I Know Everything Chapter 459

Chapter 459: Few letters.

Just as the waves of criticizing Chu Liuxiang became more and more fierce, several post appeared on the internet out of nowhere.

These posts were different from ‘The Stingy Chu Liuxiang’ and it wasn’t only text as pictures were also provided.

For example, the most shared post was this one.

“I am a teacher in a village, my name is Chen Xiangmei. I’m a teacher in xx village, xx county, xx city, Qianzhou Province. We have a primary school here, children from 7 nearby villages come here to study, there’s 6 teachers here including me.”

“The village here is the best and richest place but the wealth is relative to the surrounding area. In reality, we can’t be compared to even the most remote rural city and you can’t even see our village that is surrounded by mountains on the map.”

“I alone have to teach math and language for two grades. Occasionally, I would have to take them to do rubber jump games or play other games in the playground.”

“The teaching conditions here are very difficult, it’s not for me only, but the school here only has 6 separated classrooms and the few teachers live in the stone houses nearby the school.”

“It would be okay during normal days but it leaks everywhere when it rains. We have to basically try to plug the leaks every time and use a basin to collect the leaks, we exhaust ourselves every time.”

“It’s even worse in winter. Qianzhou mountainous areas are known for their cold and humid classrooms with broken windows, there was no way to block the mountain breeze. You can look at the picture of the children during winter, there isn’t one of them who doesn’t have their hands cracked, the youngest of them is only 6 years old.”

“I have two days off every week but even then I can’t rest. I have to pick mushrooms in the mountains and then ask my husband to sell them so he can put variety on the children’s diet. Otherwise, they use potatoes and sweet potatoes as their staple food and only occasionally eat some pickles.”

“I’ve been living and teaching here for three years, often crying at the hardship, but looking at the children’s eagerness to learn, I stayed in the end.”

“What I said isn’t about how hard I have it or the children have it, it’s explaining a fact.”

“But just after the Spring Festival last year, a great change happened to our place. Habao Charity came to our village to build a two-story school, a three-story dormitory, a bright and spacious cafeteria and a 500 square meters cemented playground with donated money from benevolent people.”

“It’s as you can see in the pictures. Isn’t it almost the same as those schools in the cities? Although there’s no way to lay synthesized grass on the playground due to the environment, the children are all very happy already. They can not only play ping pong, but also basketball and many other games.”

“They also no longer need to fear the wind or the sun in the classroom and no longer have a basin at their feet to catch the leaking water. There are also two rooms equipped with a piano and computers, things that only kids in the cities got. When they first entered the room, they were afraid of touching them in fear of breaking it.”

“The dormitory is even more useful. It was very hard for them to come to school but with the dormitory now, they can come in Monday morning and return home on Friday afternoon. It would save them a lot of time spent on traveling and give them more time to study.”

“The cafeteria is very large and can accommodate all the teachers and children to eat together. The kind hearted people also set up a fund to hire a village cook to cook us three meals a day. The monthly expense is about 5000 yuan, which isn’t much for the people in the city, but it’s enough for all the teachers and children here to eat and also reduce the burden on the children’s families.”

“The school was finished in August last year, during that process, the villagers from the nearby villages all came to help even if there wasn’t any money, even the children. Everyone worked together and did a good job to build the school that makes me cry when I see that and wake up smiling during sleep.”

“What touched me the most was everything that has been done was thanks to the generosity of a single person.”

“Habao Charity originally wanted to just put a small memento at the gate of the school to thank the selfless contribution of that generous person and it would be enough but the teachers, children and parents all discussed and approved to name our school to him. It’s now called xx village Chu Liuxiang Primary School.”

“Look, it is shown in the picture above.”

“Does it sound familiar?”

“Correct! He’s the Teacher Chu who you’ve been scolding and thrashing through the mud for being stingy! I have a copy of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, which made me cry a river when I read it.”

“I was really happy to learn he was the donor for our school, especially since I’m a fan of his. I pray along with the children and their parents that Teacher Chu will live a long healthy and happy life.”

“We don’t have any network signal on our side in the mountain, this news was brought to me by my husband and when I saw how you guys slandered Teacher Chu, I cried for real.”

“You don’t know anything, you didn’t search anything, just relying on some baseless articles online, you guys dared to assault Teacher Chu on the internet like that, how could you bear to do that?”

“Besides, I can also guarantee that in the thousands of mountains we are in, our school isn’t the only built via donation from Teacher Chu because when I went to the county meeting, I heard from the teachers from the nearby towns and villages say that they received donation from Teacher Chu and it was equally as good and warmth.”

“How could such a good person, a person that cares for the poor children and send warmth to us village teachers be slandered by you people?”

“I can lie but the children wouldn’t.”

“The pictures below are the thank you letters they wrote for Uncle Chu and when they heard that Uncle Chu was being wronged, they all signed this letter of mine.”

“If you distort the facts and throw away all humanity, us teachers over here will call the police and laws to punish you people who have no conscience or shame!”

The pictures attached to this letter was reposted 23.2 million times within an hour, setting a record for the reposting not concerning stars.

There were also several other teachers in Qianzhou that came out and their situation wasn’t much different than this one.

The clumsily signature by the children looked very dazzling on the pictures.

This wasn’t all.

Immediately afterward, 13 counties educational bureau in very impoverished areas such as Qianzhou and Dunhuang issued official statements at the same time, proving that Teacher Chu Liuxiang donated money to build 37 middle schools and primary schools so far with another 30 schools under construction.

The standard of those schools were in accordance with the national construction standard or even exceeded them. This was required by Teacher Chu in order to give the children a place to learn.

They also listed another person’s name while they were at it.

It was Lu Xiaofeng.

Teacher Lu also donated for 12 schools and another 7 in construction in those 13 counties.

Habao Technology also used their own official accounts to prove that the funds for the constructions of those schools really came from Chu Liuxiang and Lu Xiaofeng via Habao Charity, not one cent was fake.

Teacher Chu and Teacher Lu actually donated one after another starting from the year before and were the one who donated the most last year.

The internet exploded again after seeing that.

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