I Know Everything Chapter 375

Chapter 375: Wanting to atone.

They also answered like this when Cui Zhong asked them previously.

Cui Zhong felt like crying as he said, “Girls! Just stop worrying! Do you think this will make Shining Technology back out? They even dare to do this so what’s the point of you girls coming out?!”

“Does it mean that what I say doesn’t matter?” Cui Zhong’s pretty face frowned.

“What you say will definitely be distorted by Jin Wei so the others will feel you’re saying it due to pressure…that you’re all victims of oppression!” Cui Zhong said with a bitter smile.

“What about us then? We can prove it!” The leader Li Yating said in anxiousness, “Little Huihui was always with us and didn’t even have an opportunity to be alone with Teacher Lu so how could the two have an affair?”

“You’re all from Shanhai Streaming and could be forced by us to give false testimony so how could the people believe you?” Cui Zhong questioned back.

Li Yating became speechless.


Cai Huihan couldn’t but curse out loud.

Before she looked at Chen Huan with reddened eyes and said, “Sister Xiaofeng… Sorry…”

She had a reason to say sorry.

Before, Chen Huan warned Cui Zhong to tell the girls to have no contact with the Lightning Boys because they would be likely to use them to cause a fuss to generate hype and rumors.

But Cai Huihan didn’t take it to heart because when Jin Wei and she talked, it was like normal friends and didn’t have anything romantic.

At that time, she felt like Chen Huan was like her mom as he even gave this kind of request.

Kids tended to be rebellious toward their parents.

So Cai Huihan was even friendlier to Jin Wei.

Of course, because they came from the same place and were fellow entertainment trainees, they had more topics in common to talk to.

However, Cai Huihan completely ignored Jin Wei when he started to say some flowery words and flirted.

But because of this, she was chosen as the gap to use for a big scandal to splash some dirty water on Chen Huan.

But seeing the public opinion getting more and more skewed, Cai Huihan felt regret but it was too late.

The result was no one believed her on the internet.

She posted something on her Weibo and people said it came from Shanhai Streaming.

She made a video but people said she was forced to.

Cai Huihan was about to have a breakdown, I’m the victim and also involved in it, but why can’t my words be trusted?

That was why she thought for a long time before thinking of this plan of quietly sneaking in to confront Jin Wei and curse him for creating rumors to restore Teacher Lu’s innocence.

The other girls also supported her.

Because they knew the story best.

They also knew about the discussion between Cai Huihang and Jin Wei so knew that she didn’t like him at all. She only wanted to become a celebrity and a shining star.

With that mentality, how could she give up her career to go be in a relationship?

As for the scandal between Cai Huihan and Chen Huan, they all snorted at that.

They had been living and eating together the past few months so how could Cai Huihan and Chen Huan had an affair without them knowing?

So they thought that their words and them living together could be taken as evidence.

So everyone came in together.

But they got stopped at the entrance by the staff.

They didn’t think about it as people could see they weren’t normal even if they had ordinary clothes and sunglasses due to their body shapes and auras.

Not to mention they were staff from the entertainment department of Shanhai Streaming so how could they not feel the familiarity?

They may have slipped through if it was only a single person but the nine girls came in together and were like a candle in the dark, who couldn’t see it?

Chen Huan saw Cai Huihan trembling and expression as if she was about to cry, and couldn’t help but feel like laughing.

They didn’t know why Chen Huan was getting involved in this and only thought that they dragged Chen Huan into the mess.

Actually, if it hadn’t been Chen Huan offending Gan Liangchen, the scandal would only revolve around the ambiguous relation between Jin Wei and Cai Huihan, and Shanhai Streaming probably wouldn’t even be involved.

Just because Chen Huan offended Gan Liangchen, he simply dragged Chen Huan and Shanhai Streaming through the mud and wanted to take the opportunity to kill three birds with one stone.

Have the Lightning Boys become popular to give Shining Technology another trump card.

Stain Chen Huan’s reputation and viciously punish him for his previous arrogance of refusing to work with Gan Liangchen.

Had Shanhai Streaming taken a big hit whether by cooperating with Chen Huan to bully the girls or them without resistance against Shining Technology’s fierce offensive, they would lose standing in the hearts of the people.

So Cai Huihan became the most insignificant part of the plans.

Now that the matter became so big, her importance wasn’t that big.

“Alright, look at yourself.” Chen Huan walked over and gently hugged the girl while lightly patting her head, “Don’t you believe me? You don’t feel I can handle it?”

Girls were always paradoxical.

They could be totally obedient to someone they admired even if they were taken as fools.

But to someone they didn’t like, they would use any way to come out as haughty and refuse the man’s kindness.

Sometimes goddesses.

Sometimes demoness.

Cai Huihan was definitely not in love with Chen Huan but she admired and liked Chen Huan a lot.

Although Chen Huan was younger than her, Cai Huihan considered him as her senior or older brother whenever she was with him.

So she wouldn’t consider Chen Huan patting her head as out of place but instead her feelings surged up as she cried harder into Chen Huan’s arms.

She got really wronged.

She clearly wasn’t in love but by just getting along as a friend, it could be used to harm others, it was pure misery for her, where was the justice in that?

Chen Huan felt disappointed but knew Cai Huihan must have been under a lot of pressure these past few days.

After hearing the girls tried to sneak in so they could testify for him, Chen Huan’s irritation toward them disappeared.

The young were frivolous and becoming so famous at such a young age, it was normal for them to do some willful thing sometimes.

Chen Huan could be upset that they didn’t listen to him and cause such a big problem.

But the girls tried their best to remedy it and could be forgiven.

Chen Huan believed they would be more careful in the future after this experience so as to not cause bigger troubles.

On this aspect, Chen Huan helped the princess with another problem.

“Teacher Lu… time is almost up!” Cui Zhong urged him as he looked at the time.


Chen Huan patted Cai Huihan’s back and looked at the surrounding Meteor Girls, “You girls stay in this meeting room and just watch the show!”

Meteor Girls: “…”

They didn’t get even after Chen Huan left.

Where did his confidence come from?

In their opinion, Chen Huan was caught in a dead end that would inevitably be framed and discredited.

Chen Huan could still gain some points if they showed up but alone, he would be flanked on all sides!

There was the menacing Shining Technology at the front and numerous idiots behind repeating after them and jeers at Chen Huan.

Their great success previously made them feel like they could fly.

But now seeing even a grand celebrity like Chen Huan was being crazily slandered, they suddenly became wary.

That was why this society was scary and terrible.

The entertainment industry was sure hard to play in~~

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