I Know Everything Chapter 382

Chapter 382: Yiyi is here.

Chen Huan didn’t pursue the matter and Shanhai Streaming gained plenty of benefits so the scandal quickly faded away.

This was the case in the internet era, people’ attention switched really fast.

A quick pace like that could make a celebrity popular in one day and also fall to the ground the next.

It was precisely because of this quick paced recycling that celebrities wanted to make quick bucks since they wouldn’t be able to make money after they crashed to the ground.

How could someone live in this world without material joy?

Fame wasn’t something easily gotten. Moreover, it needed to reach the step of celebrities or it couldn’t be used for a living.

It was better to earn money as if they were going to die before they fell to the ground.

There were celebrities that went crazy for money and earned 20 to 30 million in a year and had retired from the entertainment industry and became a landlord, living a comfortable life.

The same was true for companies.

They didn’t care about reputation or whatnot, just like Shining Technology, the noise surrounding them would soon be covered by other trending topics and people would hardly remember their mistakes.

But there was one thing.

If a company wanted to grow bigger and do well, they must have a good product.

Shining Technology had to pay a lot to settle this scandal on one side while on the other side, they also announced they would start production of 5 TV series and movies. All of them would be large productions with big investment and their casting was really stunning.

For example, Yang Shu, one of the five biggest directors, would take over the directing of one of their films.

Then many big names from the TV series joined the cast so those news hid their previous shame in a blink of an eye.

A large group like Shining Technology was very efficient after admitting their loss as they wired the 100 million to Chen Huan after two days.

The reason given was consultation fee. Chen Huan didn’t bother to call out on their ‘burying their head into the sand’ way of doing things.

However, this money stayed in Chen Huan’s bank as he didn’t go donate it at the first moment.

Anyhow, he could be a wealthy person for a few days!

Chen Huan didn’t have any urgent need to use this money but who didn’t like to see a few more zeros in their bank accounts instead of just one or two zeros?

It was now November and the weather in Lin’an was getting colder by the day.

Jiangnan and Southwest had similar weather as it would get very cold and wet during winter, which was very uncomfortable for the population.

It was worse in Jiangnan as there was no rain season in the Southwest while the rainy season lasted as their rain season could last for 30 to 40 days during autumn.

Some elderly preferred to fly to Qiongdao during that time and enjoy the warmth and sunshine there.

Under the warmth and sunlight, it was easier for their illness to heal and their mood would naturally be better.

At this moment, Chen Huan didn’t need to fasten his belt like he did when he just came to this world.

Just the 130 million Yuan in his pocket was enough to live the rest of his life in comfort.

Going to a good university, getting a good job or whatever, was all slowly fading.

Even if he spent all of his money now, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to live a high middle class family life by just relying on the copyrights of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, ‘Love Letter’ and ‘The Story of Hachiko’.

So if he didn’t have to tutor his classmates, he may have run to Qingdao for two or three months and the excuse would be that he had to resource himself.

While he was feeling sorry for himself, Bu Yiyi gave him a call and invited him to dinner.

To eat hotpot.

In Lin’an.

Speaking of Bu Yiyi, her relationship with Chen Huan was obviously good and was obviously more than friends but not yet lovers.

Bu Yiyi would like to get closer to Chen Huan and she also confessed to Chen Huan that she liked him a lot.

But liking was just a feeling and not something she wanted to put in action.

This girl didn’t think about falling in love as she enjoyed her current work life.

To put it simply, this girl was a workaholic like Han Dong’er.

They finished filming ‘Young Di Renjie’ in August and then she already went to act in a literary film in September and October.

Actually, she was already going through that script after she did her scene every day while in ‘Young Di Renjie’.

Her attitude alone was enough to stand out in the industry.

Chen Huan also didn’t dislike Bu Yiyi’s mindset. With this slow and steady flow, the love resulting from that was the one that gave the most happiness.

