I Know Everything Chapter 387

Chapter 387:  Crying.

“Wow, Sister Xiaofeng released a new song?” Yu Feng just finished class and picked up her phone to find new songs to listen to as she saw the catchy banner on Beidou Music.

She clicked on it and saw a very strange auntie’s face.

“Oh, Meng Zijing…never heard of her…weird, why would Sister Xiaofeng write a song for her? This shouldn’t be fake, right?”

Yu Feng muttered as she put on her headphones and pressed the play button.

After listening, she sent the link to her roommate and said, “Little Mei, listen to this song.”

Then Yu Feng went to the cafeteria to eat.

When she left the noisy cafeteria, she heard her phone ring.

She saw it was a call from another roommate.

“Hello? Little Lulu, what is it? Did you miss me?”

“Yu Feng, what did you do?!” The roommate yelled, “Little Mei had been bawling her eyes out now and can’t stop! Get here now!”


Yu Feng hung up and quickly ran to her room.

She saw a few of her classmates in the room surrounding a naïve looking girl but that girl cried so much that her eyes became swollen and her voice hoarse.

“Little Mei, what’s going on?” Yu Feng put down her lunch box and rushed over, “Who bullied you? Was it that bastard again? Come, this lady is going to chop him off!”

“No.. no…”

Little Mei choked up, “I, I heard ‘Understanding’ and suddenly wanted to cry… I feel so much pain… Why is Sister Xiaofeng so cruel? I wasn’t thinking about him anymore but I coudln’t help it after hearing this song…”

Oh, I see!

Yu Feng looked at her friends who were staring at each other in confusion before quickly opening the main page of Beidou Music, pulled the headphone and played ‘Understanding’.

“See, it doesn’t have anything to do with me, I just thought this song fit with Little Mei’s mood, you guys can listen to it yourself!”

She felt a bit embarrassed.

After listening to the song, the girls all showed a face of understanding.

“I thought I would retaliate, but I didn’t.”

“To be loved is a luxurious happiness, what a shame you never cared.”

“Ah, what a painful realization, you were once my everything, when I look back at every step of the road I originally walked, I walked so lonely…”


They finally got it after hearing the song.

Hearing this song could make someone emotional even if they weren’t women going through a break-up, let alone Little Mei who had that pain.

“No wonder! I felt like crying by just listening to it~~” One of the girls exclaimed and patted Little Mei, “I’m thinking of my ex, he already left me two or three years ago…”

“You’re right Little Mei! Sister Xiaofeng is too cruel!” another girl exclaimed and hugged Little Mei, “He just digs out us women’s hearts and have us relive the pain again, I don’t like him anymore~~”

“Yeah, let’s stop listening to these sad songs, he’s just a bastard, let’s ignore him!” Yu Feng joined.

It was unknown whether she was talking about the boyfriend or Lu Xiaofeng.

Little Mei heard that and cried again.

She didn’t follow after them to scold Sister Xiaofeng but took out her earplugs and played ‘Understanding’ on her phone.

She clenched her fists and teeth as she said, “No, I still want to listen! I’ll cry a few more times and then I’ll forget him!”

Then Meng Zijing’s singing resounded in the room again.

Situations like that happened all over the country.

If a person’s had a national perspective ratio, they would be able to see girls crying as they walked on the street.

They were fine at first but then their eyes turned red the next moment.

Many shared links of ‘Understanding’ and recommendations appeared on people’s chat groups.

The social media Weibo had a bunch of people in the music circle talking about it.

“WTF! WTF! Is Sister Xiaofeng a monster? How could he write a song that stabs right through people’s hearts? Meng Zijing’s interpretation is also very good! My heart mellowed when I heard it, I even felt like crying! And I’m a man!”— Weibo big blogger King of Karaoke who spammed a bunch of thumb up emote.

“When Sister Xiaofeng was still being framed, I seriously pondered would I stop listening to his music if he was that type of shameless guy? Now that I’ve listened to ‘Understanding’, I found out that I can’t do without those masterpieces even if it was written by a talented but without principle person.”—Weibo Blogger BlacknWhite.

