I Know Everything Chapter 371

Chapter 371: Music Circle’s Tyrant Lu Xiaofeng!

Chen Huan’s soliciting hand hadn’t moved yet but disaster came crashing at him out of nowhere.

It was a simple thing.

A post appeared on the internet this morning.

It was said to be a newcomer exposing someone.

Because of very unfair treatment and some bullying, he could only cry out to his friend while drunk and those friends couldn’t stomach it so sneakily posed this matter out under another pseudonym.

The matter was summed as this.

The rookie was called J. He was under 20 years old and was a promising rookie.

As he prepared and trained for his debut, he had some contact with another rookie female singer C who was a big hit.

Because they were both from the village, they hit it off at the beginning and found out they had a lot in common as they further acquainted themselves.

So the little flame of love ignited.

But because both of their talent companies were very powerful and forbid them to be in a relationship, they could only sneakily enjoy the fruit of first love.

Unexpectedly, C was too outstanding so the person that could be acknowledged as her teacher and the superstar of the industry L would try to seduce her and harass her.

In fact, L didn’t only harass C as many girls with C also suffered from L’s vile actions.

Unknowingly, L learned about C and J, so he started to threaten C that if C didn’t obey him, he would not only ruin C’s singing career but also ruin the innocent boy J and let C taste what pain was.

J wasn’t even an official singer so how could he compete against the powerful L?

But in order to get his girlfriend out of L’s evil clutches, J went to find L and asked him to let go of C and would be willing to get out of the entertainment industry to do so.

But L didn’t agree and also found people to give J a beating. J received many bruises and was sent to the hospital.

C went into a panic and almost had a nervous breakdown.

J thought he was incapable to protect his girlfriend so he could only bury his sorrow in alcohol.


This story was a bit ridiculous and sounded like wild fantasy.

Just like those fake rumors, you would be able to tell it was mostly fabricated if you thought about it.

No one cared about when it was first posted on Weibo.

But there were ‘smart’ people that couldn’t let it go.

Soon, someone posted pictures in the comment section.

It was a picture of a boy with a swollen and contused face.

The handsome boy with thick eyebrows and big eyes had unconcealed sadness on his face and hollow eyes.

Someone immediately wrote something below.

The boy was Jin Wei and was the most popular boy among the selection of Lightning Boys and claimed to have already 1 million ‘Golden Fans’. (Jin= Gold in Chinese hence Golden Fans)

This photo was nothing and was posted by Jin Wei himself a few days ago, saying that he got injured while practicing so he went to the hospital for treatment.

But with that fake story now, someone made the connection.

The protagonist J in the story, wasn’t it the first letter of the name Jin?

If they assumed the protagonist of that story was Jin Wei and they added the recent interaction of Jin Wei with Meteor Girl’s Cai Huihan as well as that they both came from Yuezhou, then one thing could be confirmed.

Wasn’t C the first letter of Cai?

If C was Cai Huihan, wasn’t her teacher the superstars and the one that could call the wind and rain in the music industry Lu Xiaofeng?

The first letter of Lu was L!

When all the connections were made and the story’s real name changed, it spread through the internet!

Holy shit!

Teacher Lu wanted to enact the unwritten rules on his students!

Did he force himself on Cai Huihan? Did he assault the 8 other girls of the band?

Did he want to catch them all!?

What the fuck!?

The instigating ‘Golden Fans’ immediately condemned Lu Xiaofeng and tried to cancel him.

Even if Cai Huihan made a statement for the first time with a post and even a video, it was all for naught.

“Jin and I are just fellow people from the same city, we have no relationship, not even friends! Teacher Lu never did anything to me and this is just ridiculous rumors and slander!”

This explanation affirmed in the eyes of the ‘Golden Fans’ who were willing to take in the humiliation in fear of Lu Xiaofeng’s power and in fear of affecting Jin Wei.

Don’t believe it? Just look at Cai Huihan’s haggard face.

This was caused by worry and fear


Cai Huihan thought, this lady here is having it hard, you guys are pouring dirty water on me, how can I not be angry, which leads to lack of sleep and worse complexion?

You guys can even make that up?

But she couldn’t post those complaints directly.

Shanhai Streaming also prevented Cai Huihan from explaining herself as it was likely to worsen the situation.

There were many bored people and sheep on the internet. After seeing Cai Huihan didn’t continue to explain herself, they started to lean toward those slandering ‘Golden Fans’.

At this moment, Jin Wei came out and started to fan the flames.

“Everybody calm down, Hanhan and I are just good friends, the rumors aren’t true and Teacher Lu didn’t separate any lovers, there are more good people in the world, thank you! But please stop!”


This sentence didn’t feel like calming the situation but felt like he was being forced to say that.

So under that post, many people left comforting words and outrage.

“Weiwei, don’t cry! We know of your grievance now!”

“Don’t compromise, in what era are we? You’re still afraid of people like that?

“I was really blind before and actually thought Lu Xiaofeng was some dazzling genius, Ptuh! He only knows how to bully some rookies, what kind of hero is he!?”

“Some old fashioned bitch like him from the music industry should have long been getting rid of, how can he compare to our Weiwei?”

“We support you, Weiwei, you’ll definitely get your wife back! We will help you!”

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