I Know Everything Chapter 384

Chapter 384: Businessmen.

Huhai, under the colored lights.

As the largest and most prosperous city of China, the two sides of the Huangpu River had always enjoyed pleasant scenery.

Lai Haijin sat in a coffee shop and looked at the river scenery nearby. He looked at the high-rise building before sighing, “When I was young, I used to dream of buying a house there. But now I understand that unless there’s a heaven gifted opportunity, it’s a crime even to think about it.”

“Haha, Old Lai, do you even lack money to buy a house?” Wen Fan, who was dressed like a young master, said with a laugh, “You could buy a few houses in Thomson at will now, right?”

Thomson was no longer high priced properties in the Huangpu River but with the average of 150k per square meters, it needed at least 70 to 80 million Yuan for one and at least 300 for four or five.

The beauty sitting next to Lai Haijin couldn’t help but glow as she subconsciously got closer to him.

At the opposite, a more beautiful woman didn’t show any care as she curled beside Wen Fan like a kitten.

This was normal.

Wen Fan was only 32 years old. His father was a well-known real estate businessman and he himself entered the entertainment industry after graduating from university. He went through many challenges to become the second largest shareholder and also the vice president of Calf Film and TV, a famous second-tier company in the industry.

Wen Fan himself was worth around 3 billion and with his handsome looks, many beautiful stars came throwing themselves at him and many wanted to become Mrs. Wen.

Although the previous women failed, the new one always felt they would succeed.

Lai Haijin laughed, “Young Wen, as a person from the entertainment industry, no matter how rich someone is, can they be compared to a company boss like you?”

“That isn’t a fact.” Wen Fan said, “For example, Teacher Chu Liuxiang, if he writes two or three more super classic like ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, what would my achievement even count as?”

Wen Fan wasn’t looking down on himself.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ book, movie etc… had overall revenue of 1 billion Yuan added together, it was already a pretty confirmed fact.

Teacher Chu would have made even more money if all the investment and shooting was done by him.

After two or three works alike, was that difficult for him to get 3 billion in revenue?

Lai Haijin agreed with him and said, “It could be the case in theory but Teacher Chu has no interest in those commercial operations. You’re really lucky this time, I didn’t even know he would be willing to write a TV series script.”

“Haha, isn’t it all thanks to Bu Yiyi and Teacher Lu Xiaofeng?” Wen Fan was very happy about it, “Otherwise there are many rich people, why would he write it to us Calf Film and TV?”

After a slight pause, Wen Fan said, “As far as the price is concerned, I’m sure it will satisfy Teacher Chu…well, I prepared 30 million upfront. If the rating was more than 3%, a bonus of 10 million will be given, and if the rating reached 10%, I would gladly pay 70 million in bonus to him!”

Lai Haijin laughed in his mind.

Wen Fan wasn’t an ordinary second generation progenitor but a very shrewd Huhai guy.

30 million for a TV series script, it looked like a lot but was it actually a lot?

Teacher Chu wrote two movie scripts so far.

‘Love Letter’ had special circumstances. Teacher Chu invested his script and got a share of 30-50 million Yuan.

But ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was different.

According to news from Shanhai Streaming, Teacher Chu would take 10% of the box office profit, the same as Zhu Mei’s team.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ had already grossed over 2 billion Yuan worldwide two weeks after its release. How much would that be at the end?

It would be at least 3 billion and maybe even reach 4 billion!

Even with a box office of 3 billion and calculated with the number of 30%, it would be a profit of 900 million from the box office so Teacher Chu would receive 90 million Yuan.

It had to be noted that they agreed on box office profit shares and not a share of the overall income.

If the expense were added, the production costs of more than hundreds of million Yuan as well as more than tens of millions of dollars in advertisements, it was unsure whether they would make money at the end.

Zheng Rongrong was a very generous person that wouldn’t allow them to make a loss so she gave them the box office profit shares so all the losses had nothing to do with them.

The guy could get 90 million for his script, was 30 million Yuan from you considered high for a TV series script?

Definitely not high!

Just as Wen Fan said, it wasn’t about the money but whether if Teacher Chu Liuxiang was willing to write it.

TV series had dozens of episodes which were more cumbersome to write.

Wen Fan’s bonus clause related to rating was also very smart.

If it could reach 10% in rating, Wen Fan would happily give the 70 million Yuan bonus.

But it was impossible.

If it was ten years ago, there was still a possibility.

Breaching the 5% mark in the current TV industries was already considered a great series while most series couldn’t break through 3%.

The unfortunate thing was they still didn’t know what the script was and Lai Haijin couldn’t discuss about the casting with Wen Fan.

Lai Haijin wouldn’t have thought about it or expected Bu Yiyi to succeed if Calf Film and TV didn’t propose the idea.

This was Teacher Chu!

Teacher Chu Liuxiang who was known as the greatest script writer in the new generation of the movie industry of China!

If he knew he could get one of his scripts, what was a mere Calf Film and TV?

He would have directly gone to Weibao Films and have them pay more and give more benefits!

When Lai Haijin left with the little celebrity, Gu Yingjing who was curling like a cat finally stirred up.

“Young master Wen, I saw Old Lai’s countenance earlier and it seems he has some plans~~~” Gu Yingjing softly said.

“Oh? What did you see?” Wen Fan asked with a grin as he slithered his hand into her clothes.

“He seemed to want to take the control of the entire TV series.” Gu Yingjing said, “Didn’t you agree in the beginning to let him just cast Bu Yiyi as the main female lead? But now after he heard this was Teacher Chu’s script, he seems different.”

Gu Yingjing was a graduate from Huhai Opera and was obviously more than just a pretty face.

As for the pretty face, Wen Fan would throw them away after playing with them for two days at most and would never stay with them.

Wen Fen nodded and said, “You didn’t see wrong, that’s exactly what he’s thinking. He also wants to choose all the important roles on it too.”

“How can that be okay?” Gu Yingjing said with a frown, “We’re the one paying, we’re the one producing and the pressure to do well is also on us while he has it good by getting all the benefits and none of the blame, why?”

“Because Bu Yiyi can rely on Teacher Lu to get the script from Teacher Chu!” Wen Fan said with a smile.

“Because we can’t? Can’t we just find Teacher Chu?” Gu Yingjing said.

“This matter is very problematic.” Wen Fan shook his head, “Except Qiantang Evening News, Zhu Mei and Lu Xiaofeng, nobody else can contact Teacher Chu. If we charge in rashly, can we guarantee we will succeed? We don’t even know how his personality is!”

“Then what should we do?”

“You don’t have to worry, I have my own plans.” A gleam of light flashed through Wen Fan’s eyes, “I will definitely hold my promise to you.”

“Thank you Young Master Wen~~~ I will certainly repay it to you tonight~~~” Gu Yingjing’s expression exploded in joy.

She always had confidence in herself.

If it wasn’t because of luck, she wouldn’t be any worse than that Small Flower Dan Bu Yiyi!

Good, the opportunity she worked so hard for finally came!

Even if she was the supporting role for Bu Yiyi’s, who said that supporting role couldn’t shine?

Just wait, Bu Yiyi, you would be my first stepping stone!

I will definitely succeed!

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