I Know Everything Chapter 486

Chapter 486: Happiness and Regret.

Chen Huan’s luck was good today.

After coming out of Yang Feng’s house, he heard the pleasant sound.

“Ding Dong!”

“Tonight’s ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ has achieved an average audience rating of more than 20% and at the same time exceeded 100 million live viewers for the online broadcast, congratulations!”

“According to what was previously agreed, the system will give a generous reward!”

“Rewarding, two songs recall, one TV series recall, ‘Semi-cursive script proficiency (Beginner) and 1 ‘Charm Talisman (Light).”



It was indeed generous.

Especially when he received another ‘Charm Talisman (Light)’ so quickly.

Then he upgraded from the regular style script to semi-cursive script!

In the history of Chinese calligraphy, the semi-cursive had a higher place than any other style!

Not need to mention anyone else, Calligrapher Wang Xizhi was the best in semi-cursive script!

Langting Xu was the first semi-cursive and could be said to be the best semi-cursive script in the world!

Compared to the more prim and proper regular style, cursive script that was too freehand and illegible or the seal script that was too esoteric, semi-cursive was the most accepted style and the most readable and elegant style.

People also said that the regular style was the basis of all styles.

Only by learning the regular style could they learn the cursive and semi cursive.

It could be seen that he got semi-cursive as an upgraded version of the regular style after it was mastered. 

Chen Huan originally had regular script (Intermediate) and now with ‘Semi-cursive script proficiency (Beginner), he reached the next level.

He was still far from the best.

He still wouldn’t be one ten thousandth of those gods even if he had the semi-cursive script proficiency (Advanced) but with a ‘Charm Talisman (Great)’, it would probably reach the level of one of the greatest works of art!

Luck didn’t come alone as it poured in.

Chen Huan received generous rewards there and didn’t expect he would hear from the Good Lord again the next morning.

“Ding Dong!”

“At the just concluded Oscars ceremony, the host’s ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ failed to win most of the awards and only won the consolation prize of ‘Best Original Screenplay’.”

“Although it failed to win most of the awards, it was better than nothing so the system especially reward one movie recall.”

“However, the system felt the deep arrogance of the Americans from this Oscars selection so the host must respond in order to convince and conquer them!”

“The system issues another mission, the host should be nominated by the Oscars again to gain more recognition and awards. The more awards the host receives, the bigger the rewards would be!”

“The opportunity to fight for yourself and the filmmaker of this country has come, work hard and fight on, young man!”

As the Good Lord’s voice was heard, Chen Huan’s phone started to ring.

It was from Zhu Mei.

She told Chen Huan the same thing, congratulating Chen Huan but also telling Chen Huan to not take it to heart and with continuous efforts, the harvest will definitely be bigger next time.

After hanging up the phone, Chen Huan saw he had several missed calls and received congratulatory text messages.

It was all from people that knew Chen Huan was Chu Liuxiang.

After some thought, it was probably sent after the winner of ‘Best Original Screenplay’ was announced.

Zhu Mei definitely wanted to wait until all the awards were announced before telling Chen Huan.

This result was no surprise.

Chen Huan was definitely more chill minded than they thought.

Oscars didn’t only look down on Chinese films as movies from Japan or Korea were the same, it was also the case for European films as well as South America’s films.

They felt they were the center of the world.

Let’s speak truthfully.

Many Korean films after 2010 were actually very, very good. They were bolder than the Americans in exposing the dark side of society, it was very profound and piercing, they could be labeled as the best.

It was a shame they never won an Oscar. (TLN: Parasite didn’t happen yet but they finally got one now.)

It was blatant contempt and selective ignorance.

Since so many good movies received that treatment and it wasn’t only targeting ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, why would Chen Huan feel bad about it?

Moreover, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was unexpectedly the box office champion for a week in the US and got a high box office overall there last year, which showed that American citizens actually liked the movie.

It could also serve to prove the greatness of the movie.

If it wasn’t for the mission of the Good Lord, Chen Huan really didn’t want to care about the Oscars in the US.

You think you’re the greatest but in my eyes you’re nothing!

Chen Huan’s real pursuit was better box office and popularity in Asia.

After all, China and Asia were at a disadvantage in this era so what Chen Huan could do the most was to expand China’s Film, TV series and other entertainment to all of Asia and become the dominant player in Asia.

The home fans and media were actually waiting for the announcement for the wins of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

Their first reaction was disbelief after seeing it.

Are you kidding me!?

We’re nominated in so many awards and we only got one of the least prized award ‘Best Original Screenplay’?

It doesn’t make sense!

In the past year, which movie is better than ‘Miracle in Cell No.7?’



‘The Big Short’?

They clearly couldn’t be compared, alright?

And why was Larson the best actress? She wasn’t even as good as the other nominee Blanchett!

Let alone our little Yang Shu!

Her acting was simply godlike!

The traditional media was more polite and only complained privately. The public articles were ‘Congratulations to Teacher Chu Liuxiang for winning the Oscar!’, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7 sadly failed to create more miracles’… and the like.

But everyone wasn’t that polite on the internet.

“Ptuh! What kind of shit award is this? ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ isn’t great? Which movie in the past year was as acclaimed while having such a high box office?”

“I heard that the Oscars were corrupted before but I finally realized it now! It’s like they are dividing and sharing their fruits internally, so disgusting!”

“Shameless! We couldn’t even get one of the major awards? I don’t believe any of the other nominees were better than us! ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ got robbed, such a pity!”

“It was such a shame for Yang Shu’s performance! Those old judges are just like the same old actors, they never recognize the acting skills of the young!”

“So be it if they don’t recognize its greatness, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ will always stay as a godlike movie in our heart anyway, the best movie in China in the last ten years! Hurray to Teacher Chu! Hurray to Director Zhu! Hurray to Yang Shu! Hurray to everyone…”

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