I Know Everything Chapter 394

Chapter 394: At peace!

In recent days, Meng Zijing and ‘Understanding’ had become a hot topic among office women workers in the countries.

There were people singing the song in Karaoke every night throughout the country.

From the beginning, Meng Zijing earned more from the licensing to KTV than from the online sales.

It was how it was.

Although it was only one cent for every time it was sung and ten Yuan for a hundred times, there were hundreds of thousands of Karaoke in the countries.

For the first three days after the licensing, Meng Zijing could get above 500k pre-tax each day.

The money could be seen on her online balance but it could only be checked out once every month so she couldn’t access that money yet.

But with that, Meng Zijing understood that it was a must have song for broken hearted people.

As long as there were still people in this world, there would be people singing ‘Understanding’.

She could play around and easily net tens of thousands Yuan each month.

She thought back on how two months ago, she thought that her 10k or 20k earning per month wasn’t enough to raise her children comfortably but now she got around 40k without even working.

The change was too great for her to expect it.

So Meng Zijing was even more grateful to Chen Huan and started to feel more and more guilty for only giving Teacher Lu 3 million.

While she felt very grateful, there was another group of people that felt very nervous.

They were Ning Wu and Guan Yili.

When was the hardest to endure time in life?

It wasn’t the most painful time, it was the time when someone was close to success.

Ning Wu knew that Guan Yili would get three songs from Chen Huan and knew they would be great but they had yet received it.

Seeing that Meng Zijing, who came later and jumped up on the line, had already become a representative singer of breakup songs with the help of ‘Understanding’ while Guan Yili hadn’t had the opportunity yet to shine, how could they not be anxious?

Guan Yili felt even more urgent.

Because it had been a year since he released ‘Tolerance’.

Many people were snickered at him for being a one hit wonder.

If Guan Yili was like Meng Zijing who was advanced in age and didn’t have much to pursue and would be happy as long as they could live their retired life happily, then he wouldn’t be angry at all.

But Guan Yili was only 24 years old so how could he be content to be retired when he wanted to rise higher?!

So Guan Yili had been trying to search for songs for about six months, honing his voice and prepared for his first album.

Teacher Lu promised him three songs, which overjoyed him.

But seeing another person shine while he didn’t receive his songs yet, it inevitably made him feel anxious.

It was afraid something happened to make those three songs gone.

Even if he believed in Teacher Lu’s integrity, he couldn’t help but start having wild thoughts.

Fortunately when the two of them went to Lin’an again, Chen Huan gave them the score of the three songs when they met.

Their hands trembled when they received the score.

The two didn’t leave as they sat on the sofa humming the songs.

Chen Huan’s choices this time were quite interesting.

It was ‘Faith’ (Jeff Chang), ‘Don’t Be Afraid I’m Sad’(Jeff Chang), ‘Your Look’ (Luo Dayou).

The first two songs were masterpieces from Xinzhe and the same type as ‘Tolerance’.

Since his debut, Xinzhe’s songs were always love songs type and seemed to have not changed much but it always accentuated his strength and unique characteristic.

This was a remarkable feat.

Too many singers wanted to constantly change their styles once they made it and insisted on adding new elements.

Did that work?

It did!

Tang Yuan and Su Mo were like that.

This was also true for Jacky Cheung and Leslie Cheung from the other world.

But they were all Emperors and music geniuses that could control multiple styles.

Was there many genius musicians?

Not much.

So people saw Emperors do it and thought they could also do it, then become an emperor by doing it but sadly, there was a high probability that they would fail miserably.

On the contrary, some singers stuck to their styles since their debut and constantly polished it, allowing them to completely blend with it and achieve many things.

At least they would always attract the same type of fans.

Xinzhe was the typical example of it.

That was why he was called the ‘Prince of Love Songs’ and who knew how much fans he won over in the 90s.

Guan Yili had no other special characteristic and wasn’t a born music genius so Chen Huan wasn’t stupid enough to give him another style.

Both ‘Faith’ and ‘Don’t Be Afraid I’m Sad’ were the main songs of Xinzhe. They were among the best in his hundreds of songs and were definitely more than enough to set the theme for Guan Yili’s next album.

As for ‘Your Look’, it wasn’t from Xinzhe but Uncle Dayou.

However, Uncle Dayou’s voice was too ordinary so Terry Lin’s version became more popular.

Terry Lin looked very thin but his voice was great, he could sing many difficult songs.

‘Your Look’ sounded very natural when he sang it.

It just happened that Xinzhe’s high pitch was also powerful so it would have no problem singing this song.

The reason Chen Huan chose this song instead of another Xinzhe’s masterpiece was to make Guan Yili’s album more humane.

‘Your Look’ wasn’t about love and it could stand out.

This would also attract more fans.

It also guaranteed to popularize Guan Yili’s style .

Chen Huan already gave his best by taking out those three songs.

Seeing them humming the song while smiling, Chen Huan gave a prayer.

Guan Yili, you must do your best!

Otherwise the three songs I’ve given out would be wasted!

Think about it, I only gave my Dong’er two songs last album even though it was because I didn’t want her to shine too bright.

And if you only gave me three songs from this mission, it would be a loss!

If it can’t earn enough benefits for me, then we’re done in the future!


Guan Yili sneezed.

He curled up on himself and thought Lin’an weather wasn’t as good as in the south.

But with these three songs, he would feel warm even on the coldest day.

Teacher Lu is so nice!

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