I Know Everything Chapter 415

Chapter 415: Two little girls.

“Your xx account had been credited with 100 million Yuan…”

Chen Huan felt much more at ease when he received that message.

Zhu Mei called just a moment ago to tell him where that money came from.

The worldwide box office for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ in 4 weeks was 3.2 billion Yuan, excluding the 300 million yuan production cost and other expenses, the total profit was 660 million Yuan.

Originally, Chen Huan income share was 10% of the profit share but the princess promised him a big red packet if the box office exceeded 1 billion Yuan.

But now the box office exceeded 3 billion so the red packet also got bigger.

So the princess gathered all in one big packet, which was 100 million.

The money was first transferred to Zhu Mei before being transferred to Chen Huan.

Zhu Mei who also enjoyed a 10% share also got 100 million.

However, Zhu Mei’s 100 million needed to be shared with her crew.

In addition to Chen Huan and Zhu Mei, Guo Hang, Yang Shu and the other actors also received big red packets, including those heavenly kings from Korea and Japan.

The production cost of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was 300 million Yuan, it was obviously spent for the best shooting.

All the decorations were made of real places and the prison was a thing that cost a lot of money.

In fact, this wasn’t the biggest part where ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ spent their money.

Not mentioning the money spent for lobbying in the Golden Globe and Oscars, more than 70 million USD had been spent for publicity expenses.

The overall publicity budget given by the princess was 100 million USD.

If that money was added and with the generous reward given to the film crew, maybe they would have a small loss if the box office wasn’t enough.

But there was nothing to worry.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ would still produce the DVDs, sell TV rights, etc… and on a global scale, it would be a very lucrative profit.

They would definitely earn at least 200-300 million USD in the long run.

Shanhai Streaming would get a big return.

The princess obviously didn’t care about incurring a small loss or not.

The awards won by ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ and the high praise of it made them know about Shanhai Streaming and that was enough.

Moreover, the valuation of Shanhai Streaming had increased slightly in the past month, it rose by 3 billion USD, which was almost 5%.

This increase in valuation was much easier than compared to hard work they had to do for a movie.

The princess nonchalant had obviously nothing to do with the increase in valuation. She was a born generous person, born how to make a company and born with how to value talent.

But she certainly didn’t know that the money she gave was like saving Chen Huan’s life.

Zhang family’s Yongxing Supermarket entered the next phase.

Chen Huan’s plan of a new type of supermarket impressed everyone.

The initial plan was that six wealthy parties would each invest 100 million or more.

It would be a bit ridiculous if he said he didn’t have any money to invest when it was time to fork out the money.

It would make the investors uneasy and affect the next step.

Unexpectedly, Li Miao and Di Xiaoling also got news of it.

They called back and asked Chen Huan if it was because they went to college so he ignored them and excluded them from the plan.

Chen Huan was speechless.

He couldn’t say that they were already birds that left their nests to see the broader world and that they would stop contacting him like the previous School Flowers, right?

If he came to them with a hundreds of million project, wouldn’t it be awkward if they thought he only sought them for investment?

But the young man wasn’t a steelman so after apologizing and promising his love for the two girls as well as promising them to accompany them to eat during the holiday, their anger was finally appeased.

Then they also told that their families were also interested in Yongxing Supermarkets restructuration and hoped to join in.

Chen Huan readily agreed.

After all, Li Miao and Du Xiaoling’s families were local tycoons and had a very solid network and Yongxing Supermarkets would have more of a chance to succeed.

After agreeing to Li Miao and Du Xiaoling’s demands, Chen Huan welcomed two guests in his office during lunch break.

Teacher Chen had now a spacious office, which Zhu Xiaoxi gave him so he could rest and prepare his lesson.

Zhu Xiaoxi also ordered the students to not disturb Chen Huan otherwise he wouldn’t be able to take a good rest with so many lessons in a week.

Even a man made of steel would be exhausted if he had to deal with the students’ questions every time he took a break.

This was the first time someone came to his office.

It was two charming little girls.

One was called Zhou Peipei, she had a bright face and slightly thick lips, which made her look special.

The other was called Xie Yanqiu, she had an oval and pointed face, was very thin, but not the skeletal thin, she gave the impression of an ancient style beauty.

They were the two new School Flowers in the school.

Virtuous Middle School was a very popular choice for high school compared to last year.

They relied on Chen Huan and became the most popular high school in Lin’an over the last year and even the top 3 high schools of the city could only admit their loss to them.

Coupled with Zhu Xiaoxi’s effort in recruiting new good teachers so their current first year roster was quite good.

This bought more competition to get into the school, which was even more intense than those first-class prestigious schools.

Zhou Peipei and Xie Yanqiu are naturally proud of being able to stand out among so many students and become the School Flowers among the first years.

“Chen Huan!” Zhou Peipei’s voice was a bit deep but it was a very comfortable sound, “What do you think of the matter we talked to you yesterday?”

When the two girls finished school, they waited at the entrance to send Chen Huan back to home.

They talked about Yongxing Supermarkets while in the car.

It turned out that their families also wanted to join Yongxing Supermarkets’ restructure plan.

However, the Zhang family had already negotiated smoothly and there was too much funding coming in so they had rejected the request of other people to buy in.

It was the same for Li Miao and Di Xiaoling and they were only able to join because Chen Huan put in a word.

If it wasn’t for Chen Huan, Zhang Duocai would have been scared away by this swarm of people and not even take phone calls.

Afraid that the moment he took it, he would let another hundreds of million Yuan funds flood in.

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