I Know Everything Chapter 381

Chapter 381: Money leaking.

Aunty Cui thoughts were perfect but his eyes widened in shock when he saw the candidates given by Chen Huan.

Cui Zhong watched every episode of the selection of Lightning Boys and had researched many of the candidates in it.

It was so called to know about oneself and thy enemy and thou shall win a hundred battles. The more details he knew, the better he understood how to deal with them.

The 18 years old young man called Jiang Peng was a candidate that left a deep impression on Cui Zhong.

Not because he was very good, but because his husky and smoky voice was very, very unique.

When he was singing, whether it was love songs, pop songs, ballads etc… it would be beyond recognition.

Although he was unique, it wasn’t mainstream and couldn’t be popular.

His scalp felt numb as he put the information down and said in doubts, “Teacher Lu, can… this Jiang Peng, do it?”

“He’s good.” Chen Huan answered without hesitation.

“Can he become a singer like Guan Yili and become popular all over the country?” Cui Zhong asked.


“Can he?” Cui Zhong grimaced, “I can’t see it at all!”

“If it was so easy to see, there wouldn’t be so many undiscovered pearls in the seas.” Chen Huan laughed, “Go sign him and take him to here so we can record the song in Lin’an.”


Cui Zhong chose to believe in Chen Huan.

With his proven records and the miraculous victory he just obtained, he didn’t dare to say he didn’t believe.

Although he didn’t believe in it.

It didn’t matter even if it wasn’t a success.

Shanhai Streaming and Teacher Lu had become bounded allies. They would live and die together and could no longer be separated.

Chen Huan failing once didn’t mean anything at all. Shanhai Streaming had plenty of opportunities and patience to look at his occasional and innocuous failure.

Cui Zhong didn’t know how the other thought but he was sure that the princess thought like that!

That was why Cui Zhong agreed so readily.


Chen Huan’s phone rang.

He didn’t want to pay attention to it but Cui Zhong wriggled his eyebrow at him and said, “Teacher Lu, take a look at the message.”

Could it be..

Having worked with Shanhai Streaming so many times, Chen Huan already had some experience.

He took out his phone after hearing that and took a look.

“100 million yuan has been transferred to your xx bank account…”

( ︶ ω ︶ )

Chen Huan’s eyes lit up in excitement as he exclaimed, “Why is this so much?”

He knew that the princess definitely wasn’t someone stingy. He defeated Shining Technology this time and thwarted their plots so the princess would definitely give a generous reward.

Sometimes, he would think that if the Good Lord had the personality of the princess, he would have dominated the world and fled out of the solar system a long time ago!

But Chen Huan never expected her to give him the big sum of 100 million!

But when he thought about it, the money wasn’t unjustified.

If Shining Technology’s plot was successful this time, it seemed it would impact Chen Huan the most but Shanhai Streaming would also suffer plenty.


An artist under your label was in love with someone else but Chen Huan could intervene and dictate it, wasn’t your management too incompetent and wild?

And because of this, the rising Meteor Girls would fall down from the sky, which would be a big blow to Shanhai Streaming.

How angry would the princess be if Shanhai Streaming was defeated by a plot like that?

She had to reward Chen Huan because he allowed her to let out her hatred.

Not to mention that Shining Technology had been beaten until they couldn’t fight back anymore and whether it was their market value, influence or reviews, it all collapsed, which smoothed the path of Shanhai Streaming to the peak.

It wasn’t that hard to understand that he received 100 million if all of that was added.

This also showed how much Chen Huan contributed to Shanhai Streaming in the eyes of the princess.

Cui Zhong knew Chen Huan loved money.

He smirked and said, “Right, I also think it’s a lot, how about you share some with me Teacher Lu? We also worked quite hard!”

“Okay, how much do you want?” Chen Huan just bluntly asked him.

Seeing Chen Huan frankness, Cui Zhong laughed a bit and said, “I’m just joking, how would I dare take the money? Besides, the president gave me plenty of rewards already! Everybody got some!”

Chen Huan didn’t doubt his words.

How did the princess establish herself back then?

Wasn’t it just relying on money to smash the path for her? Using the money to smack those technical staffs and management to willing work for Shanhai Streaming?

If she wasn’t generous, how could she carve a path in the video streaming websites industry and wrist away from Shining Technology’s Youyi?

That was why skills and drive wasn’t enough to do big things in the current mature market.

In the current time, strong financial support was indispensable for entrepreneurship!


After Cui Zhong left, Chen Huan took a look at his account’s balance and with some hesitation, he divided the 100 million ten times and used Habao Pay to transfer them.

His account was certified diamond so he could transfer 10 million as many times as he wanted.

The next moment, the young man called Qing Yuan from Habao Pay and said a few words to her before donating the 100 million to the public welfare project of ‘Rural School Construction Project’.

Qing Yuan and Chen Huan were quite familiar now. She would call him from time to time to tell him about the progress of ‘Xiaofeng Primary School’, ‘Xiaofeng Middle School’, ‘Liuxiang Primary School’ or ‘Liuxiang Middle School’.


Despite Chen Huan’s objection, Qing Yuan just used those two names.

Chen Huan thought about it for a while and tacitly agreed.

After all, both Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang donated money to build schools in those rural and mountainous areas. This wasn’t something to be ashamed of and doing a good deed without leaving a name wasn’t his style!

He wanted to let people know how much he cared about those children in this country!

Otherwise, wouldn’t he have donated those hundreds of million for nothing?

“Ding Dong!”

“The stingy and greedy host finally has learned some human decency after the tireless teaching of the system and knew how to help people in need.”

“A person isn’t judged by their words but by their actions. Good deeds deserve to be rewarded.”

“In order for the host to donate more in the future, the system will reward the host with one movie recall, two songs recall, two guzheng songs recall and ‘Professional Flute (Intermediate)’. Isn’t the host feeling grateful for such a big prize and hopes to make a bigger contribution?”

Chen Huan frowned slightly.

Those rewards weren’t surprising.

The last time he donated 100 million, he received the strengthening muscles and bones formula, which was great for his body and safety.

But ‘Professional Flute (Intermediate)’ this time looked useless.

With Lu Xiaofeng’s status, was he going to play the flute as a guest for others?

He wasn’t him being loudmouthed but just the Beginner skill of it was enough!

Why not give him something such as ‘Hitting A Bull Across the Mountain (Advanced)’.

Apart from him complaining, Chen Huan had one thing to say to the Good Lord’s stinginess.

I donated 100 million Yuan!

In the past, this was immunity sums of money!

Those six rewards ain’t that much!

If I wasn’t looking forward to better rewards, do you think I’ll be stupid enough to donate 100 million Yuan after 100 million Yuan?

Good Lord, let me warn you, if there’s no extra good stuff next time, I won’t donate as much next time!

You think that raising kids doesn’t take money?

Forget it.

Talking to a system that has no emotion was like playing the lute to a cow.


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