I Know Everything chapter 268

Chapter 268: Tragedy!

“Ding Dong!”

“The weak chicken host once again advocated social justice and won the praise of the system so the system will reward the host with a small reward in order for the host to not be too arrogant.”

“The system rewards the host with Professional Chef ability and hope the host will continue to work hard and strive for more rewards!”

Chen Huan heard the sound from the Good Lord when he got into the car and couldn’t help but feel great.

It was said yesterday that reward wouldn’t be so easily obtained and yet he received one from the Good Lord when he was trying to solve a problem.

Chen Huan quite liked the skills of chefs.

It was impossible to be hungry as a chef no matter what time it was.

It was a great thing for the stomach and one’s mood when one ate delicacies.

In the future, he would show his skill from time to time to his wife and kids. Wouldn’t that make it look like he had the brain and the brawl?

Moreover, Chen Huan took a look at the memories that were just stuffed into his mind and saw there were dozens of types of cuisine.

This was an all-around skill!

All-around was the best!

Being able to let his family eat dishes from different regions everyday would make him look even better and godly!

While he was in his merry thoughts, Bu Yiyi sitting nearby him had an ugly expression and did a perfectly executed pinch at him.


Chen Huan was awakened from his thoughts and subconsciously tried to push the enemy’s attack away in order to avoid a worse fate.

However, the hand that was stretched out could not be retracted so he could put his hand on Bu Yiyi’s shoulder.

In the end, the two people sat in a way to face each other.

Bu Yiyi glared at him and said, “You bastard, you were quite happy showing off how powerful you were just now, right? You felt you were really cool, right? And didn’t care about the people who worried about you, right?”

“Yiyi, I remember saying it many times that I can do it and not to worry, did you forget?” Chen Huan said aggrievedly.

“I didn’t hear it! Even if I heard it, it was definitely some empty words so how can I trust you?” Bu Yiyi said unreasonably.



You are beautiful and very reasonable.

Chen Huan could only hug and said, “Alright, Yiyi, I know you care about me… I was wrong this time and there would definitely not be a next time!”

Bu Yiyi didn’t expect Chen Huan to be so presumptuous so she stepped on his foot in retaliation.

Chen Huan wasn’t in pain but after seeing Bu Yiyi’s furious stare, he screamed in pain and released her.

“Let me tell you something, you bastard!” Bu Yiyi grabbed his T-shirt and yelled at him, “Do you think this lady is an easy girl? Do you think I’ll be like your Han Dong’er, Shui Qianyu or School Flowers and all become your wives!? In your dream!”

“Would you believe me if I say this was just a friendly hug?”

“Fuck off!”

Bu Yiyi’s face almost touched Chen Huan’s face as she said, “If you want to chase this lady, you must show some worth! Don’t think because you know how to write songs, know mathematics, and know how to play basketball that you’re awesome… right, are you Chu Liuxiang?”

“Yiyi, I also know how to cook!” Chen Huan realized he had another specialty and said, “I know how to cook your Yuzhou’s dishes…let’s go, when we go back, I’ll make a hotpot fish, maoxuewang and spicy chicken for you!”

“Don’t lie to me, how could you, a Lin’an native, cook Shuchuang’s dishes?” Bu Yiyi obviously didn’t believe it.

“It might be fate now that we talk about it.” Chen Huan seriously said, “Maybe it was God who hinted to me that a beautiful girl will come to me in the future and that she likes Yuzhou’s cuisine…”

“Alright, alright, stop bragging or I’ll really let you do it and get yourself embarrassed.” Bu Yiyi waved her hands, “Go away and let me calm down, it was a rollercoaster of feeling earlier.”


Chen Huan went to the car’s window seat.

Wang Xi, who sat in front of him and never spoke during this, saw Bu Yiyi close her eyes and get some rest so she gave a thumb up to Chen Huan to tell him he was impressed to be able to calm down the Small Flower Dan.

Chen Huan gave her a proud glare.

In this era, wouldn’t he stay as a single dog if he didn’t have a sweet mouth?

He had enough of this kind of pain during his past life so he must change it this life!

It was already late at night.

There were three people in a car and they were the Shui Family of three.

They were rushing to a nearby Lin’an county town as Shui Qingshan drove very fast.

“Honey, slow down, slow down, our daughter is in the car!” Xia He was frightened and kept warning him.

Shui Qingshan’s face was pale and didn’t say anything but he slightly stepped on the brake when he heard it.

“Dad, Uncle Xuan and the other are auspicious people, they’ll be fine so don’t be too worried.” Shui Qianyu reassured him at the back, “Uncle Xuan has no other relative and you are his relative. You should be calm in a situation like this, what should they do if something happened on your side? Who else can the family of three rely on in their hard time?”

Shui Qingshan nodded and took two deep breaths to calm himself.

The county was 50km away from Lin’an and it would take an hour in the car to reach the county’s hospital.

They were led by a nurse to quickly meet with the doctor in the emergency hall.

“Their condition is very bad. The father’s cerebral hemorrhage is the most critical. The mother’s had a severe blood loss from her wound on the back and the broken glasses injured her spine, which isn’t much better. Only the on year old child due to being protected by the mother, was only frightened and fainted so not much of a problem.” The doctor described the condition solemnly.

Shui Qingshan’s legs softened as he staggered.

Fortunately, Xia He got him and pulled him aside.

The emergency doctor continued, “You’re Lei Daxuan’s brother, right? Hurry up and try to get him to Lin’an as soon as possible…if you don’t have the right relationship then, we can only send him to the Provincial Third Hospital that is affiliated with us.”

“Yes, I can decide for him.” Shui Qingshan’s stomach was turning but his voice was unusually calm, “Can they withstand the travel?”

“No problem, there are first-aid measures during transport.” The emergency doctor said, “Now, we’re doing the final hemostasis and bandaging to keep them as stable as possible.”


Shui Qingshan agreed and turned his head toward Shui Qianyu, “Darling, call Chen Huan. I remember that the last time the Grandpa’s wife was admitted to the Provincial First Hospital, it was due to some connection?”

“Yeah, that’s right!” Shui Qianyu also remembered, “They went to look for the vice president of the Provincial First Hospital, he is a good friend of Big Bro Tang Yuan.”

“That’s great!” The emergency doctor exclaimed, “The Provincial First Hospital has excellent expertise toward those two problems and they’ll be lucky if they can have the top doctors help them!”

A look of joy appeared on Shui Qianyu’s face and dialed Chen Huan’s number, “Hello, Chen Huan…”

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I Know Everything Chapter 426

Chapter 426: Narrow minded.

The first day sales of Lightning Boys’ debut album froze at the number of 480k.

And the hardcopies sales was a measly 20k.

This obviously made senses.

Lightning Boys was a boy band and their main audience was young people so most of them bought the album online and much less hardcopies.

Their first day sales were 80k higher than Comeback’s 400k first day sales.

Generally speaking, the result was already great as they didn’t have the boost of Lu Xiaofeng and the ‘Godly Singer’.

But a competitor appeared at the same time.

Jian Peng couldn’t be considered to be unknown but he wasn’t famous either.

But when Jian Peng was connected and then connected to Lu Xiaofeng as well as Shanhai Streaming, it would be unusual.

Jian Peng reached the top on the three major music websites on the first day.

He sold 7 million copies in 24 hours!

He broke the record of 5 million copies in 24 hours set by Guan Yili who was also pushed out by Lu Xiaofeng.

Although he was far from the record set by Fei Qingyang 22 million in 24 hours, it was still very good for a rookie that just debuted.

Fei Qingyang’s sales were mostly due to his status as an actor with his countless fans supporting him.

Jian Peng came out even stronger than Guan Yili, which excited the people even more.

Information on the internet spread very fast.

Jian Peng was one of the top 32 contestants for Lightning Boys but was eliminated due to his bad voice.

After he was eliminated, he joined Shanhai Streaming and it was said that Teacher Lu recommended him and the song ‘He Must Really Love You’ was tailor made for him by Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.

It happened during the big dispute between Lu Xiaofeng, Shanhai Streaming and Shining Technology, which inevitably made people put more thought about it.

“Hahaha, Sister Xiaofeng actually isn’t very magnanimous! They already apologized but he still wants to slap their face like that?”

“Hey, you worded it quite strangely. Did Sister Xiaofeng go slander them? Did he trash talk them? You make a record, Sister Xiaofeng also pushing out his singer, do you still want him to avoid them?”

