I Know Everything Chapter 477

Chapter 477: Great Reviews!

Sister Ma is an employee from a state owned company and there was still some time before she retired. However, her company had no overtime or pressure so she usually had a lot of free time.

Of course, because her salary wasn’t too high, around 6000 yuan a month, she had to be careful with her spending in a costly city like New York.

She usually liked to hang out in the supermarkets around her house.

The cheapest and best was Wal-Mart followed by Carrefour and Ito Yokaido was too expensive even though they were good.

She also went to Yongxing Supermarkets before but it was only because she saw some discounts.

However, Yongxing Supermarkets renovated and reopened so Sister Ma felt good about the supermarket. She went to queue early in the morning and then suddenly at 11am ,she yelled for her daughter to help bring the groceries.

Sister Ma lived in an apartment given by the company and was about 100 square meters, which was big enough to live in but there were no elevators so it was a bit inconvenient to move things.

Her cute daughter in furry pajamas rushed downstairs to find a man in uniform standing beside her mother.

She was taken aback for a moment and stopped, she thought she was too careless with her clothing.

“Hurry up and come!” Sister Ma didn’t notice this, “Little Zheng already helped me carry for a long time and I have to rush back to work!”


The daughter quickly rushed forward to take the four bags from the man but she felt her hands sink to the ground, “Mom, what did you buy? Why is this so heavy?”

“Just some rice, oil and mutton!” Sister Ma then said in disgust, “Look at you, you never exercise and now you can’t even lift that?”

“This is at least 25kg alright? You bought too much and you’re still berating me?” The daughter was dumbfounded.

“How about I help you take it upstairs?” Little Zeng immediately took the bags after seeing the thin girl in her twenties, “Sister Ma, your apartment is on the fifth floor, right? I’ll carry it for you but I can’t chat with you guys, the supermarket is very busy today, sorry!”

“How can it let you do that? Just leave it on the door at the left!” Sister Ma said with a smile.

They saw Little Zheng carrying the four bags and running up the stairs as if he was flying. Then he came back two minute later and waved his hand to Sister Ma to say goodbye as he left in a hurry.

The daughter got curious at this so asked, “Mom, how much did spend for him to help you? People wouldn’t carry for you to here unless there were twenty or thirty, right?”

“What spending? He saw me buy so much and was struggling to carry it home so came to help me carry it out of his own volition!” Sister Ma said, “Hurry up, I still have three bags here, you carry two!”

“Mom, you bought too much!” The daughter sighed before she asked in curiosity again, “The guy was a nice guy but isn’t he afraid of being scolded? There are two or three miles from Yongxing Supermarket to our house.”

“Scold who? You don’t know but their service attitude is great! There’s people that helped me bring it to the checkout area and there are dozens of people waiting at the entrance ready to help the customers that have a hard time bringing the groceries home!” Sister Ma said with enthusiasm, “When I was shopping, they were all smiling and they would even greet you with a smile when passing by you!”

“When you have a question, you don’t need to go to them as they would come and ask if there’s anything I need! What’s more, the things in Yongxing Supermarkets are very cheap, cheaper than in Wal-Mart! The only downside is that their portion is a bit much. But who cares about that, it’s not bad to buy a bit more!”

The daughter laughed bitterly.

These groceries alone would be able to last them for a while!

But she felt interested in Yongxing Supermarkets now because of what her mother said so if she had the time, she would go there and see if there was anything good.

Similar to Sister Ma, Grandma Yu also went home in similar fashion.

Her family was a bit stunned after seeing the five large bags at the entrance of their home.

They all looked at the guy from Yongxing Supermarkets with unkind eyes.

Did they fool their mother/wife into buying stuff? Why was this like buying health products?

The smart Grandma Yu immediately scolded her family and asked them to take the bags into the house. Then she went to hold the young man’s hand to thank him for his hard work before letting him leave.

When she closed the door, all the things she bought were placed on the table.

The variety of products were dazzling.

“Mom, why did you buy ten boxes of eggs? Aren’t they going to turn bad in the fridge?” The eldest son complained.

“You don’t know shit!” Grandma Yu was the boss in the family so she immediately scolded him, “There’s a total of 100 eggs, our family’s eats 7 each day so we can eat it all in half a month! 50 cents is so cheap, how much more money would you have to spend if not for the discounts?”

