I Know Everything Chapter 492

Chapter 492: This stuff is really good! 11pm. After returning home, Yang Kaixin socialized with her family and did her normal routine of facial mask before scrubbing it away. Then when she was about to use Lancome before bed, she saw the brown glass bottle she received from Chen Huan. There was a note underContinue reading “I Know Everything Chapter 492”

I Know Everything Chapter 490

Chapter 490: Getting rich! ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ was like ‘Love Through Different Times’ as both of them were 28 episodes long. According to the speed of two episodes per day, this TV series would end at the end of February. Many people complained about that point and hoped ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ to have 50 episodes,Continue reading “I Know Everything Chapter 490”

I Know Everything Chapter 486

Chapter 486: Happiness and Regret. Chen Huan’s luck was good today. After coming out of Yang Feng’s house, he heard the pleasant sound. “Ding Dong!” “Tonight’s ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ has achieved an average audience rating of more than 20% and at the same time exceeded 100 million live viewers for the online broadcast, congratulations!” “AccordingContinue reading “I Know Everything Chapter 486”

I Know Everything Chapter 485

Chapter 485: I still prefer the other way. Yang Feng believed that science was right. But science was a kind of metaphysic to a certain extent. Otherwise, the great physicist Newton hundreds years ago wouldn’t go to study theology after reaching a bottleneck in his physics research. Let’s take what Yang Feng said just now,Continue reading “I Know Everything Chapter 485”

I Know Everything Chapter 483

Chapter 483: Another person knows the truth. Compared to Shining Technology, Calf TV felt a mix of happiness and pain. Fortunately, although ‘Love Through Different Time’ wasn’t as good as ‘Princess Returning Pearl’, it was still a very good series. If it wasn’t for ‘Princess Returning Pearl’, they would have broken the record for TVContinue reading “I Know Everything Chapter 483”