I Know Everything Chapter 372

Chapter 372: I’ll beat the shit out of you!

Most of the ‘Golden Fans’ were teenage boys and girls.

At their age, they weren’t afraid of anything and always thought they were right.

It would be useless even if Cai Huihan herself came to say nothing happened. It would still be useless even if the one behind Meteor Girls, Shanhai Streaming, issued a statement to say that Teacher Lu didn’t force himself on anybody and it was just baseless accusasion. It would just spread the rumor around again and they would have to take measures to protect their interest.

The ‘Golden Fans’ had fallen into the ‘victim state’ so spread the news everywhere and condemned Lu Xiaofeng for being a despicable bastard.

Chen Huan wasn’t on Weibo or it would be very turbulent.

But Chen Huan’s fans also had a homebase, it was at I Like Mantis Shrimp.

They didn’t react at first and thought that the boring rumors would fade away after a moment.

Unexpectedly, those rumors didn’t stop and even became more and more intense.

Moreover, they started to scold Lu Xiaofeng even harder.

They wouldn’t hold back now.


If Sister Xiaofeng wanted a girlfriend, did he have to use the unspoken rules?

Countless new female singers and established singers were waiting in line to let Sister Xiaofeng eat them, okay?

Take the Meteor Girls as an example, when those girls didn’t talk about Sister Xiaofeng with reverence and love?

That Cai Huihan or whatever didn’t particularly stand out from Meteor Girls so why would Sister Xiaofeng target her?

Beside, both Shanhai Streaming and Cai Huihan had issued statements proving Sister Xiaofeng was innocent so why did they keep chasing after him like rabid dogs?

Did they think that their 8 billion fans didn’t exist?

So they were quarrelling with those guys on the internet.

How could those little teenagers be the opponent to those experienced netizens? They were completely destroyed in a short while and Jin Wei’s Weibo was occupied by the ‘Happy Fans’.

But what was strange was that before the fans could rejoice at their victory, more rumors and insults spread over the internet.

The whole internet became a lively place.

Numerous big bloggers reposted and discussed about it and it was unknown how those rumors and fake stories appeared on the internet.

The speed and the momentum generated by it was just not something the ‘Golden Fans’ could do.

Now, no matter how retarded someone was, they knew that someone was trying to deal with Sister Xiaofeng.

A mere Jin Wei, was just a figurehead they came up with.

The matter went from tens of thousands of children jumping up and down there, turning into a sensational hot discussion on the Internet so the people in the industry obviously couldn’t ignore it.

The upright boy Fu Bufan was the first to step up, “I’ve never believed that Teacher Lu is that kind of person. I don’t know how disgusting a person could be to use this to discredit Teacher Lu!”

When the number one Emperor Su Mo was interviewed, he said in indignation, “Little Huan is such a good child, how can he do those things? He has been busy tutoring his classmates and barely interacted with Meteor Girls, how did it turn with him pestering the girls and breaking up couples? These people on the internet are just coming up with lies!”

Tang Yuan was more implicit, “The truth will reveal himself. I hope Little Huan won’t be affected by these rumors and slanders. But if the dirty water splashes on him, he should be furious.”

Bu Yiyi was indeed a Yuzhou native as she instantly came gun blazing, “Haha, tell those people to confront Chen Huan in person if they have a problem, I’ll help them beat Chen Huan up if he really did it! If he didn’t, can I break the limbs of the one that spread those rumors?”

The saint like small empress and also acknowledged as the future wife of Chen Huan, Han Dong’er, didn’t take any interview at all.

It wasn’t that Han Dong’er was afraid to be dragged into it but that she felt it was just some nonsense and didn’t need to express her opinion about it since it would just dirty her mouth.

It was her manager Sun Yan who snorted at such rumors during an interview via phones, “What kind of jokes is this? Teacher Lu always acted properly and reserved with Han Dong’er. They barely held hands a few times. Can such a shy boy do those shocking things? How did those tyrant’s actions linked to him now? Those slanders have to stop! He’s only 17 years old!”

It wasn’t only from the music industry as many renowned people from the movie industry stood with Chen Huan.

Everyone thought that this matter came too abruptly and there were no rumors of it before so understood it was the typical hyping things up.

However, they dared to drag Lu Xiaofeng down and use him to make hype so the people behind were either stupid or very powerful.

Everyone thought it was the latter.

Or to put it more clearly, it was clearly Shining Technology behind Lightning Boys who were plotting.

Only they had the strength to make white become black and create such loud noises.

Although this matter would surely subside in the end and Teacher Lu would certainly prove his innocence in the end, the problem was it must have been very hard to get through those few days.

After all the rumors in the internet couldn’t be passed by just having celebrities express and defend themselves.

With 800 million internet users, who could make them speak as one voice except the country?

