I Know Everything Chapter 402

Chapter 402: Xiao Yanzi it is!

Thank goodness!

Good Lord, you’re indeed a system, and indeed a nice person.

After receiving what he wanted, Chen Huan instantly started to praise the system.

Then he started to think about the TV series he watched in his previous life.

In fact, Chen Huan already pondered about the TV series when he was choosing ‘Love Through Different Times’.

Some of them were saved for Bu Yiyi in the future but it seemed that he had to bring out the real shit now!

There were only a very few classic TV series in which the protagonist was a female and only that one was suitable whether it was from the perspective of ages, impact or competing against ‘Love Through Different Times’.

Without dawdling into it, Chen Huan started to immediately recall the TV series and write the script.

The next day when Bu Yiyi received the news, she went to Lin’an with Lai Haijin.

The sky was already dark when they came.

After quickly eating a bowl of plain noodles at the small noodle shop, Bu Yiyi urged Chen Huan as they went to the computer room.

That action made Shui Qianyu frown as her eyes showed displeasure.

Bu Yiyi wouldn’t make a mistake like that usually but she was very nervous and expectant this time so didn’t have the time to think about anything else.

However, Lai Haijin thanked Shui Qianyu for the delicious noodle before also going into the room.

Lai Haijin saw that the room was very clean and also had a small bed.

Bu Yiyi was sitting on the bed as she looked at a stack of papers with all of her attention.

He saw the big title ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ on the cover page.

That’s right.

Chen Huan clap back for Bu Yiyi was the peak of the Chinese TV series after ‘Ke Wang’.

The rating of ‘Ke Wang’ at that time was an appaling 98%.

But around the 1990s, the people practically had no entertainment other than TV series.

And everybody generally watched CCTV’s TV shows.

When ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ was released, computer games, variety shows etc… were all getting popular along with TV series so it greatly weakened the TV rating.

The most important point was that ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ wasn’t broadcasted by CCTV but by a local station Xiangnan TV!

Even like that, the average rating of the show was 55% while the highest was 68%!!!

Just think about it.

Nowadays, 5% in rating were extremely popular TV series and 10% would put them as classic!

So what was the concept of 68%?

It was crazy!

So that could illustrate the super classic of ‘Princess Returning Pearl’.

A group of classic characters was created and except Erkang who became a meme and Ertai who killed his own career, the rest all became big celebrities who were known even ten years later.

Especially for the heroine Xiao Yanzi.

For some time in the future, the actress for Jin Suo was several times more popular than her but if they went to the countryside, they may not recognize the international superstar Jin Suo but would definitely recognize the one playing Xiao Yangzi and would shout “Hey, Xiao Yangzi is here!”.

There was a print of Xiao Yangzi in ‘Love Through Different Times’.

But the imitation obviously wouldn’t triumph over the original.

From the beginning to the end, there was only Xiao Yangzi that could miraculously rise to the top like that.

Even if it was Sun Li, who shot to stardom with ‘Yu Guanyin’ and established her status with ‘The Legend of Zhen Huan’ and ‘Legend of Mi Yue’ but in the heart of many people, she couldn’t compare to Xiao Yanzi.

This was like falling in love, you already lost if you weren’t the first to take the heart.

Chen Huan wanted to start slowly, take it step by step, starting with Xiao Wanzi to Xiao Yanzi.

But unexpectedly, Calf TV didn’t let him have the opportunity to do that and they could only blame themselves for shooting at their own foot as none of them could stop it.

Most of the viewers from his previous worlds thought that ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ was much superior to ‘Love Through Different Times’.

Chen Huan believed this world was no exception.

From yesterday, Chen Huan started  to organize the general outline of the plot and started writing in his own office in school.

During lunch break, night and today’s break, Chen Huan didn’t waste a moment as he showed the super-fast hand-speed of a single dog as he wrote 5 million words on the script.

Basically most of the plots had been written and what was left to write were the details such as the lines and sub-plots.

This would take a bit of time.

Even if Chen Huan had the original story and TV show in his head, he still needed to organize it before writing it down.

Thankfully, Chen Huan already had experience writing scripts so it wouldn’t take much effort to do the rest.

Lai Haijin sat next to Bu Yiyi and after she was done reading it, it was his turn.

It took around 40 minutes for the two of them to read ‘Princess Returning Pearl’.

Bu Yiyi looked up with a face filled with smiles and said, “Chen Huan, Teacher Chu is really unparalleled! Why didn’t I take out this script previously? From what I can see, this is much better than ‘Love Through Different Times’!”

Chen Huan still used the name of Chu Liuxiang for the script.

But Bu Yiyi already guessed that Chen Huan was Chu Liuxiang.

Although she had no evidence of it.

But she wouldn’t voice it in front of Lai Haijin.

As for Lai Haijin, he didn’t doubt it.

Who else could it be from except Teacher Chu?

“How would I know?” Chen Huan played dumb, “Anyway, he also was very displeased when I told him about the situation so he gave me this script.”

“This is great!”

Bu Yiyi eagerly said, “With ‘Princess Returning Pearl’, will I fear them? Old Lai, you can Calf TV now that this lady won’t submit!”

She felt really happy.

She thought that she would be surely humiliated this time and would have to wait for an opportunity before taking revenge.

But who would know that Chen Huan would come up with a solution the next day, saying that Teacher Chu gave another script and would have her as the leading role.

Bu Yiyi was very excited but was also somewhat worried since Teacher Chu was writing ‘The Tale of Hachiko’ and also squeezed out some time to write ‘Love Through Different Time’.

But then another TV series was written in such a hurry, would this script be of poor quality due to the urgency of it?

It would be even more humiliating if a bad script went and competed with ‘Love Through Different Times’.

Fortunately, she had nothing to worry about.

‘Princess Returning Pearl’ was very good, very, very good~~~~

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