“Come one! Everyone knows what Sister Xiaofeng is trying to do! But he’s upfront about it and using his own ability to crush Lightning Boys and if they don’t like it, they can come up with better music to beat Jian Peng!”

“I’m not joking but I heard this Jian Peng sing before and it was really all over the place, his smoky voice could make people goosebumps, but I didn’t hesitate to buy the song today, it’s so good! The melody completely blend in with the voice, it’s filled with vicissitudes of life!”

“I agree with the comment above, Jian Peng and ‘He Must Really Love You’ is a perfect match! Just like ‘Tolerance’ is a perfect match with Guan Yili!”

“I’m feeling pity toward Shining Technology, how could they be so stupid and go provoke Sister Xiaofeng? Bleak days are ahead of them.”


Facing with those comments mocking and gloating at their misfortune, Gan Liangchen, who was in an alright mood, threw his cup away once again.

“What does he want!? Huh?” Gan Liangchen roared like an angry lion, “Didn’t we apologize? Didn’t we give him 100 million?!”

Wang Juan nearby had a bitter expression as she said, “I don’t know, should I make a call and ask?”

“Ask your ass!” Gan Liangchen refused.

He knew that it was like admitting defeat if he called.

Since Lu Xiaofeng is so unrelenting and unforgiving, then just wait and said, just like how the mountain and water would meet, he will one day fall into my hand!

“Give the order out, find any flaws or shady in Lu Xiaofeng and tell me as soon as there’s something.” Gan Liangchen said through gritted teeth.


Wang Juan also cheered up.

After all, Lu Xiaofeng really gave them a big slap to the face this time. By choosing to release on this day, it was specifically trying to make Lightning Boys and Shining Technology into laughing stocks.

“Then… What about Lightning Boys? Do we still go on with the previous plans?” Wang Juan cautiously asked.

“Yes! Continue the promotion, and in addition to the already set cities, also go to every second and third tier cities in the country, you must get them known no matter how much money you spend!” Gan Liangchen shouted, “I want them to completely crush the traitor! A mere song, a mere guy dares to come out and content against us? He’s just a chess piece that can be discarded at any time!”

Gan Liangchen was very angry but he didn’t lose his rationality.

He also knew that it was impossible for a singer with a single song to compete against Lightning Boys.

Wang Juan nodded and then said with hesitation, “However, I received news that Shanhai Streaming is broadly trying to get songs that are the same style as ‘He Must Really Love You’ for Jian Peng. The price was at least 1 million per song.”

“Humph, bastard!”

Gan Liangchen snorted but it was unknown who he was insulting, “Don’t worry about them, you should take good care of Lightning Boys, you must build them up and not let them become cannon fodder or our Shining Technology would really become a laughing stock!”


Wang Juan let out a breath of relief.

If Gan Liangchen abandoned Lightning Boys in a fit of rage, she would become the scapegoat for it the rest of her life and would have no future at Shining Technology.

Now she had a chance to slowly wash away her shame.

It wasn’t to say she wanted to mess with Lu Xiaofeng as she really didn’t dare to anymore.

She would be satisfied if she could make Lightning Boys into a top band in China.

She believed that was what President Gan wanted too.

Far in Huhai.

Wen Fan of Calf TV also learned about this.

He felt a headache.

Was Lu Xiaofeng such a vengeful person?

So Calt TV who schemed on his good friend Bu Yiyi and also lied to his other good friend Chu Liuxiang… would anything happen to them?

It didn’t matter that ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ inexplicably beat ‘Love Through Different Times’ as it still remained as trending topics.

But if he started to deal with Calf TV like he did with Shining Technology, Wen Fan really needed to guard against it!

Wen Fan originally still had some sneaky tricks he planned to use later.

But he started to get scared after seeing Chen Huan’s unrelenting attack on Shining Technology.

How could he not be afraid when a genius spent all his time on how to deal with him?

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I Know Everything Chapter 425

Chapter 425: Bastard!!!

Wang Juan didn’t lose her mind and certainly wouldn’t spray blood and faint like in the novel.

She angrily went to a makeshift tent further away where it was quieter.

There were some staff members who were resting there.

Seeing Wang Juan’s solemn and gloomy expression, they all glanced at each before smartly leaving.

The screaming and singing outside weakened a lot after she got into the tent.

Wang Juan ignored it and took a deep breath before opening her phone.

Then she opened the number one music website, Kuku Music.

China’s music websites were basically split in three parts as they basically shared 90% of the market shares.

Among them, Kuku Music occupied the impressive 38% of the shares.

Most of the people downloaded their song there.

Many of them also commented on the music there.

To some extent, their comments would affect whether some people would buy the song or not.

The middle scrolling banner at the homepage of Kuku Music were the songs and albums they promoted today.

It was usually five songs or albums scrolling in a loop.

They needed great reviews or potential to do greatly to appear there.

The first thing Wang Juan saw was ‘Youth Rhapsody’.

Then the second thing she saw was a song called ‘He Must Really Love You’ and the words ‘Wrote by Lu Xiaofeng’ that were almost as big as the title of the song.


Releasing on the same day as them, it was deliberately a try to suppress them!

Wang Juan clicked on the banner with gritted teeth and was led to the page that introduced the singer and the song with the song at the bottom.

Then she saw a familiar handsome face.

It’s you!


She immediately recognized one of the 32 contestants, Jian Peng.

His name was already on the banner but it was so small that Wang Juan took no notice of it.

Jian Peng left a deep impression on Wang Juan as he was really handsome and was just like a foreign model but his voice was too different as it was not only hoarse but also smoky and it basically felt like a robot talking.

Otherwise Wang Juan would have kept him even if his voice was average.

But she didn’t expect that after this guy was eliminated, he would take refuge at Lu Xiaofeng…no, at Shanhai Streaming!

When Wang Juan saw the words ‘Affiliated with Shanhai Streaming Agency’, she gritted her teeth in anger again.

If this wasn’t them uniting together to deal with Lightning Boys, she would swallow an entire mountain!

In anger, Wang Juan put on her ear buds and tapped on the single.

“I hid in the car holding a bottle of champagne, and wanted to give you a birthday surprise.”

Wang Juan felt like she had been struck by thunder after hearing the first line.

So good!

How could such a smoky and hoarse voice sing so nicely!?

Her expression sank.

At that moment, no one dared to stand three meters near her and the remaining people in the tent all slipped away.

“He must really love you and better than me, breaking up took one minute only.”

Wang Juan froze and had a desperate expression when she heard the chorus.

How could this be?

How could Lu Xiaofeng write such a song?!

Lu Xiaofeng being able to write a good song, that was normal.

But how could he write a song that suited each of the singer’s unique characteristics so well?

It was like this for Guan Yili.

And for Zhao Changshou too.

It was also the same for Meteor Girls.

This was true for Meng Zijing two months ago.

He could even make Jian Peng, who got sentenced to death by the judges that firmly believed he couldn’t sing, sing a classic like ‘He Must Really Love You’?!

How unbelievable was that?

Wang Juan finished listening to the song with a heavy heart.

Then she listened to it a second time with a pained heart.

She no longer doubted the greatness of the song after listening to it a second time and didn’t doubt that many men and women would be attracted  to the vicissitude and emotion of the song sung by Jian Peng.

Compared to that, the three title songs of Lightning Boys’ album were great but they weren’t not on the same level.

Those three songs were good but ‘He Must Really Love You’ was an absolute future classic.

Although couldn’t wait to tear Lu Xiaofeng apart, she had to admit that Lu Xiaofeng’s songs were all classics and they were classics among classics.

‘He Must Really Love You’ definitely wasn’t at the same level of ‘Deskmate’, ‘Curved Moon’ or ‘Laughter From the Sea’.

However, it would definitely be a widely sung love song for the next few years.

In today’s internet era, it would already be good if a song had a one year lifespan.

It would be a classic if it had a three to five years lifespan and remembered by everyone.

In that case, people who sang it for three years would also continue to sing it in the future as it would represent their younger days.

Of course, a classic like ‘Laughter From the Sea’ wouldn’t fall off even after twenty years as it would continue to be there as the music industry developed and there was no such thing as being out of date.

Jian Peng’s voice definitely couldn’t sing ‘Laughter From the Sea’ otherwise he would be beaten by the song’s fans.