The place Bu Yiyi chose for the dinner was a hot pot restaurant opened by a Yuzhou native in Lin’an. A small and private was especially reserved for them as they didn’t even have to enter from the front door and could come from the kitchen at the back so they didn’t alarm the many people.

“You’re much more famous than me now.” Bu Yiyi wasn’t afraid of the cold as she took out her coat while talking, revealing her incredible beauty.

“It’s nothing, just empty praises.” Chen Huan waved his hand and sat on her opposite, “I don’t like this much limelight on me.”

“You’re really not made to develop in the entertainment industry.” Bu Yiyi rolled her eyes at him, “If it was any other person, they can’t wait to hype themselves for the whole year! Especially after proving your innocence, they would mention it and Shining Technology all the time.”

After a slight pause, Bu Yiyi asked enthusiastically, “Chen Huan, be honest, did you eat one of those nine girls? I won’t laugh at you, even if they entered the door later, they will still be behind me.”

“What rubbish are you saying?!” Chen Huan glared at her displeasingly, “You’re more and more rude now, it’s that how you treat a man that likes you?”


Bu Yiyi didn’t feel embarrassed by that as she started to cook the meat after the hot pot boiled.

“Eat more, the intestine and brain here are their specialty and I guarantee you will want more after eating it.” She advised Chen Huan before she unceremoniously started to eat it herself.

Bu Yiyi was from Yuzhou. She was tall but had a small skeleton frame so it made her look thin.

But she didn’t go on a diet very often and she also usually ate some vegetables and fruits at night.

So she had a delicious meal every night.

As she said, she worked so hard during filming and if she didn’t treat herself well, how could she be worthy of herself?

She held back for many days just so she could enjoy this.

“So why did you want to see me?” Chen Huan asked bluntly while slowly eating his hot pot.

Hot pot was liked by the Chinese.

The only difference was that the southwestern provinces liked to eat the spicy soup pot, the south and southwestern province liked to eat the white soup pot while the northerners liked to eat the mandarin hot pot.

However, it had changed recently.

Many young people could handle spices now so the mandarin hot pot became the standard in Jiangnan.

However, Bu Yiyi took into account Chen Huan so ordered the mandarin hot pot but she exclusively bowled her food on the spicy side.

Chen Huan could handle some spicy food but his tolerance level wasn’t at Bu Yiyi’s so he boiled his food most of the time on the white side.

For a busy person like Bu Yiyi to come to Lin’an, it was certainly not for a meal.

Both of them were friends so it wasn’t a problem for Chen Huan to be blunt about it.

Bu Yiyi swallowed some yellow fillet before talking about the purpose of her visit.

It was actually very simple.

Bu Yiyi owed some favors in her path to popularity. She naturally had to repay it now that she was famous.

It happened that they owed a favor to Calf Film and TV so they wanted Bu Yiyi help to do a TV series.

Honestly, they also wanted to ride the wave a little bit.

Because everyone knew that Chen Huan and Bu Yiyi shot a super production TV series together, ‘Young Di Renjie’.

With so many big names in the industry joining the cast and Shanhai Streaming’s big investment, ‘Young Di Renjie’ definitely wouldn’t be bad.

With that being the case, Chen Huan and Bu Yiyi definitely could make it popular.

Needless to say, Chen Huan didn’t like to act and few could afford him to act in their work.

But Bu Yiyi was different and there was also the favor so they wanted Bu Yiyi to act in it to ride on the hype train of ‘Young Di Renjie’ to make Calf Film and TV some bank, which was a good plan.

Calf Film and TV also didn’t let Chen Huan go.

More precisely they didn’t let Lu Xiaofeng go.

Many people guessed that Teacher Lu and Teacher Chu should be friends.

Otherwise, Teacher Lu wouldn’t be the one going to the audition for ‘Love Letter’ actors.

While ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was popular before they even released, Calf TV and Film already wanted Chu Liuxiang to write them a TV script.

They went to find Zhu Mei but Zhu Mei refused without hesitation and was even unwilling to pass the words.

So they had no choice to ask Bu Yiyi for help.

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