I Know Everything Chapter 393

Chapter 393: All together!

The next morning, Zhang Yaya intercepted Chen Huan’s at his house’s door to tell him about her father’s decision.

Chen Huan slowly nodded as he said, “His decision is indeed good for stability. Although a bit conservative, it isn’t bad to ensure your family’s wealth.”

“Eh, I thought you would be annoyed that the plan you bothered to write wouldn’t be used in the end and scold us.” Zhang Yaya said as she blinked her big eyes.


Chen Huan just laughed.

He thought, you guys are lucky that I’ve had a lot of missions so missing out on yours isn’t a big deal.

Otherwise, watch how I deal with you.

“Actually, it’s not like my father doesn’t like this plan as he kept reading until 2 am last night.” Zhang Yaya gave him the folder that was filled with notes that described problems and insights. It showed Zhang Duocai was indeed serious about it.

“What are you trying to say?” Chen Huan looked at the time and said, “I have to go to school.”

“What is he worried about is… money!” Zhang Yaya said, “If you can solve the money problem, he will certainly do it!”

Chen Huan couldn’t help but smack her head.

“Zhang Yaya, where can I find billions of Yuan for you?” Chen Huan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Such a big business move, only your family can do it!”

“Can’t you understand?” Zhang Yaya was furious and glared at him as she said, “Don’t you know there’s a thing called shareholders? You know so many rich people, find them to buy shares! If we share the pressure together, then wouldn’t it be possible to do it?”

Zhang Yaya was naturally beautiful and was quite tall but she looked quite petite in front of the 185cm tall Chen Huan.

As she furiously stood off against Chen Huan, her scent blew toward Chen Huan, which made him look at her twice.

Such an elegant and beautiful little girl and she was only 15 years old, who knew what kind of war waging beauty she would become when she grew up.

Thoughts flashed in his head.

Chen Huan didn’t agree with Zhang Yaya’s suggestions, “One, I don’t know many rich people. Two, it’s not certain they would be interested. Three, partnership in business is a troublesome thing and everyone isn’t familiar with each other so they won’t invest rashly.”


Zhang Yaya gave him a disgusted look, “Don’t you know those rich girls School Flowers? Find them for investment!  Since you think this plan would definitely make money, it’ll be cheaper if you get them! Unless you’re unsure about this yourself.”

Chen Huan laughed, “You’re going through with this, aren’t you? if I don’t help you find investors, it means that I’m lying and talking out of my ass?”


Zhang Yaya said with a nod, “We don’t need a lot of money, one or two billion is enough. What my father needs are people to give him confidence! If you get those people to invest, it wouldn’t be only a matter of money as it would also give him a better network and it would be easier to make the supermarket a success!”

What she said was right.

This proved that Zhang Yaya deeply thought about it and wasn’t throwing a tantrum because everyone should listen and help her.

Was Chen Huan confident?

No shit!

With the Good Lord’s mysterious rewards, he must be confident even if he wasn’t!

In the business plan, he not only integrated the successful model of Costco and Fat East Coming but also borrowed ideas from many specialized supermarkets.

In this world, there wouldn’t be any supermarkets that could be as diverse, vibrant and competitive as the one in his plan.

If this wasn’t successful, this only meant that the mindset of the 7 billion people here were different.

Chen Huan wanted just the rewards from the mission at the beginning but what Zhang Yaya said made Chen Huan think this would be a great way to make money with people close to him.

The success of the supermarket would inevitably lead to the rising market value.

Whether holding onto it or selling it, it would be an extremely successful investment.

After thinking about it, Chen Huan said, “When your family earns less in the future, don’t come crying to me.”

Zhang Yaya’s eyes lit up in joy as she said, “No way! I’ll only be grateful~~~”

Chen Huan then gave a look as he asked, “Will your father agree to this? You’re planning here just to have your father refuse when I pooled the money.”

“Don’t worry, you think I don’t know my old man?” Zhang Yaya promised him, “As long as we give him some confidence, he will do it! Do you think he would be willing to let go of the work he spent half his life doing if he could help it?”

“Okay then!” Chen Huan patted her little head and said, “Go back and tell it to Mr. Zhang, I’ll contact you again soon!”