“But mom, you also bought a lot of pork.” The eldest daughter-in-law picked up the large piece of pork meat, “Is this 5kg? Who knows if this is fresh!”

“How can it not be fresh? I saw it on their TV how the pig was raised and how it was processed in the slaughterhouse, it was 100% butchered this morning and it already said on the label!” Grandma Yu pointed and continued, “And you can take it back if you find anything wrong, they will refund or exchange it for you!”

“They said it nicely but don’t you have to argue with them for half a day when you actually do?” The second daughter dismissively said,

“You don’t understand.” Grandma Yu said in a pleased manner, “The other supermarkets might do this but Yongxing Supermarket will definitely not! Their customer service is so good that you wouldn’t be able to believe it! Would a supermarket like that care about your meat for a few yuan?”

“How good is that?” The third daughter asked in curiosity.

“Let’s take just what happened as an example and change it to Wal-Mart or Carrefour, would they send someone to walk more than 1km to help you bring your groceries back?” Grandma Yu added.

“They certainly wouldn’t but you’re an exception, right? Maybe they saw you’re old?” The third daughter guessed, “Moreover, 1km isn’t very far, would they send a person that had to take the bus all the way back?”

“It’s not like that, many people who have bought a lot of things like me, whether they are old or young, the employees would step up and ask where our home is and if we needed them to carry it.” Grandma Yu said, “There were around thirty to fifty employees at the entrances for this and they all have sweet mouths. When I left, I even saw them taking the bus with the people that lived far away, this should be more than enough!”

Everyone in the family nodded.

The usual supermarkets only care whether you bought or not and didn’t care how much you bought and how they were going to bring it home.

It was already kind of them to help them carry it to the stations, let alone carrying it until their home.

“From what you said, their customer service is indeed good.” Grandpa Yu said.

“This is called good?” Grandma Yu sneered, “Then you didn’t see their services for the other customers in the supermarket!”

The second daughter’s interest got prickled.

“You can taste products in a supermarket, right? I saw a child eating yogurt but it somehow ended up on the ground. A cleaning lady immediately came and squatted to clean the floor.” Grandma Yu said, “This was nothing, the cleaning lady told what happened to the girl at the counter and the girl came and gave another cup of yogurt to that child.”

“The employees kept a smile from the beginning to the end and no reproach was made, they didn’t get irritated by the children’s clumsiness at all! I’m afraid even her own family wouldn’t treat the child so nicely.”

“Then there is also when I couldn’t find the discounted soap. I haven’t asked yet and only turned my heads to look around, and then a lady came over to ask me if she could help me.”

“After I asked her, she led me to it and even helped me push the car. At the same time, she told me when I get to the checkout, I could especially ask the employee with the red jacket for help as they could help me until I go out and then there would be people outside the shop that would help me!”

“Look at the customer services! With services like that, if I don’t buy more, I will feel bad for wasting the effort of the boss to hire those people!”

The other family member couldn’t help but nod after hearing Grandma Yu’s words.

“Strange, I’ve never heard that Yongxing Supermarket was this good before! Why did it suddenly change?” The third daughter asked in wonder.

“Hey, they closed their stores for renovation and closed their other 32 stores in the other cities. They obviously have to show some real capability now.” The eldest son said, “They can only get better business by continuous improvement!”

“After listening to mom, I’ll take Little Bao for a stroll there to see if there’s anything good.” The eldest daughter in-law was interested, “And also experience the service they offer.”

 “I’m going too! I’m going too!” The other two daughters also signed up.

They were very curious as they had never heard of a supermarket like that before and the service was like a dream so they must experience it first-hand.

Then they also heard that many products were very cheap so as women, how could they not try to strike a bargain?

Grandma Yu was very pleased when she heard that.

Let them all go to have a look and experience the good service. They would buy from Yongxing Supermarkets, which will grow Yongxing Supermarkets reputation and clientele.

After all, with such good pricing and service, Grandma Yu hoped that Yongxing Supermarket stayed open forever.

Whether it was Grandma Yu or Sister, there were thousands of households that went to Yongxing Supermarket that day.

Yongxing Supermarkets’ great reviews quickly spread through Lin’an.

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