I Know Everything Chapter 414

Chapter 414: Both had defected?

Shanhai Streaming’s headquarter in Huajin.

Zheng Rongrong, who had obtained 12% of her father’s shares, now held 45% of the company and was the well-deserved biggest shareholder of the company.

She even have more control of the company now compared to when she had 33% shares.

Actually, if it weren’t for Zheng family’s kids who clamored Zheng Qian to divide the wealth, Zheng Rongrong wouldn’t have to buy the 12% and her position would still be as steady as Mount Tai.

The shareholders and subordinates wouldn’t listen to the boss just because she had more shares.

Many entrepreneurs had many shares but didn’t they get betrayed by their families in the end and got a bleak ending?

Zhen Qian and Yang Feng had no more than 20% shares in their hands but didn’t their shareholders all trust them?

In one way, it was personality and charisma.

When a company was made by that person and led to greatness by that same person, the high and middle level employee would be more confident and listen to that person.

The other way was controlling the company with great ability.

Zheng Rongrong represented great ability.

She developed Shanhai Streaming with a capital of a few hundred millions to the 60 billion USD valuation, it was like a miracle.

So she had supreme authority in Shanhai Streaming and even her young brothers and sisters that wanted to bribe and threaten the middle and high level staff of the company couldn’t do anything.

As long as they had worked and saw the princess, they would think that her siblings were just a bunch of trash.

A group of trash wanted to lead a rebellion?

Even if the princess fell to the bottom, she would still have the ability to get back up and soar but they wanted them to become their spy, were they even qualified?

Even some people who got caught by mistake would rather confess to that and be demoted than bought.

Standing next to the silent Zheng Rongrong, Vice-president Teng Dingyuan and Cui Zhong, who had also been promoted to vice-president, felt pressured.

“Why didn’t Teacher Chu go to us this time?” After a while, Zheng Rongrong coldly asked them, “The last time it was because Teacher Lu asked a favor but this time they clearly don’t have a reason and yet they are not working with us. They would rather start from scratch than work with Shanhai Streaming. What do you guys think went wrong?”

Cui Zhong gave a hollow laugh as he said, “I asked Teacher Lu but he didn’t answer it and just said Teacher Chu has his own plans.”

“Did someone promise him something?” Zheng Rongrong asked with a frown.

“I don’t know but it shouldn’t be the case, right?” Teng Dingyuan analyzed from a rational point of view, “Which film company is bigger than us? More generous than you? Is it more pleasant to work than you?”

“Yang Feng…”

Cui Zhong subconsciously said a name.

The atmosphere in the room instantly turned heavy.

It turned cold.

Teng Dingyuan suddenly recalled something.

Yang Feng’s daughter was playing the second female role in ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ and it was rumored that Yang Feng gave them a lot of benefit.

Now the crew of ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ went to Fengtian’s Shengjing Palace where the film would be shot and all the things were arranged and paid for by Yang Feng.

If it was Yang Feng…

Shanhai Streaming was a huge company but it was definitely smaller compared to Habao Technology, which had a market value of 300 billion USD.

“Yang Feng has been to multiple entertainment companies recently and it seems something big is going to happen. For example, Yunxing Entertainment, Xincheng Film, Fengrui Media, etc…” Teng Dingyuan said with a deep voice, “So it wouldn’t be unusual for him to seek to recruit Teacher Chu.”

“But that shouldn’t be the case!” Cui Zhong shook his head, “Jinsuo and Ertai are two important supporting roles but Teacher Chu gave it to Shanhai Streaming. Would he do that if he didn’t want to cooperate with us in the future?”

“Who can guarantee that he wasn’t just leaving a way out for himself?” Teng Dingyuan said in suspicion.

While the two were arguing, Zheng Rongrong was in her thoughts.

According to the fact, she didn’t do anything that would displease Chu Liuxiang so he normally should have worked with her.

Zheng Rongrong didn’t want to brag but even Yang Feng wasn’t as generous as her.

But why did Chu Liuxiang take her like a passerby?

No, it wasn’t just him!

Zheng Rongrong suddenly thought of another person.

She turned around and asked Cui Zhong, “What about Lu Xiaofeng?”

“Huh?” Cui Zhong was confused.

“Why didn’t Lu Xiaofeng try to convince Chu Liuxiang to work with us even though he was clearly participating?” Zheng Rongrong said with a frown, “We treated Lu Xiaofeng really generously! Yang Feng can buy Chu Liuxiang with a lot of money but he shouldn’t have any plan about Lu Xiaofeng too, right?”

The two people who were arguing were stunned again when they heard that.

The princess treated Lu Xiaofeng very well and was even closer to him than Chu Liuxiang.

He was even awarded with 100 million recently and many people were jealous of that.

It would really be unreasonable if Lu Xiaofeng betrayed the princess and showed a horrible character!

But did Lu Xiaofeng have a horrible character?


He donated the hundreds of millions from ‘Life’s Only Love’ and it was when he didn’t have much money.

A person like that, it was hard to affirm he could be bought by money.

“Their new company is called Fengxiang Film, isn’t it the last word of the name of Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang?” Teng Dingyuan said, “I think there’s another possibility… is this because they wanted to have a duel with Calf TV and let out their fury? If they used Shanhai Streaming’s strength, people will say it was unfair.”

Then Cui Zhong followed, “It’s also normal to set up a company temporarily for a TV series or Film since it would be easier to operate.”

Zheng Rongrong’s eyes gleamed.

It did make sense now that they mentioned it.

After all from what she knew, she would never believe Chu Liuxiang or Lu Xiaofeng were both treacherous people.

There was still a possibility for one of them to be.

But it was impossible for both of them to be.

Her eyes weren’t that blinded yet.

“Then let’s put it aside for now. We’ll talk about it again when they release their TV series after the Spring Festival.” Zheng Rongrong put the matter aside, “Let’s just wait and see!”


The other two agree in unison.

“Moreover, the statistic for the ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ fourth week at the box office is out now and you can get the finance department to send out the dividend!” Zheng Rongrong ordered.


Teng Dingyuan responded.

The princess’s generosity was always worthy of praise.

Early distribution of the dividend would make Chu Liuxiang and Zhu Mei happy, and they would feel grateful to the princess in return!

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