I Know Everything Chapter 397

Chapter 397: We also want Teacher Chen!

The international mathematical community was like Chinese New Year.

Because one of the world’s top four mathematical journals ‘New Math’ published Chen Huan’s proof on ‘Chen Huan’s Theory’.

Chen Huan took a long time to write this in order to not shock people. He discussed it with many people for half a year before he came up with the proof that synthesized the efforts of everyone.

From February 2 when The Journal of the American Mathematical Society published the proof of ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ to ‘Chen Huan’s Theory’ in November, nine month had passed.

This one step seemed to take very long but it was nothing if it was put with ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ the super math problem that hadn’t been solved for 300 years.

So many mathematicians exclaimed it was fast like lightning.

If ‘Chen Huan’s Theory’ and ‘Chen Huan’s Algorithm’ could be used together, they couldn’t be said it would be easy to prove ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ but it would be very optimistic.

Once ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ became ‘Chen Huan’s Theorem’, they would understand ‘elliptic curves’ more clearly and be given a key to unlock ‘Fermat’s Theorem’.

With that said, why would they not be excited?

In that paper, all the people who helped him were also listed on it and thanked and ten mathematicians with great contribution were added as the second authors.

Mathematicians were quite pure for people.

They used their energy and intelligence to battle the sea of knowledge and were simply uninterested in the society ugly fights.

So there were very few dishonest people among mathematicians.

Everyone was happy with Chen Huan’s attitude and he also did the same back with ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ so Chen Huan’s reputation in the mathematical world was getting better and better.

With the proof of ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ right in front of them, it also meant that a great breakthrough would happen for ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ and no one doubted that Chen Huan would solve one of the ten millennial mathematical problems in the next few years.

By that time, Chen Huan would only be in his twenties but he would have already achieved something that very few people could and would go down in history.

Many mathematicians who were familiar with Chen Huan praised him heavily like he was a blooming flower.

It was a rare sight for Chinese people.

It was common to see foreigners say ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank You’ in Chinese, which was enough to excite them already.

Let alone now where a Chinese person was being praised by so many well-known scholars and professors so for many people, it was a lot of honors won for the country.

CCTV definitely would report on it.

They sent a camera team to Lin’an to interview and follow it up with Chen Huan.

It also happened that Chen Huan was tutoring the students during that time so they took a couple shots of that too.

The interview was quickly broadcasted and the country went into an uproar,

Especially the parents with children as when they saw the handsome beyond comparison young boy, they felt extreme jealousy.

Those who had sons increased their expectations even more as many bottom students got their asses beaten. Who knew how many thousands of times they cursed Chen Huan.

Those who had daughters were more lenient but they would start nagging at their daughter that if they were looking for a husband, they should find someone like him.


Chen Huan is just a pretty face?

There was no such thing!

He’s born good looking but is that his fault?

The most important thing is his talents!

Not mentioning him, even those pretty boys who had one-tenth of Chen Huan’s ability, the parents would give their full support to marry him.


Chen Huan who had been very popular with the girls to begin with, became an idol to many people.

Those were the reactions of people that were further away.

The people in Lin’an, in the whole Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Huhai area, reacted a bit differently.

The reason was they saw Chen Huan tutoring students in that CCTV interview.

Who was Chen Huan?

A great mathematician!

One of the most famous mathematicians in the world!

Although he wasn’t necessarily better than the older generations of mathematicians such as Mr. Su, Mr. Chen or Mr. Hua, there was one thing that was certain.

They weren’t as good as Chen Huan when they were at his age.

Chen Huan was a year 3 high school student.

As a student that was about to graduate, Chen Huan must have a better understanding of the mathematics of the college entrance examination and had a better understanding of mathematics from the perspective of a student.

For example, Chen Huan easily scored the full mark in the IMO a few months ago and led his team to the gold medals after three years without wins.

So the people had no doubt Chen Huan would score 150 points in math for the college entrance exams.

No one dared to hope that a great mathematician like Chen Huan would tutor someone as even super wealthy people like Zheng Qian and Yang Feng weren’t qualified so nobody thought of borrowing Chen Huan’s intelligence before.

But someone clearly did it now!

Since the beginning of the third year, Chen Huan taught and explained math to those students. There was no need to talk about those good students but if those bottom students could get one-tenth of what was taught, wouldn’t they easily improve by ten to thirty points?

What were ten to twenty points in college entrance exams?

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it could eliminate 200k people!

Mathematics was the most noticeable subject!

Improving your Chinese was ten or twenty points was like a pie in the sky.

But if you learned math well, would it be hard to get 130 or 140 points?

If they couldn’t even improve by one point, what kind of trash students would it be to waste a world renowned mathematician tutoring like that?

Not to mention it would be for a whole school year.

How much would they improve!?


They couldn’t let only the students of Virtuous Middle School to enjoy that benefit.


Chen Huan may be from Virtuous Middle School but he was still someone from Lin’an! They were all from Zhejiang! They were all Chinese!

So waves after waves of calls came to Virtuous Middle School so the three phones of principal Zhu were directly closed off.

Those past few days, it wasn’t only Zhu Xiaoxi as many people in high positions in the school completely disappeared and couldn’t be contacted.

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