I Know Everything Chapter 385

Chapter 385: The extremely unconfident construction worker.

Chen Huan wrote the script really fast.

No, it couldn’t be described as writing a script.

Chen Huan watched the show and its summary, and then copied it.

The original work had 28 episodes and Chen Huan had no intention of extending it to 40 or 50 episodes.

Because it was unnecessary.

Chen Huan watched 5 episodes every night and could write the general outline and various arcs in a week.

While he was writing the script, Cui Zhong brought Jian Peng over.

Honestly, Jian Peng felt like it was a dream even when Cui Zhong took him to Lin’an, passed through the small noodle shop and went to the backyard of the Shui family.

He felt he may be slapped awake at any moment.

“Get a grip, silly brat! Are you dreaming about being a singer again?”

“Is the failure not enough to wake you up?”

“Quickly transport the bricks and make money. Then marry a girl and have a kid, live a good life and it’ll be enough!”

Those words were repeating in his mind every day.

If he hadn’t seen Cui Zhong on TV before or Cui Zhong showed him some proof, Jian Peng would have suspected him as a scammer.

Now that Cui Zhong brought him here. At the house of Shui Qingshan and Shui Qianyu, Jian Peng no longer doubted Cui Zhong but he was worried that Teacher Lu was just joking around.

Cui Zhong told him that Teacher Lu could make Guan Yili popular and he could just as well make him popular.

Jian Peng didn’t believe it.

Although Guan Yili’s voice was a bit more feminine, his voice was still nice to listen to if they didn’t know he was a man.

He, Jian Peng, was different!

Not to mention that he had a hoarse voice, it was also smoky. He couldn’t even sing rock songs so how could there be people to like it?

A voice like that would waste great songs.

Would someone like Teacher Lu be willing to waste away his songs?

So Jian Peng felt his heart jump into his throat and his body shake when he saw Chen Huan come out of the computer room.

He almost fainted.

Because he didn’t want to hear Teacher Lu say those cruel words.

Chen Huan just came back from school and was watching ‘Love Through Different Times’ in his mind while trying to write the scripts so he wasn’t completely clear minded yet.

He felt weird out when he saw Jian Peng’s pale and panic stricken expression, “Director Cui, what’s wrong with this guy? Why does he look like he’s going to an execution ground?”

Cui Zhong glanced up and said with a laugh, “Eh, he’s been like that for a few days now. maybe he’s too worried and is afraid of failing again.”

“Then it’s simple.”

Chen Huan immediately understood Jian Peng’s state of mind, “Sit down on the stone bench there. I’ll go get three bowls of beef noodles. We’ll talk after our stomach is full.”

Jian Peng was so nervous that he didn’t speak and nobody could even see that he was nodding.

Others could only see him moving like a stiff robot.

After a moment, Chen Huan came back with a plate containing three bowls of noodle.

When it was placed on the table, a strong flavor poured into Jian Peng’s nose.

“Alright, let’s eat first.” Chen Huan motioned Jian Peng to eat.

Jian Peng was too nervous to speak and after he stuttered “Thank You” out, he started to eat the noodles.

He didn’t eat anything on the plane due to worries and nervousness. Even in the last few days, he couldn’t eat anything.

He couldn’t help but take a bite of noodles. Then suddenly, the warm and chewy noodles, the thick aroma of the beef broth and the special fragrance of the green onions bloomed in his mouth.

Jian Peng speeded up the pace of his eating as if he was eating a feast.

Cui Zhong wasn’t as hungry as him but still praised the dish, “Hmm, Teacher Lu, your noodles are getting better and better… it seems to be more fragrant than what I ate last time.”

“That’s what everyone said.” Chen Huan quickly ate his noodles too.

Any popular restaurant would have fluctuating business.

Some cases would be that the business would be good for a few months before it suddenly turned bad.

In other cases, the business was good for a few years but it suddenly fell to the bottom.

Then some had bad turnover before it suddenly became good without any reasons.

The small noodle restaurant had through the people making an insane queue period but it recently became much calmer now.

But since ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ won the Golden Lion, there was an increase of people visiting the small noodle shop.

Then added with the spices upgrade to intermediate level that made it more fragrant and satisfying to eat, many of them became regulars and they would feel uncomfortable if they didn’t eat a bowl of noodles from the small noodle shop every other day.

Because it seemed like an addiction, some people really went to report the small noodle shop to see if there was any drugs put in it.

Therefore, sanitary inspectors swarmed over and inspected the ingredients and food. Then they posted a notice on the door of the small noodle restaurant to prove that there was nothing wrong with it.

So you could see a queue at the small noodle shop from 6am at the opening to 10 am. The shop was rising up again.

It was still crowded after adding the 30 seats outside.

Jian Peng calmed down after eating the warm bowl of beef noodle.

Seeing he was somewhat normal, Chen Huan spoke to him, “How is it? Did you recover some courage?”

“N-no.” Jian Peng stammered out with difficulty.

He wasn’t in a panic now but he was still nervous.

“Did you sign him?” Chen Huan asked Cui Zhong.

“5 albums in 10 years, all the managing rights are ours.” Cui Zhong reassured him.

“Okay.” Chen Huan grinned a bit before he said to Jian Peng, “Come on, sing along a bit with me.”

With that said, he prepared for a bit and deliberately sang with a throaty and grave voice.

“He must really love you, and better than me. The break up only took one minute.”

Chen Huan sang it twice.

Cui Zhong listened to it and felt that the melody was good but his voice was unsuitable for the song.

Why was it unsuitable?

Cui Zhong couldn’t explain it clearly.

Then he heard Jian Peng sing.

His eyes instantly lit up when he heard it.

This is it!

This is the version!



How come I feel that Jian Peng singing is good?

While he was stunned, Chen Huan said, “No, don’t hold on your breath, use your hoarseness and lower the tone, but you have to be more relaxed and just do it! Let’s try it one more time!”

Jian Peng heard Chen Huan’s advice and stayed silent for a bit before he slowly sang, “He must really love you, and better than me. The break up only took one minute.”

“He is in tune but the feelings of restrain and sadness aren’t there.” Chen Huan still shook his head in dissatisfaction.

But Cui Zhong was excited as he said, “Teacher Lu! You’re absolutely amazing! I never thought Jian Peng could sing so well! Lyrics and tunes like that are simply made for him! You’re truly a miracle maker!”

Jian Peng doubted that.

He didn’t think it was that good.

He was accustomed to being knocked down and even facing a song like that, he would just sing it nervously by following Chen Huan’s direction but wouldn’t recall much about it.

It was also thanks to Jian Peng regularly practicing otherwise his tune wouldn’t be as stable.

Chen Huan used to Cui Zhong praising him.

No shit!

This was a golden song from Ado (Du Chengyi) and Jian Peng couldn’t sing it well with his husky and hoarse voice, who else in this world would be able to sing this song?

It was really coincidental while they were on the topic.

Ado used to work in construction sites too and had a similar story to Jian Peng.

Could this be so called destiny!?

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