I Know Everything Chapter 410

Chapter 410: The ferocious little princess.

Yang Kaixin took a flight to Lin’an that same night.

Returning to Lin’an were the appropriate words.

Just like Chen Huan, she was a Lin’an native.

She took Yang Feng’s private jet so it was obviously very fast.

She went straight to the small noodle shop and found the Shui family and Chen Huan who was eating at the backyard.

“Hello Teacher Lu, Uncle Shui, Aunty Xia, Little Sis Shui!”

Yang Kaixin was a tall beauty with presence.

Even if people said she was just a pretty vase, she was one of the prettiest.

Especially when she greeted them with a smile, it was very sweet.

That little princess didn’t just say hello as she carried eight bags with her.

She stuffed those bags into the hand of Chen Huan’s and co.

“It’s just a small gift from me, please accept it!”

That was what Yang Kaixin said.

Chen Huan was a little stunned by those exquisite bags.

The bags in the hands of the women had the Hermes Logo.

Chen Huan and Shui Qingshan got one Patek Phillips and Breguet each.

Holy shit!

So generous!

Chen Huan’s mind couldn’t help but think of something.

The other people just send money before saying anything but the little princess just sent out luxury goods without saying anything!

Seeing that each person received two bags, Chen Huan wouldn’t believe it if he was told that all of it was worth less than 500k Yuan.

Xia He was someone that could recognize their worth so she refused it, “Miss Yang, this is too expensive, we can’t accept it…”

“No, no, no, Aunty Xia, just take it!” Yang Kaixin stopped her, “I didn’t know what to buy so I can only buy something grander since I didn’t know your likes. If you don’t like it, I can go back and change it!”

This girl was a bit daring~~, Even Shui Qianyu could see that Yang Kaixin didn’t show any amount of pride.

The expression she gave was like she was just giving greeting gifts, was respectful and worried about whether they would like it or not.

Perhaps this was how super wealthy kids acted?

Yang Kaixin saw Xia He was hesitating so immediately gave Chen Huan a pitiful look and said, “Teacher Lu~~~ my dad already told me that Teacher Chu and you will be both my teachers so I came with gifts, it’ll be embarrassing if it was returned…”

“We are accepting it!”

Shui Qianyu quickly took the bags in her mother’s hands and said, “Miss Yang, please sit down!”

This woman wasn’t someone simple, she even dared to act coquettish at Chen Huan?

Didn’t she know that it was her home here!?

If I give you another chance, wouldn’t she pounce at it and act coquettish again!?

Shui Qianyu’s eyes shone with a fierce light.

But Yang Kangxin who was obviously pretending to be sweet and stupid would not let her inner thoughts.

She was very jolly instead as she said, “Thank you Little Sis Shui, you’re so pretty and cute…”

“Thank you!”

Shui Qianyu took the bags and squeezed out a smile, “We’ll let you guys talk and go back to the house first!”

If she didn’t leave now, she may just start striking this vixen right there.

She looked like a sweetheart but who knew if she was a bitch or not?

Shui Qingshan greeted back before also leaving.

In a blink of an eye, only Yang Kaixin and Chen Huan were in the backyard.

“Teacher Lu, sit down please!” Yang Kaixin was very happy as she sat down quickly, “Teacher Chu can’t come today?”

“He has matters to tend to and won’t be joining the filming crew.” Chen Huan had a light smile and sat next to her, “He’s an introvert and doesn’t like to socialize. He also didn’t go for ‘Love Letter’ and ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.”

“Oh it’s like that, I’ve got gifts for him in my car, I’ll have someone bring it here later, can you please pass it to him?” Yang Kaixin had a regretful expression.

It was Chen Huan who opened the door for her earlier.

This little princess came in a Rolls Royce and it was now parked in the street just right outside but it wasn’t the same model as her father’s, it was just only around 30 million Yuan.


Why did he say the arrogant words of ‘Just only’?

Don’t get arrogant, boy!

Withdrawing from those thoughts, Chen Huan took out a stack of papers beside him and said, “Miss Yang…”

“Teacher Lu, you can just call me Kaixin! My family calls me that.” Yang Kaixin interrupted Chen Huan like her father did, “You’ll be like my teacher while we are filming! Like an elder!”


Against this little princess, Chen Huan didn’t want to say the wrong words.

However, she was 21 years old and he was 17, wasn’t elder inappropriate?

But seeing Yang Kaixin’s happy and excited expression, he couldn’t bear to refute it.

Whatever, he won’t acknowledge it anyway!

“Kaixin.” Chen Huan didn’t want to dwell on the name, “This is your script, Teacher Chu wrote it in details for you. the most important thing right now is for you to study it and try to understand and become Ziwei as much as possible.”


Yang Kaixin gave a bright smile.

She was happy the moment she heard that Teacher Chu especially helped her out.

However, it was a pity that Teacher Chu wouldn’t personally come or she would have asked more questions.

But as Teacher Lu said, Teacher Chu didn’t come even for a superproduction like ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ and ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ was just a comedy series so it was impossible for him to appear.

Yang Kaixin’s smile was still there even when she went back.

Compared to many wealthy kids that could only be described as wastrels, Yang Kaixin was definitely the other category.

She didn’t have any bad disposition and was only a bit spoiled as she never suffered.

Yang Kaixin had often donated money to those in need since she was a teenager with the millions of pocket money she had.

All of that happened low-key as Yang Kaixin didn’t tell anyone and only her mother knew of it due to the transfer records on her phone.

In order to not let her parent’s find out, she used Habao Technology’s mortal rival, Beidou Holding’s charity, which completely dumbfounded Yang Feng.

When Yang Kaixin was growing up, her passion was acting and she wanted to become a star.

So the little princess took that path.

However, she knew that her achievement today was mostly due to her father.

She wouldn’t say that she would absolutely refuse all help from her father but she still wanted to prove herself in her mind.

It was all good now.

Her father found her a good role and it was even a work from her much loved Teacher Chu. It was the second main role that needed acting skills and her opponent was the Small Flower Dan Bu Yiyi!

Bu Yiyi was recognized as someone with great acting skills and if she could go up against her, maybe she would gain the people’s approval~~

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