I Know Everything Chapter 378

Chapter 378: This farce ends!

“Ding Dong!”

“The host successfully completed the mission. Gan Liangchen is now angered to near death, the messengers throwing slanders has been cast aside by the viewers of the live broadcast, the system is very happy and gloating.”

“The system always stays true to its words, ‘Professional Basketball (Legendary)’, ‘Hitting a Bull Across the Mountain (Intermediate)’, one ‘Good Luck Charm’, three ‘Truth Charm’, one ‘I Want To Release Myself Charm’.”

“The system hoped the host would continue to do his best and give those shameless people a major blow! The more miserable their future would be, the happier the system would be and the better the reward would be given!”

“Let’s go young man! No one can bully the host under the protection of the great system, no one!”

 Chen Huan couldn’t help but smile when he heard such a pleasing voice.

There was really no good end if they annoyed the Good Lord.

Look at that!

How much did he receive after donating 100 million away?

Now by just punishing the people from Shining Technology, the Good Lord gave him six rewards in one go!

Chen Huan may have thought that the charms weren’t that useful in the past but after today’s event, he realized those charms could be life-saving at an important moment!

Modern society didn’t allow fighting and killing so more often than not it was necessary to use tricks and planning to accomplish something.

Those charms could help him do what he wanted to do!

Think about it, if he didn’t have the ‘Truth Charm’ or not enough of it so only one out of the three spoke truthfully this time, proving his innocence in this life wouldn’t be as perfect.

How great was it now?

The Good Lord really kept his words as he gave a cheat skill such as ‘Hitting a Bull Across the Mountain (Intermediate)’ on top of ‘Professional Basketball (Legendary)’.

He wouldn’t have to worry about his personal safety with this skill unless they had a gun or took him by surprise.

Otherwise it would be possible for him to trash a gangster ten meters away with ‘Hitting a Bull Across the Mountain (Intermediate)’!

His heart was more at ease like that!

There were always people that wanted to harm him after all!

When he came back from his thoughts, Wang Juan’s crazy yelling was all over his ears.

Chen Huan didn’t respond as he nodded before walking out of the live studio.

The outcome had already been decided, why would he keep arguing with them?

It was completely unnecessary.

As for if Chen Huan pitied them?


Although he was kind-hearted, he shouldn’t show kindness to those who wanted to harm him, right?

I’m not a pushover and goody two shoes!

They deserved everything they got right now!

However, Cui Zhong didn’t follow after Chen Huan.

He just sat there with a smile as he watched Wang Juan and the other cry and yell.

Serve you!

Who told you to be so shameless?

It wasn’t only Cui Zhong as none of the audience left either.

After Chen Huan walked out of the studio, they all focused their phone toward the trio that had a mental breakdown.

Du Wenxin couldn’t handle the eyes of the whole world so he went to stand alone in a corner.

He didn’t want to be with them.

At the same time, his mind was in a mess.


He was the only person that didn’t go crazy.

He didn’t go crazy before and wasn’t crazy now either.

His existence was also the greatest rebuke to all those people with conspiracies.

You’re saying there’s a problem with the handshake?

So why is Du Wenxin fine?

He was fine and tried to stop Wang Juan and the other two when they revealed the truth.

This proved that Du Wenxin was in control and not under influence.

Of course, Wang Juan and the other two’s minds weren’t under influence either.

A person under influence even if they were speaking the truth, would be slurring and babbling about random things.

But look at them, when did they ever have any hesitation and confusion?

Answering whatever was asked and no straying from the topic, it was very precise and clear.

It was as if they were being interviewed.

That thought made Du Wenxin nervous.

It was too weird!

Even if there was no evidence Chen Huan did anything, Du Wenxin was sure he did!

Because Du Wenxin paid attention to Chen Huan as soon as he came in, Chen Huan wasn’t nervous at all and was completely calm.

At first, Du Wenxin sniggered at him for not knowing that disaster was imminent.

Now he realized the stupidest were them as they regarded a fierce and mysterious opponent as an ignorant sheep.

Just think about the expression of Chen Huan when he left!

Fully confident and composed, exactly the same when he came in.

This proved Chen Huan knew he would win from the beginning and there was no doubt at all!

What was the reason?

Why did this happen?

