I Know Everything Chapter 431

Chapter 431: The Wolf is Here.

December was approaching.

The Golden Globe announced the candidates.

Because it was simultaneously released in the US, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was nominated for ‘Best Drama Film’, ‘Best Director’, ‘Best Actor in a Drama’, ‘Best Actress in a Drama’, ‘Best Director’.

It was the first time a Chinese movie had so many nominations at the Golden Globe and it was nominated for the biggest one too.

The most Chinese movie that had been nominated was naturally in the best foreign money on two occasions and Dong Shu was actually nominated for ‘Best Actress in a Drama’ but it both came home empty handed.

The princess came prepared this time as the reason for the simultaneous release was to gain recognition at the Golden Globe and Oscar.

The first steps seemed to be successful.

The news caused a big response in China but for Chen Huan and the film crew of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, this was something obvious.

If such a great movie wasn’t nominated, the Golden Globe would practically be looking for trouble.

Compared to the stubborn and conservative Oscars, there was actually a lot of room to work in the Golden Globe.

Could you really believe that the awards were firmly set by those 96 journalists without any influence from outside?

Moreover, the Golden Globe was a ‘non-profit’ organization as they earn their money from advertisement and sponsorship without even paying taxes.

Chen Huan didn’t know how the princess did it, but according to her usual generous mindset, it wouldn’t be weird for her to use some public relation fee for the Golden Globes.

After all, the Oscars were too hard and the chance of winning a Golden Globes was more likely.

In the case of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, the movie itself was great so it would be weird if the princess wasn’t tempted.

A year was about to pass into 2016 and there was suddenly a shocking event in the entertainment industry.

On Thursday, December 17th, news came from Chinese stock market.

A company in the GEM named ‘Cloud Media had applied for an emergency trading halt as major news would be soon out.

Such an emergency trading halt would happen once every two or three days in the stock market.

It wasn’t because there was an unexpected drop in the stock but because there was some important news that would come out or change the company’s structure and so on…

This had nothing to do with the entertainment industry originally.

Cloud Media was just a consulting media firm and wasn’t big. His market value was 2 billion only, which wasn’t conspicuous at all.

But the news that came after made people crazy.

First, it was Modern Holmes, who often leaked things, who posted a weird Weibo post.

“Habao Technology is making big moves! Oh my god!”

Then a lot of big Weibo big names followed suit.

Even some alt account that generally didn’t speak, also chipped in.

“Confirmed! Yang Feng wholly acquired a second-tier company, Cloud Media! They already lunched a delisting on the side of the US and is expected to be completed delisted in January!”

“It seems that Xincheng Film from our city has also discussed with Habao Technology and it’s rumored to be getting bought.”

“There’s also Yuzi! One of the senior employees is my friend and he told me that Yang Feng bought Yuzi!”

“It’s the same for Totem Records! They didn’t want to sell shares at the beginning but Yang Feng quoted a high price so they obtained the controlling shares!”

“Holy, you guys don’t know but Yang Feng made a big move on the chessboard!”


From those shocking news, people knew that Habao Technology’s entry into the entertainment industry was for real this time.

However, it wasn’t clear which company was bought and which they integrated.

But news soon came from Cloud Media.

Habao Technology acquired 67% of Cloud Media’s shares, including the restricted shares and tradable shares.

Then Habao Technology would merge all the entertainment companies they acquired into Cloud Media.

Of course, the matter was already done and was kept under wrap until it was approved.

The overall situation was now set.

On Monday, Cloud Media would be officially renamed Habao Entertainment and it would reappear with a brand new style.

Now the management had to confirm how much assets Habao Technology would inject and how much the other shares of Cloud Media would be diluted.

There was no doubt that with so many injections of assets as the rumors said, the other 33% would be shrunk by ten times. 

However, those small shareholders were definitely feeling excited about it and welcome this dilution.

It may have diluted but the value of their stocks increased!

Wouldn’t it take off once Habao Entertainment started their development?

