen Huan was eating his breakfast, Shui Qianyu already sang the song three times to her.

With Meng Zijing’s musical talent, she sang it with Shui Qianyu a few times and could already roughly sing the song from the beginning to the end.

Now, Chen Huan had her come to the studio to sing seriously and was ready to point out the fault in it.

It was also because Meng Zijing had a solid foundation because if it was a new singer, they would have to practice a few days at their homes before they would come to the studio to sing it seriously.

“Sister Zijing, let’s start! I’ll sing the first few words!”

Shui Qianyu said and started to play the prelude.

“I thought I would cry, yet I didn’t…”

Shui Qianyu whispered before repeating the start of the score.

But she didn’t hear Meng Zijing sing along with her.

Raising her head in confusion, Shui Qianyu saw that Meng Zijing was covering her mouth tightly with tears flowing down to the lyrics sheet in front of her.


Shui Qianyu looked at Chen Huan and he motioned her to stay silent and let Meng Zijing’s emotion pass.

At this time, the boss of the studio Guo Zhishan quietly got in after dealing with the other people etc…

He was an old friend of Shui Qingshan and the official version of ‘Mama Do You Remember’ was recorded here. He often watched Comeback rehearse here but never leaked anything.

Then he saw the singer cry as soon as he came in so he asked, “What happened?”

The sound engineer, who was there the whole time, quietly told him.

Guo Zishan looked at Chen Huan in admiration.

Teacher Lu, so impressive!

Made people cry by just looking at the lyrics!?

However, Guo Zishan’s surprise didn’t end here.

After ten minutes or so, Meng Zijing used a pack of tissues and sat to rest for a bit while drinking some hot water to stabilize her emotion before standing in front of the microphone again.

But it was even harder to hold on this time as when the music started again and without Shui Qianyu even singing the first sentence, she started to wail loudly.

Guo Zishan was dumbfounded and had the urge to snatch the lyrics to read so he could see what kind of witchcraft was used to put her into that state.

Chen Huan was also speechless.

It was said that there were many pains in the world but love hurt the most.

When a song really touched the heart of someone, it was equivalent to reminding them of their painful past and putting salts into their wounds.

Not to mention the one who sang, those who listened and cried from it definitely weren’t small.

Song was unparalleled in touching people’s emotions.

Now Meng Zijing had fallen into her memories and was overwhelmed by the emotion she felt.

She never cried much and put up a strong front for the sake of her two children when she was abandoned by her husband and smiled even more than when they were four in the family.

But she couldn’t hold it now.

She didn’t want to bear with it anymore and just wanted to cry it out.

Well, she was already like this, how could they still record songs now?

Chen Huan could only apologize to Guo Zishan and wait for the emotional singer to calm down before taking her home.

Meng Zijing’s experience really fitted ‘Understanding’ compared to Empress Xin.

Chen Huan believed she would perform the song greatly.

But that was in the future, now they had to find a way to have Meng Zijing overcome her sadness.

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I Know Everything Chapter 356

Chapter 356: Liar!

‘Understanding’ was certainly a good song.

In fact, half of the reputation from Empress Xin (Winnie Hsin) came from this song.

The song was synonymous with Empress Xin as people expected her to sing this song every time she performed.

It was also the same with Empress Lin and the song ‘Across the Ocean to See You’.

With the popularity of Gangtai’s Music in the nineties, ‘Understanding’ spread far and wide, especially people hurt by love, male or female, would sing this song.

(Gangtai=Hong Kong)

It was a bitter love song and the type that Brother Li was the best at. It was written to deeply touch people’s emotions.

So it was often rated as ‘Top Ten Love Songs’ and ‘Top Ten Saddest Songs’.

Even after 30 years, it had a standing of its own.

After the song was written and the score was completed, Shui Qianyu along with the Shui Qingshan, who returned home, sang the song on repeat while sighed in admiration at Chen Huan’s talent.

They all knew this was a great song that would make a singer insanely popular.

Shui Qingshan didn’t say anything but Shui Qianyu said in hesitation, “Chen Huan, do you want to change the song? This song…”

She wanted to say it would be a waste but she couldn’t say it out.

After all, Shui Qianyu really wanted to help Meng Zijiang.

Chen Huan understood her contradicting feelings very well and it didn’t mean that her heart wasn’t good but was just a natural reaction when people had choices.

“It’s okay, this song was written because of her and only she can sing this song well enough.” Chen Huan made the decision.

After he said that, Shui Qianyu wouldn’t mention it again.

She was happy instead after letting that go.

She felt very fulfilled that she was able to help the singer she liked and help her out of the trouble and poor state the singer was in.

Lan Kai was such a huge producer who was very familiar with the music industry with the most extensive contacts.

But it took a lot of effort to get Meng Zijing’s contact info even for him.

Those renowned talent management companies didn’t have her contact.

When Chen Huan called Meng Zijing, he heard a tired voice with two kids’ voices on the background.

Meng Zijing’s children were 7 years old and 4 years old.

“Is this Miss Meng Zijing?” Chen Huan asked.

“Yes, you are…” Meng Zijiang spoke very politely.

“I’m Lu Xiaofeng, you should have heard of me, right?” Chen Huan said.


A silence permeated in the call for a bit before it was hung up.

Shui Qianyu, who was nearby, couldn’t help but ‘Pfff’ as she laughed, “Chen Huan, she thinks you’re a liar~~”

The young man had no choice but dial the number again.

She didn’t answer the first time but answered after that.

“I don’t have money and can’t buy your 3 million song, don’t waste your breath!” Meng Zijing immediately said.

Now it was Chen Huan’s turn to be shocked.

The price of 3 million for Teacher Lu’s song spread after ‘I Don’t Wanna Grow Up’.

Meng Zijing knew of this.

But the puzzling thing was how did she know that Chen Huan wanted to give her a song.

“Ehhh….” Chen Huan hesitated before he said, “Miss Meng, I don’t know what you heard but I think we should talk in person… if you have time, maybe you could come to Lin’an small noodle shop?”

“Small noodle shop?” Meng Zijing was stunned.

She was a sentimental person so she obviously knew the small noodle shop in Lin’an was the birthplace of ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ and also the noodle shop of the popular Shui Qingshan.

Teacher Lu was connected to the small noodle shop so she would be able to find him if she went there.

Those unscrupulous liars of the industry would dare tell her go to the small noodle shop?

Wasn’t he a liar?

It wasn’t weird of Meng Zijing to hang up earlier.

