I Know Everything Chapter 417

Chapter 417: We lost?

In a blink of an eye, it was the last month of 2015.

It was almost winter.

The sun wouldn’t be seen often during winter in Lin’an and the weather would be cloudy and rainy most of time.

Entering December, Comeback’s first album ‘Comeback’ was released in music platform and in discs after ten days promotional period.

Unlike the previous albums Chen Huan participated on, the sales volumes of ‘Comeback’ on the three major music platforms weren’t as impressive as people thought it would.

After 24 hours, ‘Comeback’ only sold 400k copies, which surprised many people.

After all, Zhao Changshou’s ‘Life’s Only Love’ sold 100k copies in an hour!

1.2 million copies were sold in a day!

They all had five songs composed by Chen Huan and also won the talent show. It was also popular for an entire fall and there was also the super popular Shui Qianyu in it but it only sold one third of Zhao Changshou’s number?

Many people couldn’t understand it and accept it.

Many others were gloating.

“Finally someone slapped them with facts. You always brag about how great Lu Xiaofeng is. Now the fans voted with money, it shouldn’t be wrong, right?” Weibo celebrity, Trash Can.

“I don’t hate Lu Xiaofeng’s songs but I didn’t go buy ‘Comeback’ this time because I think those songs sound very sad. They were great songs to listen to on spot but there’s no need to go buy them.” Weibo celebrity, Truth on Top.

There was also a group of people who either didn’t like Lu Xiaofeng or were bought by the water army.

“Look at that! They can’t even match against an old man, what Comeback? Just retire already!”

“I don’t think it’s bad but I don’t think there’s any need to buy it either. I still prefer Meteor Girls, Teacher Lu writes more songs for them!”

“I also think it’s strange, if it was really good, why don’t more people buy it? Look at Grandpa Zhao Changshou, look at Han Dong’er, aren’t their albums selling well? Is this really because the songs aren’t suitable for fans to listen to?”

“The album is a bit expensive at 5 yuan, right? If it was at 1 yuan, I’ll buy two.”

“Facts have proven that Teacher Lu isn’t omnipotent, maybe is this the beginning of his fall from the top?”

“He should have already scrammed! 3 million for a song, isn’t raising the prices? How much did those old artists earn? Isn’t their song better?”


No one fought back against that narrative because even a hardcore fan like I Like Mantis Shrimp couldn’t do against this face slapping power of data.

Many people comforted Chen Huan, including Comeback whose sales weren’t satisfactory.

Lei Daxuan, who was still in Lin’an after the recording, came with Zhang Kun and Li Xinyi.

Chen Huan ate noodles with them but it was in silence.

“What gotten you guys?” Chen Huan felt amused, “The sales surpassed Su Mo and Tang Yuan, shouldn’t you guys be happy?”

“Little Huan…”

Lei Daxuan’s eyes were a bit red as he stood up and bowed, “Uncle Lei let you down, let everyone down…”

“What are you doing?” Shui Qingshan immediately went to stop him, “It’s not your fault!”

Everyone knew why Lei Daxuan did this.

First, he thought that he wasted everyone’s time.

If it wasn’t for Lei Daxuan insisting on recording or being embarrassed on taking the money, the recording of the album was delayed from October to November so it could be available in December.

If it was released a month earlier, the sales would definitely be much higher if it was according to the popularity shown from ‘Godly Singer’ show.

Second, Lei Daxuan participated in the recording but he wasn’t in his top form so it was only thanks to Shui Qianyu coming on to check so he didn’t make any mistake on the guitar.

But this proved that the songs wouldn’t change even if it wasn’t him who was recording.

For this reason he felt deeply embarrassed that the sales were so unsatisfying.

Lei Daxuan, Lei Daxuan, you idiot! If you knew, why would you insist!?

At that time, wouldn’t it be fine if I just said I didn’t want a penny!? Or a bit more shameless and say just give me a little, wouldn’t it all better than now!?

But great now, Little Huan’s reputation has been damaged and everyone says he can’t do it anymore and scolds him!

After recovering from his injuries, Lei Daxuan became more sensible.

The nearby Zhang Kun seeing this, spoke up for Chen Huan, “Daxuan, don’t think like that. Didn’t Little Huan say it, you already sold 400k copies in a day, which is better than the Emperor Su Mo, what more do you want?”

400k copies was 2 million Yuan and they would receive 1 million from that.

They would get 30 million if it continued to be sold for a month like that, which was more than the prize from Godly Singer.

But things didn’t work like that.

Everyone knew that no matter whose album it was, the sales volume on the first day would definitely be the highest and it would decrease as days went by.

It would rebound a few days at most for some singers but the general trend wouldn’t change.

Only 400k was sold on the first day so how much would they be able to sell after?

When all the hype dissipated, would they be able to earn 20 million in total?

Of course in the current trend, any singer that could sell 8 million copies was definitely a top singer and it would be a worthy achievement in their career.

The result was still very good but could it match Teacher Lu’s status and skills?

Many thoughts flashed in Lei Daxuan’s mind but he still couldn’t let it go.

“Relax, it’s not complicated.” Chen Huan comforted him again, “Didn’t many people come to you guys for commercial performance recently? You guys can think about it. if large performance can arouse people’ enthusiasm toward the songs, then the sales would naturally increase.”

“Moreover, I will also have a share of your income from commercial performance! Uncle Xuan, if you’re feeling bad, just take care of yourself and make money for me!”

As Chen Huan said that, Li Xinyi also smiled in appreciation.

However, he usually had a solemn face so smiling like that was weird.

“Little Huan…”

Lei Daxuan wasn’t stupid and knew that Chen Huan was trying to comfort him.

He was about to say something but Shui Qianyu, who hadn’t spoken until now, suddenly her white and tender hand toward the middle of the table and showed everyone her phone.

“Hard copies sales data came out! 102,563 copies sold!”

Shui Qianyu softly said.

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