I Know Everything Chapter 369

Chapter 369: Opportunity.

Thinking of Alibaba’s godly plans, Chen Huan felt that Yang Feng would do it too.


Because they both have the same ideas!

People who had reached their level of wealth, couldn’t they do something that interested them?

Not to mention that they both were interested in the entertainment industry.

Alibaba from his previous not only invested in the number one film company but also casted a bunch of Heavenly Kings and Queens to make a movie himself.

Yang Feng was similar.

His second and third wife were stars from the entertainment industry.

Then his only daughter, Yang Kaixin, was now studying in Huajing Film and had already made appearances in multiple TV series and movies.

Of course, Yang Kaixin was a naïve and cute beauty no matter what her family background was.

In terms of appearance, Yang Feng was much better looking than the alien looking Alibaba boss as the 45 years old was still handsome.

No wonder there were rumors about him and some female stars.

However, Chen Huan didn’t plan to do any business in his life so even if he knew Yang Feng was going to make a big move, he didn’t have any plan to get on board.

What was the use of him earning so much money?

It would be all given away by the blindly generous Good Lord.

Li Bai’s money got all of his money returned after it was gone but Chen Huan’s money never came back.

There were more people looking for Yang Feng than for Chen Huan so he soon walked away.

Chen Huan saw Zhu Mei with a small and thin woman walking over.

The woman wasn’t that thin but her small face and small body shape made her look quite young.

In fact, she was already 30 years old and was at her peak age for an actress.

She’s Ye Xiaoyu, one of the four Heavenly Queens.

She was the first choice for ‘Love Letter’ main character but unfortunately she was busy filming Lord Hao He’s ‘Regret Forever’ so she couldn’t do it.

And that helped Chen Qian.

In May this year, ‘Regret Forever’ maintained the consistent and high standard of Hao He with generating more than 200 million Yuan at the box office and winning several awards with Ye Xiaoyu performing very well.

But she was much worse compared to Chen Qian’s luck in contrast.

Chen Qian’s performance not only won the best actress in Busan International Film Festival but also won the favors of many directors.

She filmed three roles this year, two literary films and one commercial film. The results were quite good as she took important roles and good box offices.

As an actress, it didn’t really matter if they were pretty or not.

The most important thing was whether they could put on a great acting performance and have the viewers like it and pay for it.

It was if you could carry the box office or when the viewers saw you were in it so they wanted to buy a ticket to watch it or turn their TV up to that channel.

If that was the case, you’ll be an actor that the directors and producers liked and many offers from movies and TV series would come to you to choose as you like.

Several Heavenly Queens and TV superstars had gone through those tests before getting their titles.

It seemed that if Chen Qian could maintain her performance for two or three more years and win one or two more international awards, she could rise up to become an heavenly queen.

An actress that was only a borderline second-tier actress and couldn’t even touch the edge of the first-tier but suddenly turned it around due to starring in ‘Love Letter’, how could she not make people jealous of her?

Chen Huan heard that Ye Xiaoyu fired the agent that rejected the script for her when she heard ‘Love Letter’ won a bunch of awards at Busan International Film Festival, a ruthless decision.

While thinking of that, Zhu Mei arrived beside Chen Huan.

“Hi, Little Huan, why didn’t you get in yet?” Zhu Mei asked with a smile.

“The scenery here is so good, I’ll just look for a bit more.” Chen Huan said without any shyness.

“Haha, you’re so blunt.” Zhu Mei laughed while pointing at him.

Ye Xiaoyu nearby had been looking at Chen Huan all this time and also laughed lighter when she heard him, “Teacher Lu is someone true to himself, better than those people whose mouths are filled with pretty words but hearts filled with dirt.

Chen Huan tilted his head to look at her and said, “What if my inside looked like my outside?”

“In that case, how could Han Dong’er and Bu Yiyi like you?” Ye Xiaoyu chuckled, “One is a cold girl just like a saintess while the other is as cunning as a fox. A man they have their eyes one is definitely not bad.”

“Sister Yu, I might get a bit arrogant after hearing that.” Chen Huan joked.

Yu Xiaoyu was someone perceptive and obviously could see Chen Huan didn’t have a hint of arrogance on him.

If any normal guy captured a small empress and small flower dan, they would have boasted about it.

But Chen Huan wasn’t someone normal as he was an outstanding genius that was even more famous than those two.