While everyone was worried about Chen Huan, what was Chen Huan doing?

He heard of this by Aunty Cui who called him.

Shanhai Streaming had a very keen sense of smell and knew things weren’t simple when they saw it involved an artist under their label and Teacher Lu.

Cui Zhong immediately told Chen Huan to not worry about it.

Even idiots could see the importance of the princess attached to Chen Huan.

Moreover, they also involved Meteor Girls in the matter so did they think that the bold princess would just tolerate it?

As long as Chen Huan didn’t mind it, the princess would soon be able to take care of it.

It wouldn’t be a good thing if Chen Huan came out and argued with them.

With so many people speaking, it was impossible to argue with them so it was better to wait quietly for back up.

Chen Huan could certainly bear with it.

He couldn’t do anything even he couldn’t bear with it as even if he could tell from a glance who was plotting against him. It wasn’t as if he could walk up to Gan Liangchen and stab him.

However, the Good Lord definitely didn’t tolerate it.

The two faced system had a very petty heart.

It was already great if it didn’t go find trouble with others but how could it tolerate someone putting a bowl of shit on the head of its host?

Wasn’t it also putting on the system’s head?

So it had been very furious these past few days.

“Ding Dong!”

“The weak host is the victim of the strongest slander in history and the system will not stand it!”

“The following special mission is issued, the host must use the firmest stance to retaliate against this group of bastards. The greater the retribution they receive, the greater the reward the host would receive.”

“After the mission is completed, the system will give the host great rewards, including ‘Hitting A Bull Across the Mountain’ (Intermediate).”

“Ding Dong!”

“The host didn’t react at all and it greatly disappointed the system, you have no courage at all, do you even deserve a system like me?”

“The system has decided to give you another chance and you must massacre those despicable villains as fast as possible, make them feel pain, make them cry and make them scream in anguish!”

“If the host can complete the mission in a timely and effective manner, the system will immediately give upgraded rewards and there will even be rewards that you do not expect!”

“Ding Dong!”

“The dirty water is almost drowning the host, why are you still motionless like a tortoise? Are you a pig?”

“The host can’t just wait for other people’s help, you must strike back yourself! Act quickly or the system will start a punishment mission to let the host know who’s the boss!”


This was the unprecedented Good Lord speaking for three days straight!

As those slander got worse, Good Lord became more and more impatient as well as furious.

Chen Huan was very pleased by this as he was in the same mind.

Putting the Good Lord’s rewards aside, he wouldn’t be able to face against Shining Technology even with his multiple identities.

A super company with a market value of 120 billion USD, how would he be able to trouble them?

The more Chen Huan tried to fight back, the happier they would be as the more hype they would get.

Wouldn’t that just go along to their plans?

Gan Liangchen wanted to make some hype around the Lightning Boys on one hand while the other hand anger Chen Huan for being rude on the other hand.

They would achieve both goals if Chen Huan continued to argue with them to prove his innocence.

Nobody could maintain a nonchalant attitude when they were being slandered by thousands, ten thousand or even millions of people.

Chen Huan also couldn’t.

That was why the princess asked Cui Zhong to tell Chen Huan to not worry and let Shanhai Streaming settle everything.

Shining Technology disgusting Chen Huan was only one aspect as their main goal was to create hype around Lightning Boys so they could gain more attention and popularity.

However, the one that was the most disgusted by this action wasn’t Chen Huan but the Meteor Girls.

Those lively girls just came out and were still climbing toward the top but got splashed by such a big pot of dirty water, how disgusting was that?

It was impossible for any talent company to tolerate this.

But Shining Technology was a big whale and even if they added all the companies in the entertainment industry, they wouldn’t have a market value as high as them.

But it certainly didn’t include Shanhai Streaming and the tough princess.

They played victim and dragged Meteor Girls down into the dirty water so how could the princess tolerate it?

Shanhai Streaming came at Shining Technology and tried to seize their throne.

Now Shining Technology counterattacked and was so shameless so if they let it got, how could they still fight for the throne?

Besides, Chen Huan had dealt with Gan Liangchen before.

He couldn’t compare to the princess in any shape or form.

Chen Huan was convinced of this so he wanted to stay lowkey for a while before returning the situation.

He would definitely come up as innocent when the matter cleared.

Unexpectedly, the Good Lord couldn’t hold it anymore.

Chen Huan, the person who knew him best, obviously knew it was really angry now.

It was unknown if the Good Lord was created by an easily irritable scientist but it was really short tempered.

It was the kind of if you slap me once, I would feel sorry for myself if I don’t slap you back a few times.

The princess was his friend but the Good Lord was his big thigh!

A golden big thigh!

Now that the golden big thigh has spoken, I’ll beat the shit out of you!

He has stored many charms and they are about to become handy!

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