She had met several agents from the industry and they urged her to find some money so she could ask Teacher Lu to write a song for her.

As long as Teacher Lu wrote a song for her, she would become popular again and wouldn’t have to work so hard.

Meng Zijing obviously hoped for it.

She longed to become a prosperous artist again for the sake of a better life for her children.

Teacher Lu’s song was definitely a shortcut toward success.

But Meng Zijing was also someone that nearly became a small empress so she knew that the better the song was, the harder it was to find.

It wasn’t like she was an ignorant person as Teacher Lu’s songs were notoriously hard to get.

Very few people were able to obtain songs so far and money alone wasn’t enough.

Not to mention with the so-called relationship fee, it would increase the fee to 4 million.

Where could she get 4 million?

With 4 million in her hands, would she be running all around trying so hard to earn money?

Meng Zijing also learned that those unreliable people had no contacts whatsoever.

If it was Tang Yuan, Lan Kai or Wang Zhao who said they were good friends of Lu Xiaofeng, she could still trust them.

These people were full of crap as they claimed to have contact with Teacher Lu but most of them would collect a few hundred thousand before running away.

She had seen too many of those guys in recent years.

Normally, people still feel a bit embarrassed so they shouldn’t call back after being exposed.

But this number was called three times and the last call even asked her to go to Lin’an’s small noodle shop.

He said he was Lu Xiaofeng.

Was he really Teacher Lu?

When she thought of this, Meng Zijing’s voice shook a bit as she said, “Are… are you really Teacher Lu!?”

“Whether I am or not, you will know after seeing me.” Chen Huan had now gotten into her head now, “These two days, come if you have the time! After you come to the small noodle shop, it can’t be fake after seeing me, right?”

Meng Zijing’s trembling even more right now, “Teacher… Teacher Lu, you’re looking for me for…”

“Is nothing much.” Chen Huan said, “Our family Little Shui saw you on TV some time ago, she’s the little girl who play the guitar in Comeback, she likes your song a lot and saw your interview in the show so she wanted to help you…well, we can’t have a good conversation on the phone, it’s better to talk in person!”

The call ended.

Meng Zijing didn’t move for a long time.

The son, who was playing with her sister, ran up in curiosity and saw her mother hold up her phone in tears.

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I Know Everything Chapter 355

Chapter 355: Understanding!

Lunar Ointment?

Chen Huan was instantly fully energetic.

Han Dong’er’s mother was in poor health and Chen Huan was wondering how to help her.

The name Lunar Ointment sounded like something women used so maybe it would be some use.

Chen Huan’s yard had hundreds of Lunar Grass planted.

He found some in the mountains according to the Good Lord direction.

The planting and cultivating of the Lunar Grass was very unique and if it wasn’t for the Good Lord instruction, the common people wouldn’t be able to do it.

The Lunar Grass was growing well in his garden.

Of course, this had something to do with Chen Huan picking the mature one as those that were still starting growing were left in that place.

The Lunar Grass in the mountains around Lin’an couldn’t be said to have a lot but it wasn’t much either.

Chen Huan still maintained the frequency of fertilizing them once per week.

Without the method given by the Good Lord, the Lunar Grass would still be able to grow but the quality of it wouldn’t be good.

It also cost several thousands to nurture the Lunar Grass with various nutritious solutions.

It was also because Chen Huan was rich, otherwise why would he be willing to do so?

Chen Huan naturally became interested when Lunar Ointment was related to changing Meng Zijing’s destiny.

“I hear that Meng Zijing is living in poverty nowadays as she was alone with her two children and couldn’t go out to work every day. She is mostly relying on her previous saving and the compensation received from her husband.” Shui Qianyu explained to Chen Huan after the show was over.

“Doesn’t she have child support?” Chen Huan asked.

“Haha.” She said, “The news on the internet reported from Meng Zijiang’s brother that unscrupulous man would only give 4000 Yuan a month via the court and not a cent more.”

<( -︿-)>

This was really horrible.

In the current economy, 4000 Yuan definitely would be enough for the three to eat their fill every day.

But with kids, how was it enough to just be able to eat their fill?

Although there was compulsory school, there were a lot of expenses with extra-curricular activities, clothes, shoes and other expenses.

Basically in an ordinary family, it wouldn’t be weird to spend 6 or 7 thousand when two kids were starting to go to school.

So it wouldn’t be too much to ask for a generous child support of 10k, right?

All of this confused Chen Huan, did Meng Zijing’s ex-husband hit his head?

It would be fine if he had no money but Shui Qianyu said he had his own company and easily earned millions in a year.

They were clearly his own children but he didn’t fulfill his obligation and even antagonized them?

Was it because he had another wife and kid so he estranged himself with them?

He couldn’t figure it out.

Maybe it was the reason why the Good Lord couldn’t let this pass and wanted to teach him a lesson!

Chen Huan put aside those thoughts and asked, “Doesn’t she have any invitation for a commercial performance?”

“She has! How couldn’t she not have them!” Shui Qianyu lightened up, “But she is already out of style so is only invited by some small venue in those fourth-fifth tier cities with each performance only giving ten or twenty thousand at most and she doesn’t receive them often.”

A dignified singer that was hailed as the next small empress had fallen so low, it really made people feel emotional.

But Shui Qianyu continued, “Chen Huan, do you know why I like her? because I watched a lot of videos of her performing and although she was often in shopping malls or open air promotion activities, she was never out of tune. She gave her all when singing, with a smile too. She’s also willing to interact with the audience no matter how many people there are!”

“You have to know, Meng Zijiang in the past was a very reserved and distant singer! But in order to have more opportunities to sing and earn money for her children to give them a better life, she learned how to compromise! A mother like that deserves a lot of respect!”

Chen Huan lightly nodded.

“Singers nowadays can perform anywhere with a single popular song and make a lot of money… for example Guan Yili.” Shui Qianyu said, “I have nothing against him and a pretty pure guy but this is unfair to singers like Meng Zijing! Chen Huan, if she had a popular song, would she receive more offers for commercial performance and paid more?”

Seeing Shui Qianyu’s serious expression, Chen Huan couldn’t help but smile as he said, “Xiao Shuishui, if you want me to write a song for her, just tell me, what can’t be said between the two of us?”

Shui Qianyu rolled her eyes at him and said, “Do you still need me to tell you? This is called conscience, alright?”

Shui Qianyu always acted a bit tsundere in front of Chen Huan.

