I Know Everything Chapter 374

Chapter 374: Before the live broadcast.

Shining Technology agreed to the meeting with Chen Huan and Jin Wei.

However, in addition to the requirement of the four people participating in it, they also asked for their own film crew to come so they could broadcast it live along with Shanhai Streaming.

When Chen Huan heard those requests, he was even more direct as he directly had police come too.

On the surface they were there to keep order but they were here to support him truly.

Of course Shining Technology wouldn’t oppose it as they would be convinced of their loss even if the cop listened and covered for Chen Huan.

Only power could be counted on in this kind of anticipated occasion and not who could make a better lie.

The news quickly spread on the internet.

Since the morning, many big bloggers came out to confirm it.

“Well, I received an invitation and will go to the place to take a look. But I’m a bit worried, is Sister Xiaofeng underestimating the enemy too much?” – Big Weibo Blogger, One Meter.

One Meter had always been known for being fair and blunt and many people trusted him.

He said he loved Lu Xiaofeng’s songs but never blindly praised him.

But his words this time were clearly biased toward Lu Xiaofeng, which also proved that he knew that Lu Xiaofeng was wronged.

One Meter had already stated his point of view on his Weibo because this matter came too abruptly out of nowhere so how could it be so coincidental and stirred up so big?

It would be weird if no one plotted behind this.

“I’ll also go but even if they pass lies as truth, I will still stick to my beliefs.” – Weibo Celebrity, King of Karaoke.

He always had worshipped Lu Xiaofeng’s songs and defended Lu Xiaofeng’s innocence since the beginning. Although he was submerged by the waves of the water army, he never wavered against them.

But from those words, it could be felt that he wasn’t very optimistic that Lu Xiaofeng could prove his innocence.

In this society, it was very hard to make people tell the truth.

There weren’t many good ways even if Chen Huan had the best defense.

At best, it would make Jin Wei and co less capable.

It was hard to say for others aspect.

After all, as long as Jin Wei insisted it was Chen Huan who broke them apart, it didn’t matter what the others said.

Because Chen Huan couldn’t provide much evidence either.

It was no use even if Cai Huihan came out to say it herself.

People could see her interaction with Jin Wei before.

“I will obviously be there. If Jin Wei and the other dares to play some trick on our Chen Huan, don’t blame me for being impolite when I fight them!” – The super blogger with 50 million followers on Weibo, I Like Mantis Shrimp.

She was always been blunt and quick tempered.

As soon as she posted this, the members of the ‘Happy Fans Group’ all praised her and many people said they would go cheer for her outside of the studio.

Not all people supported Lu Xiaofeng.

For example, a big Weibo blogger called Truth First who was always ‘exposing truth’ but always doubted the authorities also posted something.

“I was fortunate to be able to be at the studio when Mr. Lu Xiaofeng and Mr. Jin Wei confronted each other. I swear to report on the most truthful truth, never bend to the power of the strong and never wrong a weak and humble person.”

What the fuck!?

What was this wording!?

What did you mean by “most truthful truth”, “never bend to the power of the strong” and “never wrong a weak and humble person”?

Did he mean that their Sister Xiaofeng wanted to manipulate the public opinions and try underhand tactics during the debate?

Many of Chen Huan’s fans instantly got furious and went to scold him.

But Truth First was as cool as cucumber and didn’t argue with them as he flew to Lin’an after turning off his computer.

The Weibo celebrity with toxic mouth BlacknWhite also made a post.

“What are you guys fussing about? Only knows how to argue on the internet, can you guys even draw a conclusion? Who’s wrong or right, won’t you guys know after watching it? No one will be able to accuse Lu Xiaofeng if he’s innocent. If he’s really abusing his power, he’ll be like the demon king, why can’t we go beat him down? There are many talented people without morals!”


This was another person that inferred guilt, his words questioned Chen Huan’s innocence.

Regardless of how famous Chen Huan was, being famous didn’t mean he wouldn’t do bad things.

You couldn’t say he was wrong but it gave out a bad feeling.

Another person who expressed a different point of view was the super blogger Modern Holmes.

With 30 followers, he posted, “I look forward to seeing the truth but I will not support any person. No matter who you are, you must come with an impartial mind to the disputes.”

Everyone started to ridicule him.

“So he didn’t see all those slanders over the web.”

“How stupid someone can be to believe those news on the internet?”

“Cai Huihan is very beautiful but can she be compared to Han Dong’er or Bu Yiyi? Not to mention when Little Sis Shui grows up a bit, she will be able to wipe the floor against all the other women! Do our Chen Huan needs to be so thirsty?”

“I think it’s quite bad this time, Shining Technology spent even so much money, look at how many Weibo or other Internet celebrities are going there? Can they all be righteous people?”

“I think so too. Modern Holmes used to be alright but he became more and more off recently, did he got swayed by the money?”

Those comments by the netizens weren’t only trying to target Modern Holmes but also expressing their worries.

They weren’t very optimistic that Chen Huan could win in the debate for his innocence.

Most people thought Chen Huan wanted to take this occasion to express himself and garner more sympathy.

What else could he do?

Point a gun to Jin Wei’s head and tell him to reveal the truth?

It wasn’t only outsiders who thought so but many people close to Chen Huan also thought so.

The nine little girls from Meteor Girls were intercepted at the backdoor of the studio when they tried to sneak into the broadcast.

It happened that when the staff called Cui Zhong, Chen Huan was talking to him about the precaution to take.

Cui Zhong was so angry that smoke came out of his head but the young man was quite pleased.

The nine girls called Chen Huan frequently the past few days to comfort him and curse Jin Wei and Shining Technology for their shamelessness.

However, Chen Huan didn’t expect them to do that.

Without thinking about it, the purpose of those girls sneaking in was to have Cai Huihan confront Jin Wei with the other eight as the witness.

In their opinion, it should be the best way to help Chen Huan.

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