I Know Everything Chapter 389

Chapter 389: Supermarket crisis.

Chen Huan liked to watch the news.

Especially the local news, they may seem trivial at first but they were closely related to him.

He wasn’t asking for some intel to make a fortune but just some subtle information to make Chen Huan feel the pulse of the city so he could have an intimate relationship with the people of the city.

Humans weren’t some lonely island after all. They were all social individuals. Even if they were a monk in a mountain, it was basically impossible for them to stay alone in a temple.

They would match the monk with one or two apprentices!

That was why even in the internet era, he subscribed to five or six newspapers and all of which were placed at the side of the small noodle shop, which made Shui Qianyu say he was like an old man.

Today he saw a piece of news on Qiantang Evening News, saying that Yongxing Supermarket, one of the largest supermarket chains in Zhejiang, was in serious financial crisis and many suppliers went to their headquarters to make a ruckus.

Chen Huan remembered Zhang Yaya who was even more arrogant than Shui Qianyu so asked Shui Qianyu about it during dinner out of curiosity.

“Yeah, I’ve already heard about it.” Shui Qianyu nodded and said, “Their difficulties began last year. The increase in labor and rental cost every year isn’t a big deal. The key point was there are fewer and fewer people going to the supermarket so their turnover is getting lower and lower, hence the pressure of the suppliers on them was getting harder. This kind of ruckus was bound to happen sooner or later.”

As a housewife, Xia He exclaimed in surprise, “But they have 37 supermarkets in total and with so many stores in good locations, they still can’t hold it?”

“I don’t know the specifics but they must have encountered some troubles, otherwise that blockade by the suppliers wouldn’t appear on the newspaper.” Shui Qianyu said indifferently, “But you don’t have to worry about them, even if the Zhang family is bankrupt, they still have five buildings worth 20 billion Yuan in total and their life will still be pretty peachy even if they stopped their business.”

Shui Qianyu was talking about the five buildings the Zhang Family built after buying the lands more than 10 years ago when they were just developing. The buildings weren’t very high and the highest of them was only 10 floors.

But because it was a rural area back then and it became downtown now, the value of those buildings kept rising terrifyingly.

They would usually use the two bottom floors for their supermarket while leasing the top floors for office buildings or others.

Their annual rent was as high as hundreds of millions of Yuan per year not to mention the benefits of a supermarket without paying rent.

To be able to own a house in a big city was something ordinary people dreamed about while they didn’t even dare to dream about owning a building.

With that much assets, what did they have to be nervous about?

They already have a way out and it also happened to be a sturdy castle, who would be really afraid?

“True.” Xie He said in agreement.

“Chen Huan, do you think their supermarkets will rise to prominence again in the future?” Shui Qianyu asked Chen Huan.

It seemed that Shui Qianyu had quite some trust in Chen Huan’s judgment.

It was this type of moment Chen Huan must show off.

A man must have some capability or it would be bad.

“It depends on how you want to do it.” Chen Huan recalled those successful supermarkets even in internet era, “if it is a good business model, they would not only not fail but also get bigger and bigger.”

“How big could it get?” Shui Qianyu asked.

“The best, it would be even bigger than Wal-Mart. The less impressive will still be easily able to dominate Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Huhai, one of the most prosperous areas of China.” Chen Huan boldly claimed.

“You’re serious?” Shui Qianyu turned her head toward him in doubt.

“How can I boast wildly in front of you?” Chen Huan felt his character was under suspicion so he couldn’t drop the ball in front of Shui Qianyu.


Shui Qianyu didn’t say much after that.

But after school the next day, there was one more person in the home.

When Chen Huan came back from school, he saw the haughty little beauty Zhang Yaya in the yard while wearing brand name clothes and couldn’t help but feel weird out.

Zhang Yaya was a little taller and developed a bit better than Shui Qianyu.

Moreover, she didn’t have the air of a middle school student at all. If she went out without her student uniform, it wouldn’t be hard for her to pass as a college student.

It was said that girls now had better nutrition than ten or twenty years ago so there weren’t much difference between girls around fifteen and girls in their twenties.

“Chen Huan~~~”

Zhang Yaya was very interested in Chen Huan as her face was full of smiles, “I heard from Shui Qianyu that you have a way to solve my family’s situation?”


Chen Huan looked at Shui Qianyu who was doing her homework at the nearby stone table while wondering what was going on.

“Don’t look at her, isn’t the reason she’s letting you help us resolve our problems so she could get one over me and impose herself as better? She must feel quite pleased.” Zhang Yaya directly exposed Shui Qianyu’s thoughts.

Shui Qianyu didn’t say anything but just lifted her scissors and gave a sweet smile.

Sure enough, rivals know you best.

Zhang Yaya’s guess was right on point.

But there was something more to it, it would be too childish of her if she asked Chen Huan to solve her problem to just get one on her.

Shui Qianyu was a kind-hearted girl and she didn’t want Zhang Yaya’s family prestigious company to collapse and fade away.

After losing Yongxin Supermarkets, and even if their family still had money,  she would no longer have the same energy as before.

Both of the girls understood that point.

However, it felt weird to accept the help of a rival.

But for her family’s business, how could she be bored enough and be shy now?

Her father couldn’t sleep at night for months now and he lost a bunch of weight as well as looked haggard.

Zhang Yaya dreaded what would happen to her father if the company left by her grandfather was destroyed while in her father’s care.

So she would try her best even if there was a glimmer of hope.

She thought of a lot of plans in the past few months but they were no use.

Zhang Yaya was smart but she had experience with society or doing business. The plans she came up with couldn’t even pass her own review, much less reach her father.

Then Shui Qianyu told her that Chen Huan had a way so Zhang Yaya thought about it before coming over.

In Zhang Yaya’s mind, Chen Huan was like a divine being.

It was possible for someone to become the top of their field.

But this person had achieved things that no one could match in several different fields so he was definitely a genius!

Chen Huan was a genius acknowledged by Zhang Yaya.

A great mathematician, the best songwriter, the basketball prince, someone that could combine all those achievements into a single person, was qualified to give advice to Zhang Yaya.

Whether it would work or not, it was another matter entirely.

It was said that children from poor households took responsibility earlier but children from the wealthy were also under a lot of pressure. They had to start caring and worrying about business matters when they were teenagers.

“The plan is definitely okay but can you convince your father?” Chen Huan sat down and asked Zhang Yaya, “Wouldn’t I say it in vain if you can’t execute it?”

“In this world, is there anything that was said in vain?” Zhang Yaya was blunt about it, “I’m my father’s only daughter, and everything he has would be mine in the future so he will definitely believe me.”

Chen Huan felt some doubt about that.

No matter how much a wealthy dad loved his daughter, his daughter was only 15 years old, how could he leave the decision involving a business worth tens of billions to her?

That kind of man, it would be impossible for them to start a business much less have 30 billion assets.

But it didn’t matter.

He wasn’t prepared to gain anything from it and was just bringing the experience from his past world.

He would help out Shui Qianyu by giving some advice to Zhang Yaya, it is a happy thing to help others anyway.

“Ding Dong!”

“The great system noticed the host perfunctory attitude toward young and beautiful women. Facing such a perfect wife candidate, it must be treated with utmost seriousness!”

“In order to encourage the host to reproduce actively, the system has issued the following mission.”

“The host needs to help the Zhang Family to overcome this difficulty and make them more prosperous and stronger than before as well as realizing Zhang Yaya’s wish.”

“After completing the mission, the system would give the host plenty of great rewards. Hint: Better prize than ‘Hitting a Bull Across the Mountain’!”

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