But ‘He Must Really Love You’ was a match in heaven to his voice as the song was that touching because of his voice and it maximized the advantage of his voice.


Wang Juan almost cursed out loud as she angrily went to today’s Kuku Music’s sales list.

The first was still ‘Comeback’ with 150k units sold, which was nothing weird.

With the continued popularity of the hard copies sales, its online sales also picked up.

The sales on the first day were 400k but after ten days, they still could sell 250k in a day.

In the second position was ‘Red Bean’ with 100k units.

In the third place was Lightning Boys’ ‘Youth Rhapsody’ with 20k units.

It had only been an hour since the release.

20k in an hour for a single music website was considered very good, wouldn’t they surpass ‘Comeback’ after a few more hours?

However, Wang Juan knew that among the 20k units, 10k units were bought by Shining Technology as Lightning Boys wasn’t allowed to fail and must be the number one on the first day, and nobody could go against it.

Then Wang Juan felt a headache when she saw the single chart.

The first place was still Meng Zijing’s ‘Understanding’ with 380k copies sold. Only god knew why those office workers were so powerful as so many people were still buying it after so long.

The second place was surprisingly Jian Peng’s ‘He Must Really Love You’, which was 22k copies.

Wang Juan verified previously and Jian Peng’s song had been released at the same time as Lightning Boys’ album.

It was just released for an hour in Kuku Music but it had sold 22k copies already!?

This result…

Was going against logic!

Wang Juan could already imagine what kind of blow ‘Youth Rhapsody’ would be if ‘He Must Really Love You’ reached the top of the single chart today.

Regardless of whether Shanhai Streaming paid for busy or not, how domineering would it be if a single alone suppressed an entire album?

Not to mention that this singer was someone unwanted from Lightning Boys.

To have eyes and yet fail to the jade.

Discerning eyes that could tell greatness from mediocrity.

Those two sayings appeared in Wang Juan’s eyes.


The nervous Wang Juan couldn’t hold back her scream anymore.

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I Know Everything Chapter 424

Chapter 424: Successful debut… wait a second!

Chen Huan didn’t care how the traditional variety shows’ thought.

He only knew that the princess favored him.

Nothing happened after the success of the first episode of ‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’.

As the stats of 20 million average live viewers for the second episode came out, Chen Huan’s bank account increased by another 100 million Yuan.


It could be said that he was getting familiar with 100 million.

How many times had he received 100 million?

Of course, it wasn’t a surprise he received money.

When Chen Huan gave out the idea of ‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’, Cui Zhong took it back without giving a contract.

The princess already had that in mind.

She acted the same as previously with ‘Meteor Girls Band Selection’, waiting to see the result before giving out the bonus.

The bonus would be as big as the success.

And 100 million was given after the results of the second episode came out.

Chen Huan didn’t know if the factor of ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ influenced the princess in giving more.

Anyway, if the number of live viewers exceeded 30 million, it would be like 5% rating in TV so the number wasn’t out of proportion.

Chen Huan didn’t need to think too much about it since the money entered his pocket.

Seeing that the negotiation about Yongxing Supermarkets was in advanced stages and that the closure of their 32 stores were already on agenda, it would be a bit ridiculous for Chen Huan if he didn’t prepare any money for it.

The smooth debut of ‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’ further increased the popularity of Meteor Girls, which also gave a suitable opportunity to the starving Lightning Boys.

The next day after the second episode of the show, Lightning Boys made their debut.

They even made their debut like Meteor Girls as it was also at the West Lake.

Although Lightning Boys suffered many setbacks and their two most popular members Jin Wei and Zhang Chen were kicked, the remaining members were still very popular.

12 boys and each with their own personality could satisfy a lot of those little girls’ tastes.

They especially had to push their renown now so the 12 boys each went back to their hometown to perform separately before gathering together to promote themselves in the four big cities.

They did that for a month.

And in addition of Shining Technology’s cost effective way of putting posters and having them go on variety shows, Lightning Boys amassed 100 million fans.

Even if everyone could see that many fans among them were just fakes but there were at least 20 or 30 million real fans.

Thousands of people came to watch and celebrate their debut.

Shining Technology also spent a lot of money for such a big event.

Lightning Boys had prepared their songs well.

The Jin Brothers’ ‘Youth Rhapsody’, Cheng Lu’s ‘In Love’ and Wu Xinyan’s ‘Silly Woman’, those three songs with concise lyrics and beautiful tunes, in addition to their sexy dances, made all those fans below screams.

Seeing such a lively scene, Wang Juan, who was in charge of their debut, stood on the side as tears flowed.

She was the main plotter when Gan Liangchen retaliated against Chen Huan and attacked Meteor Girls.

With her years of experiences, the best way to suppress Meteor Girls was to link a scandal with Lu Xiaofeng and it would definitely hit three birds with one stone.

It would suppress Lightning Boys’ competitor Meteor Girls.

And also make Lu Xiaofeng lose reputation since he refused to give face to Gan Liangchen.

Lightning would also receive great attention and popularity without much effort in the end.

The plan went smoothly in the beginning as Lu Xiaofeng and Meteor Girls were put in embarrassment while Lightning gained sympathy from everyone.

At that moment, Lu Xiaofeng said he had to prove his innocence and wanted a confrontation but Wang Juan felt that Lu Xiaofeng was too naïve and a fool.

But it turned out that Wang Juan was the fool and naïve one.

Shining Technology lost face in the joint live broadcast of Youyi and Shining Technology.

Jin Wei, his friend Zhang Chen and Wang Juan all got played by Lu Xiaofeng.

She didn’t know how he did it but there must have been something fishy or even a spell had been cast to make them tell the truth without them noticing anything wrong.

But there was no point in saying this after the fact.

They spoke in such a concise and detailed way in front of hundreds of millions of people that even idiots would know it was true, that they slandered Lu Xiaofeng and tried to use Meteor Girls.

It wasn’t as if they were forced to tell lies at gunpoint, right?

After the live, even if Jin Wei and Zhang Chen got immediately kicked, Wang Juan felt everything felt apart and almost went to become a nun.

After such a big screw up, how could she still keep her job?

But she didn’t expect that President Gan would meet her a few days later.

After what happened, Gan Liangchen not only didn’t scold her but instead kept her and encouraged her to continue with Lightning Boys, and to contend against Meteor Girls after the boy band’s debut.

Her boss’ support was like the warm sun on a rainy day as from that point, Wang Juan gave 24 hours every day to Lightning Boys.

Then the selection, promotion in various places, having the team gather up to make a good impression, debut plans, song selection… she gave her painstaking effort for everything.

All those negative reputation gradually faded away after a month of hard work and the smooth debut of Lightning Boys was a proof of it.

To celebrate the debut of the band, Lightning Boys first album ‘Youth Rhapsody’ had been released on the three major music websites and were also on the shelves of the record shops.

Wang Juan had every reason to believe that Lightning Boys would be a good start.

Lu Xiaofeng…

Just wait for it!

I’ll spend my life going against you, I will become a nemesis you can’t get rid of!

A smile appeared on Wang Juan’s face as she thought about how Lu Xiaofeng would be constantly scratching his head because of her in the future.

Then an assistant rushed over to her suddenly.

“Director, not good!” The assistant raised his voice due to loud noises around.

Wang Juan was taken aback and said with a frown, “What are you talking about? Be clear!”

“They…” The assistant had a bitter expression, “Lu Xiaofeng made another move! He picked up one of our discarded singers and made a song for him! It was also released today, he totally wants to undermine us!”


Wang Juan vision turned black as her anger rose up.

“Lu- Xiao- Feng!!!!”

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I Know Everything Chapter 423

Chapter 423: Popular Across Asia.

Shanhai Streaming had a powerful advertising force.

Hype was created on the net before ‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant finished airing.

Needless to say that ‘I Don’t Wanna Grow Up’ was put on the three major music websites for sales the moment it finished.

All kinds of tidbits about the show and pictures appeared on Weibo and forums.

Meteor Girls was a very popular girl band with a large group of fans to begin with.

Those fans were young and liked to communicate on the internet so a hot topic began.

Such as the appearance of Su Mo and Zhou Songjie cutting her finger, it all became trending.

The highest number of views was 19 million and the average was 17 million, which was a perfect representation.

Those unscrupulous big bloggers on Weibo also began to run their mouths.

“The most stunning variety show this winter!”

“’Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’, a variety show that would subvert everyone’s expectation!”