The only one who could compare to him was probably the mysterious Teacher Chu Liuxiang.

Ye Xiaoyu’s heart felt pain when she thought of Teacher Chu Liuxiang.


So painful!

That popularity should have belonged to her, it would have been a masterpiece that would have taken her to the next level but it floated away as she missed the opportunity.

On the surface, she attributed the fault to her agent and fired her agent but in fact depended on factors involving her.

It wasn’t only because it overlapped with Hao He’s ‘Regret Forever’ but also because she thought that Zhu Mei couldn’t have a good movie. She thought the script was too monotonous and script even after reading it and thought her acting wouldn’t be tested at all.

To put it simply, it was a matter of Zhu Mei and Chu Liuxiang’s reputation at that time.

If it was switched up with her being in Zhu Mei’s film and Hao He came knocking at her door, Ye Xiaoyu would do everything she could to finish her scenes as soon as possible before running to Hao He’s casting.

That was Lord Hao He!

The best director in China!

Would she hesitate to go to his films?

Now Ye Xiaoyu felt the same way toward the golden pair of Zhu Mei and Chu Liuxiang.

Unfortunately, in ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ there was only the adult Li Yiyuan and she had only a few scenes so unsuitable for her status as a Heavenly Queen.

Then there was also ‘The Story of Hachiko’ that had been serialized and very popular but the female lead was only 8 years old so she couldn’t play it.

Ye Xiaoyu was thinking about the role of the wife that seemed to be the third in importance as she was still an important character that pushed the plot forward.

It could be told that ‘The Story of Hachiko’ didn’t make sensational news like ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, it was still a warm and excellent story.

The subject was pretty good as it was the friendship between a human and an animal. It was very suitable with the current social values, which was that nature and humans lived in harmony.

A film like that, she wouldn’t dare to speculate on the box offices but the chances of winning a big prize in film festivals was really high.

So Ye Xiaoyu came to talk to Zhu Mei today to see if she had any plans about this story so she could prepare herself.

After all, it was impossible for other people to direct Teacher Chu’s script under normal circumstances.

Ye Xiaoyu knew for the production and release of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ that Yanhuang Film’s Young Master Qi offered more cash than Shanhai Streaming but Teacher Chu gave it to Shanhai Streaming without hesitation.


Wasn’t it because only Zhu Mei was willing to direct it and only Shanhai Streaming was willing to spend a lot of money to advertise ‘Love Letter’?

Ye Xiaoyu felt a burst of regret again when she thought of this.

If she has established a relationship with ‘Love Letter’, would she still have to worry about getting a role now?

Perhaps she could rely on her charms and ask him to tailor make a movie for her?

Ye Xiaoyu’s breath unconsciously quickened when she thought of those international rewards.

Fortunately, she didn’t know that Chen Huan who stood in front of her was Chu Liuxiang or maybe this bold and unrestrained Heavenly Queen would swallow him whole.

Chen Huan knew what Zhu Mei and Ye Xiaoyu talked about as they joked around.

Because since Zhu Mei came to Lin’an two days ago, numerous people approached to talk about the roles in ‘The Story of Hachiko’.

‘The Story of Hachiko’ had been published for more than half a month now.

Although the story just started, people were already reading it with delight.

They loved this kind of story that brought warmth, which was also Teacher Chu’s strong point.

The clever and pitiful Hachiko, the gentle and caring professor, the cute and lively daughter who liked to play with Hachiko, the mother who didn’t like animals and made it hard for Hachiko…the plots for those characters hadn’t fully been revealed yet but the people already could feel the charm of the story.

The number of people subscribing to Qiantang Evening News rose and people discussing about ‘The Story of Hachiko’ on the internet exceeded the tens of millions.

In the film and TV industries, people were pretty practical.

They knew it would be adapted into a movie when they saw the story just like ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

Just take a look at ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ and ‘Love Letter’ and they would know how popular ‘The Story of Hachiko’ could be.

So even those Heavenly Kings came to ask about the roles, much less ordinary actors.

After all, everyone wanted to become the second Guo Hang.

Before his role in ‘Love Letter’, Guo Hang didn’t even make an appearance in a good supporting role.

What about him now?

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ made him the Best Actor in Venice, in Busan and in Tokyo.

With three rewards, he approached the status of those Heavenly Kings and his status now was even higher than those popular young roles experts!

Who didn’t want such a great opportunity?

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