I Know Everything Chapter 424

Chapter 424: Successful debut… wait a second!

Chen Huan didn’t care how the traditional variety shows’ thought.

He only knew that the princess favored him.

Nothing happened after the success of the first episode of ‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’.

As the stats of 20 million average live viewers for the second episode came out, Chen Huan’s bank account increased by another 100 million Yuan.


It could be said that he was getting familiar with 100 million.

How many times had he received 100 million?

Of course, it wasn’t a surprise he received money.

When Chen Huan gave out the idea of ‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’, Cui Zhong took it back without giving a contract.

The princess already had that in mind.

She acted the same as previously with ‘Meteor Girls Band Selection’, waiting to see the result before giving out the bonus.

The bonus would be as big as the success.

And 100 million was given after the results of the second episode came out.

Chen Huan didn’t know if the factor of ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ influenced the princess in giving more.

Anyway, if the number of live viewers exceeded 30 million, it would be like 5% rating in TV so the number wasn’t out of proportion.

Chen Huan didn’t need to think too much about it since the money entered his pocket.

Seeing that the negotiation about Yongxing Supermarkets was in advanced stages and that the closure of their 32 stores were already on agenda, it would be a bit ridiculous for Chen Huan if he didn’t prepare any money for it.

The smooth debut of ‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’ further increased the popularity of Meteor Girls, which also gave a suitable opportunity to the starving Lightning Boys.

The next day after the second episode of the show, Lightning Boys made their debut.

They even made their debut like Meteor Girls as it was also at the West Lake.

Although Lightning Boys suffered many setbacks and their two most popular members Jin Wei and Zhang Chen were kicked, the remaining members were still very popular.

12 boys and each with their own personality could satisfy a lot of those little girls’ tastes.

They especially had to push their renown now so the 12 boys each went back to their hometown to perform separately before gathering together to promote themselves in the four big cities.

They did that for a month.

And in addition of Shining Technology’s cost effective way of putting posters and having them go on variety shows, Lightning Boys amassed 100 million fans.

Even if everyone could see that many fans among them were just fakes but there were at least 20 or 30 million real fans.

Thousands of people came to watch and celebrate their debut.

Shining Technology also spent a lot of money for such a big event.

Lightning Boys had prepared their songs well.

The Jin Brothers’ ‘Youth Rhapsody’, Cheng Lu’s ‘In Love’ and Wu Xinyan’s ‘Silly Woman’, those three songs with concise lyrics and beautiful tunes, in addition to their sexy dances, made all those fans below screams.

Seeing such a lively scene, Wang Juan, who was in charge of their debut, stood on the side as tears flowed.

She was the main plotter when Gan Liangchen retaliated against Chen Huan and attacked Meteor Girls.

With her years of experiences, the best way to suppress Meteor Girls was to link a scandal with Lu Xiaofeng and it would definitely hit three birds with one stone.

It would suppress Lightning Boys’ competitor Meteor Girls.

And also make Lu Xiaofeng lose reputation since he refused to give face to Gan Liangchen.

Lightning would also receive great attention and popularity without much effort in the end.

The plan went smoothly in the beginning as Lu Xiaofeng and Meteor Girls were put in embarrassment while Lightning gained sympathy from everyone.

At that moment, Lu Xiaofeng said he had to prove his innocence and wanted a confrontation but Wang Juan felt that Lu Xiaofeng was too naïve and a fool.

But it turned out that Wang Juan was the fool and naïve one.

Shining Technology lost face in the joint live broadcast of Youyi and Shining Technology.

Jin Wei, his friend Zhang Chen and Wang Juan all got played by Lu Xiaofeng.

She didn’t know how he did it but there must have been something fishy or even a spell had been cast to make them tell the truth without them noticing anything wrong.

But there was no point in saying this after the fact.

They spoke in such a concise and detailed way in front of hundreds of millions of people that even idiots would know it was true, that they slandered Lu Xiaofeng and tried to use Meteor Girls.

It wasn’t as if they were forced to tell lies at gunpoint, right?

After the live, even if Jin Wei and Zhang Chen got immediately kicked, Wang Juan felt everything felt apart and almost went to become a nun.

After such a big screw up, how could she still keep her job?

But she didn’t expect that President Gan would meet her a few days later.

After what happened, Gan Liangchen not only didn’t scold her but instead kept her and encouraged her to continue with Lightning Boys, and to contend against Meteor Girls after the boy band’s debut.

Her boss’ support was like the warm sun on a rainy day as from that point, Wang Juan gave 24 hours every day to Lightning Boys.

Then the selection, promotion in various places, having the team gather up to make a good impression, debut plans, song selection… she gave her painstaking effort for everything.

All those negative reputation gradually faded away after a month of hard work and the smooth debut of Lightning Boys was a proof of it.

To celebrate the debut of the band, Lightning Boys first album ‘Youth Rhapsody’ had been released on the three major music websites and were also on the shelves of the record shops.

Wang Juan had every reason to believe that Lightning Boys would be a good start.

Lu Xiaofeng…

Just wait for it!

I’ll spend my life going against you, I will become a nemesis you can’t get rid of!

A smile appeared on Wang Juan’s face as she thought about how Lu Xiaofeng would be constantly scratching his head because of her in the future.

Then an assistant rushed over to her suddenly.

“Director, not good!” The assistant raised his voice due to loud noises around.

Wang Juan was taken aback and said with a frown, “What are you talking about? Be clear!”

“They…” The assistant had a bitter expression, “Lu Xiaofeng made another move! He picked up one of our discarded singers and made a song for him! It was also released today, he totally wants to undermine us!”


Wang Juan vision turned black as her anger rose up.

“Lu- Xiao- Feng!!!!”

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