“Variety shows big bros, a strong competitor is here, are you afraid?”

“The Emperor Su Mo shows his full support to the variety show planned by Sister Xiaofeng as the first episode is already a huge success, it’s already a strong contender!”

“What did the ‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’ tell us? What exactly is needed for an explosive variety show?”

“Meteor Girls ushered in their own era! With a great variety show, they are bound to attract more fans!”


It wasn’t just headlines as people also wrote hundreds of word articles.

Chen Huan was amazed by it as Shanhai Streaming was sure willing to spend big money!

When Shanhai Streaming was being established, their spending wasn’t small otherwise how could they catch up to Youyi so fast in a few years?

By now, everyone knew that even if Shanhai Streaming couldn’t surpass Youyi, the two would at least go side by side.

So the shareholders wouldn’t say anything even if Shanhai Streaming spent more money.

That money was equivalent to increasing their stock valuation and was nothing much.

Chen Huan heard the same praise the next day.

But it wasn’t influenced by Shanhai Streaming as many people who liked to watch variety shows or some people industries all praised ‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’.

Other food variety shows such as ‘Happy China Tour’ produced by Zhejiang TV, where Chen Huan was located, also received good ratings.

However, their type was that they would explore all kinds of food and learn the history behind it, then it was the end after they showed their appreciation.

‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’ was different as it not only had the good points of that ‘Happy China Tour’ but also used a group of cute girls to learn and explore the dishes.

After doing that, they could apply what they had learned and entertain the guest they received in the studio.

They all had fun and the audience could also see their progress in cooking.

The celebrities seemed always to be on pedestal.

For example, when celebrities came out and cooked, they already knew how to cook and mostly came out to show off.

Either way, the finished product looked very good and definitely tasted good, at least that was what the audience saw.

But ‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’ was different as the Zhajiangmian and Pease Pudding in the first episode was so horrible that even Su Mo had to complain a bit.

It gave a down to earth feeling.

It brought the girls close to the ordinary people.

Because they were also very clumsy back at home.

It resonated with them.

This would make them feel that Meteor Girls was one of them.

Their review was naturally high since they liked it.

On the next day, the views of ‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’ reached 70 million.

Many of it were replayed but it was undeniable that there were also many new viewers.

The princess really took big actions as she produced Japanese and Korean’s subtitles for the first episode of the show.

After confirming the popularity last night, the two versions were quickly released as soon as possible.

Many of the 70 million views came from Japan and Korea.

It was the internet era and the internet was easily accessible as long as nobody blocked it.

Shanhai Streaming wasn’t only climbing to the top spot in his own country but also abroad.

Shining Technology was also doing the same but the cultural difference as well as the lack of good plans had stunted their development in that regard.

Otherwise, Shining Technology market value would soar to 200 billion USD instead of 120 USD if they took over the Asian Market.

Oh, because the previous smearing campaign they did, they were down to 100 billion USD now.

Compared to the 20 billion USD lost in value, the 100 million Yuan they had to give to Chen Huan was like losing a penny.

Shanhai Streaming was different.

Starting with ‘Love Letter’ and then ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, they opened the doors to many Asian countries and regions.

In particular ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ as it had been greatly marketed for several months and let the people all over Asia know that it came from Shanhai Streaming.

So the 100 million dollar USD spent on marketing wasn’t for nothing.

Would the people know about Shanhai Streaming if it wasn’t for all that marketing?

Shanhai Streaming had been constantly pushing out the Meteor Girls abroad so they could get more attention.

They didn’t conquer all Asia from the beginning as it would be good if they could slowly penetrate those markets and start having an influence.

After all, they were all around 17 years old and it wouldn’t be a problem for them to work another ten years.

Based on that plan, Shanhai Streaming also been pushing out ‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’.

It seemed that the initial results were quite nice.

Inspired by results like that, the second episode of ‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’ had an average of 20 million live viewers with 23 million as the peak, which made them even happier!

At the same time, the number of viewers on the episode the next day had surpassed 100 million viewers and created another record for streaming variety shows.

Among them, the number of overseas IPs had exceeded 40 million, and developed countries such as Japan and South Korea have reached around 17 million.

After seeing that, the people no longer doubted whether Meteor Girls would flourish anymore.

Shanhai Streaming was so lucky.

They had such a poster show.

With the trend, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to reach 50 million live viewers, right?

If that happened, the position of the traditional variety shows would be threatened!

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I Know Everything Chapter 422

Chapter 422: Meteor Girls’ Restaurant.

The music stopped and the stage plunged into darkness once again.

When the lights came back again, it changed into an outdoor scene.

It was at an iconic palace.

Nine girls in beautiful sweats stood outside of the Forbidden Palace and greeted at the camera.

“Hello, everyone!”

The captain Li Yating leaned toward the camera and said with a grin, “Welcome to my hometown, Huaji….Ah…!”

Before she could finish her speech, Zhu Ludan and Meng Yun, who were next to her, grabbed her and tickled her.

Chen Wu applauded and cheered, “That’s right! Get her! Huajin can still be considered her hometown? This is our capital!”

The girls were laughing and joking around but for the audience, it was a novel sight and very fun.

Meteor Girls were all top beauties as they were selected from amongst thousands of girls and they were young so they could make people feel the vitality of youth.

Most people that came to watch were under 30, especially students.

They loved that youthfulness and them playing around.

This type would seem silly to the adults but perfectly suitable to them.

Having fun made people happy.

After a while, Li Yating finally used her ‘Authority’ to overwhelm the girls and then took out two envelopes to let the two teams choose their tasks.

Four girls led by Meng Yun got the Zhajiangmian.

The other four girls led by Kong Xiyu ‘Beijing Sweet Pease Pudding’.

They were both famous Huajin dishes and everyone there was familiar with it.

The girls needed to find the most authentic dishes and learn the history behind the dish before learning it.

When Meng Yun was selecting her envelope, she was praying to get a good one.

Then she suddenly jumped when she saw it.

“Muhahaha, Little Yuyu, you’re gonna lose for sure~~~” Meng Yun pointed at them and said, “Zhajiangmian is Huajing’s most famous dish, the name alone can allow us to win!”

“Tsk! Don’t be so sure of yourself! What if the guests we have liked were sweet? By then, you’re damned!” Kong Xiyu rebutted.

“Sweets should be dragged away! Those are evil incarnate!” Meng Yun declared with her hands on her hips.

“I don’t care~~~” Kong Xiyu pulled her team away, “We should quickly learn it from a master, we don’t have time to squabble with these people.”

“Us too!”

Meng Yun walked away from the other side to not show any weakness before stopping awkwardly.

Because there was a wall in front of her.


A swarm of popup texts appeared.

“Meng Yun is so cute, she’s truly from Shuchuan!”

“I’m on her side, sweet teeth are heretics, hotpot and spicy food is justice!”

“Did you ask Sister Xiaofeng her taste? He’s from Zhejiang and they’re mostly sweet teeth!”

“Exactly, Sister Xiaofeng is the leader of this show, do you dare to go against him?”

“Didn’t you also forget something? Bu Yiyi is also one of Sister Xiaofeng’s girlfriends and she is the standard of a savory person! Wouldn’t Sister Xiaofeng change for her?”

Who are the first special guests of the episode? It’s rumored that it was Sister Xiaofeng who personally invited the guest, is it Bu Yiyi?”

“Why not our Dong’er?”


More and more people joined the conversation and it was completely off topic.

The show continued.

Huajin had a lot of restaurants specialize in Zhajiangmian and Beijing Sweet Pease Pudding but the program team didn’t tell them which one was better so they had to look for themselves.

In the process of looking for it, they encountered many situations, there was a lot of laughter.

Among that, Kong Xiyu’s group got played by an old man as when they drove to Fifth Ring, the dim sum place that was selling the Pease Pudding wasn’t open and it was already past noon.

The girls woke up at 7am so they were hungry and barely got any energy to move.

Their only option was to eat some Zhajiangmian on the stall.


     ̄□  ̄||

Finding it was only the first step as learning to cook it was even more difficult.

Because these girls’ best dishes were instant noodles and ordering takeout.

So they screamed and yelled during their learning process and it was deafening but the people watched it with relish.

People had the evil taste of liking watching celebrities making fools of themselves.

Seeing the groups of girls screaming and laughing on the screen, they felt happy and content.

