I Know Everything Chapter 376

Chapter 376: Why didn’t it go according to the plan!?

There were already a hundred people sitting at the audience seats when Chen Huan entered the live broadcast hall.

The hall was borrowed from Lin’an TV and was quite small as it wasn’t bigger than 200 square meters so it would be easier for the audience to interact with the guests on stage.

Most of the audiences were related to the music industry and some of them were big names on Weibo.

They all set their mobile phone in front of their seats to ensure they could take pictures of the truth.

So they had proof when they reported the matter after in case anything happened.

Neither Shanhai Streaming nor Youyi did anything to stop them.

Truthfully, no one could fake anything as it was live and not recorded, unless everything the viewers were seeing now were fake?

“Teacher Lu!”

“Teacher Lu…”

Many people greeted Chen Huan when he came in.

I Like Mantis Shrimp Suddenly rushed over and took Chen Huan’s hand as she declared she would support him to defeat all the villains.

Chen Huan was stunned.

Thankfully he didn’t activate the charms yet otherwise wouldn’t he have wasted it on this girl?

He only had three ‘Truth Charm’ and there were 4 people on the opposite side so he couldn’t afford to waste them.

After exchanging polite words with everyone, he sat on his side.

On his opposite side were Jin Wei, Zhang Chen, Wang Juan and Du Wenxin.

Apart from himself, Chen Huan had Cui Zhong, director of the actors department of Shanhai Streaming.

Several people were wearing headphones to ensure they could hear everything.

In fact, the audience was quite close to them so they could hear what they said.

While sitting, Chen Huan had his hands down.

If someone looked closer, they would notice that Chen Huan’s right hand was writing something on his left hand, then vice versa.

It was very fast so it looked like Chen Huan was scratching himself.

Jin Wei had been clenching his fists all the time and couldn’t be described as nervous since he looked at Chen Huan especially in hatred.

Who knew if he was deliberately acting like that.

In contrast, Zhang Chen, another popular candidate of the Lightning Boys, seemed very relaxed as he looked at Chen Huan with eyes filled with ridicule as he was looking at a fool.

It felt as if he was watching a monkey show and waited for Chen Huan to panic.

Wang Juan didn’t have any expression on her as she looked at Chen Huan as if she didn’t know him.

But Du Wenxin the lawyer gave a slight nod after crossing Chen Huan’s eyes.

At this moment, Chen Huan finished drawing the three ‘Truth Charm’ and instantly got a plan after seeing all of that.

He stood up and walked toward the opposite side.

At that moment, the camera was already live and although it wasn’t a normal broadcast, the news was already spread and thousands of netizens could log on to their Shanhai Streaming/ Youyi account to watch the place live.

The netizens quickly started to exclaim when they saw Chen Huan walking toward the group from Shining Technology.

“Damn, are they about to throw arms!?”

“I heard Chen Huan is very good, will it end with just a smack?”

“Haha, Sister Xiaofeng also plays basketball and can even contend against NBA players so it’ll be easy for him to trash those pretty boys!”

“I don’t think it’s the case, Teacher Lu isn’t the kind of person to solve problems with violence. Didn’t you guys see the police officers nearby?”

“What the fuck? He’s going to shake hands with those guys? What is the meaning of this!?”

“This isn’t some friendly debate but facing the enemy! Sister Xiaofeng is too soft!”


The officers immediately stood up in fear of Chen Huan throwing hands turned this into a very problematic matter.

They let out a sigh of relief after seeing Chen Huan put out his hand for a handshake.

None of them Chen Huan shook the hands of Jin Wei, Zhang Chen, Wang Juan with his left and right hands. His left hand even accidently rubbed on Wang Juan’s palm while he shook her hand.

Only Du Wenxin received a normal handshake and the truth spell wasn’t used on him.

Honestly, the four of them were quite puzzled.

Just as the netizens said, this wasn’t some friendly debate, what was the handshake for?

Zhang Chen thought Chen Huan forgot himself due to nervousness so felt even more disdain in his mind.


What unparalleled Lu Xiaofeng?

When things get thought, aren’t he still a pansy?

Chen Huan didn’t pay attention to their expression.

The ‘Truth Charm’ only lasted 5 minutes so he had to hurry.

He just asked directly before he went to sit, “Jin Wei, why did you twist the story up and fabricate lies?”

Everyone’s eyes widened at that.

They thought, did you just ask that?

You think this is a casual talk where we tell the truth?

