I Know Everything Chapter 380

Chapter 380: Another Stomp.

Chen Huan didn’t ask what Shanhai Streaming would get out of this.

There were things that you shouldn’t know and it was best to not try to find more.

You weren’t some spy or relied on intelligence to eat so what was the point to know that much?

However, Chen Huan knew that with the princess’ personality, she wouldn’t be the decisive and bold Zheng Rongrong if she didn’t bite out a piece of flesh from Shining Technology.

After persuading Chen Huan to give up further pursuing the matter, Cui Zhong was very happy and told him to latest news, “Gan Liangchen is quite a character as Wang Juan who made a big blunder wasn’t fired but remained with her job of handling the Lightning Boys. However, Jin Wei and Zhang Chen were kicked out of the company due to ‘Bad behavior and cheating the company’.”

That was the torment of the scapegoats.

They may have millions of fans but they didn’t even have the qualification for them to even glance at them as they got discarded at will.

Shining Technology was playing dumb and even though everyone knew that matter was planned by Gan Liangchen, they still pushed the blame to the people below.

Wang Juan was the best person to take the blame but she didn’t receive anything at all so naturally the ones below her would take it.

Shining Technology bought a lot of cleaners as not many news about Jin Wei and Zhang Chen were available anymore.

Anyway, there were many news and celebrities gossiping and even if Lightning Boys was previously put on the spotlight, they weren’t that popular when there weren’t people deliberately trying to hype them.

They weren’t like the six Heavenly Kings and four Heavenly Queens where people rushed to report news about them every day even though they didn’t do anything.

The one who was the most happy about this was the remaining 18 candidates for Lightning Boys.

The Lightning Boys would have 12 members so 8 people had to be eliminated while Zhang Chen and Jin Wei were guaranteed to be in.

But now that two of their biggest rivals had left, the remaining ones felt more hopeful.

However, they themselves started to be vigilant so they wouldn’t get involved between the two companies conflicts otherwise they wouldn’t even know how they died.

There was also Teacher Lu who was like a magician. Nobody knew why Wang Juan and the other two decided to tell the truth until now so he seemed to be even more terrifying.

Returning to the present.

Cui Zhong gave Chen Huan a deep look.

Not to mention those people, even Cui Zhong didn’t know what Chen Huan did.

As someone who knew about this matter from the beginning to the end and even knew what the princess did, he still didn’t know how Chen Huan did it.

Contrary to what people believed, the princess didn’t incite defection.

President Zheng was trying to find someone to put pressure to or ready to go all out against Shining Technology but nobody expected Chen Huan to deal with the matter so easily.

It was rumored that Wang Juan wanted to jump off the building but was stopped by the staff.

It may be because of this that Gan Liangchen let her stay and told her to make up for it otherwise this would end up with a life lost and it would be a very unfortunate thing.

This kid has definitely something mysterious on!

Luckily, I’m not his enemy or I wouldn’t be able to sleep!

Gan Liangchen definitely knows something about that.

He didn’t dare to use tricks to fight against Chen Huan since there were some weird things going one, he didn’t want to suddenly become a ghost one day.

“Meaning that Wang Juan will continue to contend against us?” Chen Huan was surprised by this and thought Gan Liangchen’s heart was truly vast.

“It should be like this.” Cui Zhong said, “Whether it was bad or good, Shining Technology received a lot of attention in the end so they will debut around December…I happened that we will also launch our Meteor Girls’ Restaurant at that time. They could be compared again and maybe even sneakily pick up some heat due to that.”

The word ‘sneakily’ was well used.

After the conflict, Shining Technology wouldn’t dare to use any tricks anymore.

But the conflict between Lightning Boys and Meteor Girls would remain on people’s minds so whenever one party did something, the ignorant masses would think of the other party.

This couldn’t be helped.

Chen Huan lowered his head and said, “Director Cui, how about we bully them a bit?”