Chen Huan also liked her straightforwardness without any pretense.

As long as she asked, Chen Huan would be willing to help Meng Zijing even without the mission from the Good Lord.

“After listening to her story, I felt a bit enlightened…Hmm, let’s call this song ‘Understanding’!” Chen Huan hummed before taking a pen and paper, and started writing.

Shui Qianyu saw the lyrics he wrote.

I thought I would cry, yet I didn’t.

I was just staring at your footsteps in a daze, to give you my last blessing.

How is this not one kind of realization? Allowing me to see myself clearly.

Although there was no music, Shui Qianyu could feel the sadness coming from it by just reading.

Her eyes lit up when it was even linked up with Meng Zijing’s story.


Too amazing!

Her family little idiot is actually a genius!

It wasn’t difficult to write a good song but it was definitely hard to write a song targeted at a single singer.

‘Tolerance’ which Chen Huan wrote for Guan Yili was very respected even if it wasn’t at the level of ‘Laughter From the Sea’ or ‘Mama Do You Remember Me’.


Wasn’t it because it perfectly suited Guan Yili’s voice that was neither like a man or a woman?

Now the song Chen Huan wrote for Meng Zijing was even nuttier.

He just watched Meng Zijing telling her story with Shui Qianyu’s adding to it and was able to write to Meng Zijing from it. The lyrics seen by Shui Qianyu seemed to suit a lot to Meng Zijing, what kind of talent was needed to make this?

If it were not for Shui Qianyu not being someone who liked to flaunt, she would have already put this story on the internet and let everyone admire her little Chen Huan.

No matter how much people admired his talent, it was all deserved.

However, Chen Huan’s talent didn’t stop there.

After writing the lyrics, Chen Huan started to hum.

He paused from time to time at the beginning before it became smoother.

The tune changed for just a sentence to a whole paragraph.

Then Chen Huan started to sing as he looked at the lyrics.

“I thought I would cry, yet I didn’t…”

Shui Qianyu looked at with a stunned expression when she saw him singing with a lowered voice.

Chen Huan certainly didn’t sing it well but he had heard the original song many times before and with the song recall, he could bring the emotion out of the song.

The charm of the song could be brought out as long as he could bring out the emotion, at least the first person in the world to hear it, Shui Qianyu, certainly could feel it.

After the song was over, Shui Qianyu didn’t recover from the sad mood.

Her eyes were red and held off from crying.

“How was it, I’m awesome, right?” Chen Huan said without any tact as he didn’t notice Shui Qianyu’s emotional state, “This song will be amazing with that aunty!”

Seeing his grinning face, Shui Qianyu fiercely pinched his face as she said, “Chen Huan, if you ever do this to me, I’ll tell you, you’re definitely going to die! You’re dead!”

“Huw crout RY….”

Chen Huan’s face was contorted and couldn’t even say “How could I?”

Fortunately, Shui Qianyu understood him.

She nodded in satisfaction before looking at the lyrics and carefully read it.



Such a nice song!

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I Know Everything Chapter 354

Chapter 354: Injured Woman.

Lei Daxuan quickly recovered after he woke up.

In just a few days, he was able to slowly walk the corridors around his ward by himself.

From the current trend, he would be discharged from the hospital at the end of the month.

However, as he recovered more and more, his stubbornness also escalated. 

The first point was that he was determined to wait until he could participate in the recording before he received any money from the album sales.

Comeback could already start recording now but he wouldn’t want any money from it.

Then Lei Daxuan also didn’t want the 10 million prize money.

“You already helped me out with the medical expenses and participated in ‘Godly Singer’ for me, it really woke me up so hasn’t the goal been completed? What am I going to need your money for?”

As he said so, Ning Pingping also resolutely stood with her man.

It made things a little awkward for Comeback.

But Shui Qingshan wasn’t someone who hesitated.

He thought about it. if they made an album and even if they split the profit in five, the amount given to Lei Daxuan would definitely not be less than 5 million.

And with Lei Daxuan’s current situation, 5 million was more than enough.


Shui Qingshan made a decision to split the 10 million among the 5 people.

The four members of Comeback and Chen Huan each took 2 million.

Zhang Kun and Li Xinyu felt embarrassed to take the money as most of the credit went to Teacher Lu.

Chen  Huan only took 2 million, the same as them, it really shouldn’t be.

But Shui Qingshan’s words dispelled their hesitation.

“Just take it! This is like filial piety by the juniors, or you can’t even take this filial piety?”

He’s right!

Chen Huan was someone who called them uncle and they were all family so what was to be embarrassed about?

They accepted the money after thinking of this point.

Both of them didn’t have any strong background and they already squeezed a lot of money for Lei Daxuan’s medical expenses.

Now that Lei Daxuan recovered and they could go home with 2 million, it was a good thing for their family no matter what and their wives would be happier.

It wasn’t a question of being stingy or not.

Men created more wealth for the family so the family could live more comfortably, which led to having less conflict in the household.

Shui Qianyu didn’t see a dime.

Her money was held by Xia He as well as the Shui Qingshan’s 2 million and she took it to buy a 200 square meter apartment at Cyan Waterfront.

It just so happened that it was just downstairs from the one Chen Huan bought.

As Xia He put it, they could live there in future or take it as an investment.

The value of Cyan Waterfront property would increase as Chen Huan got more and more popular.

In half a year, the square meter went from 30k to 40k and it was even in short supply.

The new apartment she bought was 50k the square meter and the price was 10 million in total, that was why it hadn’t been sold yet.

In other words, they hadn’t told that the upper floor was Teacher Lu’s apartment otherwise it would have been sold even if it was 2 million more.

Seeing Chen Huan’s unstoppable rise, Liang Xiuxiu wanted to maintain a good relationship with Chen Huan so she didn’t go all out on this aspect.

Chen Huan would definitely be unhappy if he met people every time he came out and heard about it.

Once Chen Huan became unhappy, he would simply sell the house and say a few words. It would not only stain Cyan Waterfront reputation but they would also have difficulties to sell their other properties.

As a paradise city, Lin’an had many real estate developers and it would be impossible to gain a foothold in the city if their reputation stank.

It wasn’t worth it just for a few millions.

So this house was bought cheap by Xia He with only 4 millions and even a parking space was given.

But Liang Xiuxiu was willing to let go of that profit.

After helping Xia He this time, it would be easier to her to ask Chen Huan a favor the next time.

It didn’t have to be related to real estate.

