I Know Everything Chapter 485

Chapter 485: I still prefer the other way.

Yang Feng believed that science was right.

But science was a kind of metaphysic to a certain extent.

Otherwise, the great physicist Newton hundreds years ago wouldn’t go to study theology after reaching a bottleneck in his physics research.

Let’s take what Yang Feng said just now, he would be right to use advanced technology like big data to develop his industry and his companies such as Habao Technology, Habao Express and even Habao Pay.

But for movies and TV series, it was completely wrong to just simply use big data to make it.

Because all of the entertainment industry, such as movies and TV series, had to deal with the least unscientific thing in the world, the human mind.

A man could love a woman to the death without regret but if he was stimulated and angered, he could just push the woman to the snake pit the next moment.

For big data, there was a 99% chance for that man to love that woman for his entire life but that 1% could change the fate of the two people.

And this 1% came from the minds of women and men alike.

Chen Huan wasn’t an expert in the Film and TV industry but he certainly knew this type of big data use to operate the entertainment industry couldn’t be done.


Didn’t Jack Ma do the same in his previous world?

There was also Ma Huateng, the two of them were big fans of big data analysis so they wanted to use science to boldly carve into the industry.

Which of their subsidiaries in entertainment from the two super conglomerates was left with pants to wear?

Yang Feng from this world was stronger than Jack Ma because he integrated the logistics ahead of time unlike Jack Ma who only ordered his second in command to integrate the logistics when they were about to be pushed out to the second-tier.

And those logistic companies weren’t his but controlled by the shareholders.

It was different from Yang Feng as Habao Express was his solely and it was by far the best logistic company in China.

Perhaps it was because of this that Yang Feng felt confident and that everything was under control?

Yang Feng was a good man and had courage that can only be found in Youxia.

Otherwise, how could he use his own influence and money to plan for a big comeback for Chen Huan when he was being bullied and make him into a national hero?

He ended up offending Shining Technology, which certainly didn’t do him any good.

Although Yang Feng was never afraid of Shining Technology, very few people would do such a thankless thing.

If Yang Feng asked Chen Huan to write a script for him during dinner, Chen Huan wouldn’t refuse.

Since he helped him, he was a friend, Chen Huan should treat him as a friend.

But Yang Feng didn’t do that.

Chen Huan could understand now that Yang Feng asked him over for dinner to thank him for helping Yang Kaixin and to show him that he could do anything by himself.

To put it more bluntly, he wanted to challenge Chu Liuxiang’s position and status in the entertainment industry.

He also wanted to tell the world that nobody was indispensable in the world.

Only technology would develop the industry further.

In other words, he was also issuing a challenge to Chen Huan.

Chen Huan wasn’t angry.

Instead, he felt that Yang Feng’s stubbornness was cute in his innocent disregard of facts.

It was impossible for someone that thought too much and too careful to succeed.

Anyone that succeeded had a hint of naivety in them.

For example, Liu Ban, the emperor of the Han Dynasty, even went back to his hometown to drink and eat with the elders there for a month. He didn’t even want to return to Chang’an, he only reluctantly returned after those ministers and officials begged and cried.

There was also Zhu Yuanzhang from the Ming Dynasty, because he was born as a farmer, he gave preferential treatment to the farmers and did his best to reduce their burden. He was like a nanny instead of a grand emperor.

There was also Jack Ma, who forgot his white haired witch rocking in a band? People would have already succumbed to the pressure of life if it wasn’t for their naivety or dream, tirelessly working for a house, a car, their family and livelihood.

Life had straightened out their dreams and expectations so they became more realistic.

It wasn’t bad but those were lives lived by the common people and those with great talents wouldn’t be like this.

Yang Feng was one of them.

He was stubbornly persistent and self-confident.

When he founded Habao Technology, people laughed at him saying that those E-commerce couldn’t even establish themselves in the US yet so how could he do it well in China.

But then he achieved what he had now.

He not only made it but he became the second best in the world and the best in Asia, second only to the originator of online commerce from the US.

This was because the West imposed restrictions Chinese companies and set obstacles everywhere to prevent Habao Technology from developing there otherwise Habao Technology would have already entered the market and became the best in the world.

Not to mention that his belief hadn’t been proven incorrect so far so even if he hit a wall in his path, he must first be beaten bloody before he would stop and reflect.

So it was useless for Chen Huan to try to persuade him now.

He had a lot of money anyway, he should get some setbacks so his path in the future would be smoother.

The entertainment industry also needed this rich tycoon.

Just like the Chinese entertainment industry in his past life after 2015.

Why at that time, there were an endless stream of great Chinese movies every year, dazzling the people, and even made movies that surpassed American’s one in the box office?

Because the people were rich.

Those tech companies entered the market one after another.

The large sums they bought suddenly revitalized the market.

After injecting the capital, most of it would go to waste but even more movies and TV series that needed the funds and technology would receive enough and soar to the sky.

Although the Chinese market didn’t mature until 2020 and many bad movies came out, it couldn’t be denied that the progress was like taking a rocket compared to five years ago.

Those were changes brought by the tech companies.

Even if the special effects weren’t as good as those in the US, some people were finally willing to spend the money to improve and be serious about it.

‘Monkey King: The Hero is Back’ from 2015, not counting the preparation and polishing time, took more than 3 years from official production start to release.

If there was a ‘Monkey King’ in 2020, it definitely wouldn’t take 3 years to do.

Sufficient funds and continuous advancement in technology could enable people with dreams and ability to realize the stories in their mind.

So even if it was just to simulate the market a bit, Chen Huan wouldn’t stop Yang Feng.

Moreover, it wasn’t just Yang Feng who entered the entertainment industry as many large groups were also targeting that market.

Yang Feng integrated companies that were worth 60 billion to create a super entertainment group worth 150 billion and that move attracted the attention of many.

As the saying goes, entertainment was everywhere.

Meaning that in the golden age, entertainment was the most important pastime.

It could be seen from all the big development and opportunities in that industry in the future.

Doing well in the entertainment industry could in return give the parent company more opportunities to expend their business.

It was like two birds with one stone!

How could those business people be uninterested?

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