I Know Everything Chapter 386

Chapter 386: Unease.

Jian Peng received all the scores of the song when he returned to the hotel.

Cui Zhong went back with him but he would leave for Huajin tomorrow. After all, there were many things still waiting for him to deal with.

Even if Jian Peng was likely to become the second Guan Yili, it wasn’t as important as the works he had in his hands.

Not to mention one of the projects he had to work on was ‘Meteor Girls Restaurant’, which was Shanhai Streaming’s top priority.

After the tough affair, Meteor Girls’ reputation became unprecedentedly good and numerous fans felt guilty for misunderstanding them previously so they showered them with support.

Some people, who were originally bystanders that came just for the drama, also started to like them.

After all, they were nine beauties with their own charm that appeared in front of them so not many people could resist their charm.

As for the girls, they were more united than ever.

Those smug feelings that started to emerge from their success completely disappeared without a trace and was replaced by a humble unity to continue to work hard.

This was the best thing for a band.

Except for the orchestra, why didn’t those young bands from China succeed?

Wasn’t it because as soon as they had some achievements, they started to have their own plans which strained the band cohesion before they all flew in their own direction?

In other words, it was the bosses’ choices and planning that were problematic as they were in danger of disbanding as soon as they debuted before even reaching the peak.

Those great bands were mostly from abroad. They usually worked for a long time and released multiple albums. It was by working together for a long time that they became one of the greats and attracted money for decades.

The most famous was obviously Uncle Kimura’s band in Japan. Who knew how many hundreds of million dollars they made for their talent agency?

Those girl bands in Korea were also good but age was a huge disadvantage to them. there was only one or two that lasted for 10 years as they usually only lasted for three or five.

Now both Chen Huan and the princess wanted to create a band that flourished for more than 5 years.

Calculating according to the girls current age, the oldest would be only 23 years old after 5 years so it wasn’t a problem at all.

So after their big victory, Shanhai Streaming paid more attention to their future development and Cui Zhong was more concerned about that.

A singer like Jian Peng, he only recruited him due to Chen Huan.

Jian Peng wasn’t worth his attention before he showed sufficient worth.

Of course, although Cui Zhong went back, a small team specially set up for Jian Peng remained in Lin’an and followed the instruction of Teacher Lu.

Because only Chen Huan knew how to sing this ‘He Must Really Love You’ the best way and the best combination of voice and melody.

In the next few days, Chen Huan would have him practice on it and then would correct his singing in the evening such as his pronunciation, breathing or other details.

Singing a song was just that complicated.

In fact, if people heard a singer sing the song perfectly, it must have been perfected by a lot of works since it couldn’t be sung that well so easily.

Every note and lyrics had gone through thousands of repeats to find the best effect.

This was also a key point why people felt that those people covering the songs in talent shows were different from the original ones.

While Jian Peng was practicing the song there, there was Meng Zijing who got Chen Huan’s song in October and had already begun preparing for her second debut.

After receiving Chen Huan’s final check and approval, Meng Zijing uploaded the song ‘Understanding’ to the three major music websites.

She wanted to ask Teacher Lu to help her promote a bit by saying a few words. This song was just too important to her after all and it must imperatively become a key weapon for the latter half of her life.

But she didn’t ask in the end.

If she bothered Chen Huan again and had him help with everything, Meng Zijing would lose her remaining dignity.

Meng Zijing was a singer from the opening era and didn’t have any experience in selling music online.

She only heard of it and somewhat understood the step to take.

The 35 years old woman who had two children now had long been out of the trend from the current era.

She set ‘Understanding’ at 1 Yuan for the download, which was the common price.

Then she let God decide of the rest.

She was hopeful but still filled with worry.

Especially when Meng Zijing saw the sales rankings and popularity rankings of the three major music websites as it was filled with names from popular artists, she was afraid that her lack of fame would shelve the super classic made by Teacher Lu until it dusted.

However, she underestimated the modern technologies.

The fact was that the name ‘Lu Xiaofeng’ was a key word in the three major music websites.

The moment the name ‘Lu Xiaofeng’ appeared in the category of ‘Lyricist’ or ‘Composer’, the editor on duty would immediately see it and find more about the singer’s information.

The first to find the song was a small editor at Crab Music.

She thought she saw it wrong at first.

Because this song was too low key with no promotion of it whatsoever and there was nothing on it.

Normally, the people who got Teacher Lu’s song would first notify the websites in advances so they could have them recommend it.

None of those websites would refuse to do so as it would also bring them a huge profit.

What was not great about everyone helping each other?

So that small editor didn’t believe it at first and thought she was fully awake yet.

It wasn’t until she saw that the lyricist and composer was both Lu Xiaofeng that she quickly clicked on the song ‘Understanding’.

The singer was Meng Zijing.

She never heard of her.

But no one dared to play a prank like that.

Those who used Lu Xiaofeng’s name as a trick without actually having his work would be directly blocked as even their ID number would be banned without any way to register again.

Those music websites couldn’t be compared to the pirate sites as they could just move away if they get struck but the music website couldn’t run away if there was a problem.

So they paid a lot of attention to copyrights and severely penalized them.

After pondering for a bit, she started to listen to it.

“I thought I would cry, yet I didn’t, I just followed your footsteps in a trance, to give you my last blessing…”

The little editor immediately got immersed into it.

She still felt it wasn’t enough after listening to it twice. The more she listened to it, the more she appreciated it and just couldn’t stop.

During the third time, an alarm rang next to her, which finally woke her from her stupor.


This has the potential to blow up!

Teacher Lu’s songs are so great!

And this Meng Zijing’s voice is so nice and so soothing! She sang it so greatly that it made people want to cry~~~

After thinking of that point, the little editor immediately contacted her superior via a chat app and sent a link to him.

In less than 10 minute, there was an extra banner at the home page of Crab Music.

“Teacher Lu Xiaofeng’s latest masterpiece! Meng Zijing’s emotional song!”


“A love song classic that you just can’t miss!”

Only a few minutes later, Kuku Music and Beidou Music had all recommended ‘Understanding’ on their homepage.

Then all the users suddenly could see this eye-catching recommendation on their app.

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