I Know Everything Chapter 370

Chapter 370: Successive Record Break.

After the lively premiere, it was time to see the real results.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ only had three sitting on the first day but the box office wasn’t low at all.

The opening with 3,500 screens was the highest number for an artistic film in the history of China.

The results didn’t disappoint.

The box office for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ premiere on Friday was 43 million Yuan, three times higher than the 10.03 of ‘Love Letter’!

Saturday with seven sitting, it generated 85 million in the box office.

With the great reviews and people’s tears overflowing, the box office and attendance of the movie on Sunday didn’t decline but slightly increased as it reached 87 million Yuan!

After three days in its first weekend, the box office of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was 205 million Yuan and once broke the record held by ‘Love Letter’ 130.3 million.

The box office overseas was even better.

If the box office of regions and countries were added up, it would be 770 million Yuan for the first weekend!

Although it was much worse than Hollywood blockbusters , if they compared it to Hollywood’s artistic films, the global box office of around 150 million USD in the first weekend was among the super classics!

At least it never happened in the history of Chinese cinema.

People calculated based on the current results and projected that ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was likely to surpass Wang Mu and Chen Hao’s masterpiece three years ago ‘Death Trap’ and become the highest grossing box office Chinese movie.

If that happened, everyone related with ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ would be included in the history of Chinese’ movie industry.

As a result, the people in the industry paid more and more attention to ‘The Story of Hachiko’.

Regardless of when the project would start, they must impress Zhu Mei so she could remember them when casting for roles.

For that, Zhu Mei was sought for all day long.

She would have hidden in the mountain if it wasn’t for having to promote the movie.

At this moment, the princess also joined in the fun.

She asked if Teacher Chu needed Shanhai Streaming to help promote ‘The Story of Hachiko’.

Although Qiantang Evening News was backed by Zhejiang Newspaper Group, they were just a local company and couldn’t cover the whole country.

If they wanted Qiantang Evening News to publish nationwide, it would be too presumptuous and arrogant so they wouldn’t do it.

However, the Zhejiang Newspaper Group was a bit sleazy.

Wasn’t ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ posted on Qiantang Evening News’ website?

Although they could also get paid via their website, it wasn’t as convenient for incorporating their ads.

So Zhejiang Newspaper Group didn’t put ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ on their websites when they serialized it.

At that time, numerous people scolded them for being shameless and greedy.

But it still brought Qiantang Evening News 5 million annual subscribers. This subscriber base and the newspaper retail brought much money to them.

It could also be seen by the 50 million Yuan in bonus Qiantang Evening News received at the end of the year.

It was the same this time as they started to sell to Jiangdong in the north, Wanhui at the east, Minnan at the south so in total four provinces could see Qiantang Evening News now and their influence had greatly increased.

But the princess felt it was still not enough.

‘The Story of Hachiko’ was definitely a book that would be adapted into a movie. If they didn’t prepare and promote it well so that more people became a fan of this, there would be more obstacles in future when they did the movie.

She looked down on the stinginess of Qiantang Evening News.

Chen Huan thought for a while but declined the princess’ offer.

Compared with the greatness of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, ‘The Story of Hachiko’ was warmer and slow paced so those intensive promotions wouldn’t make people like it more.

Chen Huan also wasn’t in a hurry.

The timing was really important if a story really wanted to leave a deep impression.

It wouldn’t be too late to plan and produce the adaptation slowly after the serialization was over and the book version was released.

Calculating the time, they would start the production at the second half of this year at the latest and it wouldn’t be too late to release it around New Year.

Chen Huan was now considering how to build up Jian Peng.

The selection for Lightning Boys had now reached the final knockout round with the top 20.

Jian Peng was already eliminated.

He was very sad when he was out as he cried and said, “I know I’m not suitable for singing but I love singing.”

However, he was a candidate that was destined to be eliminated from the beginning so which candidates would pay attention to someone who they wouldn’t be in a band with?

Therefore, he who always had no friends, when he said this, he only received a few shouted words by the audience that cried along. The response from the other candidates were very cold but they still came to hug him one by one and said some encouraging words in a hypocritical manner.

Most people could see it was a perfunctory action but nobody spoke on it.

A doomed loser wouldn’t attract much attention and even those who liked him wouldn’t talk much.

Among the Lightning Boys popularity ranking, Jian Peng had always been the lowest one since the knockouts.

So that conduct was realistic and normal.

People who were destined to fail in entertainment, a place without mercy, would garner no sympathy from the people.

Jian Peng was very handsome and had a sculptural beauty so won the hearts of some fans.

But even his most diehard fans didn’t have the extravagant hope for him to make it to the 12 members so they didn’t make a fuss on that decision.

He was a newcomer that didn’t have any work and became popular due to participating in a variety show so his fans would surely and slowly dissipate.

After Jian Peng left the show, no agency came to sign him.

Chen Huan, who was paying attention to him, knew he went back to work on that construction site after the competition.

This gave Chen Huan a high opinion to him.

Chen Huan would be a little disappointed if Jian Peng started to get overconfident after his participation in the competition and continued to try to become a star in the entertainment industry.

There was no shortage of handsome men and beautiful women in the entertainment industry. Jian Peng would obviously be too full of himself if he rushed in without developing his strong point.

But he appeared to be very steadfast when he went back to work on the construction site and at least knew what was important for him and his life.

A person like that was worth nurturing!

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