I Know Everything Chapter 433

Chapter 433: Big Data speaks itself!

Sitting next to Yang Feng was Sang Cai, the president of Habao Entertainment.

Sang Cai was a smart guy.

Over the years, Habao Technology’s reputation in the media was very good and many crises, big or small, was resolved by him.

Yang Feng’s great public image had a lot to do with his PR.

So Yang Feng transferred Sang Cai over Habao Entertainment.

Sang Cai didn’t interrupt when his boss and the other employee were drinking.

When they finished eating and it was time to talk business, Sang Cai continued Yang Feng’s line of thoughts and started to speak, 

“We at Habao Entertainment are now starting after a restructuration. What we need are dazzling results so we can gain a firm foothold in the industry to gain more support of more investors and become the most valuable stock in the entertainment industry.” Sang Cai said to the other four, “As for how to do it, I believe the four sirs should have their own thoughts, right? How about we all discuss it now?”

The four agreed.

People had to show some real skills to be able to do anything in business.

Even if you didn’t have any real capability, you should at least be good looking in order to leech off.

The four of them were company founders and had been in the industries for many years so they were obviously experienced.

They know that if they wanted to stay on the big ship that was Habao Entertainment, they had to produce good results.

Otherwise in a few years, they wouldn’t have the face to stay in their position anymore and thus retire in shame.

When talking about acquisition, it was mostly Yang Feng that did the talking.

Now that the company was restructured and Yang Feng controlled 69.5% of the company, he obviously had the final say now.

It was their turn to explain their plans and thoughts to Yang Feng.

These plans would be related to Habao Entertainment’s directions in the next two or three years as well as their own future.

Of course, explaining their plans wasn’t a problem for them.

They prepared themselves before they came here and thought many possibilities before coming with what they thought were the best.

Whether those plans would be acknowledged by Yang Feng and receive great support, that was what they were worried about.

In any company, whether the plan could get the support of the boss and whether it could get a big budget was an important factor of whether the department would develop and grow.

Regardless of the fact that the four departments didn’t overlap with each other business and even TV series didn’t clash with streaming series as they targeted different audiences but the budget of the company was only so much, if one got a lot, another one would naturally get less.

Spending minimum money for a great result was naturally great but who wouldn’t like having more funds?

Employees would also be more happy to follow a boss that could give them higher salaries and bonuses.

The first to go was Ke Anbang, the former president of Yunxing Entertainment, who was in charge of the film department.

“We have planned three movies, one small budget artistic movie, a medium budget action movie and a comedy movie directed by Zhang Huawei.” Ke Anbang said, “200 million is about enough for them.”

“However, there are two blockbusters from the US that our technical staff are very optimistic about, ‘Penguin Planning’ and ‘Legend of the Death God’ so we decided to buy them out with a fee of around 300 million yuan.”

Regarding imported films, this world was the same as the other world, there were quotas and once those quotas were used up, they could only accept buyouts.

(China has a limit of how much imported movies can be shown in China per year, past that, they can only have their rights be bought out by local companies for a determined fee instead of sharing revenue.)

It was usually easy to miss out on buyouts but Yunxing Entertainment was at it buying out.

“We can follow as you said for the buyouts.” Yang Feng said frankly, “But if the movies aren’t good enough or ordinary, don’t even bother.”


Ke Anbang felt like arguing but remembered the one in front of him was his boss.

He could only hold back his temper as he said, “We can stop that artistic and action movie project, we are adding two movies but director Zhang Huawei…”

“I know that Zhang Huawei is one of the top 5 directors and the best at comedy films and we can guarantee the box office with him,” Yang Feng started, “But how much money can comedy make? The most profitable are definitely big production action movies or cult classics like ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’! Habao Entertainment can only live to the expectation if we do that!”

Ke Anbang cautiously asked, “Then what are your thoughts?”

He could see that Yang Feng already planned it out.

Sure enough, Yang Feng firmly continued, “Go to Wang Mu and Gong Sibo, let one of them or even both, make an action movie. Tell them there is no limit to the budget and that nothing is a problem as long as they do a good job!”

Wang Mu and Gong Sibo were also among the top 5 directors and the most skilled in directing action movies.

In recent years, all the movies they made were classics.

“I understand.”

Ke Anbang nodded.

“Another adaptation… Do you know any popular books?” Yang Feng asked him.

“’Our Era’?” Ke Anbang said.


Yang Feng nodded in satisfaction and said, “It’s the bestselling book among young people since last year ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’. their sales volume exceeded 5 million, which caused a sensation! If we shoot it, it’ll would be like ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ and attract many books’ fans!”

“According to the big data on the internet, there are at least 15 million fans of the book and they are mostly aged between 18-26, this group of people were the main audience that watched movies.”

“Other big data also showed that if casted Lin Weilian, Leng Jian, Du Xiang and Liang Peizhen to star in ‘Our Era’, then they would add up to 150 million fans and even if it was a quarter of that, it was still 40 million and if those people bought a ticket to the theater, would we still have to worry that we won’t be able to reproduce the miracle ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’?”

Ke Anbang was stunned.

The other bosses were also stunned.

Big data?

Was this a way to analyze the box office expectation of a movie?

Shouldn’t it be judged from the movie’s content, the capability of the director and the actors’ skills?

How could a prediction with big data have nothing to do with the movie?

They started to doubt themselves after seeing the confident Yang Feng.

Could it be that they were behind the times?

Or the success of a movie was that simple?

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