I Know Everything Chapter 399

Chapter 399: Bold Idea.

Huhai, inside a high-end Japanese restaurant.

Only Qi Shoujian and Wen Fan were in a room.

The two talked while drinking sake.

Both of them were quite young.

Qi Shoujian was 35 while Wen Fan was even younger with his 32 years old.

In this industry, it wasn’t easy for someone as young as them to be in charge of a company that was one the best in the TV industry while developing in the film industry.

The relationship between the two men was quite unique.

When Qi Shoujian wanted to develop Calf TV, he had to use the power of many people and Wen Fan joined at that time.

They started to compete against each other since then.

However, the competition wasn’t bad for the overall strength of Calf TV. On the contrary, the competition drove them to better TV series.

The rapid development of Calf TV was relating to their healthy competition.

This was especially true against external people.

The two of them had always been straight with each other and would support the other party even if it wasn’t their business.

At least people that came wouldn’t have to worry about being affected by it.

Anyone who had worked with Calf TV would know that competition was competition and the two were still friends, good friends.

It was just they chose the two headed dragon style of development for the company.

Although Qi Shoujian and Wen Fan were friends, their personalities were different.

Wen Fan was the typical wealthy kid, relying on reputation, love luxurious live-style and beauties.

Qi Shoujian was a conservative businessman.

He didn’t like any of the glamour. He had two wives at home and there was no rumor about him about anything so he could be described as someone who was very disciplined.

He only cared about his career and how to make the company into a giant of the entertainment industry,

So over the years, Qi Shoujian achieved much more than Wen Fan and also had much greater connections in the industry.

For example, if Qi Shoujian wanted to shoot a TV series such as ‘Love Through Different Times’, Lai Haijin would never dare to give a 15 role request.

They talked about that while they ate.

“Old Lai is getting more and more full of himself recently, he doesn’t even think about what kind of status he has.” Wen Fan and Qi Shoujian were blunt as they expressed what they thought, “If all the actors and actresses under him were all as popular as Bu Yiyi, I would agree no matter how many roles he demanded.”

“But what is he trying to do now? A mere Huajin Opera graduate less than a year ago wanted to play in the first line role of Zhu Yunwen in a big production such as ‘Love Through Different Times’? Is he dreaming or too arrogant? Or think that us big bosses as nothing?”

Qi Shoujian nodded as he said, “These agents are like brokers, intermediaries. They always had been shameless and only sought success and got their artists popular so they could earn more.”

“That is why I ignored him.” Wen Fan laughed, “If this script wasn’t given by Bu Yiyi, I would have made two small flowers called Dan ourselves with a popular script like ‘Love Through Different Times’. It would have enhanced the company’s strength.”

“Actually, you can do that right now.” Qi Shoujian calmly said.

“Huh!?” Wen Fan was confused.

“What I’m trying to say is don’t use Bu Yiyi and just let her go after giving her 10 million.” Qi Shoujian clarified.

Wen Fan: “!?”

Are you joking with me?

Qi Shoujian smiled and said, “There’s many benefits of doing that, want to hear more?”

“Say it.” Wen Fan poured half a glass of wine to Qi Shoujian.

“First, if you fire Bu Yiyi, how much sensation would it cause in the industry? How much controversy would it cause among the populace?” Qi Shoujian said, “It will probably be in the trending talks for at least a month right? It would be there from the beginning of the shooting to the end of the show!”

“You’re right about that.” Wen Fan nodded, “But I would offend Bu Yiyi, Teacher Lu Xiaofeng and Teacher Chu Liuxiang by doing a ploy like that… is this worth it?”

“It depends on how you think about it.” Qi Shoujian said, “Didn’t you just say it? We won’t be working with Chu Liuxiang again for at least three or five years and Lu Xiaofeng is only influential in the music industry while Bu Yiyi is just an actress…if you go all in, it won’t be a problem.”

After a pause, Qi Shoujian continued, “We have to resort to ploys if we want to develop quickly and attract more attention. Besides you know that the series definitely would be popular and with this ploy, it would become a renowned classic for the next ten years.”

“It would also be a good thing to successfully finish ‘Love Through Different Times’ but it just doesn’t bring to same hype as firing her.”

Wen Fan didn’t answer him but instead asked, “Why are you so anxious and want Calf TV to be the focus with this ploy?”