“I’ve always liked the songs written by Sister Xiaofeng, but this song is just too sad and emotional. Especially Meng Zijing’s first two verses at the beginning ‘I thought I would cry, and yet I didn’t…’ it gave me goosebumps! It is really worth it for a woman to love when it brings so much pain? Sister Xiaofeng, you wrote it too sad!” – Wrote by the head of ‘Happy Fans Group’ I Like Mantis Shrimp, who also used many crying emojis to express her sadness.

“You guys shouldn’t focus only on the song or you guys won’t realize how truly awesome Teacher Lu Xiaofeng is! I suggest you guys go read Meng Zijing’s life story, then you will find that Teacher Lu is a genius with no equal! Too nutty!”—Written by Modern Holmes with 30 million followers.

“I happened to have seen the interview with Meng Zijing so I share the same feelings as Modern Holmes! Sister Xiaofeng is so great! Writing a song that could express someone’s grief, yearning, persistence and determination… all of those emotions had been brought out, isn’t this a godly work? I’m fortunate to be in an era with a songwriter such as Teacher Lu, this a form of luck.” – Weibo celebrity One Meter.


Apart from those bloggers, there were also the fans.

“I want to trash Sister Xiaofeng! He made my mom cry, my mom is already 40 years old~~”

“As a person who had once gone through a break up, I poured myself a glass of red wine and listened to it as I drank, then I drank the whole bottle without knowing it.”

“I thought I wouldn’t cry again but this song reminded me of him and our past.”

“Maybe this is the song’s greatest strength, it could make you laugh or cry and lose control of your emotions just like love.”

“Meng Zijing is so pitiful, her story is similar to one of my friends but hers is even sadder! She was thrown away by a scumbag and has two raise two kids. This song was written by Teacher Lu for her, this is really perfectly suited!”

“Didn’t you guys hear the tearful voice of Meng Zijing? I think it’s great, I love it!”


The date from the three major music websites corresponded to the people’s eagerness.

The total play of the song exceeded 10 million within the hour!

It exceeded 80 million within 3 hours!

The download was also rising.

Just five hours later, ‘Understanding’ had been downloaded more than 2 million times.

The sales were definitely weaker than ‘Thank You For Your Love’ by the superstar Fei Qingyang who got 5 million in 6 hours.

Nor could it be compared to ‘Burn My Calories’ by Meteor Girls who got 5 million downloads in 5 hours.

But two mentioned above was Fei Qingyang, the most popular actor in the country, while the other one was the best band in the history of China. Meng Zijing was just a 35 years old singer that had faded from the limelight, so this was very good.

She earned 1 million Yuan in five hours, which was equivalent to her total earnings in the past two years!!

Meng Zijing couldn’t help but burst into tears after seeing her bank account.

The huge pressure on her was finally lifted off.

With the current trend, she may reach 10 million downloads.

With this popularity and hype, the price for her commercial performance wouldn’t be like before with only ten or twenty thousand Yuan and it wouldn’t be in those fourth or fifth tier cities!

Meng Zijing thought it through.

She was just an ordinary single mother.

Those loves or styles whatever… it didn’t matter.

As long as she could earn money in an upright way, take good care of her children, support her parents and relative and live a comfortable life, it would be enough.

Besides, she still had to give 3 million to Teacher Lu for the song.

He wrote such a classic for her but hadn’t even got the money. This act of trust and kindness couldn’t be let down.

So she needed to make money, a lot of money.

The sales on the music websites were just a small start.

She couldn’t make any album as she didn’t have the energy to sign to a label to record an album and promote it. She also didn’t like the days of being restricted by others.

She had two kids. How could she have the time to take care of them if she busied herself with singers matter all day long?

It was better to just do some commercial performance.

She would just sing ‘Understanding’!

Sing it over all the countries and hundreds of cities!

The price for a single song for a second-tier singer was 200k and it would be 20 million after a hundred times!

In addition to those small private banquets and shopping malls, she would take them all as long as it was formal and they had money.

With that, she could take twenty or thirty of those per year and she would earn a few millions.

How great would that be?

Meng Zijing had absolute confidence in ‘Understanding’.

If Teacher Lu’s song couldn’t be popular for the next ten years, was there any songwriter in the world that could do it?

She would earn money from a single song for her entire life so what?

In where she was, earning money was the most important!

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