I Know Everything Chapter 449

Chapter 449: Enemies’ teamup.

There were 32 TV stations in China.

Excluding those frontier regions and poor provinces, there were less than 15 TV stations that could really make a splash and spend a lot of money to buy TV series.

Most of these TV stations were in the East.

In the past years, Yuezhou TV was willing to spend money so they squeezed into the top tier.

However, it was a pity that a place like Shuchuan had a TV station that was second rate without any ambitions.

Chen Huan’s first choice was obviously his home place, Zhejiang TV.

Chen Huan was a native from Lin’an and was the pride of the entire Zhejiang Province. He once made ‘I Sing My Song’ big with Zhejiang TV so he had a good relationship with them.

Teacher Chu Liuxiang was also rumored to be from Zhejiang and he also wrote ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’, ‘Love Letter’ and ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ that were very popular so how could something written by him be bad?

Not to mention that ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ and ‘Love Through Different’ were hotly discussed and a trending topic, which was equivalent to hundreds of millions in promotion expenses.

So there shouldn’t be any problem.

But there were still difficulties.

Because Teacher Chu Liuxiang had a request and that was to broadcast it at the same time as ‘Love Through Different Times’.

This clearly meant it was a duel to the death.

This kind of death match was actually welcome by the TV stations when the quality of the TV series passed the test.

But the problem was ‘Love Through Different Times’ was a TV series produced by Calf TV and their boss, Qi Shoujian’s father, was the deputy director of the ProvincialBroadcasting Bureau.

With a relationship like that, they had already negotiated with Zhejiang TV and it would be broadcasted immediately after ‘Young Di Renjie’.

What else to talk about?

They wanted to compete against ‘Love Through Different Time’ but how were they going to compete at the same time slot when they were on the same TV stations?

How could they prove which was the best if the two couldn’t compete?

While thinking of that, Cui Zhong started to curse over the dinner table.

“They have contact so what? It is known that Teacher Lu and Teacher Chu have the most supporters in Zhejiang and yet they have taken that stance, isn’t it clear that they want to bully ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ now?” Cui Zhong was getting indignant for Chen Huan.

Then he revealed his truth intention, “So Teacher Lu, it’s better if you put this TV series at Shanhai Streaming! And it will be broadcasted at the same time as ‘Love Through Different Times’! You already know about our promotion capability, we will definitely beat them before the match even begun.”


Cui Zhong rushed over so he could get his hand on the first broadcast right of ‘Princess Returning Pearl’.

The first offer that came out of his mouth was 50 million for the first broadcast right. That sum would pay back most of the money spent.

The biggest expenses were Bu Yiyi’s 10 million salary and the pay for Teacher Chu’s fee, which couldn’t be calculated in detail. There were also the two songs from Teacher Lu.

The two songs were just small part investment so it didn’t have to be counted on this.

So the 50 million wiped out all the expenses if the two weren’t counted.

This price must have been given by the Princess.

The premier rights for ‘Love Through Different Times’ on Zhejiang TV was 30 million and it was estimated it wouldn’t even recover half of the cost.

The princess giving 50 million was to show the difference between the two TV series.

Regardless of how the TV series were, the enthusiast for a TV series could be judged by the price and the audience was definitely more willing to watch the more expensive one.

50 million for the first broadcast of the 28 episodes TV series was almost 2 million per episode, which reached the record held by ‘Young Di Renjie’.

And the expenditure of ‘Young Di Renjie’ was definitely much higher than ‘Princess Returning Pearl’.

So Xin Changkong, who sat nearby, was really in favor of working with Shanhai Streaming.

After all, the other party expressed their importance in this and the online broadcast was very good. Then, they could also sell the second broadcast of the series for a high price too.

More importantly, after gaining reputation and the great reviews spread out, they could finally defeat ‘Love Through Different Times’.

He actually didn’t really care about that but it was the wish of his two bosses so he must help accomplish it.

In this world, there were only the two of them that were willing to give him another chance.

Wanting to live like a human again, Xin Changkong obviously would give his all for this.

Chen Huan wasn’t very moved by Cui Zhong’s persuasion.

Even if it wasn’t making money now but with the passage of time and continuous broadcast, did he still have to worry that nobody would like it?

One had to know that in the other world, when Xiangnan TV rebroadcasted ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ even after 20 years after the first broadcast, it could still get the top rating in prime time, how overbearing was that?

‘Princess Returning Pearl’ was like ‘Journey to the West’ as they get rebroadcasted every year and still got great ratings.

Every rebroadcast had to be paid for so with so much money accumulated, would they still have to worry of not making money?

Chen Huan wanted to directly suppress ‘Love Through Different Times’.

It wasn’t only because they didn’t give face and hurt Bu Yiyi but also because the Good Lord gave out a mission to completely crush them so a reward could be received.

Cui Zhong saw Chen Huan’s unmoved expression and wanted to say a few more words but his phone rang.

Answering the phone and saying a few simple sentences, Cui Zhong’s face had a weird expression.

“Youyi had reached an agreement with Calf TV. They bought the first broadcasting right for online broadcast from Calf TV for30 million and would be broadcasted at the same time as Zhejiang TV.”

Cui Zhong said to Chen Huan.

He was cursing people’s mothers in his mind.

If Youyi did this, it would be impossible for Chen Huan to give the first broadcast right of ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ to Shanhai Streaming alone.

The other party was on the internet and TV stations but they were just an online platform. No matter how much money they gave, their momentum would be much weaker.

Sure enough, Chen Huan shook his head and smiled as he shrugged with his arms open, “Hmm, Gan Liangchen sure is interesting.”

No shit.

Could it not be interesting?

They originally got slapped so hard that they had to pay 100 million and apologize publicly, which meant that the slate should’ve been wiped clean.

But then he launched and set Jian Peng into their Lightning Boys and it was rumored Gan Liangchen trashed his office again so how could he not hate him?

Gan Liangchen, the eighth richest man in China, was humiliated by a 17 years old like him, how could he swallow that anger?

It was a rare occasion of Chen Huan falling out with Calf TV so they obviously would help Calf TV.

Having said that, although Gan Liangchen did this to vent his anger, it didn’t mean that he didn’t want to fight against Shanhai Streaming in terms of TV series.

After all, ‘Young Di Renjie’ was very popular now.

The ratings at Huhai TV and Zhejiang TV reached 7% and may break through 8% at any time.

If the momentum was maintained, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to break through the 10% rating by the 50th episode.

What did it mean for a TV series to reach 10% in rating?

It would be a godly series!

An undisputed godly series!

If it could achieve that result, it would give the two TV stations a great start and it would greatly benefit their advertising expense for the year to come.

On Shanhai Streaming, the number of views of each episode was approaching 200 million!

With stats like that, how could Youyi not fear it and want to bridge the gap?

Wasn’t ‘Love Through Different Time’ a good opportunity?

It could also be seen that ‘Love Through Different Time’ was well done.

Otherwise, it would require a lot of boldness for a streaming platform to give 30 million!

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