I Know Everything Chapter 416

Chapter 416: Suddenly turning to a bun.

“The people are that optimistic about this plan?” Chen Huan was a bit surprised by their eagerness.

They mentioned it yesterday and already came to ask today whether it was accepted or not.

These two were really anxious.

No, it was their families who were anxious.

Wasn’t the reason for that because they were optimistic about the plan and were afraid of missing it?

“Of course!” Xia Yanqiu squealed a bit but it was still soft, “You don’t know? It’s rumored that everyone that saw yours, even if they saw half of it, they all thought it was very feasible… otherwise why do all of those families want to take out hundreds of millions and join in?”

“They aren’t stupid. The real economy entered the cold age and isn’t a flourishing business so why would they take out so much money?” Zhou Peipei was smart, “Our families have money but can they take out 100 or 200 million randomly? We have to think carefully before taking it out! It’s also a big ordeal for their cash flow!”

It was impossible for children from wealthy families to be as innocent as children from regular families.

They had been exposed to things that ordinary children couldn’t even imagine since they were young so their thinking and insight far surpassed the regular people.

So Zhou Peipei and Xia Yanqiu may be 15 years old but they were more sensible than 18 years old regular kids.

“So you think you can join in?” Chen Huan asked while tilting his head.

“It’s not us, it’s our family.” Xia Yanqiu said, “We have a relationship so we have favorable treatment and even if the other can’t get into it, can’t we still catch the last train?”

Chen Huan laughed, “What relationship are you talking about?”

“Classmates.” Zhou Peipei said in indignation, “Classmates are one of four life’s iron chains!”

Chen Huan didn’t argue with the two girls.

From them, he learned that the development potential of Yongxing Supermarkets was better than he expected.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many people that wanted to join.

Of course, they weren’t some big tycoons.

For example, the two girls’ families had a networth of 2 to 3 billion Yuan.

It was the average level of the wealthy in Virtuous Middle School.

It was the same whether it was Long Yuqing, Di Xiaoling or Tang Manman’s families.

Those levels of wealthy families were actually worried.

Was their wealth enough to last for several generations?

It was sufficient normally.

However, if they had a generation up to par, they would easily squander that 2 or 3 billion Yuan.

Moreover in business, 2 or 3 billion Yuan wasn’t much of a safety net when they had an unlucky spell.

Only a family like the Zhang Family could ensure their next generations even if Yongxing Supermarkets went bankrupt since they could collect rent with the five buildings they owned.

So those families were looking for opportunities to invest everywhere.

They were willing to invest in net companies but they were the older generation of businessmen so valued the real economy more.

The problem was the real economy wasn’t easy to do business, very hard even.

The Zhang family’s Yongxing Supermarkets was the proof of it.

But amid the slow trend, Yongxing Supermarkets actually got a new and great business model that had great development potential so it greatly attracted them to it.

The real economy definitely wouldn’t crash.

With the development of online commerce and real economy in winter time, it could still be done so no one could deny that point.

If the new Yongxing Supermarkets could do well and even become better, how couldn’t they make money when it related to people’s foods, clothing, housing appliances etc…?

The supermarket industry had made a lot of money in the past 30 years.

With that mindset, it was normal for the two girls’ families to seek Chen Huan when they couldn’t get in.

After all, Chen Huan mingling with all the School Flowers of the school had already spread through the entire Virtuous Middle School.

It had been 3 months since the school started and these two girls would also often seek Chen Huan to show their admiration.

If it weren’t for them just entering the school and not being familiar with him, they would also fight for the pleasure to have Chen Huan ride with them and not let the other six sisters exclusively enjoy that.

Now that the relationship was established, they naturally had the courage to mention it.

They wouldn’t lose anything over it anyway~~~

The current model of Yongxing Supermarkets changed from a family business to a joint-stock company.

After the collapse of the supermarkets, Zhang Duocai realized the lack of a family business.

Now, they would use the other people’s capital and also share the risks as well.

The other shareholders could also help if they had a problem so it wouldn’t overwhelm their family.

But Zhang Duocai didn’t expect that so many people would be so eager to join.

The six wealthy families in Virtuous Middle School… eh, it became eight, they already provided him 1 billion in capital and that was already enough for him.

If they added also the uncertain amount that Chen Huan would invest, it would be around 2 billion in capital injected in and in Zhang Duocai’s opinion, it was a good proportion.

It would affect Zhang’s control if more were injected.

It sounded funny.

At the beginning, Zhang Duocai was worried he wouldn’t have enough funds for the change of Yongxing Supermarkets but now he was worried other people would inject too much money and threaten his position.

Moreover, Yongxing Supermarkets was the work of two generations from the Zhang Family so he obviously didn’t want it to end others’ hands.

Chen Huan knew how Zhang Duocai thought.

After the two girls left, he thought for a while before deciding to let them in.

Since Chen Huan enrolled into the school, the School Flowers always had his back and stood at the same front with Chen Huan so he wanted to keep that tradition.

Beside, they were all from Lin’an and were all local tycoons. Moreover, Xie Yanqiu’s family was in the aquaculture business, which was very reliable.

It was just they came in a bit late.

Chen Huan thought about having the six School Flowers he was most familiar with join in since they would trust him more.

He only met the two new girls for 2 months so why would their families fork out one or two hundred millions Yuan for him?

Even if the girls liked him a lot, there was no reason for their families to throw out so much money.

So with the current situation where funds weren’t lacking, Chen Huan could only help them buy 100 million Yuan shares at most.

Originally, Zhang Duocai’s bottom line for Chen Huan was 2 billion!

However, he felt some heartache now.

This was how the human mind worked.

His confidence naturally rose when so many people sought to buy in. 

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