I Know Everything Chapter 377

Chapter 377: Traitors, all of them!


On the same city and on the top floor of Shining Technology’s building, Gan Liangchen went crazy.

He had already smashed several cups and vases as he felt like rushing to the studio to choke those people to death.


Motherfucking traitors, all of them!

They did that to me!?

You fucking said that you carefully rehearsed the possibility but then you feed me this shit!?

Fuck!! Fuck!!

Since he made his fortune, it had been a long time since Gan Liangchen got furious, let alone swear.

But today, he kept smashing things and swearing.

The secretaries outside trembled when they heard the noises but nobody dared to go inside to check up.

Because just now Gan Liangchen asked them in a good mood to watch the live broadcast to see how Chen Huan would be embarrassed.

They never thought that those three people joined together and hammered Gan Liangchen by revealing everything.

Nobody could understand why such a weird thing happened.

The reaction from Shining Technology was completely different from that of Shanhai Streaming.

The princess laughed loudly, which she did very rarely.

This also crept out the secretaries.

They had been with Zheng Rongrong for several years and had never seen her so happy.

It was normal if they thought about it.

This idea of confrontation proposed by Teacher Lu Xiaofeng this time was a stroke of genius.

No one could have imagined Chen Huan would make such a big move on this live broadcast.

Even the princess who felt confident didn’t expect that.

The three people from Shining Technology act of betrayal were so thorough that they brought out most important evidence out.

Even if they could hide many of their traces as a web company, there were things that couldn’t be hidden.

Shining Technology was in deep trouble now that Wang Juan revealed those companies’ names.

The only choice now was how Shanhai Streaming wanted to retaliate against them and to what extent.

Zheng Rongrong felt happy when she thought that Shining Technology would fall out greatly and maybe they would even never recover.

I didn’t think of using dirty tricks to take you out yet but you ended up using dirty tricks already but got exposed big time and got humiliated big time!

One would rise when one falls, the gap between us would become smaller and smaller!

She wasn’t only happy about that.

Wang Juan said that Chen Huan refused firmly to work with Shining Technology.

Shining Technology was richer than Shanhai Streaming and they also knew how great Chen Huan was so the conditions they gave must be great.

But Chen Huan refused without hesitation.

What did it mean?

Didn’t it mean that she had a very charismatic personality and was very accurate with her judgment?

If it was another person who saw those tens of millions, wouldn’t they jump straight into it?

However, Teacher Lu wasn’t moved at all and refused firmly. He only worked with our Shanhai Streaming and only with Zheng Rongrong!

After Teacher Lu refused, she didn’t try to claim credit for it and said something along the line, “Look, I didn’t work with Shining Technology for your sake.”

He didn’t say anything or ask for more benefit, a true virtuous character!

If she didn’t reward such a great partner well, she wouldn’t be able to make up for all the slander he suffered!

It wasn’t only the people from Shining Technology and Shanhai Streaming who were dumbfounded. Those big bloggers in the studio or watching through their streaming service were completely dumbfounded.

“What the hell! This is a shocking turnaround!”

“How did Teacher Lu do that? Is he Zheng Qian’s illegitimate son? He smashed those people with money?”

“No way, no way. How could Chen Huan be Zheng Qian’s son? If Zheng Qian’s had such a genius son, he would have already taken him out to show him off!”

“Don’t you think this is weird? They answered whatever Teacher Lu asked as if… as if they were under a spell!”

“Or is it because Zheng Rongrong used her influence behind the scene? That’s they let them attack?”

“Do you think we can believe them? Maybe the two companies came together to create some hype?”

“No way! Even if Shanhai Streaming and Shining Technology are willing to do this, it’s impossible for Sister Xiaofeng to ruin her reputation like that! He donated more than hundred millions to charity and doesn’t care about money so only his reputation is left, would he be willing to throw it away and appear as someone who lacks morals?”

“Exactly! I also think it’s impossible for Sister Xiaofeng to help with this promotion plan, and ruin himself!”

“Whatever, whether you believe it or not, we’ll know after the police investigate it. Sister Xiaofeng and Shanhai Streaming could call the police for defamation and after they investigate those companies, wouldn’t we know everything then?”

“In my opinion, Wang Juan really hurt Shining Technology now! If it was just Jin Wei and Zhang Cheng’s tricks and dirty actions, the people would only scold Shining Technology for their shamelessness but now the entire company was involved and Gan Liangchen too, the next few days gonna be fun!”


Chen Huan didn’t know what was happening elsewhere but found out that Wang Juan was the most informed.

While he had time, he asked Wang Juan more and learned how they operated in detail.

The five minutes were up after Wang Juan spoke.

Wang Juan who was quickly talking suddenly changed her expression.

She became pale.

In fact, she was already aware of what she was doing.

However, she couldn’t control herself and told all the secrets she held, and in detail!

Wang Juan knew she was screwed the moment she came back in control.


She immediately slapped herself, which reddened and swollen her face a bit.

“Chen Huan, you’re a vile and shameless man!” Wang Juan instantly stood up and said with tears in her eyes, “You drugged us! Everyone, don’t believe the words we just said, it’s all fake!”

The viewers: “…”

Aunty, are you taking us as fools?

Can you fake everything you just said to this point?

Chen Huan drugged you… drugged you with what? Everything you said is the truth!

If there’s really a drug like that, did they still have to work so hard to interrogate those prisoners?

Chen Huan just smiled and ignored her.

However, Jin Wei and Zhang Chen also turned pale when regained their senses but after hearing her, they also started to yell, 

“Exactly! You definitely drugged us! This is hallucinogen! We all didn’t know what we were saying, it doesn’t mean anything!”

“I was wondering why you shook hands with us, you had drugs on your hand!! You shameless man!”

Chen Huan couldn’t help but laugh and gave them big thumbs up.

He thought, you’re so smart, you got the fact right, so amazing!

But the other people thought Chen Huan was being sarcastic.

The netizens were even more of an uproar.

“Honestly, I’ve never seen someone so shameless.”

“What Shining Technology? Is this someone from Shame Technology?”

“Hahaha, since they already said that, it would be better if they said that Teacher Lu had hypnotic skills that could make them speak whatever he wanted.”

“Yeah, too far fetched, he has drugs in his hands that allow him to make them speak gibberish, is this some next level joke?”

“Beside, Sister Xiaofeng also shook hands with that lawyer, why didn’t he go crazy? He was fine!”

“So embarrassing, disgusting too!”

“People like that are still trying their best to slander our Sister Xiaofeng, go die!”


Without any doubt, the internet felt the same this time around.

All the same opinion.

Gan Liangchen was so angry he nearly had a heart attack.

You betrayed me thoroughly earlier and now you guys are acting like victim, what’s the fucking use!

Why was I blind enough to agree to you retards’ plans!

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