I Know Everything Chapter 470

Chapter 470: The arrogant Li Bi.

December and January was always a lively time for the various end of the year awards.

Especially in the entertainment industry, where various award ceremonies were everywhere.

As the most popular movie in the past year, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was the most sought after.

What determined which award was the most influential?

It was by the guests that appeared on it.

The Small Flower Dan and those young idols were definitely the standard for those awards above the second-rate.

The Emperors/Empresses, Heavenly Kings/Queens and the big directors would only appear on the first tier awards.

If two of the five big directors came, it would definitely be for a top award ceremony.

As far as this year was concerner, the awards that could invite ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ film crew would be considered a top ceremony.

The people in the society could never shy away from entertainment.

Even someone as big a director as Zhu Mei, who didn’t like lively events, still participated in three ceremony awards.

Even a person  like her was like this, let alone the others.

For two months straight, many people were rushing between awards ceremonies in different cities.

Some people loved award ceremonies.

For example, the newcomers.

A newcomer wanted more people to know about them and have more exposure.

These awards ceremonies at the end of the year, whether they were the top, first-rate or second rate ceremonies, would all be broadcasted on TV.

So there was a lot of exposure the more they participated in the ceremonies and made the viewers be more familiar with their faces.

So there was a contradiction in the award ceremonies.

Those big celebrities came to those awards ceremonies with a pained face as they would prefer to go on vacation or spend time with their families.

While those second-tier, third-tier or newcomers were eager to participate in awards ceremonies as much as possible.

Li Bi was in the newcomer category.

And as one of the most popular newcomers in the past two years, she may be able to shed away that title.

Because she really gave her all.

In one and half year, she released two albums and went to more than 80 big or small fan meetings.

This didn’t include all the commercial performances she went to and endorsement she had to do.

The big exposure and the big sales of her two albums ‘Pride’ and ‘Stubborn’ made Li Bi, who was beautiful and outgoing, have a large appeal and was very popular among the young people.

‘Stubborn’ was released in September three months ago, the three major music platforms sold 6 million copies while the hard copies reached 200k copies.

These results coupled with the good sales of ‘Pride’ made Li Bi win 11 awards in different awards with Phoenix Record pushing her.

She received 2 trophies for best new artist and 5 trophies for best emerging pop artist.

With those achievements and trophies, and under the powerful promotion and use of public relations by Phoenix Record, Li Bi won the ‘Top Ten Chinese Album of The Year’, which was known as one of the three major music awards in China.

This ‘Top Ten Chinese Album of The Year’ was used as a threshold.

Whether they could get this award represented whether they were a top singer or not.

She not only was tested by the market but also approved by the professionals.

In general, a singer under the age of 30 who could win the ‘Top Ten Chinese Album of The Year’ meant that he/she could become a Small Emperor/Empress.

In other words, Li Bi, who was 21, had become a Small Empress!

The fourth Small Empress in the Chinese music scene.

As soon as the news came out, the entire music circle congratulated her and praised her.

Perhaps Li Bi’s personality was a bit too wild like a feral cat, which didn’t appeal to the older populace but Li Bi was very appealing to the younger people.

She could become the fourth Small Empress due to Phoenix Record’s efforts but it was still mostly through her own efforts.

It wasn’t any musician or emerging musician that could put as much effort to improve and persevere in order to succeed.

“Congratulations to Bibi, she is the youngest and most promising singer I’ve ever seen. I knew she would succeed sooner or later but I didn’t expect to be that quick.”—The Golden Producer Lan Kai.

“Bibi is giving it her all, she often comes to me to learn more about singing and from what I know, she spends even more time studying with Teacher Zhou Jing! With such a hardworking mentality, how could she not succeed?” –Small Empress Liu Fu’er.

“This little lady has the mentality of a wolf and won’t stop until she reaches her goal. You guys won’t know about it if I didn’t tell you but she has received at least infusion needles ten times before she had to perform on stage. And then she will come back and take another infusion when she’s done!” Jiang Rui, the deputy general manager of Phoenix Record.

“I like Li Bi quite a bit, but I’ve never met someone like her, someone that dared to critique my songs like that. I was about to blow off several times but her persistence still made me review the mistakes I made, haha!” Songwriter Wu Xinyan.

“Li Bi’s path in the future will be harder if she wants to improve again, but I believe she will go far! The other female singers, you have to pay attention, a fierce competition has begun!” Music maverick genius, Bao Song.


Li Bi’s fans were feeling very proud after seeing one celebrity after another praising her.

Our Bibi is so amazing!

But before her fans could start to celebrate for her, Li Bi caused some trouble.

At the annual music award on Xiangnan TV, Li Bi, who just won ‘The Most Popular Female Singer Elected by the Young People’, stood on the stage to express her thanks.

But this wasn’t the key point as the focus was on a sentence she said.

It was this passage that caused an uproar.

“Since I debuted, I gave it my all while having doubts, I lost count how many times I woke up at night crying for fear that I wouldn’t be able to realize my dream and that I couldn’t walk on the path of music.”

“Now I’ve gained a bit of success and took the first step on my journey but it’s still far from the place I want to reach.”

“I don’t have an unparalleled boyfriend that can write classic songs for me. However, I can rely on my own efforts to make up for such a gap but I believe as long as I give my all in this life, I will succeed!”

“I love Sister Xiaofeng’s talent, I admire him! However, I have to prove to him that no matter how much you think I’m not up to standard, I will prove it to you that I’m a talented girl and I’m worthy of your attention!”

Everyone present at that time, including the viewers and the host, were dumbfounded.

Their expression probably resembled to this,


Or something like this,


It was originally just the usual music award, how did it turn out like that?

How many people did you want to offend?

Let’s not talk about the Small Empress Han Dong’er who was more prosperous than you.

Did you know that the current prestige of Teacher Lu Xiaofeng was at an all time high!?

Even if they didn’t mention all the prestige and achievement he had in the music industry, he was already near untouchable with the news that leaked recently on how he and Teacher Chu Liuxiang almost donated all their money to the mountainous children!

No one would dare to criticize, discredit or mock him!

And yet she was so bold to go against the sky!?

Or was it because Phoenix Record got a big head and felt they were invincible and lonely at the top!?

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