“Eh~~, you’re even more anxious than me?” Zhang Yaya swatted his hand in displeasure before she said with a smile and a knowing expression, “Chen Huan, Chen Huan, do you like me? You want to quickly help me and get into the family so you can inherit the properties my dad will give me?”

“And then I’ll die by Shui Qianyu’s hands.”

Chen Huan gave a shrug before walking away.

A question like that was like an insult to his ambitions.

This young man filled with self-righteousness had completely forgotten that when he just transmigrated, he considered eating soft rice.

In the afternoon when he was tutoring the 6 School Flowers math and English, Chen Huan finished half earlier than usual.

They thought it was strange and then Chen Huan just said, “I got a very good project, which is to build a new type of supermarkets in partnership with Yongxing Supermarkets and I’m the one that did most of the planning… you guys can go ask your family if they are interested in buying some shares.”

“They came to ask you now?” Tang Ziyan said in surprise.

“Yeah, the most important point is that I think this new type of supermarket is promising.” Chen Huan said, “They felt that the risks aren’t small and the investment is large…If your family is interested, give me a head up, I will let the people from the Zhang family explain to you the risks and benefits.”

“Chen Huan, you’re sure it’s profitable?” The School Flower that was in the same class as Chen Huan, Lei Chushuang spoke, “We certainly support you but if you need a lot of cash, the adults will definitely carefully investigate the plan.”

The child from rich families didn’t have any restriction when using pocket money.

But when Chen Huan talked about partnering up with Yongxing Supermarkets, they knew it wasn’t something they could do with their one or two thousand Yuan.

Too much funds was needed and even if they believed in it, it was impossible for the adults to just invest 100 or 200 million with no questions asked, right?

“Definitely profitable!”

Chen Huan affirmed, “But this decision is voluntary so we can discuss if you guys are willing to believe in it and it doesn’t matter if you don’t, no need to make it hard.”

“How about this?” Year 3 Class 3 School Flower An Nianchun said, “Let’s decide on a time the next two days and call our family up. You come with the Zhang Family and present the project. This will make it clearer and everyone will listen to it together so it’ll be less cumbersome.”

“That’s a great idea!” Chen Huan’s eyes lit up.

If everyone was there, they could ask what they wanted to ask but also have people ask for them what they didn’t think of.

This would allow them a deeper understanding of the entire project.

Thinking of that, Chen Huan told them about the novel business model so they could recount it back home. It would be trickier if they didn’t do anything about it.

Chen Huan wasn’t worried that the girls’ families treated this as the joke.

Wealthy families would pay attention to details when working with other wealthy families.

They would usually exchange information and opportunity to make money.

This matter involved the Zhang Family of Zhejiang and their business was a real economy so they wouldn’t ignore it.

Physical business wasn’t easy in recent years but it was still more secure than bonds. When the older generation wanted to invest their money, they would usually go for the real economy.

The girls would go and talk to their families about it.

When Chen Huan returned home, he also talked about it with Shui Qingshan.

When making a fortune, you must bring alone people close to you!

Compared to the School Flowers that had to ask their parents, Shui Qingshan instantly agreed but he didn’t have much money on hand.

Although he received around 30 million for ‘Love Letter’, he only had 50 million Yuan in funds right now.

“Don’t worry,” Chen Huan had an idea, “Aren’t we going to release an album next month? With that income, we will have 100 million!”

Chen Huan standard for this was 100 million or more and below that would be refused.

Although the Zhang Family wouldn’t give too many shares, 100 million was the minimum as having too many small little shareholders wasn’t something either.

Hearing that, Shui Qingshan thought of something, “If that’s the case… how about me and my bros pool in together?”

“Uncle Shui, you’re sure confident about the album sales.” Chen Huan laughed.

With Lei Daxuan’s recovery, Comeback had now started to record their first album ‘Comeback’, which would be completed in mid-November at the latest.

After some hype via publicity, the plan was to release it in December no matter what.

In terms of timeline, if the Yongxing Supermarkets plan was implemented, they had to first close down 32 of their stores and it would take some time so it wouldn’t be too late to invest in January.

Chen Huan thought about it before he made a decision, “If the difference isn’t too big, I’ll make up the difference and take it as a loan for them.”

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