I Know Everything Chapter 396

Chapter 396: Not giving face.

“Bastard! How dare they do this?”

Lai Haijin threw the cup in his hand away.

Fortunately, his office was covered with thick carpet so his cup didn’t shatter.

But the assistant manager nearby had a ugly expression, “I think they replied to us that way because they have the thought of crossing the bridge and burning it.”

“Humph! They first need the ability to do that!” Lai Haijin snorted.

“Bu Yiyi had already signed into ‘Love Through Different Times’ and Teacher Chu’s script is already sold with the contract signed and everything was in order so they don’t have any problem on their side.” Gao Hui smiled bitterly, “I just didn’t expect them to separate things so clearly and didn’t even give a hint of face.”

Lai Haijin proposed a total of 15 actors’ names to them and except the two female leads, he provided actors for each consequential role for Calf TV to choose from.

Under normal circumstances, when Calf TV was facing a strong agent like Lai Haijin, even if they didn’t agree to the dozens of choices, they would at least agree to five or six choices and a male lead must be among them.

Lai Haijin had already planned for it. He just signed a new actor with great promise and it happened that the role of Zhu Yunwen was open, wouldn’t he attract widespread attention if he played with Bu Yiyi?

It didn’t matter what he did in future as long as he took on this role, he would become popular very quickly.

It would be his fortune if he could hold on to it.

Even if he couldn’t, Lai Haijin could make quick bucks from him by having him take various endorsements, attending events etc… it would be at least ten or twenty millions in net profit.

Lai Haijin was determined to get this.

Because he couldn’t find the reason why Calf TV was refusing him.

The biggest protagonist of the show was from him.

Even Teacher Chu Liuxiang’s script was gotten because of Bu Yiyi asking for it.

They dared to offend him, weren’t they afraid of angering the protagonist Bu Yiyi or leave a bad impression on Teacher Chu?

In fact, this could happen.

Not a single role was given, it wasn’t just Calf TV refusing to work with him and not giving face, it was a straight slap to the face!

If this spread out in the industry and the people knew he couldn’t get a role in a series that starred Bu Yiyi, wouldn’t everyone feel he was getting out of touch?

The moment people felt he lost his touch, which newcomers or big name celebrities would chose him to become their agent?

Maybe even the stars under him would leave on after another.

How could he be considered as a top ten agent if he didn’t have big stars under him?

So he mustn’t let things remain as it was.

Lai Haijing thought for a while before he said to Gao Hui, “Go call Zhu Tao and say to him that we only need the role of Zhu Yunwen and let go of the rest… tell them to give me some face.”

“I’ll go but do I have enough power?” Gao Hui asked in doubt.

“It would be better if you’re the one passing the message since everything won’t collapse in an instant.” Lai Haijin said, “If I go and they refuse, then there will be no room for discussion.”

“Why are you treading so carefully with them?” Gao Hui said with a frown, “The protagonist of this show is Yiyi and if we have Yiyi go at them, can they handle it?”

Lai Haijin had a bitter smile and shook his head, “We won’t do that unless it’s a last resort because it’ll ruin Yiyi’s reputation.”

Gao Hui also thought so after thinking about it. Then he took out his phone to call Zhu Tao.

It was without doubt that Zhu Tao clearly refused without leaving any room for negotiation although she was gentle about it.

Lai Haijin’s face turned very solemn.

After more pondering, he called Wen Fan himself directly.

“Young master Wen, do we have some misunderstandings between us?” Lai Haijin politely asked. “We have such a good cooperative relationship from the beginning, Yiyi could be said to have helped Calf TV this time…so why when  I ask for one more role, I was rejected by manager Zhu?”

He now didn’t wish for 15 roles.

He knew that Calf TV’s stance was unusual so Lai Haijin hurriedly retracted and would first secure the main goal before thinking about anything else.

Although Lai Haijin was one of the top ten agents, who didn’t bow down once before?

Wen Fan was also very polite, “Sorry, Old Lai, we already decided on someone, next time maybe.”

“What about Zhu Di’s role?” Lai Haijin persisted.

“Also casted.” Wen Fan said.

Lai Haijin didn’t even know when the phone was hung up.

Anyway, he threw away his phone when he got back to his senses.

“They went too far! Too far!”

Lai Haijin walked around his office in fury.

Gao Hui didn’t dare to speak.

He just proposed Yiyi to make trouble for the filming crew but the idea was rejected so he didn’t know what else to propose.

Lai Hai sat down after a while.

“Alright, he got guts!”

Lai Haijin muttered through gritted teeth, “Revenge is best served cold! Just you wait! Sooner or later, you guys will beg me!”

Gao Hui didn’t believe in what his boss said.

Calf TV was influential and had many contacts in the TV and Film industries. It was much more powerful than a talent agency.

Even if they represented Bu Yiyi, there were many good actors in the world so how could they stuck it to a giant in Film and TV industries?

It was the other way around, it was the talent agency that had to go beg those film companies.

“Brother Haijin, let’s ask Yiyi to contact Teacher Lu again and have Teacher Lu contact Teacher Chu, if he makes a move, Calf TV is definitely going to fold.” Gao Hui finally thought of another idea.

“This would be a waste of favors, how could Lu Xiaofeng contact Chu Liuxiang for something like that?” Lai Haijin refused without hesitation.

No matter what kind of favors, there would be one less after use.

Let alone Lu Xiaofeng, wasn’t it the same for Bu Yiyi?

With Bu Yiyi’s headstrong personality, she thought that everyone worked as equal and gave as much so why would she pay up for nothing?

This was why Lai Haijin wouldn’t instruct Bu Yiyi to make trouble during filming.

Bu Yiyi was a Small Flower Dan and wouldn’t do something just because he said so, she wasn’t a fool!

It would harm her own interest so how could she do it?

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