Sweat appeared on Cui Zhong’s forehead.

He knew how destructive Chen Huan could be.

He didn’t dare let him go target someone.

“Teacher Lu, didn’t we agree that you will let it go if they agree to your request?…” Cui Zhong said in hesitation, “It wouldn’t be bad if you do that right? It also wouldn’t be good for your image?”

“I didn’t mean like that.” Chen Huan waved his hand, “Wasn’t Lightning boys a knockout rounds based competition? I found a eliminated candidate and I’m prepared to give him a song so we can wait until the Lightning Boys debut and have him debut at the same time so he could viciously stomp on them, what do you think?


Cui Zhong sucked in some air.

This Lu Xiaofeng was really ruthless!

What was Lu Xiaofeng’s best point in the entertainment industry?

Variety shows?

Of course not!

It was making music!

As long as it was composed by him, it would definitely be a classic!

A single song made the woman like voice Guan Yili popular.

A single song made Zhuo Xiaofen popular who didn’t even make the top four in ‘I Sing My Song’.

A single song made Shui Qingshan popular, a second rate singer that had withdrawn from the music industry for more than ten years.

A single song made popular the girl band Meteor Girls that nobody was optimistic for.

A single song made Chen Hao known to the world and now everyone knew about Chen Hao and him singing ‘Chinese Kung Fu’.

Not to mention that he used a few songs to win two singing competitions and made them into national-level— Grandpa Zhao Changshou and Comeback.

What kind of singer wasn’t filled with admiration at those exploits?

That was an important reason why Gan Liangchen tried so hard to have Chen Huan write a few songs and write variety shows for them even at a great price.

Unfortunately, Gan Liangchen couldn’t even express it before Chen Huan refused and slapped his face.

This also caused the scandal.

Although Chen Huan agreed to make peace with Shining Technology now, he unexpectedly came out with such a plan.

Aunty Cui didn’t need to think too deeply about it as the person Chen Huan fancied must possess some qualities that made Chen Huan believe he would be successful and completely overwhelm the Lightning Boys.

No matter how trash he was, was he trashier than Guan Yili?

Even knowing that Guan Yili was a big hit now, when they saw him from the past, they still couldn’t believe it was the same person!

This made people admire Chen Huan even more and admire Teacher Lu who turned stone into gold and nothing into miracle.

So Lightning Boys was in big trouble now that Chen Huan made a move!

But would Cui Zhong sympathize with them?

Hell no!

In their dreams!

Those bastards plagiarized Teacher Lu’s ideas and even dared to steal some hits by trying to hook up with the girls under Aunty Cui’s, this was simply unforgivable!

He was so worried for the nine girls that half of his hair turned white!

They could be considered as his daughters and he was so angry when they got bullied that he wanted to go to Shining Technology with a knife!

If it weren’t for the pressure on the princess being too big, Cui Zhong’s first request was for Shining Technology to dissolve Lightning Boys for reconciliation to be possible.

Now Lightning Boys would debut as planned and Cui Zhong was completely disgusted.

But now.

Teacher Lu Xiaofeng had a great plan so how could he sit back and watch the fun?

Thinking until there, Cui Zhong didn’t pretend as he just asked, “Teacher Lu, what can I do?”

“Sign the singer to your label and then he would be considered one of your artists.” Chen Huan said, “Every time Lightning Boys perform, you will have him perform, every time Lightning Boys hype themselves, you will also push him out there too! Anyway, I want to make him into a thorn to the Lightning Boys and let them squirm!”

“No problem!”

Cui Zhong accepted without hesitation.

How bad could a singer chosen by Chen Huan be?

It was only the Meteor Girls’ whose singing was a bit lacking.

If he added another person that was directly cultivated by him, wouldn’t their relation with Teacher Lu be even closer now?

This was a good business with steady profit and no loss!

Moreover, the princess absolutely hated Shining Technology so she would be very pleased if she could stomp them!

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