Du Wenxin didn’t want to think about it anymore.

He just wanted to go back and never had a case related with Chen Huan.

He started to shiver when he saw Wang Juan’s and the other’s miserable appearance.

He still wanted to leave for a few more years!

Du Wenxin was in fact lucky.

Because Chen Huan lacked more charm otherwise he would definitely have been under the charm.

At that moment, Chen Huan would’ve asked him how Shining Technology used a legal trap to frame him and he would’ve been shamed to the ground.

It was a pity that asking him without the charm would be useless so Chen Huan didn’t talk to him.

Unbeknownst to him, Chen Huan would have made a mistake.

It was precisely because Du Wenxin remained sane among the four people after shaking hands with Chen Huan that people didn’t think there was a problem with Chen Huan’s handshake.

Chen Huan suddenly thought about this point when he got out of the studio.

But he couldn’t spend time thinking about it.

As soon as he came out, he was dragged to a nearby meeting room by nine girls.


They all assaulted him the moment the door closed.

A dozen lipsticks marks ended up on Chen Huan’s face.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it was all over his face.

The leader Li Yating waited for everyone to get away before directly jumping on him.

She would have tackled Chen Huan to the ground if he didn’t quickly hug her.

The key point was this kind of jump was between lovers since her legs were tightly wrapped around Chen Huan.

Chen Huan had no choice but to hug her two buns.

Tsk, tsk.

Honestly, it feels quite good!

This obviously wasn’t the first time Chen Huan received something similar in his past or current life but this girl felt particularly good.

Sure enough, youth was unbeatable!

“Thank You, Teacher Lu~~~” Li Yating didn’t think about it that deep as she was filled with excitement, gratitude and pride while loudly saying, “You’re so amazing! Thank you! We’re all saved now~~”

The boy gave a smile. 


After this, he was once again shrouded by a light halo with the Meteor Girls having a good image again and was no longer stained.

But then he turned to Cai Huihan who had tears of joy as well as a hint of sadness.

He understood where that sadness came from.

So he put down Li Yating and waved at Cai Huihan and Kong Xiyu.

Both girls came to him.

Chen Huan took both of her hands and said, “You girls weren’t at fault for this! Xiyu is smart and cautious so I don’t have to worry… but Huihui is just a normal girl! Although it caused some unfortunate matter, isn’t this a price to pay for growth?”

“I hope you girls wouldn’t think Huihui differently just because of this! This is something all of you can encounter but it was her this time!”

“You may go your separate ways in the future or even leave this industry but I hope you girls can be as one in this while in this band or at least not let other people easily destroy the hard work you made!”

“This will be greatly beneficial to you girls! If there were rumors of discord between you flying around, what would the other people think of you? It would be even more troublesome than this time!”

Hearing Chen Huan’s words, Cui Huihan couldn’t stop her tears flowing down.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

While she cried, she kept bowing to Chen Huan and her teammates.

What Zhang Chen said earlier really showed her naivety.

Cui Huihan thought like that, she wanted to show she had grown up and that everyone shouldn’t think of her as a little girl anymore, she had a brain.

But she just proved that she had no brain.

It was Kong Xiyu who had the brain as she didn’t get fooled so she couldn’t be involved in this matter.

Cai Huihan was the breach.

Luckily, Chen Huan resolved everything otherwise there wouldn’t be a place for her in Shanhai Streaming, let alone in the entertainment industry.

Everyone in the industry knew it was because of her that Teacher Lu Xiaofeng was completely shamed on so who wanted to deal with such a huge problem?

Most importantly, Cai Huihan herself felt really bad.

It wasn’t her intention to hurt anybody but it ended up so big that she almost broke down.

Seeing her so sad and trying to make it up, the girls tried to comfort her.

This was the Meteor Girls that quickly became famous for a few months who had no dispute over interests and growths.

They probably wouldn’t be so easily united if it was a few years later.

That was why Chen Huan told them they must stay united, at least for their own future.

It would cause devastating damage if they had an internal dispute and that leaked out.

It seemed that they were still simple minded girls.

Chen Huan felt like a fatherly satisfaction as the creator of this band.

A result like that could be considered the best!

But Mr. Gan Liangchen, the feud between us isn’t over yet!

The Good Lord and my revenge just started!

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