“Look, I’m starting to imagine this is how my wife would cook in the future and I suddenly feel scared, what am I going to do if I have to eat those dark recipe dishes every day?”

“Stop dreaming! Your wife? Of these nine goddesses, if any of them can become your girlfriend for a day, it would already be a blessing! A wife!?”

“Haha, Cai Huihan was asked to peel cucumber but she was a bit dazzled… does she have a dirty mind?”

“Stop bullshitting OP above, Huihui was just smeared and slandered recently, how could she move on if you keep saying stuff like that?”

“Right, right, she just has never done it before so we have to encourage her more… such as having her peel more cucumber, hahaha…”

“The pease pudding group is the funniest! They are like making clay and fighting a battle! This seems already decided!”


After untold hardships, the eight girls from the two teams finally got the approval of their masters and returned with experience.

After a long journey, they finally went back to the studio.

The guest on the first episode wasn’t revealed so when Su Mo, who was wearing a casual suit and turtleneck sweater, came out after opening the door, not only the audience in front of their scream all yelled but the Meteor Girls reaction was even more exaggerated.

Meng Yun and Liang Yu instantly rushed over to him and hugged Su Mo as they refused to let go.

Su Mo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as it took him a while to appease his little fans.

The people watching were also completely stunned.

“@Xiao Qing, Get here, your idol is actually in the show!”

“Oh my god, I’m not dreaming, am I? Su Mo hasn’t appeared on variety shows for many years!”

“Right, how much would that cost? Shanhai Streaming is really that generous?”

“Why are you looking down on our Momo? Do you think he’ll hop on a variety show for money? Are you joking?”

“Exactly! Su Mo is someone that put a lot of importance in his reputation and wouldn’t never do anything just for money! He probably came this time because he owed Teacher Lu!”

“That’s right! Our Sister Xiaofeng sure has influence! Su Mo came just because of him!”


After Meteor Girls got out of their star-struck mode, there was a brief interview.

Su Mo wasn’t a very talkative guy so he just said he was very satisfied with his concerts this year and shared some tidbits.

But that was how things were, because of Su Mo’s appearance, the number of views skyrocketed to 15 million.

Under the urging of Li Yating, the members of the two teams started to cook the two specialties of Huajin they learned.

Su Mo was a southerner so wasn’t that familiar with Huajin dishes.

Li Yating took him to visit the two open kitchens and explained to him while overseeing it but the girls got nervous and that led to some incidents.

Amidst that, Zhou Songjie, who was on team Zhajiangmian, cut her hands at this moment, at the shock of everyone.

“This for real?!”

“Damn, I thought they were just for show and that they were just acting!”

“Right, what kind of variety show is that real? Look at Zhou Songjie, she cried so hard that her makeup is ruined now.”

“No shit, if you cut yourself that hard, won’t you also cry?”

“However, Yunyun and Wuwu are so nice, there’s also Su Mo, he took upon himself to bandage her… it’s so heartwarming.”

“I’m done. I fell in love with a man 20 years older than me because of this scene, but I really like Su Mo~~~”


The Huajin specialty made by the two teams weren’t that authentic.

The noodles on the Zhajiangmian were too soft, not to mention that it was also a little mushy.

The ingredient didn’t seem to be well cut either as the shapes were all over the place.

It was especially true for the Pease Pudding.

It should be beautifully shaped and bouncy.

But it looked like gum when made by the girls and the audience wondered if it was even edible.

Fortunately, Su Mo was someone kind and instead of teasing them about it, he encouraged them.

After the finished product was brought out, the eight girls acted like they didn’t dare to look at it.

Su Mo also found it funny but he could only choose the one that looked a little bit better.

In the end, Su Mo chose the sweets he liked Pease Pudding as the winning dish.

Hearing that, Kong Xiyu and her team jumped in joy and went to Su Mo begging for hugs, almost knocking him down… many people burst out in laughter at that.

At the end of the show, many viewers didn’t even feel the time pass.

The schedule for the entire show was two hours.

The first hour was in the city while the other was in the studio.

That one hour wasn’t only one hour of shooting as it was five hours of footage that got edited.

Let alone the city, apart from preparing and discussing the progress of the show, they had been shooting for 5 days and the girls’ legs almost swell due to too much standing.

Those were all the best clips so the audience would naturally watch it with relish.

Throughout the program, the viewership was climbing up and didn’t fluctuate like a W.

The number of views for the first episode of ‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’ was fixed at 17 million in average and 19 million at its peak!

This was the pinnacle of all variety shows in streaming websites!

“Ding Dong!”

“The ‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’ created by the host has made history in the history of online variety shows, which has prompted more people to pay attention to the show and gain more popularity.”

“The generous system will give out a song recall. Keep going, young man!”

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I Know Everything Chapter 421

Chapter 421: I Don’t Wanna Grow Up.

In December due to the cold, people avoided outside activities.

‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’ that was in production for 3 months was finally released.

It wasn’t that Shanhai Streaming hadn’t done variety before but viewership wasn’t great as all those great variety shows had been shown by those big TV stations.

Everyone was used to watching it on TV.

So they needed to consider that if they wanted to develop in that area.

But Chen Huan gave them a plan and then Meteor Girls got popular so the princess readily accepted the plan.

With the princess standard, everything must be the best.

Not only the best production team in the industry had been recruited, even the photographer was recruited from Japan and the average cost of an episode was no less than 10 million.

Meteor Girls were also running in all directions.

It took 5 days to shoot an episode at the beginning and they exhausted themselves by shooting day till night.

It became better later as it took 3 days.

When talking to Chen Huan over the phone, they said they would rather go to advertising or perform commercial performance over this.

Chen Huan learned that minor painful situations happened over this period of time.

For example, they bought the wrong ingredients, cut themselves while handling knives, burning themselves with oil splash, almost causing a fire etc… they suffered those.

But they didn’t complain about it and just mentioned it like it was some everyday matter.

It could be seen that although they were some haughty princess before, they hardened and grew up a lot after going out to the world for half a year.

As the planner, Chen Huan watched the footage and gave some tips so they could do better and better in the second and third phase of production, there was no reason for failure anymore.

And this led to Saturday night at 8pm when Shanhai Streaming would air it. Chen Huan opened the app on his phone to view it.

After two weeks of promotion, all users of Shanhai Streaming knew that ‘Meteor Girls Restaurant’ was coming.

There was also the ‘One Billion Meteor Fans’ who got crazy about it and hoped that everyone came to watch with them.

Variety shows generally charge money otherwise the program would bring another few million subscribers to Shanhai Streaming.

There was actually a reason why they chose Saturday instead of another day of the week.

Of course, the tendencies of people watching from TV and watching from phones were different.

People who watched from TV were usually workers that worked a lot and students.

They usually only had time during the weekend and were in the mood to watch variety shows.

For people on the phone, they could watch any day as long as they had a phone and they weren’t some social person, they would use their phone until 11 or 12 pm.

So on the surface, variety shows by Shanhai Streaming weren’t some big production that only showed during the weekend and could be shown during the week day.

But who was the audience of Meteor Girls?

It was 12-18 kids!

Most of them were students that were under pressure to study and couldn’t play with their phone at all!

They could only use their phone to play a little during Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

They wouldn’t be able to watch ‘Meteor Girls’ if it was broadcasted during the week days so most of the hardcore would naturally be missing and it would be a great impact on the show’s rating.

When Chen Huan opened the app, a number was shown on the top left of the video that indicated how much people were currently watching it.

That’s right.

The rating on the internet couldn’t be expressed in percentage.

Just look at the top.

How many people were watching it was clear at a glance.

It was one minute before the start and there were already 5 million people waiting.

It was already a great number.

The previous record Shanhai Streaming for a variety show was 7 million and it was an old show that had been running for three years.

‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’ hadn’t been broadcasted yet so it was very gratifying for it to receive so much attention.

After a bunch of commercials and preludes, a round black stage appeared on the screen.

When the light was on, nine girls dressed in Japanese school uniforms were standing on the stage.

The music started and then Meteor Girls sang along the tune.

“Why can’t I find, however I try, a rose that never fades. Why are all the princes I met not really prince-like.”

“I don’t expect him to have crystal shoes and a white horse. I’m only astonished how loving sweet words could turn into lies.”


The beat was very fast and their singing was clear as every word was on the beat, which was perfectly in line with the theme of Meteor Girls and inherited the innocence from ‘Burn My Calories’.

