I Know Everything Chapter 388

Chapter 388: The hardworking teachers.

‘Understanding’ was a classic among classics to begin with and was known as the best sad love song among office workers.

It was destined to shine no matter which world it was because there was love.

In the next few days, ‘Understanding’ continued its conquest on the three major music websites as they squeezed past ‘Burn My Calories’ from the top spot and claimed the honor of being first.

According to the news online, Meng Zijing became popular once again and was the focus of the people.

Now there were people giving her the high price of 200k a song to have her sing.

However, when Meng Zijing mentioned that to Shui Qianyu during their call, she said she wouldn’t do it.

It wasn’t because the price was too low. The price was twenty times higher than when she got 10k or 20k for a single song back then.

But it was from some multi artists concert in a fifth tier city.

At the time when ‘Understanding’ popularity and Meng Zijing’s reputation got better and better, she didn’t dare to do those commercial performances in fear that her difficulty gained reputation to revert back to where it was.

The higher end concert or commercial etc.. would feel “Eh, wouldn’t it lower our standard if we get a singer that went to perform in those small events and cities?”

That couldn’t happen.

Those who could afford the money as well as help developing her career would definitely get those offers from big cities.

Meng Zijing wanted to rely on a single song to provide for her lifetime so she must stick to those core cities.

The reason she told that Shui Qianyu was so she could explain to Chen Huan why she didn’t take up work offers and wasn’t working to repay the money back.

She obviously knew that Chen Huan wouldn’t think of her like that. After all, he gave her the song first without asking for the money but it was on her now and if she didn’t explain it, it would be her that didn’t know how to do things.

She didn’t dare to bother Chen Huan but Little Shui was someone who helped her get a chance of a lifetime to change her destiny so she should keep in contact.

She had very few people she could rely on in her life but Shui Qianyu and Chen Huan were definitely among them.

Offering charcoal during winter was far better than adding icing on the cake.

Chen Huan truly didn’t care about that.

He had been busy with not only writing scripts but also instructing Jian Peng on how to sing and his tutoring task at school.

In order for him to work at night, he moved his tutoring of the six School Flowers to 4pm.

No matter how good of a teacher someone was, it was impossible for him to straight go teach without any preparation.

It would be fine occasionally or teaching casual subjects but for the third years, it was impossible to be so casual.

When he was free, he had to sit down and think about what to teach them next and what could help them.

After all in the college entrance exams, one point could eliminate thousands of people.

Let alone a subject like mathematics where each question was worth 5 or 10 points so it was easy to put a gap in points.

And mathematics was a subject that was going to be studied and tested regardless of whether their major was liberal arts or science.

When Chen Huan was tutoring the students, many teachers in the school sat behind in the class to listen to his guidance.

Even his math teacher He Qiang came in to listen every day.

He Qiang didn’t feel any embarrassment at all.

Han Yu’s teacher had stated, “So pupils are not necessarily inferior to their teachers, nor teachers better than their pupils.” Now which modern teacher didn’t wish for their student to fly to the sky?

It would also be his pride and achievement too!

He Qiang felt very lucky.

Because he was taught Chen Huan mathematics and no matter how much he taught to him, it was still him who opened the path of math for Chen Huan.

The hat of ‘Chen Huan’s mentor’ was put on his head and it was quite comfortable.

His teacher Yu Dingbian was less fortunate.

Yu Dingbian had prepared Chen Huan to go to Fudan University and personally teach him.

But Chen Huan put forward ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’, ‘Chen Huan’s Conjecture’ and ‘Chen Huan’s Algorithm’ in his second year of high school. Then ‘Chen Huan’s Proposition’ was proved and was published by the Journal of American Mathematical society.

This allowed Chen Huan to become a famous mathematician in the world and his reputation was no lower than Yu Dingbian.

It would be embarrassing for Yu Dingbian to say he wanted to become Chen Huan as an apprentice when he reached that level.

The other party was about the same level as him, whether it was in fame or achievements, but he still insisted on taking him as an apprentice, was he trying to fish for fame?

So when people talked about Chen Huan’s teacher, He Qiang was the only one.

However, He Qiang was under great pressure.

He received hiring letters from the three prestigious schools in Lin’an and hoped he would go to their high schools and become the math teachers.

Those were the best schools in Lin’an!

Even if they could be the head teacher of a class for a year, they could qualify to be a vice-president of a school!

Not to mention the prestige and benefits from it, it could all be boasted about.

There were even some private schools that wanted to hire him for ten years with an annual salary of 1 million so he could just go to the school and teach the students with peace of mind.

They weren’t asking He Qiang to cultivate another Chen Huan but just have his students get a substantial increase in their college entrance exams or even participate in the national mathematical Olympiad.

But He Qiang knew himself best.

He was just a first-tier mathematics teacher at best and wasn’t a top one, so how could he accept it?

Zhu Xiaoxi, the principal of Virtuous Middle School, was overjoyed because of his refusal.

Principal Zhu immediately raised He Qiang’s salary by a notch along with other benefits and his wife at the logistic department was also promoted.

However, he was under a lot of pressure as he had to spend time relearning and also come to as he had to relearn his basics and also listen in to Chen Huan’s tutoring for high school mathematics and mock tests so he could learn more ways.

His knowledge of mathematics for a teacher was definitely enough.

The only difference was some teachers could make their students what they meant while some other teachers were obviously talented but couldn’t pass it on to the students.

So He Qiang seriously listened in to improve his teaching.

Since he had taught such a talented student like Chen Huan, he shouldn’t put shame on the title of ‘Chen Huan’s teacher’, right?

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