I Know Everything Chapter 401

Chapter 401: Not giving face? Just slap him! Got bullied? Who bullied Bu Yiyi? The fuck? This was like looking down on him! In his shocked state, he didn’t get what Bu Yiyi really meant. Chen Huan finally understood after Bu Yiyi explained to him in detail the conflict between Lai Haijin and Calf TV.Continue reading “I Know Everything Chapter 401”

I Know Everything Chapter 398

Chapter 398: Letting out the flock of sheep. Virtuous Middle School wasn’t an important school so it hadn’t received much attention. In particular when their structures and various expenses were given by the students’ wealthy parents so the teachers were even less strict. In fact, if Virtuous Middle School could reach this point today andContinue reading “I Know Everything Chapter 398”

I Know Everything Chapter 397

Chapter 397: We also want Teacher Chen! The international mathematical community was like Chinese New Year. Because one of the world’s top four mathematical journals ‘New Math’ published Chen Huan’s proof on ‘Chen Huan’s Theory’. Chen Huan took a long time to write this in order to not shock people. He discussed it with manyContinue reading “I Know Everything Chapter 397”

I Know Everything Chapter 396

Chapter 396: Not giving face. “Bastard! How dare they do this?” Lai Haijin threw the cup in his hand away. Fortunately, his office was covered with thick carpet so his cup didn’t shatter. But the assistant manager nearby had a ugly expression, “I think they replied to us that way because they have the thoughtContinue reading “I Know Everything Chapter 396”

I Know Everything Chapter 395

Chapter 395: Discussion. Five copies of the scripts ‘Love Through Different Times’ were placed on table in a conference rooms A group of executives from Calf TV and Film sat there since morning and it was only at lunch time they finished reading it. Due to the script being very important, Wen Fan didn’t letContinue reading “I Know Everything Chapter 395”

I Know Everything Chapter 394

Chapter 394: At peace! In recent days, Meng Zijing and ‘Understanding’ had become a hot topic among office women workers in the countries. There were people singing the song in Karaoke every night throughout the country. From the beginning, Meng Zijing earned more from the licensing to KTV than from the online sales. It wasContinue reading “I Know Everything Chapter 394”

I Know Everything Chapter 393

Chapter 393: All together! The next morning, Zhang Yaya intercepted Chen Huan’s at his house’s door to tell him about her father’s decision. Chen Huan slowly nodded as he said, “His decision is indeed good for stability. Although a bit conservative, it isn’t bad to ensure your family’s wealth.” “Eh, I thought you would beContinue reading “I Know Everything Chapter 393”

I Know Everything Chapter 392

Chapter 392: Counsel. Zhang Duocai was indeed very busy and worried during this time. Compared to his father that paved the way into the industry, Zhang Duocai was certainly not as aggressive and decisive, and was also less talented in business than his father. But he worked with his father back then and built YongxingContinue reading “I Know Everything Chapter 392”