With Chen Huan rise, it was difficult for normal people to have contact with him so a favor was really valuable!

Xia He was also happy about it since they didn’t even have to change another company for the decoration, they just had to adjust it.

During the weekend, she would go there to happily discuss about the decoration while Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu had a rare moment to relax and watch TV together.

In fact, most of the TV variety shows tended to be stupid.

Because it was easier to make people laugh that way, which was a good past-time.

But there were some that weren’t as chill.

For example, some talk shows.

In particular, ‘Liao Xin’s Talk Show’ where they often had very sad interviews.

This often made many young people dislike it but it happened that a lot of white collar working people were willing to go through those sad baptisms.

‘Liao Xin’s Talk Show’ invited a singer named Meng Zijing today.

Chen Huan had once heard her song.

She debuted during the 2000’s and had two albums. With a very mellow voice coupled with the explosive high pitch, she had won over the appreciation of many fans.

She was also a singer that almost became a small empress.

But when she was 25, she chose to retire from the music scene to get married and have children.

So nobody had heard of her for more than ten years and many had forgotten her.

However, Shui Qianyu happened to study her songs and saw a trailer of this episode last week so she was determined to watch and dragged Chen Huan along with her.

Liao Xin’s interview was slightly studious but she wasn’t annoying overall.

She wouldn’t deliberately try to trap or fool her guests.

For example this time, Liao Xin didn’t add oil to the fire and rouse the jealousy but empathized with the guest.

“I used to think that he was my final destination, but I didn’t expect that love wouldn’t last forever. After I gave birth to two children, listening to the children cry every day and doing tedious housework, he gradually became more impatient and irritable.”

“It would start with him doing more overtime, then he would go on for a week without coming home and then he even went to live another place. I went to find him but he wouldn’t open the door…”

“I didn’t know what I did wrong. The children were his flesh and blood but why doesn’t he want to take responsibility but only want to enjoy the love?”

“I can’t say he’s immature since he’s still a very successful businessman but since my life started making baby’s formula milk, changing diapers, illness, kindergarten etc…He and I stopped having a common language.”

“He feels that this family life is too much pressure but why did he romance me and marry me? I don’t regret accepting his pursuit back then but my heart hurts deeply now!”

“He asked me for a divorce, it couldn’t sleep for three days and three nights before I chose to leave. He doesn’t love me anymore, he doesn’t love his two child and he doesn’t love this family anymore so what’s the point of me being with him? Not to mention he completely doesn’t come home anymore!”

“I know how he thinks. Although he’s allowed to marry a second one, he doesn’t want to split half of his belongings with me so he would rather divorce me now and give 10% of his wealth as the compensation.”

“But do I care about his money? When we got married, he hadn’t been this successful yet but didn’t I marry him?”

“When a man has money, they really change, my heart is already in pieces and it can’t be pieced back together anymore.”


After saying, the audience followed after her and all cried.

Even Shui Qianyu had reddened eyes as she watched.

Then she looked at Chen Huan.

Chen Huan instantly knew that look.

“Xiao Shuishui, I’m not that type of heartless person, don’t worry!” Chen Huan immediately reassured her.

“Are you men are bastards!” Shui Qianyu yelled.

She was obviously not scolding Chen Huan but was referring to people like Meng Zijing’s ex-husband.

“There are many scumbags like him in today’s society.” Chen Huan expressed his agreement.

The current laws were like this.

You could marry more than one wife but there were strict rules.

For example, if a rich guy had 100 million in assets, they would have to pay 50 million in taxes to marry a second one.

In addition, half of the remaining 50 million would be given to the first wife so she would have 25 million as the guarantee.

It would be even worse if they married a third one. If they add all the taxes for the two wives, the guy would have only 4 million remaining.

Therefore, unless you marry when you didn’t have much money, people usually didn’t want to marry a second one and would just divorce and marry again. They would have to pay 10% in assets, which was much better than 75%.

(#Not worth!)

This resulted with the poor marrying more while the rich didn’t dare to marry more with the middle class that had a bit of money to marry one or two more.

This maintained fairness as much as possible to a certain extent.

Meng Zijing’s husband wasn’t someone responsible and Meng Zijing was still raising his two children but he was still only willing to give 10% of his wealth regardless of his wife and kids.

That was why Shui Qianyu called him a bastard.

“Ding Dong!”

“The compassionate system expresses deep sympathy toward Meng Zijing’s tragic experience.”

“The system specially issues the following mission, the host needs to get Meng Zijing out of her current despairing self and make her go back to her confident and beautiful self again! The host would receive a generous reward if this is the case!”

“A reminder for the host, the rewards will include the method of making Lunar Ointment!”

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I Know Everything Chapter 353

Chapter 353: Beware of Hypocrites.

Chen Huan didn’t know that the princess actually wanted to give 5 million for the song.

She was persuaded away by her subordinates, Cui Zhong included.

It was the so called the wind damages the flourishing trees in the forest.

Chen Huan was already in a lofty place so it wouldn’t be a good thing for him to be at a place that nobody could catch.

It was better to give Chen Huan bonuses or revenue shares just like in the past.

The princess also thought so and followed after their advice.

Cui Zhong felt quite happy when he came to Lin’an and talked to Chen Huan about Meteor Girls’ Restaurant.

While he was happy, he proposed an idea, “Teacher Lu, can you come as a guest for the first episode of Meteor Girls’ Restaurant?”

“No.” Chen Huan flatly refused.

What kind of joke is that?

This Lord doesn’t like to appear in variety shows as if I’m a monkey performing tricks.

This variety show was obviously the same even if it was made by me.

“Look, if you don’t go direct the show, how would the girls know what to do?” Cui Zhong pleaded, “Teacher Lu, you can take it as helping them!”

“The outline and details are clearly written and if they still can’t do it, they deserve to have their limelight being grabbed by Lightning Boys.” Chen Huan didn’t falter.

Cui Zhong suddenly felt depressed.

When asking who Shanhai Streaming hated the most right now, it would be Shining Technology and Phoenix Record.

The princess had called Gan Liangchen of Shining Technology 17 times to scold him.

You read that right.

She, a woman whose net worth wasn’t in the top 50 in China, called and scolded the 8th richest man in China.

Gan Liangchen couldn’t do anything against it as they indeed did unsavory things and deserve to be scolded.

So except for the first time, he just sneakily hung up the phones.

But things didn’t stop at that.