“You haven’t been paying to the industry recently so you don’t know but big things are about to happen.” Qi Shoujian said after some hesitation.

“What’s going to happen?” Wen Fan became curious.

“Habao’s Yang Feng has been contacting frequently with companies in the entertainment industry frequently.” Qi Shoujian said, “Including companies such as Yunxing Entertainment, Xincheng Film, Totem Music etc… it’s rumored he wants to acquire shares.”

“Oh?” Wen Fan laughed, “Yang Feng always likes the industry, and now that he’s almost the richest man in the country, he wants to invest in entertainment?”

“I don’t know but his ambition isn’t small and his actions are shocking.” Qi Shoujian said, “He also made an offer for our Calf TV.”

“How much are they giving?” Wen Fan wasn’t interested in selling his shares but listening to offers was a sort of validation of his worth.

“The shares in the hands of our staff are worth 3.5 billion USD and if we are willing to negotiate, they may be more generous.” Qi Shoujian said.

“That high?”

Wen Fan sucked in a breath.

The present market value of Calf TV was 2.7 billion USD and that 3.5 billion was 30% higher.

Wen Fan’s current shares were worth 400 million USD, if he sold it, he would make a profit of 120 million USD, which was 840 million Yuan.

That amount gave him a scare.

“No one in our company sold shares, right?” He asked.

If everyone sold their shares, he may be kicked out after Yang Feng became the highest shareholder.

Those tech companies’ moguls were very overbearing and wouldn’t allow anyone to control the company they invested in.

“Some small shareholders are waiting to see the situation first, nobody is in a hurry.” Qi Shoujian knew what he was trying to say, “As long as the two of us don’t do anything, Yang Feng won’t be able to do anything to us.”

“We should pay attention to this then.” Wen Fan turned serious.

“So you understand why I’m so anxious to get our name out to improve our reputation and increase our influence.” Qi Shoujian, “Since Yang Feng is about to enter the industry, they’re tech company giants with plenty of money in their hands and even Weibao Film can’t stand against them, let alone us! We have to become stronger quickly or we’ll cry at the end!”

“I’ll think about it.” Wen Fan nodded solemnly.

His mood completely changed.

If Yang Feng wasn’t invested on a whim but doing it seriously, the situation was indeed very pressing.

With that said, Qi SHoujian’s plans weren’t crazy and could be understood.

But the matter wasn’t that simple.

Qi Shoujian and he were friends and partners.

He couldn’t make a decision rashly.

Offending Lai Haijin was just a trivial matter, but offending Chu Liuxiang and the others was too big a loss.

After all, it wasn’t Qi Shoujian who would offend him but him and everyone would put the blame on him.

There wasn’t a need to take such a risk.

Wen Fan could do gently.

But on the basis that it wouldn’t affect the grand. They could deploy some tactics to make this TV series controversial and talked about since the production debut, it would be best!

Qi Shoujian looked at Wen Fan’s expression and grinned in his mind.

Wen Fan was capable and was not a bad person but he shared the same problem as a kid from rich families, they weren’t bold enough.

If it was him, he would definitely make a big fuss by using Bu Yiyi, Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang. Surprise everyone in the entertainment industry and the whole country.

The three names mentioned had hundreds of millions of fans and it was once a lifetime opportunity to use them.

Everyone knew that a TV series would be forgotten after watching it but tragedy stayed with people forever.

Having a good relation with them or being enemies with them, which one of them would the audience pay attention to?

Only this way they Calf TV would have more exposure and have more people know about Calf TV, thus increasing their popularity and influence.

With a big reputation, would they be afraid of not getting good scripts and actors?

The people in the entertainment industry were all selfish and wouldn’t care that the people previously were hurt.

As long as the interest was there, there would be people chasing and wanting to work with Calf TV!

After using the model of famous screenwriters plus big stars plus big directors to produce a few more TV series, would they still be afraid that Calf TV market value wouldn’t rise? Would they still be afraid that the company he worked so hard for would be taken away by someone with bigger capital?

When the success was there, he would look back and think it would be all worth it.

It was a pity that Wen Fan didn’t have the courage to fight.

Qi Shoujian only hated that the opportunity wasn’t in his hand otherwise if it was done well, everything he envisioned would become true!

If they achieve what they planned, Calf TV was likely to make great progress and seize their own destiny!

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