I Know Everything Chapter 446

Chapter 446: How to handle a genius?

It was 9 pm and Wu Weihong received a call from the principal, Zhou Nengbei, so he hurriedly ran to his residence that was three buildings away.

Fortunately, most of the teachers there lived in a residential area that belonged to CAU otherwise he would have to go farther.

When Wu Weihong arrived, he saw Zhou Nenbeig pacing around happily so it shouldn’t be some bad news.

Wu Weihong also felt relieved as he feared that one of his students messed around or something.

As the dean of the College of Agronomy and Biotechnology of China Agriculture University, Wu Weihong really got his heart broken by his students.

That group of restless students weren’t as well-mannered as the other major. They often did weird things in the test fields and received complaints.

But it had to be said that there was no spirit of discovery, creativity or miracle as a student of agriculture so it was boring and dispiriting.

“Come Old Wu, take a seat!” Zhou Nengbei beckoned him with a smile when he saw him.

Wu Weihong sat down and felt weird. He received some tea from Zhou Nengbei’s wife and thanked her.

Madam Zhou saw they were about to discuss business so she left the living room to them and went to another room.

“Old Wu, you’re a lucky guy!” Zhang Nengbei said while laughing as he stood there, “I just received a call from Li Shuxian, the director of the admission office, guess what news he brought?”

Wu Weihong was 52 years old and stayed 30 years in the university since he graduated from China Agriculture University so he obviously knew how things worked.

“Could it be that he recruited a top prospect into our school?” Wu Weihong guessed.

“Yeah, you got it right!” Zhou Nengbei laughed, “Guess who is it… be wild and guess the best one.”

“The best genius? A high school graduate?” Wu Weihong racked his brains for a long time but couldn’t think of anyone so he could only shake his head.

“I’ll give you a hint, at the beginning of this month, he was praised by all the mathematicians in the world.” Zhou Nengbei gave a hint but refused to reveal it.

But when he said it, Wu Weihong froze for a moment before he said, “Principal, you can’t be talking about … Chen Huan, right?”

“Right! It’s him! Hahaha….” Zhou Nengbei laughed happily, “Isn’t that a surprise?”

Wu Weihong felt it was unbelievable as he looked at the happily laughing Zhou Nengbei.

“Principal, Li Shuxian didn’t get pranked, right? Chen Huan…. How could Chen Huan join our school?” Wu Weihong asked as his scalp numbed.

He actually thought of Chen Huan earlier but immediately passed him.

A genius like Chen Huan had long been reserved to those super prestigious schools so how could it be possible for him to come to the department of mathematics in CAU.

Zhou Nengbei waved his hands in disapproval, “They are in Lin’an right now and met with Chen Huan, how could it be fake?”

“Really?” Wu Weihong nodded and was happy for the school, “This is great! Having a student like him will be a great benefit to bring awareness to our school and increase the popularity of our school to the young people.”

“Yes, so you should set up a few tables and celebrate.” Zhou Nengbei replied.

“Huh!?” Wu Weihong thought he heard it wrong, “Me?”

Zhou Nengbei nodded in confirmation, “Yes!”

“No, no…” Wu Weihong cried out in grievance, “Principal, shouldn’t it be Ceng Shan treating everyone? Why is it my turn? Our department fund’s is tight so I can’t help.”

Ceng Shan was the head of the department of mathematics in CAU.

Wu Weihong thought it was the principal making an excuse to get funds from their department so he obviously was unwilling.

“What about Ceng Shan?” Zhou Nengbei pointed at him, “It’s you! Chen Huan indicated he wants to enter the College of Agriculture and Biotechnology! So shouldn’t you treat everyone?”


Wu Weihong felt like he got auditory illusion or the principal became demented.

Chen Huan chose the College of Agriculture and Biotechnology?

What kind of joke was this?

Zhou Nengbei confirmed It for him, “You didn’t hear it wrong and I didn’t misspeak either. I also felt confused when Li Shuxian called me but that’s what Chen Huan said, he wants to be like Grandpa Yuan and contribute to the food security on the motherland.”

Wu Weihong got so shocked that he started to cough.

Such an upright reason, was that real?

“Don’t be stunned now, let me tell you, he also has a few requests and I already agreed to them for you…” Zhou Nengbei recounted the several requests Chen Huan had.

“Just those?” Wu Weihong thought it would be a lot or more demanding, “Not a problem! His requests are easy!”

“The most important point isn’t that his requests are few but it’s that such a great talent is coming over, it will be hard for you to manage.” Zhou Nengbei gave him a deep stare.

“You mean that I should be stricter so as to let everyone see that even if Chen Huan comes to our school, he also needs to behave?” Wu Weihong asked hesitantly. 

“I don’t know, I don’t have any experience teaching such a great mathematician.” Zhou Nengbei spread his hands and shrugged, “I was just reminding you, as for how to do it, it’s up to you.”

Wu Weihong felt aggrieved but didn’t dare to scold him for his scheme.

It was obvious he wanted to push him to the forefront as Wu Weihong would have a share of success but also of the blame if anything wrong happened, Zhou Nengbei was a cunning fox!

But then he thought again, there were many departments in their university and many deans.

Couldn’t he learn from the principal and also push the responsibility to those below him?

Hahaha, I’m so smart!

When Zhou Nengbei saw Wu Weihong’s expression, he saw through his thoughts.

Chen Huan’s admission into China Agriculture University was indeed great news and it would improve greatly in rejuvenating their image among the young people.

But he was unwilling to make more concessions for a student like that.

What Chen Huan asked was fairly simple and didn’t ask anything outrageous or put himself above the school or made it seem like the school had to beg for him to come.

If it was like that, Zhou Nengbei wouldn’t agree and just reject Chen Huan.

A genius was good but a wild and uncontrollable genius wasn’t good for a school with a long history.

Decades of traditions and disciplines couldn’t be destroyed by one person.

So Zhou Nengbei reminded Wu Weihong to manage it well.

A student has to act like a student.

It applied to even a genius, right?

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