Because Shining Technology needed a band like a lot since otherwise if Meteor Girls continued to develop, Youyi would be completely surpassed by Shanhai Streaming within a year or two.

From a legal point of view, Shining Technology did nothing wrong. There was no such thing as plagiarism for a selection process even if it was a variety show.

But nobody in Shanhai Streaming could swallow this offense.

“Don’t worry, they definitely would do it well.” Cui Zhong answered, “In fact, they are the most angered by this and all rallied together in order to teach the Lightning Boys a lesson!”

“While on the topic, remind those 9 girls to be wary of Youyi’s shamelessness as they might send those Lightning Boys to seduce them! If that scandal spread out, it would be a huge loss and embarrassment!”

“They dare!?” Aunty Cui suddenly got angry, “Whoever dared to do this, I’ll cripple him!”

They would really be shameless if what Chen Huan said was real.

They not only copied them but they even wanted to come up to them and ruin the Meteor Girls’ reputation.

Aunty Cui regarded the nine girls as his own daughters so he obviously wouldn’t allow it.

“Don’t worry about anything else, you have to take precautions before it happens.” Chen Huan warned him.

“I understand.” Cui Zhong nodded, “I plan for it when I go back and protect them!”

China’s artist’s contract definitely wasn’t like in Japan or Korea where there was a clause that they couldn’t date.

So Cui Zhong could only use other methods to avoid that.

Cui Zhong couldn’t tolerate that people were already coveting his little piglets before they even grew up.

“But you have to absolutely help me Teacher Lu, it’s about their future.” Cui Zhong didn’t forget what was going on right now, “It’s okay if you don’t personally come but can you help make an appointment with Teacher Su Mo?”


Chen Huan thought, you really think highly of me!

You really know how to get things from me!

Wouldn’t the hype getting from inviting Su Mo much bigger than Lu Xiaofeng?

“Teacher Lu, you just wrote a song to Teacher Su Mo, he should give you some face, right?” Cui Zhong gave a puppy look, “I’m begging you! The first episode of Meteor Girls’ Restaurant can’t be without a big name!”

“Why don’t you invite him yourself?”

“Teacher Su Mo just finished his concerts and is on vacation so we can’t reach him.” Cui Zhong said.

Su Mo held 12 concerts this summer and it was fully packed all time so it could be said he scratched the concert itch.

With Su Mo’s antics, it wouldn’t be a surprise for him to laze around for two or three months.

He didn’t like to do advertisement to begin with so he would refuse if he could.

But because of this, there were even more companies that hoped he would endorse them.

Those companies were all international-level.

Three of the advertisements under him now were from when he just debuted. Su Mo was someone nostalgic so he signed with them year after year.

For the rests, he rarely signed any and if he did, it was only for a year or two.

Advertising was much easier than a commercial performance.

This showed how difficult it was for commercial activities to invite Su Mo.

“How can I go disturb him?” Chen Huan still wanted to refuse.

“This variety show is your creation Teacher Lu so it’s a good excuse!” Cui Zhong said, “Don’t you want to do something after seeing how shameless Lightning Boys are! If you invited Teacher Su Mo, who else can they find that is more popular than Teacher Su Mo? The gap is clear.”

This guy…

Why do I feel like Su Mo was your objective since the beginning and I was just the cover for it?

Chen Huan secretly swore he would get him back.

But what this guy said was right.

In the Chinese entertainment industry, who was more popular than Su Mo?

Meteor Girls’ Restaurant would have a great start as long as Su Mo was there.

“Alright, I’ll go ask him.” Chen Huan finally agreed.

“Great!” Cui Zhong was overjoyed, “Don’t worry, we definitely won’t be stinky with Teacher Su Mo!”

“Talk less about money since Brother Su isn’t some that cares for it, it wouldn’t be for the money if he joined.” Chen Huan quickly stopped him.

Everyone didn’t like money like he did.

Especially Su Mo, someone who was always been clean and ethical, it would be an insult to him if they used money to sway him.

It would be different if they were hitting me with money.

I would only have a single thing to say, “Please strike me harder with more money!”

After all, the Good Lord was like a bottomless pit and everything needed money.

In addition, how could his life be a successful transmigration story if he couldn’t earn money for his wives and kids?

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I Know Everything Chapter 352

Chapter 352: Ready to be released!

Many people, including those with great wisdom and perseverance, couldn’t avoid their time when they feel really self-satisfied.

For modern people, when they earn millions, tens of millions or hundreds of millions, they wouldn’t be able to help but to squander and flex.

They obviously couldn’t hold it!

Just as Chen Huan had more songs in his hands, he began to think about paying the favors.

There were many people that wanted Chen Huan’s songs but he didn’t agree most of the time.

Except for the few people close to him, his songs had never been exposed to outsiders.

It was only ‘Mama Do You Remember’ and ‘Deskamate’ whose copyrights were free so the singers could sing it at any time. Otherwise, if they wanted to sing Chen Huan’s songs, they would have to do a very cumbersome process.

With the reward he received from 10 billion people who played ‘Burn My Calories’, Chen Huan had now 4 songs.

Han Dong’er wasn’t in a hurry.

That girl was preparing to make an album but it didn’t have to be this year.

When it came to the drive of improving her arts, only a few old and established singers could rival with her.

If there weren’t good songs around, she may even not release an album next year.

Chen Huan also definitely let her wait for two years before releasing an album. This was the best time for her to push for the Empress position so she mustn’t stop the momentum.

But it was still too early as he heard her talk about it but she only picked two songs for now.

Yanhuang Music had such a large selection of songs with many famous songwriters providing for them but she only picked two, it could be seen how picky she could be.

It wouldn’t be too late for Chen Huan to wait until she had picked at least five or six songs.

Chen Huan didn’t plan to give Meteor Girls another song so quickly at the beginning but Youyi was too disgusting with their copypasta Lightning Boys.

If he didn’t teach them a good lesson and push Meteor Girls popularity so high that it was unattainable, even he would feel that he would be too soft.

Back to the song.

From the past to now, even if the song was good, only the right people could show its greatest strength.

For example in his previous world, ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’ wasn’t originally sung by Deng Lijun (Teresa Teng) but it became famous after she sang it and every Asian in the world listened to it.

Another example was, the original singer of ‘The Sound of Falling Snow’ was also its composer but after Zhou Shen sang it, who still remembered the original singer?

So the person who sang the song must match the characteristic of the song before the song could become a big hit.

Meteor Girls were a group of girls in their 16 to 18 years old.

