I Know Everything Chapter 412

Chapter 412: All out scolding.

What did Lai Haijin say?

When accepting an interview from xx TV, he said in front of everyone, “Why did Yiyi withdraw from ‘Love Through Different Times’? Do you think she did voluntarily? Of course not! It was Calf TV being shameless and having no morals! We would have been played like a bunch of monkeys if we stayed!”

This was still considered polite.

Next, Lai Haijin spoke more bluntly when accepting an interview with Beidou Net, a subsidiary of Beidou Holdings, the second largest portal website.

“Wen Fan isn’t a human! He’s virtuous on the inside but he’s a piece of shit inside! That Gu Yingjing, didn’t she shamelessly throw herself up to him? Let him play for a few years and how could she let him go if he didn’t pay her back?”

“’Love Through Different Times’ was made due to Teacher Lu wanting to help Bu Yiyi and commissioning it from Teacher Chu. Since it was Yiyi who got it, it was decided that the main role would be given to Yiyi. Shouldn’t they give it to Yiyi since she got them on the TV series?”

“But then they took away the lead role and gave Yiyi the second main role, telling it that the two roles were similar. Isn’t that shameless? Someone with Yiyi’s status, is it possible for her to play a supporting role without being made aware?”

“Isn’t it clear that they wanted to step on Bu Yiyi so that woman could rise up?”

“So we refused! Not going let them have that satisfaction! We don’t need that 10 million, they can give it to anyone they like!”

“Of course, both Teacher Lu and Teacher Chu are angry over this. Calf TV did this without informing them, Calf TV is absolutely shameless!”

Then another entertainment tabloid received an even more ‘shameless’ and blunt answer.

“Is Calf TV impressif? Maybe? That’s because they never met Teacher Chu Liuxiang! Look, have they achieved anything in the film industry in the past few years? Teacher Chu’s ‘Love Letter’ hangs over all their movies, let alone ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.”

“They’re all trash compared to Teacher Chu! They may have looked good in the TV series industry before and seem to be grand but now that Teacher Chu entered the field, they can only go to the hole!”

“It’s also because they are holding onto a script made by Teacher Chu otherwise I would have announced that they would be done from today onward! And could only be beaten by ‘Princess Returning Pearl’!”

“In fact, I should also thank Calf TV. If it hadn’t been for them making a mess, Teacher Chu wouldn’t have taken out this treasure from the box! ‘Love Through Different Times’ sold for 30 million but ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ is worth at least 50 million!”

“There is also Teacher Chu, who is the middle man, and Calf TV also slapped his face so he’s furious and agreed to write two certainly great songs for ‘Princess Returning Pearl’. So all fans of Teacher Lu should come and watch ‘Princess Returning Pearl’!”


After reading Lai Haijin’s interview on his touchpad, Wen Fan then just threw the pad away.

“This fucking shameless bastard! He really knows how to smear people! He really knows how to advertise himself!”

Those three sentences pointed out Lai Haijin’s sinister intention.

Calf TV’s propaganda previously against Bu Yiyi, Chu Liuxiang and so on was restrained in comparison and was mostly low-key while Lai Haijin burned all bridges.

It was an attitude toward a mortal nemesis.

He scolded Calf TV all over the places and smeared them with all sorts of things.

With that said, Calf TV completely offended Bu Yiyi’s 50 million fans, 60 million Happy Fans and 90 million Chu’s soldiers. 

(Chu’s soldiers are what Chu Liuxiang’s fandom called)

It was also at the moment where ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was still popular and touched everyone’s heart.

So numerous Chu Liuxiang fans immediately went to scold Calf TV for being inhuman.

The three interviews by Lai Haijin were released less than an hour ago and there were already millions of comments on the internet and Weibo about it.

Most of them were scolding and mocking Calf TV.

Especially Wen Fan, all of his previous news where he couldn’t keep it to his pants were dug out one by one and letting people know how much of a player he was.

This also became trending news.

Even though Wen Fan was capable and had outstanding work under his belt, it was all eclipsed away in this big scandal.

Compared to Lu Xiaofeng’s noble charity and Chu Liuxiang’s empathy, Wen Fan’s was just a pile of dog shit!

A pile of dog shit that nobody cared about.

Some stars and directors who worked with Calf TV before all shut their mouth, in fear of being affected.

Gu Yingjing was still posting on her Weibo about how happy she was to become the main protagonist in Chu Liuxiang’s script not long ago.

Some fans who still didn’t know the truth congratulated her.

But now, there were more than 3 million people scolding her and her 13 most recent posts had more than 1 million comments with people scolding her to the ground.