But what they didn’t expect Jin Wei froze for a bit, he replied, “This is arranged by the company, how can we stir things up if we didn’t frame you?”

Zhang Chen, “…”

Wang Juan, “…”

Du Wenxin, “…”

Cui Zhong, “…”

The viewers, “…”

What was happening?

Did they hear it wrong?

He just admitted it so easily and directly?

Was this a joke or they were in cahoots to cause a sensation?

“Is the story between you and Cai Huihan true?” Chen Huan asked again without missing a beat.

“Nah, it’s all fake! It’s also the company making us rub off some heat from them. Cai Huihan is relatively easier, I just talked to her a few times and she already takes me as a fellow native, we never even see each other in person, what kind of friends is that?” Jin Wei replied, “Kong Xiyu that Zhang Chen contacted was different as he got totally ignored. So only Cai Huihan and I was worth hyping it up.”

“Jin Wei, shut up right now! Think before talking!” Du Wenxin finally reacted in fear and yelled.

“Really?” Chen Huan ignored him and asked another guy, “Zhang Chen, what about the thing on your side?”

Zhang Chen coughed lightly before he nodded and said, “Before the rumors came out, I didn’t even know there was someone else like me… the company told us this in private. Director Wang told us if we could hook up with at least, then we will definitely debut and even get a good contract and resources.”

“But who knew Kong Xiyu was that haughty and cautious and couldn’t be compared to that rebellious and silly girl Cai Huihan! If it weren’t for Mr. Chen Huan offending our president this time, maybe Jin Wei would’ve really seduced her after working more on it, then we will accomplish our goal to surpass Meteor Girls by getting familiar with them.”


There was an uproar among the audience.

Du Wenxin nearly got scared to death and thought what the hell was going on?

Could it be that Jin Wei and Zhang Chen got bribed and that was why Chen Huan was so confident to turn the thing around?

He looked at Wang Juan next to him in hope she could stop the two as she was the supervisor for Lightning Boys after all.

However, Wang Juan’s had a distorted face and didn’t say anything.


She did talk.

Because Chen Huan’s fourth question was directed to her, “Director Wang, how did I offend President Gan? To make you guys want to slander me like that?”

“Isn’t it because of when President Gan asked you to plan a variety show for us or write two songs but you refused us rudely? You also scolded us for plagiarizing your ideas and should be ashamed!” Wang Juan said without concealing anything, “So after you left, we called the staff in my department and discussed for a long time before coming up with this plan. Then it was handed over to President Gan for approval. It was only after his approval, we mobilized our resources to pour the dirty water on you.”

Du Wenxin felt like there was a ghost around.

He was sweating cold sweat all over as he looked at Wang Juan.

You also were bribed?

How, how is this possible?!

You’re President Gan’s confident, what kind of benefit did you receive to betray him?! In front of the cameras too!

Do you know what kind of earthquake this will bring to Shining Technology?!

A drop of 10 billion in their valuation was just the tip!

He quickly pulled Wang Juan’s clothes harshly and everyone could see that.

But this didn’t stop Wang Juan from speaking.

“But how can you be sure that it will drag me and make it hard for me to prove my innocence?” Chen Huan asked.

“This is very simple. There are plenty of people on the internet that find the world no chaotic enough so as long as we guide them a bit, they would make things up and spread rumors everywhere.” Wang Juan said, “What can you use to prove your innocence? We officially didn’t say anything about you and all those posts were done by others so we can’t be legally responsible.”

“Then how can we get any proof?”

“Our company’s expenditure. We’ve worked with xx advertisers, xxx marketing, xxx consulting company, xx team…. you could do so by tracing our financial transactions.” Wang Juan gave out a bunch of companies names, “They all take money to start rumors and get people going their way. They are used to it and many scandals in the entertainment industry have been caused by them, they are all veterans.”

“I learned that Zheng Rongrong wanted to use them to retaliate but they also needed credibility for their work so they definitely wouldn’t betray us otherwise who will hire them in the future? For this reason, President Gan gave them a bonus as a reward.”

My goodness, just stop talking!

Du Wenxin was about to cry.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, he didn’t dare to knock her out… moreover, the police were sitting nearby.

Wang Juan explained it so clearly and detailed so it would be easy to investigate.

Those companies could play it hard against Shanhai Streaming but would they dare to resist the police after they spread rumors and slandered other people?

That was why Wang Juan’s words were the most shocking and undeniable evidence!

The moment those words came out, Shining Technology could be considered as being beaten until they would be sent back to their mother’s house.

There was no room for them to fight back!

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