At that age, they were innocent and full of yearning for the start of their youthful life, which also represented the best years in life.

So their songs mustn’t be too deep or sad and even a famous song like ‘Because of You I’m blown away by the Cold Wing’.

Love and emotional songs wouldn’t do it either if he wanted it to suit their aura and please all age group.

It would be best if it was naïve and innocent.

‘Burn My Calories’ was a song like that.

The second song was less than half of a year before their debut so it couldn’t be something vastly different.

The previous song he thought of ‘Not a Lover’ seemed too big of a jump so it would be best used as the third song.

With those thoughts in mind, Chen Huan made his decision and chose the song called ‘Don’t Wanna Grow Up’. (Still from S.H.E)

This quick paced song from the three girls fitted the band’s aura and their cute and active girls image could also be maintained.

Chen Huan sent a demo of this song to Cui Zhong and the quick working Cui Zhong immediately took a flight the next day from Huajing.

He didn’t come because of the song.

Cui Zhong came to bring the outline and preparation for the variety show Meteor Girls’ Restaurant for Chen Huan to review.

Meteor Girls’ Restaurant was a variety show that Chen Huan wrote for Shanhai Streaming.

The details were that the 9 girls would split into three groups with two teams with 4 girls while the remaining one would be the host.

In each episode, they would go to a city and try the delicacies of the city before learning how to cook it and let guests try it.

In the end, the judges would decide whose dishes were more delicious and which teamw won.

This variety show included content from the two variety show kings from his previous life.

One was ‘Dotch Cooking Show’ and the other was ‘Smap x Smap’.

Two great variety shows from Japan added together obviously going to be a very good variety show.

So it was no wonder that once Cui Zhong got the idea from Chen Huan, he would immediately go to Huajin and find people to iron out the details.

The birth of a super variety show wasn’t a simple matter.

Do not look down on Chen Huan’s simple describtion as they need to carefully consider how to start, what should be paid attention to and what they need to put extra in it.

So for a month or two, the elite that worked on variety shows in Shanhai Streaming were all working on this idea.

Now they ironed the details and wanted Chen Huan, the idea giver, to check it out after they planned out to operate three episodes.

Chen Huan looked at it for around an hour carefully and found it was similar to what he imagined.

It could be seen that they gave a lot of effort.

But Chen Huan didn’t agree to everything.

“This one here…” Chen Huan pointed, “The Girls’ failure and small mistake, these can be fully exposed! Girls making mistakes are cute!”

“Alright!” Cui Zhong noted it down.

“And there this, you can’t cry if you lose, what’s to cry about?” Chen Huan exclaimed, “But we can have some punishment such as eating something spicy or doing something awkward.”

“Alright!” Cui Zhong was impressed.

Look at that.

What’s a genius?

This is it!

A casual look from him could give out ideas that ordinary people couldn’t even try to think all day long, he really wanted to force such a talent to give his best every day for Shanhai Streaming!

“The rest are alright…” Chen Huan said, “But the host must be able to play her role well, this is the key.”

In the original Japanese program, Masahiro Nakai was the host and not the most popular Kimura.

In terms of being calm and communicating, Masahiro was definitely better than the popular Kimura since he did variety shows for multiple years.

The past had proven before that this arrangement was the best.

If it weren’t for Masahiro, the show probably wouldn’t be so long lived and popular.

“What do you think of Li Yating?” Cui Zhong asked, ‘Or Kong Xiyu, we’ll choose one of the two.”

Li Yating was from Huajin and she had a boisterous and headstrong personality. She spoke straightforwardly and was a typical northern girl.

Kong Xiyu was from Huhai and was also very beautiful but her personality was more refined and polite, just like a lady from a big family.

“Kong Xiyu’s personality is a little more refined but she would be unsuitable to resolve conflicts in the long run.” Chen Huan said, “Let’s go with Li Yating! But taking on this position would put more pressure on her.”

Aunty Cui also knew that whoever was the host was also basically the captain of Meteor Girls.

The position would actually harm the girl if she wasn’t someone that could handle the pressure.

“Hmm, I also think that Li Yating is better for it.” Cui Zhong said, “She’s also the biggest presence in the band and her ability to get along with people is also good. We can’t decide later if she can’t do it.”

“That’s the only way.” Chen Huan said with a smile.

“After their nationwide promotion, the girls can start their new project at the end of October.” Cui Zhong said, “Then we can also record your song and release it with the variety show, it’ll be hype, hype!”

Cui Zhong meant that the 9 girls had to work all day and night.

After starting the new project, they probably wouldn’t have a breather until the New Year.

But that time was also the time when various awards got rewarded but Meteor Girls didn’t have the qualification as newcomers in the industry so they had to work without stopping.

There would be various parties during the Spring Festival so it wouldn’t be a surprise for them to be busy until the 28th.

Chen Huan naturally understood that Shanhai Streaming had invested a lot of energy on Meteor Girls and more than 100 million Yuan to build them up.

It couldn’t be said that Shanhai Streaming was trying to recover the money as fast as possible but they wanted absolutely to establish them and have them become big stars so they could help with the company’s plans to advance.

The contract signed by the 9 girls with the company was for a full 8 years with 2 years of option.

It was basically a ten years contract.

It meant that if they turned them into an empress level girl band one day earlier, they would profit from it one day more.

The benefit received wouldn’t be for a few years but for a long time.

They would live under the spotlight every day and would be sought after by numerous people. Moreover, the contract they signed was 50% higher than the industry’s standard so their pocket wouldn’t suffer at all.

Basically, they could live a comfortable and luxurious life for the remainder of their lives if they decided to marry and stop working.

They would be able to secure their future after working for ten years, which was a pretty good deal.

“About the new song.” Cui Zhong continued, “Our president said that since all the songwriters are raising their prices, Teacher Lu’s 2 million is no longer suitable to the current trend… So we will pay 3 million for ‘Don’t Wanna Grow Up’ and hope that Teacher Lu will continue to take care of us in the future.”

Chen Huan nodded lightly.

He already received the 3 million this morning and although Shanhai Streaming sent him a message to verify it, he didn’t know for what yet.

It was a good thing since he got the shorter stick when he sold the songs and while 3 million wasn’t that much higher, it still guaranteed to be a bit higher than the others and ensured the status of Lu Xiaofeng in the industry.

After all, Wu Xinyam had already priced a song for 1.5 million and every one would increase their price in the future as songs earned more.

