I Know Everything Chapter 373

Chapter 373: Persuade them with reason!?

Chen Huan gave the impression of being always calm and collected just like a Buddha.

It meant he never had a dispute with anybody.

For example, the third year student at the Olympiad Li Naihao went against Chen Huan but Chen Huan didn’t need to bother about an insect like him.

So apart from him, nobody embarrassed Chen Huan purposely.

Chen Huan was also a songwriter praised by the people above and a great mathematician.

So Chen Huan’s take things as they come mentality wasn’t as disturbed as back then when he beat up the bastard’s limb during his time with the case of ‘Young Di Renjie’.

But Shining Technology was sure impressive this time as they dared to commit in broad daylight, weren’t they afraid to be investigated?

Obviously, those were just internet rumors so the people above wouldn’t care about such trivial matters.

Unless someone was stupid and wanted to face slap on newspaper and mass media, then the people above would have to have a good talk with them and let them know what the fist of justice was.

Chen Huan in fact always thought that the Good Lord’s rewards were a bit out of place.

He had dozens of charms saved up and were quite random. He never had the opportunity to use any of them.

Chen Huan felt a bit excited now that Shining Technology jumped out.

His many spells could finally be used.

Among all the charm he had, he got the ‘Truth Charm’, the one he used against the guys that coveted his spices last year and after he put it on his body, the guy started to talk.

He couldn’t hide anything at all!

It just happened that someone was lying this time, wasn’t it like stepping in front of the gun barrel?

So Chen Huan called Cui Zhong and said, “I want to confront Jin Wei in a live broadcast, what do you think?”

“Huh? Is there any point to confront them like this? Would he tell you the truth? The matter will become even more difficult if he makes up more things!” Cui Zhong said in a doubt, “Isn’t it better to let the President handle it?”

“I have a plan.” Chen Huan only said this to him, “Don’t worry and just arrange it! You can tell the people from Youyi that they can call up anybody!”

Cui Zhong was speechless.

He didn’t know where Chen Huan’s confidence came from.

Genius tended to be conceited, right?

But Teacher Lu didn’t know that the human’s wickedness couldn’t be crushed by just intelligence.

Otherwise, why would Nicholas Tesla be conned by that scammer and be poor for the rest of his life?

Tesla was a smarter genius than Chen Huan!

Not long after he hung up on the worried guy, the princess called.

“Are you really confident?”


“Alright! Prepare yourself!”

The princess only said a few words before the matter was decided.

If nothing else, just Chen Huan’s cleverness and steadiness assured that he wouldn’t do something rash.

She expected Jin Wei and the other to tell the truth but she felt that Chen Huan could definitely  be able to argue until they were speechless.

Like that, the viewers would tend to stand on Chen Huan’s side and lay the foundation for her to beat Shining Technology.

Although Chen Huan was only 17 years old and according to his usual calm and collected self, he wouldn’t make baseless promises and must be certain of his choice! She could only think like that.

With Chen Huan’s request, Gan Liangchen couldn’t help but laugh.

What a naïve person!

You think you can argue until your opponent was speechless just because you were a genius?

But did you forget that we were the eighth private group in China!

Was it hard for them to find eloquent people and experts in debate?

You could do anything as long as you had money!

After a lot of planning and discussion, Shining Technology sent four people to the challenge.

In addition to Jin Wei that had to go, there was another popular candidate of Lightning Boys, Zhang Chen, who would tag along.

The other two were Wang Juan, the director of the music department, and the company’s legal counsel Du Wenxin.

Du Weixin was quite impressive as he was one of the five best lawyers in Lin’an. He was 45 years old and had a lot of experience in criminal laws as his winning percentage was very high.

He wasn’t alone as he had a firm with eight other lawyers in it and more than 20 assistants.

Du Weixin felt that this task given to him wasn’t easy.

He conveyed a meeting with his staff back at his firm.

The topic was how they should face Chen Huan.

“Can you use some tricks to pressure him?” An assistant suggested.

“Pressure?” Du Wenxin didn’t speak yet before another lawyer sneered, “Do you know who Shen Huan is? Do you dare to put pressure on him?”

“Isn’t he just someone from the entertainment industry that got into the Gala?” The assistant muttered.

“Get out of the room and reflect on it.” Du Wenxin looked at that assistant and angrily said, “Is that Chen Huan’s most important status? He’s a famous mathematician in the world! Who knows a lot of professors from grand universities! Aren’t you afraid to cause a huge uproar in the world if you dare to use those underhand tricks against him? Your boss’ backbone is strong but can I withstand that?”

“Then why are we taking this?” After the assistant was kicked out, a senior lawyer couldn’t help but ask, “Teacher Lu isn’t someone to mess with! Let along him… Zheng Rongrong is even more dangerous to mess with!”

“What else can we do?” Du Wenxin bitterly said, “Shining Technology gives us 20 to 30 million Yuan in legal consultation fee each year, can you still be trusted if you don’t come up during critical times?”

“There’s no need to worry about it so much.” Another lawyer came up with something, “As long as we prepare in advance and limit Chen Huan’s within what the laws permitted while limiting that nobody on our side leaks and get caught in a lie by him, then we did our job…whether they succeed later will be their business..”

“I also think this is the way to go.” Another lawyer said, “We should restrict Lu Xiaofeng the best we can but don’t personally attack him and don’t involve us in their personal conflict, then we have nothing to worry about.”

“But if we don’t try our best, wouldn’t Shining Technology be unhappy with us?” Someone asked.

“That is the question.” Du Wenxin nodded and said, “This is what I’m worried about.”

“But what can we do?” A lawyer was blunt about it, “Everyone with a good brain knows this is Shining Technology splashing some dirty water on Lu Xiaofeng for their band and causing some controversy in order to attract attention to their band…Look, these past few days, Lightning Boys is known throughout the country!”

“If we speak without any conscience, Shining Technology may receive backlash and we may also receive it.” Some people agreed with that, “So we can only be impartial even if Shining Technology may get dissatisfied.”

“You are all wrong!” Another lawyer shook his head and spoke up, “We as lawyers should be loyal to our employers and help them as much as possible within the scope permitted by the law…If you today only worked perfunctory for Shining Technology, will you also be doing the minimum for the other clients? Do you think our customers prefer someone who gives their all for them or do they want to see so-called gentlemen?”

Many people stopped talking when they heard that.

Du Wenxin couldn’t help but nod.

He made his decision.

A man has to do it to survive!

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