At the prelude stage of the chorus, the music suddenly picked up in intensity and the singing from the Meteor Girls also sped up with this exciting rhythm.

“I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, don’t wanna grow up. When I grow up, there would be no fairy tales in the world.”

“I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, don’t wanna grow up. I’d rather be dumb forever.”

“I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, don’t wanna grow up. When I grow up, I’ll lose him.”

“He who I loves deeply, he who loves me deeply, has changed into someone unlike him.”


The lively and yet emotional ‘I don’t wanna grow up’ told the girls’ joy, hesitation and worry etc… during first love.

Every girl would feel that.

But boys would also feel something from this as they thought about if the girl they liked thought like that.

Regarding youth and love, the sweet and yet hesitating feeling was what teenagers loved the most.

So the viewership count soared to 7.2 million while Meteor Girls sang ‘I Don’t Wanna Grow Up’ and  directly broke the record of Shanhai Streaming variety shows.

The official program didn’t start yet!

Shanhai Streaming had pop up texts.

If people wanted to watch without it, they could toggle it off and toggle it on if they wanted to comment and read the comments.

But those popups had disadvantages as it would cover the screen when there were too many of them.

The people would usually turn it off when there were too many so it wouldn’t affect their viewing experience.

Chen Huan had it open all the time.

Because he had a computer and a phone.

The computer for the popups texts and the phone to watch the show.

“Wow, the show just started but I already feel it’s going to be good.”

“The song is nice, it’s called ‘I Don’t Wanna Grow Up’, right? It’s good!”

“No shit, it’s our Sister Xiaofeng who wrote the song.”

“He’s really taking a good care of his disciples, no wonder people are gossiping about it.”

“Stop paying attention to those bored people, let alone this song, isn’t this variety show planned by Sister Xiaofeng?”

“Right, Sister Xiaofeng is really amazing! He can do it all!”

“It’s already so fun right at the beginning, can’t wait to see the rest!”


This was a good start judging from the current comments.

7.2 million viewers was enough to reassure the people from Shanhai Streaming.

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I Know Everything Chapter 420

Chapter 420: Ferocious Veteran.

“Ding Dong!”

“By receiving the support of the middle aged group of people, the host turned the situation around and slapped the faces of those trashes, the system will express its satisfaction.”

“The system is very happy with this surprising success and specially rewards the host with a song recall.”

“Don’t think it’s not a lot, if you continue to perceive and create more miracles to spread your reputation, there will be better rewards!”

The sound resounded in Chen Huan’s ears and he was very happy to hear that.

The Good Lord was getting more and more sensible now.

Even if there was no mission released, it would give out rewards if enough popularity was accumulated.

Originally after getting ‘Rain Butterfly’, Chen Huan only had 2 songs recalled in his pocket and now had one more song recall so he felt more relaxed with more foods in his hands.

He basically had to give Han Dong’er songs after the Spring Festival.

She had found a lot of songs recently by either seeking the writers directly or taking songs he fancied, she was very busy.

Han Dong’er was very busy and Chen Huan even had to thicken his face to go to her villa at the foot of the mountain to eat a few meals and chat with her parents so the two elderly could be entertained.

She seemed to not be used to joking around in her own home but she was still happy when she saw the three people laughing and smiling.

Otherwise she probably wouldn’t answer the call even if Chen Huan was calling her.

If it was possible, Chen Huan planned on giving 5 songs to her.

Because this album was the most important weapon for Han Dong’er to reach the empress throne after ‘Red Bean’.

If the sales of this album was even better than ‘Red Beans’, Han Dong’er would become the third empress and surpass Yang Dan and Liu Fuer who were in front of her in one fell swoop.

So there was no such thing as too many good songs for this album.

Of course, Chen Huan wasn’t worried about it either.

There were many missions recently and the rewards were also very generous.

There were many things that could be obtained during December such as ‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’, which would be broadcasted in a few days, and Jian Peng’s attack on Lightning Boys.

Apart from the rewards he could get shortly, there were also the long-term missions.

It could be said that a miracle was happening.

It was in the distant country of the United States.

The NBA had now passed the preliminary stage and was gradually entering a more ferocious contest stage.

Over the years, the West had always been stronger than the East.

There were many strong teams in the West such as Lakers, Mavericks, Spurs, Thunder, Rockets and so on.

Although the Miami Heat won two championships in a row with their superteam, the West was still generally stronger.

It was no longer like in the 70s-90s were the Celtics and Bulls took their turn to face the Lakers.

Before the start of the season, it was the previous champions Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma Thunder that received the most attention.

Especially the Golden State Warriors as Curry was in a good form and in his prime. They were favorite to make a two peat.

But then the Warriors got trashed by the Lakers during the pre-season.

Kobe, Iverson and Chen Huan formed the triangle and the Warriors couldn’t handle it.

Everyone thought at first it was just the pre-season and the Warriors didn’t take it seriously.

One of them was just 17 years old and claimed that he would only play in the playoffs but the Lakers still gave him a 1 million dollars guarantee contract.

One was 37 years old that was injured for half a season the past two seasons and it seemed that it would be only a matter of time before he got injured again.

The other one was even more exaggerated as he was a 40 years old that was retired for two years but he came back to play this year and the Lakers even gave him an MLE!

With the old and feeble big three, could they compare to the Warriors?

However, the Lakers beat the Mavericks in the opening game.

What the fuck!?

No matter what, the Mavericks were still the 10-11 season champion!

It had been 4 years since then but their main team was still there and the 38 years old Nowitzky was still the king of fade away. There were still Deron Williams and Wesley Matthews as helpers so it was much better than the ragtag Lakers.

But the result was completely different.

Iverson scored at will with his 47 points while Kobe only had 32 points but he was like a mad dog as he completely shut down Nowitzki as the fade away king only got 17 points.

Fade away king scoring that much was already hard.

Iverson’s breakthrough made Deron Williams foul out with his 6 fouls.

The 22-year-old shooting guard Justin Anderson suddenly started to doubt life due to Iverson and he lost the ball 17 times.

Iverson also considered his current body-state and didn’t do his iconic crossovers otherwise Justin Anderson’s legs would be broken.

It was the case but Justin still left the court with a bitter expression as he got completely crushed.

Everyone was surprised by this game and Kobe and Iverson outstanding performance.

But then they teamed up and scored 85 points together in the second game and won it 113:95 against the Hawks, which made the people more wary of them.

The third game was even more exaggerated as the Lakers faced the Spurs, known as the best defensive team, and the results was 92:66 with Lakers on Top and Spurs on both.

Kobe got his third triple-double in a row and Iverson sent two players on the Spurs out due to foul troubles.

No one doubted their capability anymore.

Every team treated the Lakers as a strong playoff team now.

But even so, it didn’t stop the Lakers momentum.

They played 13 games so far and won 12 of them. They only lost a game to the Thunder during a back to back games and thus ranking first in the league!

The two 40 years old players gave that kind of performance?

Kobe and Iverson played like they were crazy as they played more than 35 minutes each game and averaged more than 70 points together each game!

They were like on fucking steroid!

But they got checked after every game and proved that they were innocent.

The people didn’t even know what to say after that.

But the NBA was also a place where people acknowledged miracles happened.

Iverson and Kobe took turns occupying the best players of the week in Western Conference for 4 weeks straight. They didn’t only got recognized by the officials but the NBA market also boomed again.

All the Lakers were packed.

Kobe and Iverson won the admiration of the people no matter where they went.

The amount of money they received from sponsors was jaw dropping.

But the two didn’t care about that except training and breathing basketball, they lived like monks, even the party beast Iverson.

“Chen Huan, prepare yourself for your first championship tour!”

This was what Iverson said in excitement when he called.

The superstars who had never won the championship once never felt the trophy as close as this.

As long as Kobe and he was healthy this season and adding Chen Huan’s better athletics who also played similarly to him and also had a three point shot, was there any problem to win the championship?

Chen Huan also had high expectations for his playoff journey.

An NBA championship would bring him many rewards!

According to the Good Lord’s personally, the more people he attracted and the more popularity he gained, the greater the rewards he would receive.

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I Know Everything Chapter 419

Chapter 419: So That’s Why!

It wasn’t only them that couldn’t figure it out.

Lu Xiaofeng’s fans also couldn’t figure it out as the news came too suddenly and they were caught off guard.

Why was this so?