If Shanhai Streaming raised the price 5 million, Chen Huan would be unwilling as it would draw the ire of many songwriters.

Chen Huan wasn’t afraid of trouble but unnecessary troubles were… unnecessary.

Speaking about money, these three million were nothing but a trivial matter as the most important point was the bonus given by the princess.

Tens of million in without even flinching, which was really impressive.

If Meteor Girls’ Restaurant could achieve the results he expected, it wouldn’t be a surprise for him to receive more!

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I Know Everything Chapter 351

Chapter 351: Not going means not going.

As people said, the entertainment would prevail in a flourishing era.

Competitive sports were a form of entertainment and weren’t inferior to the entertainment industry.

Chen Huan somewhat underestimated the NBA’s influence in China and the US.

From the moment the Lakers left China, there had been many news written about him.

They didn’t dare to claim that Chen Huan should abandon math to play ball but there were many topics to talk about.

Some wrote about when Chen Huan was going to play in the NBA, some discussed in what team Chen Huan should be and others talked about how long would it take for Chen Huan to be a superstar like Big Yao.

None of this had much to do with Chen Huan so he didn’t watch it.

However, those sports journalists constantly surfaced at the entrance of his school or at Mingde Alley for a long time that even he had to commend them a bit for it.

It wasn’t only that.

Big Yao also called Chen Huan and said the NBA commissionaire called him and asked about Chen Huan.

Silver was the boss of the NBA so he obviously couldn’t be that straightforward.

Big Yao understood what he meant so he said to Chen Huan that he could go to the NBA.

Silver took over the position of the NBA commissionaire from the Legendary David Stern last year to become the new commissionaire.

Faced with the prestige of the previous one, Silver was eager to develop his own Jordan, Kobe and Lebron.

But he couldn’t find any good seed during that time.

Then Chen Huan appeared in front of him and Silver saw another path.

That was to continue to open the door of the Chinese super big market so the NBA could obtain more popularity and money from China.

If he could do much more than David Stern in this aspect, Silver could obtain glory that could be boasted so it wouldn’t like it was now where he couldn’t be compared to Stern in every aspect.

Compared to the Young Big Yao who entered the NBA at the age of 22, Chen Huan wasn’t only 5 years younger but also enjoyed a much greater popularity.

Big Yao’s fans were all from basketball while Chen Huan’s fans reported to be in the hundreds of millions.

Because he was an actor and songwriter.

Such a multi-field genius made Silver feel like he could use Chen Huan to attract more Chinese youngsters to love basketball and the NBA.

To know what kind of preferential treatment one would get after having the appreciation of the NBA commissionaire, one only had to look at Jordan and Lebron.

The Black Mamba with his 6 billion fans was a child of heaven but he was quite proud and arrogant so many people criticized him inside or outside of the NBA.

Jordan and Lebron were everyone’s beloved sons as if they were the biological sons of David Stern.

First, the referee took good care of them and many players that liked to do some dirty plays would be more scared to do so.

They would also be in a lot of NBA promotions so enjoyed a lot of exposure.

Like that, they could play their game smoothly and happily while making jaw dropping amounts of money.

Even after retirement, Jordan could make 100 million dollars in revenue each year thanks to AJ, not to mention he also got a huge return on other commercial activities.

Lebron James not only had an average salary of 40 million dollars a year but his annual endorsement money exceeded 40 million so he averaged 80 million per year, even Jordan couldn’t keep up with him.

If Chen Huan went to the NBA, it would be hard to speculate on the US big companies but any big business in China would definitely look for Chen Huan.

One would know how crazy they would be if they recalled how popular Big Yao was.

And with the NBA’s support, Chen Huan was certainly to get more than Big Yao.

That was why Big Yao said Chen Huan should go to the NBA now.

He also hoped Chen Huan would quickly go to the NBA deep down in his heart so he could adapt faster and have more opportunities to fight for the MVP and championship.

It wouldn’t be as easy to succeed if he got older.

Chen Huan didn’t agree to do so.

It wouldn’t be a problem for him to become a superstar of a team with his ‘Professional Basketball (Advanced)’ and his physical prowess.

He had his own plans.

Money wasn’t a problem as the Good Lord would take it away anyway and would only leave a little bit behind for his living expenses.

So why would he exhaust himself for?

Wouldn’t it be nicer to stay in China, write songs, research math and live a leisurely life? Then guard his Dong’er, wait for Xiao Shuishui to grow up and be happily married?

The sexy Bu Yiyi also appeared in his mind. Chen Huan was clear in what he wanted. He must have smoked something if he chose to busy himself abroad.

No matter how he thought, which places women were as good as Chinese women?

Chen Huan’s personality wasn’t the type to have a lot of ambition.

If he wasn’t reborn in the High Schooler body but instead in a wealthy family, he would immediately live a retired lifestyle without studying and working all day long.

But because he was poor and didn’t have a high enough IQ so he was forced to work hard in fear that he wouldn’t have the money to start a family later.

Now that those goals weren’t a problem anymore, Chen Huan naturally would relax.

What he wanted to do most now was to complete more missions to get more rewards and skills.

As the saying goes, having more skills wouldn’t hurt the body and maybe they would of use one day.

Even if he didn’t need it, he could teach it to his children and let them be proud of him, this was also happiness!

Of course, although Chen Huan wouldn’t go to the NBA to play the regular season and would only play the playoffs once, he wouldn’t take it easy for his training.

In addition to his daily training routine, he would also go to the CBA Zhejiang team’s facilities to train.

There was more professional training equipment as well as training facilities.

At this moment, whether it was the CBA Zhejiang team’s general manager Yu Caiming or the head coach Hu Dong, they would never mention Chen Huan joining the team again.

They would feel ashamed to give Chen Huan a contract even if it was only to play for a month.

They wanted to slowly build their relationship with Chen Huan and started with a temporary contract and slowly integrate Chen Huan into the team.

They never expected Chen Huan to be scouted by the Lakers and sign such a willful contract half a year later.

In their opinion, for a CBA team like that, there was no need to cater to the players like that.

But Chen Huan got it.

Why did he so?

Wasn’t it because he had the skills?

The other party didn’t even want to play the NBA regular season but they wanted him to play in the CBA league, were they looking down on him?

But when Chen Huan came to their facilities to train, they also treated him like a treasure as they even provided with a personal chauffeur.

It wasn’t that they were being too servile as it also greatly benefitted their team when Chen Huan trained with them.

On one side, they could learn how Chen Huan trained and also have practice games with Chen Huan.