It could make a lot of money!

No, they didn’t even have to wait that long as the stock price would soar on Monday when the stock market open! It would maybe even last for a month and a half.

People in the entertainment industry were stunned.

Most of them knew that Yang Feng wanted to acquire companies but thought he would start with the best.

But they didn’t expect Yang Feng to come with a large bag and bought four or five companies directly.

With that done, what were even the top three film companies compared to it?

Other party one company was already worth 3.5 billion USD and would be worth 10 billion if they added everything together.

Moreover, Yang Feng was a master of capital speculation as his 10 billion USD assets could turn to 20 billion USD.

At present, the most valuable film company was Weibao Film with only 10 billion USD and despite the ups and down, it never exceeded 11 billion.

If they added Daqi Entertainment, who ranked second in the industry, they would be only 20 billion in total.

Such a big whale just encrusting into the entertainment industry like that made those top 3 film companies as well as those second-tier companies felt like crying.

They had tried to isolate those web tycoons before from entering the entertainment industry and their most successful was Shanhai Streaming.

Shining Technology started as a video streaming website and was inextricably linked with the entertainment industry but they couldn’t go further.

Only Shanhai Streaming slowly developed their own status when they started to make their own TV series and movie. 

But Yang Feng was different as he discussed it with no one and was close to no one but just used his big check to buy it with no care how people reacted, he would get into the industry and make money!

This was a pain!

Everyone was nervous but there was nothing they could do about it.

In terms of influence, power and connection at the top, all of them combined couldn’t compete against Habao Technology and Yang Feng.

Moreover, the supervisory committee there agreed to the backdoor listing and there was no way to stop it.

Besides tomorrow was Friday followed by Saturday and Sunday when it was closed. It was done in a simple and direct way and they were not happy?

That was how time passed until Monday.

At the opening of the market at 9:30 am, the people turned their attention to Cloud Media that had indeed changed their name to Habao Entertainment.

Habao Entertainment also announced their changes.

Then everyone took a cold breath when they saw the announcement made by Habao Entertainment.

What the fuck!?

Yang Feng made a bigger move than anyone thought!

Habao Technology owned 100% shares of Yunxing Entertainment, 100% shares in Xincheng Film, 100% shares in Aowei Culture, 100% shares in Youzi, 100% shares in Fengrui Media and 60% shares in Totem Records. They were all merged into Cloud Media.

The six companies were injected in Cloud Media at the same time and the equity of Cloud Media had undergone a big change.

As the result, 20% shares originally held by the others were diluted to 0.589%.

The original share capital had also been expanded to 10 billion shares with a value of 6.8 RMB per share.

This was only the opening price.

Habao Entertainment 30% of its own shares and used it as tradable shares.

A large amount of shares was released into the market at the same time.

So how did the market react?

Eight brokerage and 77 investment funds announced their purchase of Habao Entertainment’s shares.

Big money was spent to sweep up the shares, which also lit up the enthusiasm of the common people.

Ordinary investors had a lot of admiration for Yang Feng.

Before Habao Technology was listed in the US, there was no opportunity to invest in him.

It was rare that Yang Feng’s subsidiary was listed in China and if they didn’t rush to buy and make money, should they buy those junk stocks that never moved?

The stock price increased to 8 yuan at 9:35am.

By the time the market closed, the share price of Habao Entertainment increased to 10 yuan.

What did that mean?

It meant that about 70% of Habao Entertainment held by Habao Technology was worth 105 billion yuan, which was 37 billion higher than the 68 billion yuan they used to acquire those companies.

This didn’t even count the 30% shares they sold at the price of 6.8 yuan per share, 20.4 billion Yuan had already been recovered.

Yang Feng made 57.4 billion on the first day, was he nutty or not?

It was equivalent to Yang Feng spending almost no money and getting an entertainment company with the highest market value.

This kind of capital operation was simply stunning and worth to be admired.

The people in the industry were even more stunned.

They only thought of one thing now.

The wolf is here!

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