This went against the norm and normally it was impossible for it to be cold online sales and hot hard copies sales.

After all, the same products had always been sold better when it was cheaper than the expensive ones.

Not to mention that the three major music platforms could be accessed from all over china while the hard copies must be bought from a record shop.

Online albums could also be bought with a tap of a finger, how convenient was that?

But now, the more convenient model didn’t sell that much while the more troublesome way sold more, wasn’t that strange?

Besides, someone pointed out something that everyone else overlooked.

You could buy the album online at any time.

But what about physical albums?

It was from 9 to 21 if the shop opened for a long time.

It was 12 hours of sales at most, which was completely incomparable to the 24/7 online!

So selling 100k hard copies was a very impressive feat.

In order to uncover the secret behind it, a clever news anchor brought her crew in front of a record shop to interview people.

“Uncle, why are you buying ‘Comeback’?”

“Because I like the songs! You young people don’t understand the songs… Anyways, I liked them since they sang it on TV. I had to do something yesterday so I’m coming to buy today and thankfully there’s still some.”

“Aunty, how about you?”

“The songs in ‘Comeback’ can’t be understood by people that don’t have a certain age and experiences. You don’t understand what it’s like to think of someone because of a song, and then not feel like talking for half a day! I just happen to have those memories, those past, and if I don’t buy it to reminiscence, wouldn’t it mean I’m too old?”

“And then you, Uncle?”

“I love that English song the most and although I don’t understand it, I feel sad hearing it but in my sadness, there’s hope and perseverance. Isn’t it like our life? Even if we face tough situations, we have to go on.”

“Uncle, why are you in such a hurry?”

“I already went to the shops in Changfan and Beitao roads but the album was sold out. What am I gonna do if I can’t find one? The people who bought it yesterday were all showing it off to me!”

“Am I right to say that this is the favorite album of people in their middle age?”

“I think it should be, because many of my friends have bought it. They were all music lovers before but they got older and got more responsibilities so they put it aside for the time. Honestly, the songs by Comeback bring back our memories.”


Many people understood the situation after seeing the report.

So that’s why!

Many people on the internet kept saying the songs weren’t for them, that they didn’t like them, so it wasn’t well received.

Although those songs weren’t suitable for them, it was suitable for middle aged people!

The ratings of ‘Godly Singer’ were very high and it wasn’t only watched by young people as middle people watched it too!

However, they didn’t take surveys online or cared about what happened online so not much was heard from them.

The same was when buying albums.

Basically, those people were the one that used to support Su Mo crazily.

They were still used to buying hard copies and putting them into their CD lector as they slowly listened and savored the music.

That was why the middle aged populace went all to buy it when the album was released.

This situation was particularly prominent in big cities where the album was sold the best.

The album was sold out in many shops yesterday and had to move the goods from the shops surrounding the big cities.

So selling 102,653 wasn’t surprising.

Middle aged people had the most power and wealth in the society so there was no doubt in their spending power.

Even 30 yuan the album was nothing to them.

Thus, selling 93,277 the next day and selling almost 200k in two days was no longer surprising.

Lu Xiaofeng once again cemented his spot as best songwriter in the county.

People that bragged about Sister Xiaofeng’s skills increased again.

Those guys that came out with their critics and sarcastic remarks on the first day didn’t dare to pop out anymore no matter how much they got whipped and shat on.

The two days of great hard copies sales had completely slapped their faces swollen, how could they dare come out.

They resented those middle aged people.

You are all in your 40s or 50s, why are you buying albums instead of health products!?

The Comeback members’ mood got better with the great sales and Lei Daxuan was no longer as depressed as he was on the first day.

There was more good news.

A planner had contacted Shui Qingshan for a concert.

It couldn’t be helped as they didn’t have an agent and only Shui Qingshan could handle that.

There were actually two ways to do a concert.

The first way was to have their own record company to organize the concert.

The other was the planners who contacted and hired singers, then paying them one time.

As for the profit of the concert, it had nothing to do with them.

But don’t they think they were easy to take advantage of as they were all people with experiences and they would probably even earn more than you.

Five planners came to talk to them.

The lowest was 30 million for 5 concerts in 3 cities.

The biggest was 75 million for 15 concerts in 7 cities.

It was all after tax.

Shui Qingshan talked with everyone and if they wanted to start a concert, it must be before late December passed.

After all, the Spring Festival this year would be in early February.

It was only 20 days.

So they must hurry.

Striking when iron was hot implied also in music.

So they all unanimously accepted the 75 million offer.

If the concerts did well and the people came this time, they would arrange bigger concerts during summer.

As for the songs they would perform, it was easy.

In addition to the 10 songs in ‘Comeback’, they could also sing the songs Chen Huan wrote for Zhou Changshou.

Taking advantage of the time, they could also go find two or three news songs so they could surprise the people.

They could also pick up songs from Tang Yuan, Steed and other rock singers, they would get 40 songs easily.

If the response to the concerts weren’t good, they wouldn’t do concerts next year and only take commercial performance and price it based on the number of songs.

Actually, Shui Qingshan wasn’t very interested in that but Lei Daxuan was very eager.

Everyone knew that Lei Daxuan wanted to work so their band of brothers could make some money and also repay them for taking care of him.

Shui Qingshan pondered that the other three wasn’t that wealthy and that it would be very problematic if something similar happened again so it was better to take this opportunity to accumulate some wealth for their future retirement.

That was why they would be busy for the next year.

Shui Qianyu would make at most two or three appearances during the Spring Festival but would participate more when it was summer vacation.

She didn’t do it for the money or because she wanted to go but they would pay more if she participated.

Seeing how excited her dad and uncles were, the haughty Shui Qianyu naturally would help them.

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I Know Everything Chapter 418

Chapter 418: Hello, does your face hurt?

Some things were just very stunning.

It was like a turning point or escaping from the jaws of death.

That feeling of unexpected results was really indescribable.

Everyone was stunned when they heard Shui Qianyu.

Including Chen Huan.

He thought it may be actually not that good this time.

The songs he wrote for Comeback were those that fit the older people and it was the same for the other songs he bought as the style didn’t change much.

Perhaps the young crowd would be less inclined to listen to the album.

As some comments said, the young people preferred Meteor Girls.

Young people also had the most presence online.

Chen Huan already thought why ‘Comeback’ sales weren’t as good.

But then why ‘Life’s Only Love’ sold so well when it was also aimed at the older populace? After all, the album hadn’t fallout of the top 5 album sales of the three major music platforms even after ten months passed.

The reason was simple.

Zhao Changshou’s personality attracted people.

And the love story between him and his wife moved a lot of people.

It wasn’t only middle aged people or seniors as many young girls were also moved.

So most who bought the album online were them.

Moreover, the Gala also boosted it.

It wasn’t certain that participating in the Gala would boost the sales but there were often examples of that happening.

So Chen Huan understood that ‘Comeback’ was different from ‘Life’s Only Love’.

But now! 

Shui Qianyu said that 102,563 hard copies were sold!

What was going on?!

Everyone was stunned.

Everyone knew that before today that the best single day selling for hard copies in the past ten years was the 83,300 sold by ‘Life’s Only Love’.

Prior to ‘Life’s Only Love’ and in the past ten years, the best that Tang Yuan, Su Mo, Xu Pingdeng etc… hadn’t sold more than 20k in a day.

Everyone thought that although the industry was recovering, that terrifying sales record would still not be broken for the next two or three years.

But then a year hadn’t passed yet before it was broken and it was even more than 100k!

Then this first day sales record could probably be there for the next 15 years!

The best first day sales record!

Lei Daxuan trembling hands took hold of Shui Qianyu’s phone and it was the date released by the Album Association and the number 102,563 copies was bright red at the first place.

Lei Daxuan reread five times before confirming he didn’t read it wrong.

The title also wrote ‘Record-breaking sales wins to first spot!’, which also showed there was no input error.

“We did it!”

Shui Qingshan slammed the table and laughed loudly.

What the other didn’t notice was there was a hint of relief in his laugh.

Many things were easy to overlook when happy.

Such a record-breaking result alone was enough for ‘Comeback’ to make a sizable contribution to the history of music no matter what the sales tomorrow were.

No one would mention that this album was a failure by Lu Xiaofeng.

If more than 100k hard copies sold for the album on the first day was a failure, then all the other albums were trash in the past ten years!

Who would dare to say that?