They had never beaten Chen Huan once whether it was head to head to in teams ever since Chen Huan came but this kind of happiness of being bullied wasn’t something any people could experience.

After all, it was also a form of happiness to be able to regularly train with a NBA-level player and be ravaged by him.

Those abuses would improve their teamwork and skills!

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I Know Everything Chapter 350

Chapter 350: Rubbing off the popularity and Shameless.

The past two days, Chen Huan’s phone that many people knew about received calls constantly but he didn’t take a single of them.

What was he going to say if he took it?

Explain again and again why he didn’t go to the NBA?

Since he wasn’t going, what was to explain?

Just ignore it.

Even if there were plenty of journalists trying to block Chen Huan at his school, he still didn’t appear in front of them.

That was where the luxurious cars from the School Flowers came into play.

However, Chen Huan understood that the attention of those sports journalists on him would be long term.

Because he was only 17 years old and if he went to the NBA, it would be at least a 15 years old career.

If Chen Huan stopped playing after a season, everyone would talk about him when the NBA was mentioned and would want him to come back.

Sports journalists and tabloids weren’t much different.

Just look at how they were sneakily taking pictures of those sports stars overseas, they had it hard.

However, Chen Huan had to endure it in order to complete the task given by the Good Lord.

And also because he was a bit curious.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ gave him rewards when it won a prize but why when he played basketball so hard and attracted the attention of hundreds millions of people but no rewards was given?

Of course, playing ball didn’t give him any reward but he received reward from other sources.

For example, just yesterday…

“Ding Dong!”

“The omnipotent and omniscient system found out that the song ‘Burn My Calories’ has been played more than 10 billion times! This is an unprecedented achievement for a catchy song! In order to commend the host for his efforts, the system specially rewards the host with another song recall and hopes the host can continue to work hard to continue to receive more rewards!”

Chen Huan’s mood at the time was like this.


Good Lord could even count the amount of times being played, you’re the best!

However, how cold and lonely were those kids?

To actually have ‘Burn My Calories’ be played 10 billion times!

Chen Huan himself felt it was an exaggerated number.

From the release of this song in August to now, it was only two months.

For the group of kids to have played the songs 10 billion times, those fans must have listened to it more than once per day!

Too terrifying!

With such a terrifying support, ‘Burn My Calories’ was quite worth it!

But if he thought carefully, it wasn’t that exaggerated.

After all, those nine girls from Meteor Girls ran into many promotional events, variety shows and fan meetings in the past two months.

This song followed with them everyday as they sang it while dancing.

However, did they feel like vomiting after singing so much?

While on the topic, it was because of their success, it could be even said that it was an unprecedented success, that Shining Technology and Phoenix Record cooperated to launch a boy band.

This band was a boy band and their final roster was made up of 12 of them and would be called ‘Lightning Boys’.

Chen Huan originally thought that Meteor Girls’ name was disgusting enough but that name ‘Lightning Boys’ was even more disgusting.

But it was the Lightning Boys promotion and developed strategy that were really disgusting.

Lightning Boys basically copied Meteor Girls blueprint.

They were doing a selection variety show on Youyi as they gathered a dozen teenagers between 18-20 with potential and started a round of selections.

Even their advertising model was similar to Shanhai Streaming.

This not only made Shanhai Streaming condemn their lack of morals and countless netizens also expressed their disgust on their shamelessness.

In particular, the members of the Meteor Family, which claimed to have a billion fans, organized themselves and crazily went against Youyi, Lightning Boys selection variety show, Youyi’s Weibo, Shining Technology’s Weibo, comments were flooding in.

Those websites’ comment section became lively places for a time and numerous of their comments were deleted.

But precisely because of such anger and outrage, Lightning Boys that were trending due the advertisement, suddenly became popular.

In this world, it was impossible for everyone to have the same taste. If some people like that thing, there would be people that liked the other thing.

For example, if there were people who were crazy about Meteor Girls, there would naturally be people who would be crazy about Lightning Boys.

Gradually, those two groups started to fight.

Even if the fans of Lightning Boys were very weak and few, they were determined to fight and didn’t shy away.

Anyone with discerning eyes could see that Shining Technology had their hands on it otherwise it would be impossible for these weak shrimp soldiers of Lightning Boys to withstand the crazy attacks from the tens of millions of Meteor Girls’ fans.

But the benefits from it were obvious.

At least during their selection, Lightning Boys gained a lot of attention and while their first episode had only 1.03 million viewers, their second episode skyrocketed to 13 million viewers and increased by more than 10 million.

If this continued, Lightning Boys would set out a storm sooner or later, just like Meteor Girls.

Those other entertainment and talent agencies all abandoned their plans.

Why ?

Forcibly counterfeit and plagiarize the Meteor Girls while setting a wave of scolding, could they still launch a band that could earn money like flowing water?

Meteor Girls had made hundreds of millions of profits in two months through advertising endorsements, small concerts, commercial performance etc…

After the launch of Lightning Boys, they estimated they would bring around 100 million even if it wasn’t as much.

This was a lot of money!

They hated it!

But there was nothing they could do about it.

One, they never thought of doing such a shameless plan, secondly, it was too late even if they realized it now.

Without at least two or three months of preparation, they would only become cannon fodder under the attack of Lightning Boys and Meteor Girls if they rushed to make a band.

Besides, who launched Lightning Boys?

It was Shining Technology!

It was by Youyi, the number one video websites in China!

They had the best resource on the internet and had plenty of variety of experiences and talents, which could give plenty of spotlights to Lightning Boys.

Would they be able to do it in another company?

Not only they didn’t have the strength, Shanhai Streaming alone could play them to death!

While those companies were envious and hated them, they still didn’t dare to criticize Lightning Boys or even more topics would be about them and more attention would be on them so they would become bigger thanks to that.

Those companies had no alternative and could only look to make their own band to see if they catch up with the trend.

They didn’t have to have so many people like Meteor Girls or Lightning Boys, they could always give a try with three or five members, right?

The results were in October, the matter about girl or boy bands became the biggest trending thing.

It could be estimated that in the next two or three years, there would be more and more bands that would make their debut and occupy a part of the industry.

Chen Huan remembered the era where Korea bands were all over the places.

In China, a few bands still could make it but if there were more, many of them would end up being cannon fodder.

This was the case in his previous life.

Those bands, male or female, how many of them could you actually remember?

Didn’t they all go solo and disbanded in the end?

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