I Know Everything Chapter 383

Chapter 383: Making a TV series.

If it was a request given before ‘Young Di Renjie’, Bu Yiyi wasn’t sure Chen Huan would help her so much.

Although the two were friends, it was a principle to not trouble friends.

Those friendships didn’t last if those things happened a few times.

But now it was different. Bu Yiyi knew that Chen Huan liked and she liked him too. The two of them were on the path of lovers so many things could be discussed frankly.

It wouldn’t affect their relationship even if Chen Huan didn’t agree.

Besides, Bu Yiyi always suspected that the never appearing Teacher Chu Liuxiang was Chen Huan.

Around eighteen years old was the age that people were the most curious about secrets.

That was inevitably one of her obsessions now.

Chen Huan slightly nodded after hearing Bu Yiyi out.

A few months ago, Meteor Girls got so popular that he received a TV series recall.

Chen Huan would have hesitated if it was anyone else but he would certainly not hesitate for Bu Yiyi.

His mother once said that wide hips meant more fertile, Bu Yiyi was one of them.

Chen Huan wasn’t too greedy for this world. The three wives of Xiao Shuishui, Dong’er and Bu Yiyi, weren’t excessive, right?”

He was someone who transmigrated and he had the nutty system of the Good Lord so he mustn’t let down the life of a transmigrator.

So Chen Huan replied, “Alright, I can talk to him…but Calf Film and TV better be prepared for the price, his script isn’t cheap even if it’s a TV series script.”

But Yiyi immediately felt happy as she gave Chen Huan a pleased and seductive look and said, “You’re still saying you’re not Teacher Chu? Some people can’t even see his face but you are here to discuss about the pay~~~”

Chen Huan didn’t respond but changed the subject, “Yiyi, what kind of script do they want?”

“Oh? Teacher Chu, you can even do it on demand?” Bu Yiyi was surprised.

Chen Huan ignored this silly girl’s bait and said, “It would be best if it suited you. You can’t give it to them for nothing.”

“Hmm, you’re rigt!” Bu Yiyi exclaimed in agreement.

She did owe a favor and them wanting it back now was not bad.

But she didn’t directly owe Calf Film and TV, the matter was complicated and there was no need to delve deeper into it.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if she could pay back the favor while improving her career?

Bu Yiyi thought a lot about her future so she didn’t hesitate and just said, “Of course I hope to be the main protagonist and that the main male role didn’t have as much scene as me and that the whole plot revolve around me!”

Chen Huan couldn’t help but grin.

Bu Yiyi was sure ambitious and blunt.

But if he thought about it, which celebrity wasn’t?

Which superstars didn’t want to act in all parts of the show?

Giving the limelight and scenes to others?

There were no such silly stars!

Even ordinary actors wouldn’t be willing to do so when they could help it.


Chen Huan had an idea, “Eat your meal! I’ll go ask Teacher Chu and see how to fulfill your wish!”

Bu Yiyi felt happy and waved her finger at Chen Huan as she said, “If our relationship goes further in the future, you mustn’t hide it from me anymore! Otherwise, I’ll be angry!”

The treatment was really different depending on the relationship.

The Small Flower Dan was somewhat certain that her guess was true.

It wasn’t like Chen Huan denied it when she asked it first but he just completely ignored the inquiry.

This meant that he wasn’t unwilling to reveal it and was even more unwilling to lie.

This kind of subtle thought for her made her a little happy~~~

Back at home, Chen Huan thought about the TV series to use.

Bu Yiyi wanted to be the main protagonist and the main male lead must serve as the foil for her. There weren’t many of such TV series.

Series such as ‘Lady Flower Fist’ or ‘Mu Guiying’ were like that.

But there were already many TV series made based on those historical figures in this world.

Calf Film and TV had already done two on Mu Guiying.

So what Chen Huan needed to do wasn’t use an historical figure but a made up one.

There were very few of those TV series in more than 3000 TV series made in China every year but if they searched on the last 20 years, there were quite a few of those series.

For example, the most famous of them were ‘Princess Returning Pearl’ and the later ‘Gong’, ‘Scarlet Heart’ and ‘The Legend of Zhen Huan’.

There was also ‘Dae Jang Geum’ from Korea, ‘The Legend of Mi Yue’ was also good.

‘The Story of Yanxi Palace’ made recently was also a classic.

However, Chen Huan didn’t plan to give Bu Yiyi those trump cards right at the beginning.

Bu Yiyi was only 19 years old, if she came out right at the gate with those classics, what was she going to shoot in her 20s? What was she going to shoot in her 30s?

‘The Legend of Zhen Huan’ was done by the super empress when she was 29 years old.

If Bu Yiyi wanted to catch up to that super empress level, she still needed 10 years and it was still unsure even with that.

She was so young so shooting a funny and joyful TV series would be a good start.

Therefore he didn’t choose any of those series he mentioned but chose a very popular series in his previous world that was made in the 00s.

It was ‘Love Through Different Times’.

It was a story of a kung-fu trained thief that accidentally time traveled at the beginning of the Ming dynasty.

The one playing the leading heroine was Zhang Ting and she played a lively and cute lead particularly well.

‘Love Through Different Times’ could be considered as the first generation of its type and could be called a masterpiece.

There were many resemblance of it in ‘Gong’ that came later.

When it was broadcasted back then, it reached a rating of 10% when 5% was already considered as a super classic! – the last episode of ‘The Legend of Zhen Huan’ had only 5.75%!

‘Love Through Different Times’ was a comedy at its core which suited the current Bu Yiyi.

If a 19 years old girl played some tragic and bleak role, it wouldn’t suit her age and the viewers would feel it was awkward.

Not everyone was Zhang Ziyi and took such a big role at such a young age.

Moreover, the jumpy personality of the female thief was a fish in the water in the past and wouldn’t make people feel annoyed while making people like her, the role also tested the actor’s skill.

If it was done well, Bu Yiyi wouldn’t only get a good rating from the show but people would also recognize her skills.

Maybe the laurel of the best female actress for TV series would be put on her head.

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