I Know Everything Chapter 379

Chapter 379: PR Crisis.

There was a heated debate at this moment.

Chen Huan’s involvement in the scandal between Jin Wei and Cai Huihan was already a major event in the entertainment industry.

The two youngsters were nothing but if Teacher Lu Xiaofeng, whose image had always been positive, was involved and he did as they said, was a despicable man that tried to use some hidden rules to get a girl, those people’s expectations would be subverted.

In the past year or so, Chen Huan became an idol as well as a model used by parents to teach their children.

If that image collapsed, who knew how it would mess with people’s concept of values?

So everyone was concerned about this scandal and was even more concerned about how Teacher Lu would be able to prove his innocence.

So more than 70 million people watched the live show through Youyi or Shanhai Streaming.

Adding those Weibo’s bloggers or others small or big celebrities in the live, another 10 million people joined.

80 million was really close to 100 million!

China had only 1.5 billion people and now 7% of the population was paying attention to this scandal, which proved its importance.

The people from above also paid special attention to the matter.

If Lu Xiaofeng couldn’t hold against it, they would immediately block and play down the incident and divert people’s attention.

After all, Teacher Lu didn’t rely on his face to eat and was one of the most famous.

If he was bullied too harshly and made the foreign mathematicians feel indignant, it would leave a very bad impression.

So the people from above were relieved when they saw things end like that.

Teacher Lu was indeed Teacher Lu, his morale was top-class just like his knowledge!

It could be said that this ending was the one that satisfied most of the people.

After all, people didn’t want to see the image of the genius and society role model in their heart collapse.

This wouldn’t only bring down their own moral values but also give the young a bad example, which was detrimental to their growth.

Wasn’t it better now?

Chen Huan was still the pure and filled with optimistic energy Chen Huan!

He not only didn’t do those despicable things but he was thrown dirty water because he rightly refused the request of people who plagiarized his ideas.

A person like that deserved to be an idol!

That was the Teacher Lu people liked!

But on the other side and opposite of a positive model, was Shining Technology and Gan Liangchen. They definitely deserved the people’s abuse and insult.

Suddenly, the clients of Youyi attracted the lashing of countless people and their customers’ services phones were being blown up by calls.

There were many messages under the Weibo of Shining Technology and Gan Liangchen’s.

Those were definitely good words being typed.

Gan Liangchen only watched for a few minutes before he threw away his laptop.

Then with his livid face, he dialed the number of Zheng Rongrong on his phone, the president of Shanhai Streaming.

It was unknown what they talked about but Gan Liangchen threw away his phone after a few minutes.


In the past two days, everything in Gan Liangchen’s office had been trashed.

The cleaning staff didn’t know why he did so but the secretaries just outside who heard some tidbit knew why Gan Liangchen called Zheng Rongrong.

Gan Liangchen went to beg for mercy.

It wasn’t as simple as Shining Technology having a reputation problem as their stocks listed in the US would definitely fall due to this.

But that wasn’t important for the time being.

The most important thing was whether Lu Xiaofeng and Shanhai Streaming would sue them.

Both of them had the right to sue Shining Technology.

As long as they started a lawsuit against them, the court would investigate those companies mentioned by Wang Juan and would find the clues left behind.

The moment they confirmed what Wang Juan said was true and that Shining Technology used dirty means to frame and smear Chen Huan and Shining Technology, then Shining Technology would be punished.

The punishment by the domestic law wasn’t a big deal.

But it would reflect back to the US and the investors in the US would definitely be worried about the future of Shining Technology and their shares would take a hit again, only god knows when it would rise back again.

At that time, whether Shining Technology would be surpassed by Shanhai Streaming or not wasn’t the biggest problem.

The biggest problem was could he, Gan Liangchen, still sit on the seat of the CEO of Shining Technology!

Gan Liangchen wasn’t willing to contact Lu Xiaofeng anymore so he went toward Zheng Rongrong.

As long as Zheng Rongrong agreed and then she went to talk to Chen Huan, the problem wouldn’t be as big.

But Zheng Rongrong directly refused.

Zheng Rongrong’s reason was that Teacher Lu didn’t forsake her trust for money so she also couldn’t let him down for profit.

But privately, she sent Cui Zhong to discuss about it with Chen Huan.

“What the president means is that you already gave them a ferocious strike, after letting out your anger, this matter is considered finished.” Cui Zhong suggested to Chen Huan in dejection.

“Why?” Chen Huan was shocked, “Aren’t you guys going to sue them?”

“Sue what? The people above already gave command! It isn’t easy for our country to have two big video streaming websites, stop the internal conflict, quickly deal with the matter and develop together externally!” Cui Zhong said, “It’s because of you that the president still insisted on it!”

“I understand.”

Chen Huan nodded.

He didn’t blame the people above for getting involved.

Shining Technology was the pride of Chinese’s internet company and it would be indeed bad for the overall strategy of the people above if they were to be destroyed just like that.

He personally wanted to retaliate against Gan Liangchen but didn’t wish to completely destroy Shining Technology, which was something even the princess didn’t dare to do.

So let just get some benefits.

And while he was at it, cultivated Jian Peng well so Gan Liangchen continued to lose face.

Thinking of that, Chen Huan nodded lightly, “What does President Zheng suggest I demand?”

“A private compensation of 100 million Yuan and a public apology.” Cui Zhong said.


Chen Huan readily agreed.

Cui Zhong couldn’t help but feel a headache.

He thought, Teacher Lu, you really love money, you agreed without hesitation with such a large sum given? You didn’t even negotiate?

Chen Huan naturally could see his stunned expression.

But that money wouldn’t stay in his hand at all and he would only touch it a bit at most.

Currently, if he wanted some skills or charms, how could he impress the Good Lord if he wasn’t willing to spend those millions?

It was because he wasn’t the richest man in the world otherwise he would have turned it as his playground at any time!

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