Wen Fan got even more furious after seeing that.


He still wanted to save some face and didn’t go all out but in the end got hit first by them, what the hell!?

He immediately got a reporter he was familiar with.

“For ‘Love Through Different Times’, our cooperation with Teacher Chu was very pleasant, 30 million for the script is already a sky-high price, I believe this also expressed our sincerity.”

“The change in the main lead was made after much consideration and Teacher Chu also didn’t express anything about it. It’s just Lai Haijin wasn’t satisfied with that so he took this opportunity to make trouble and told Bu Yiyi to withdraw from the cast.”

“How tolerant are we? You can ask Bu Yiyi yourself. According to the contract signed, if she withdraws, she would have to compensate us but did Calf TV ask her for any compensation? Isn’t that enough to show how tolerant and lenient we are?”

“As for me and Miss Gu, there is nothing to hide and we have been dating for more than 2 years and about to be a family. Why does Lai Haijin’s mouth have to be so toxic? Did he go out without brushing his teeth?”

Wen Fan wasn’t the only one to speak out as people under him also spoke out.

It also included Qi Shoujian who also spoke for him, “I already knew the slander and smear Little Fan received recently. It’s definitely slandering him and we reserve the right to be held accountable! Calf TV has always abided by the laws and our reputation has always been great and Little Fan had never done anything beyond the boundary! Please believe in him and don’t follow the rumors mindlessly!”

Zha Houxin, the golden producer under Calf TV also told the reporters, “Teacher Chu is a person that I admire a lot but when it comes to making TV series, Calf TV has no fear no one! Lai Haijin is exaggerating, and is purely discrediting Teacher Chu Liuxiang!”

“Anyway, won’t the audience judge whether it’s bad or good in the end? Is there a need for him to give his talk?” Said by the golden director Wei Minggong.

There were some big bloggers on Weibo that received money from Calf TV and followed it up after that.

“Please, even Yang Kaixin joined ‘Princess Returning Pearl’, do you think there’s any hope of this TV series?”

“It’s not certain, Rich Yang is there, maybe a miracle will happen?”

“Lai Haijin is really going too far this time, he even gave the second lead role to Yang Kaixin for money, I really wonder why Teacher Chu and Teacher Lu didn’t kick him away?”

“Anyway for this time, I think ‘Love Through Different Times’ will be better!”

“Right, Calf TV is a giant that deserves his reputation in the TV series industry and couldn’t lose to some random company.”

“Don’t you guys know? The director shooting is Xin Changkong! He’s a bastard!”

“Ah? It’s him! Motherfucker! I hate men like him the most, I’ll boycott ‘Princess Returning Pearl’!”

“Teacher Chu, are you blind? Don’t you know who Xin Changkong is? You will lose us, for real!”


Lai Haijin naturally wouldn’t fold.

The water army under him also was deployed.

“Don’t try shifting the point here! Our 9 billion Chu’s Soldiers take this matter very seriously! It must be the shameless Calf TV who completely bypassed the will of Teacher Chu, alright?”

“Exactly! If they didn’t do as they wanted, how could Teacher Chu give out a second script so quickly? Teacher Chu must be furious!”

“I don’t believe in anything else than Teacher Chu’s quality of script! ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ will be my favorite movie of all time! I will continue to support you! I’ll get my friends to support you too!”

“Are these people looking for death? Sister Xiaofeng herself is a face-slap expert and they still dare to offend Sister Xiaofeng? Didn’t they see Shining Technology wave the white flag? Is Calf TV more powerful than Shining Technology?”

“The most pitiful is Yiyi, what did she do wrong? She finally got a great script but got the lead role robbed from her and also wanted to be used as a foil for others?”

“Exactly! It would be whatever if the female lead was Dong Shu, or Ning Yiqiu or Ye Xiaoyu would also do but why is it some stinky gold digger? Is she worthy to have Bu Yiyi support her? I’m not convinced!”

“Gu Yingjing isn’t any good and it’s the same for Wen Fan! Look at how many female celebrities he has ruined in the past years and he still has the cheeks to talk about true love? Ptuh!”


The people from both sides scolded merrily.

Under their guidance and under the exaggeration from both parties, more and more people came and participated.

Under that situation, the two TV series that didn’t even start filming yet but was already known throughout the country.

If they didn’t know about it, they would think the two parties colluded to make the hype.

Even if three or five hundred million were used for publicity, it may not bring this much attention and it would be unlikely that so many people would get involved in it.

But the industry knew that the both parties were for real.

It was just the appetizers now and the real show started when the two TV series would be released.

At that moment, the battlefield would truly become bloody!

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