Wasn’t it akin to offending everyone who did an album or singers? It was like the entire music industry.

Chen Huan and co wasn’t the only one who saw that data.

Almost all people who cared about the music industry and ‘Comeback’ were waiting for the results of the first day hard copies sales.

If they also flunked at hard copies sales, they could officially announce that ‘Comeback’ was just a good album at best.

It would be something to be bragged about by others but a stain for someone like Lu Xiaofeng.

If the first day sales were great, ‘Comeback’ would be able to wash away their infamy.

But even the most optimistic person about ‘Comeback’ didn’t expect it to actually sell 102,563 hard copies on the first day.

The internet erupted.

“Yo, that Trash Can who just ranted, there’s also that Truth on Top, come out! Bow to Sister Xiaofeng’s greatness!”

“Tremble, you trashes! Did you just say ‘Comeback’ wasn’t good? Look at the sales! Who can do it?!”

“Online sales have never been the most important and a big album like ‘Comeback’ can only push to holiness by hard copies sales!”

“Hahaha, those bastards that were talking shit, come out! Keep talking shit! Are you embarrassed yet?”

“I knew the people had discerning eyes, they finally did their move! Every song in ‘Comeback’ is good, it would be weird if it wasn’t liked!”

“No matter how it was said, those people who insulted and slandered Sister Xiaofeng finally got a slap to the face!”

“Exactly! Moreover, this faceslape came not even after 24 hours has passed, just a few hours! So satisfying!”

“If I was them, I would be too ashamed to go out today!”


This was how things went.

Those trolls on the internet were just going crazy a few hours ago and got face slapped just a few hours later, it was so humiliating that they should just go hide to their grandma’s house.

Ordinary people were still alright as they could pretend to not be there and nobody would remember after the matter had passed and they could continue their mischief later.

But those celebrities on the internet couldn’t do that.

Those little celebrities could also delete their comments and also pretend to not be there.

But those who were very famous like Trash Can and Truth on Top with millions and millions of followers couldn’t escape from it.

Just before, they were still enthusiastically responding to those people who were gloating with them.

Then when the Album Association’s stats came out, they immediately couldn’t be found anymore and wouldn’t come out no matter how much the netizens were calling them out.

The most pitiful thing was that they didn’t dare to delete their posts as it would be akin admitting their loss and would receive even more ridicule.

They felt really aggrieved in their hearts.

It should be online sales doing better than hard copies but why was it the other way around this time?

Who could have thought that ‘Comeback’ would be sold more than 100k hard copies?

Would Lu Xiaofeng never drop down?

Where was the reason for that!?

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I Know Everything Chapter 417

Chapter 417: We lost?

In a blink of an eye, it was the last month of 2015.

It was almost winter.

The sun wouldn’t be seen often during winter in Lin’an and the weather would be cloudy and rainy most of time.

Entering December, Comeback’s first album ‘Comeback’ was released in music platform and in discs after ten days promotional period.

Unlike the previous albums Chen Huan participated on, the sales volumes of ‘Comeback’ on the three major music platforms weren’t as impressive as people thought it would.

After 24 hours, ‘Comeback’ only sold 400k copies, which surprised many people.

After all, Zhao Changshou’s ‘Life’s Only Love’ sold 100k copies in an hour!

1.2 million copies were sold in a day!

They all had five songs composed by Chen Huan and also won the talent show. It was also popular for an entire fall and there was also the super popular Shui Qianyu in it but it only sold one third of Zhao Changshou’s number?

Many people couldn’t understand it and accept it.

Many others were gloating.

“Finally someone slapped them with facts. You always brag about how great Lu Xiaofeng is. Now the fans voted with money, it shouldn’t be wrong, right?” Weibo celebrity, Trash Can.

“I don’t hate Lu Xiaofeng’s songs but I didn’t go buy ‘Comeback’ this time because I think those songs sound very sad. They were great songs to listen to on spot but there’s no need to go buy them.” Weibo celebrity, Truth on Top.

There was also a group of people who either didn’t like Lu Xiaofeng or were bought by the water army.

“Look at that! They can’t even match against an old man, what Comeback? Just retire already!”

“I don’t think it’s bad but I don’t think there’s any need to buy it either. I still prefer Meteor Girls, Teacher Lu writes more songs for them!”

“I also think it’s strange, if it was really good, why don’t more people buy it? Look at Grandpa Zhao Changshou, look at Han Dong’er, aren’t their albums selling well? Is this really because the songs aren’t suitable for fans to listen to?”

“The album is a bit expensive at 5 yuan, right? If it was at 1 yuan, I’ll buy two.”

“Facts have proven that Teacher Lu isn’t omnipotent, maybe is this the beginning of his fall from the top?”

“He should have already scrammed! 3 million for a song, isn’t raising the prices? How much did those old artists earn? Isn’t their song better?”


No one fought back against that narrative because even a hardcore fan like I Like Mantis Shrimp couldn’t do against this face slapping power of data.

Many people comforted Chen Huan, including Comeback whose sales weren’t satisfactory.

Lei Daxuan, who was still in Lin’an after the recording, came with Zhang Kun and Li Xinyi.

Chen Huan ate noodles with them but it was in silence.

“What gotten you guys?” Chen Huan felt amused, “The sales surpassed Su Mo and Tang Yuan, shouldn’t you guys be happy?”

“Little Huan…”

Lei Daxuan’s eyes were a bit red as he stood up and bowed, “Uncle Lei let you down, let everyone down…”

“What are you doing?” Shui Qingshan immediately went to stop him, “It’s not your fault!”

Everyone knew why Lei Daxuan did this.

First, he thought that he wasted everyone’s time.

If it wasn’t for Lei Daxuan insisting on recording or being embarrassed on taking the money, the recording of the album was delayed from October to November so it could be available in December.

If it was released a month earlier, the sales would definitely be much higher if it was according to the popularity shown from ‘Godly Singer’ show.

Second, Lei Daxuan participated in the recording but he wasn’t in his top form so it was only thanks to Shui Qianyu coming on to check so he didn’t make any mistake on the guitar.

But this proved that the songs wouldn’t change even if it wasn’t him who was recording.

For this reason he felt deeply embarrassed that the sales were so unsatisfying.

Lei Daxuan, Lei Daxuan, you idiot! If you knew, why would you insist!?

At that time, wouldn’t it be fine if I just said I didn’t want a penny!? Or a bit more shameless and say just give me a little, wouldn’t it all better than now!?

But great now, Little Huan’s reputation has been damaged and everyone says he can’t do it anymore and scolds him!

After recovering from his injuries, Lei Daxuan became more sensible.

The nearby Zhang Kun seeing this, spoke up for Chen Huan, “Daxuan, don’t think like that. Didn’t Little Huan say it, you already sold 400k copies in a day, which is better than the Emperor Su Mo, what more do you want?”

400k copies was 2 million Yuan and they would receive 1 million from that.

They would get 30 million if it continued to be sold for a month like that, which was more than the prize from Godly Singer.

But things didn’t work like that.

Everyone knew that no matter whose album it was, the sales volume on the first day would definitely be the highest and it would decrease as days went by.

It would rebound a few days at most for some singers but the general trend wouldn’t change.

Only 400k was sold on the first day so how much would they be able to sell after?

When all the hype dissipated, would they be able to earn 20 million in total?

Of course in the current trend, any singer that could sell 8 million copies was definitely a top singer and it would be a worthy achievement in their career.

The result was still very good but could it match Teacher Lu’s status and skills?

Many thoughts flashed in Lei Daxuan’s mind but he still couldn’t let it go.

“Relax, it’s not complicated.” Chen Huan comforted him again, “Didn’t many people come to you guys for commercial performance recently? You guys can think about it. if large performance can arouse people’ enthusiasm toward the songs, then the sales would naturally increase.”

“Moreover, I will also have a share of your income from commercial performance! Uncle Xuan, if you’re feeling bad, just take care of yourself and make money for me!”

As Chen Huan said that, Li Xinyi also smiled in appreciation.

However, he usually had a solemn face so smiling like that was weird.

“Little Huan…”

Lei Daxuan wasn’t stupid and knew that Chen Huan was trying to comfort him.

He was about to say something but Shui Qianyu, who hadn’t spoken until now, suddenly her white and tender hand toward the middle of the table and showed everyone her phone.

“Hard copies sales data came out! 102,563 copies sold!”

Shui Qianyu softly said.

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