I Know Everything Chapter 368

Chapter 368: The Shining Stars at the Premiere.

After the equity dispute was settled, Shanhai ushered the global release of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ that was produced and distributed by them.

About the global release, it was actually mainly in Asia as there were more than 10k screens in Asia, 5k screens in Europe and 4k screens in America for the premiere.

1600 screens in North America was already a very good treatment for a foreign literary film.

Shanhai Streaming still suffered a bit with their cooperation with other global cinema chains.

Even if ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was already globally known, they could only get 30% of the box office shares at the end while Hollywood blockbusters could get 40%.

The country with the largest number of screens was obviously China with a total of 3500 screens, basically converting all the tier 1, 2, 3, 4 cities.

The Chinese film market in the third or fourth cities wasn’t very big. It was at best two or three cinemas with seven or eight halls.

But first and second tier cities were the focus of marketing.

There were more than 800 screens in the four first tier cities, accounting for almost 60% of the numbers on the premier.

Second tier cities were basically provincial capitals and big cities. Those places had high spending capability and also the most important place to sell tickets.

Shanhai Streaming made some controversies about the price of the tickets.

The debate over it didn’t stop until Zheng Rongrong was done with her dispute in the Zheng family.

It was 25 Yuan regular ticket and 30 Yuan during the Prime time slot.

The prices were quite satisfactory as it was cheaper than Hollywood’s blockbusters and the same price as the normal Chinese blockbusters.

However, the domestic blockbusters referred to action blockbusters and blockbusters from the top five directors and six superstars, not literary films.

Artistic movies generally didn’t have many sittings with not so great time slots so 20 Yuan for them was generally good.

But ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was different.

With the anticipation for its release and the crazy rewards reaping in the film festivals, it was easy to set the price around 30-35 Yuan.

The gap of 5 Yuan shouldn’t be underestimated as it could add up to a lot.

However, the princess didn’t care about the hundreds of million in the box office since what she cared about was the sensational effect and reputation brought by ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, which would be a big promotion to Shanhai Streaming.

The thing happened as she thought.

At the premier in Lin’an, the stars shone brightly in the lively area.

On the red carpet of the cinema next to the West Lake, one-third of the stars and the bigshot working on production from the entertainment industry came.

The top five directors, the six Heavenly Kings, the four Heavenly Queens, Small Flower Dans etc… all appeared at the premiere, which was really a dazzling sight.

The screams and cheers from the fans that came in to join the fun didn’t stop for a second.

“Wow, I saw Chen Hao! Wasn’t he filming somewhere in Africa?”

“Lord Hao He is also here, holy moly, even he came!”

“Aahhh…. Chibin, Chibin, I love you!”

“Ji Qingyao, Ji Qingyao! Look this way… You’re so pretty!”

“Cai Chanyi, I love you Cai Chanyi… ohhh…”

“Yiyi! Yiyi! You’re the best! I will always support you!”


The group of netizens that didn’t go to the cinema were amazed by the live broadcast of Shanhai Streaming.

It couldn’t be said that Shanhai spent a lot of money for the premier and it was impossible for those big shots to come because of money so the people could definitely see the popularity of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ from this.

Even the viewers behind their screen felt the lively atmosphere. Chen Huan was at the place and saw the big crowd with stars that came one after another one as if they didn’t need any money.

Xiao Shuishuis was smarter as she didn’t come at all as she didn’t like these occasions with too many people.

Fortunately, it wasn’t Teacher Chu who appeared at the premiere today otherwise he would have been busier than Zhu Mei.

Although Teacher Lu Xiaofeng was a superstar in the entertainment industry, he wasn’t the protagonist today.

Chen Huan was happy to be in the background and greeted a few stars from the music circle as he looked around the stars he would rarely see.

The biggest stars in China appeared here whether they were movie stars, TV stars, singers, even theater and variety shows stars were here.

They all wore the best clothes and dressed up to suit their image to attend this grand banquet.

Chen Huan mainly looked at the beautiful ladies.

The Film and TV circle was also the fame and fortune circle. The females that could stand out from the industry couldn’t be said to be beauties that could topple countries or cause wars but they were definitely first-class or super-class beauties.

But it was a bit strange that Heavenly Kings and Heavenly Queens weren’t that best looking people.

Especially the Heavenly Queens.

Were they pretty?

Definitely so!

Whether it was Dong Shu, Ning Yiqiu, Ye Xiaoyu, or Han Zhu, they were first- class beauties.

But definitely not super-class beauties.

Not as good as the Small Flower Dans Ji Qingyao or Bu Yiyi.

Mi Dongli and Song Yixin also easily beat them in terms of looks.

But women’s beauty wasn’t as simple as looking at their faces. Many beautiful women had made mistakes before but could you really like them?

Except looking at a woman’s face, there was also the charm emitted by them.

For example, Ning Yiqiu, who was also from Lin’an and helped promote ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles’, her hint of noble femininity was very deep could make middle aged men unable to close their eyes upon setting their eyes at her.

There was also Ye Xiaoyu, she had a small face and if she didn’t put on any makeup, she would be at the level of a School Flower at best.

But once she put on makeup and acted in a movie, the light radiating from her fascinated the men.

So most men who had real accomplishment and taste wouldn’t choose girls like Ji Qingyao and Bu Yiyi.

Only young people, men who hadn’t settled down through the years, would only like beautiful women and ignore the other better qualities of a woman.

“Which one do you think is the most suitable as a wife and which one is the most suitable as a mistress?” Suddenly a middle man in a silk robe came near Chen Huan.

He casually asked that to Chen Huan as if they were friends.

“As the main wife, Dong Shu had the temper.” Chen Huan recognized who the person was so didn’t hesitate as he spoke his mind, “As for mistress, definitely Bu Yiyi, Ji Qingyao or Mi Dongli.”

Bu Yiyi was certainly beautiful enough, right?

Ji Qingyao was also very beautiful and Mi Dongli could become the most beautiful school flower in the country, she was still the poster of beauty for the TV circle even if she was 33 years old.

Wasn’t the greatest wish of a man’s life was to ‘get a great wife?’


The middle aged man couldn’t help but chuckled, “Your aspirations are sure high! Dong Shu doesn’t seem to be someone easy to fool, aren’t you afraid she will manage you so tightly that you won’t even have room to breathe?”

“I just said that she’s the most suitable, not that I would want her.” Chen Huan said with a smile, “My wife had already been chosen by someone, but Boss Yang, do you want to add another wife to your family again?”

“Forget it!” The middle aged man waved, “I can’t give them what they want. Besides, the little boss in my house isn’t some vegetarian so she certainly wouldn’t allow it.”

The discussion reached here, the middle aged man stretched his hand and said, “Hello, Teacher Chu, I’m Yang Feng, glad to meet you here.”

“I told your people last time that I’m Lu Xiaofeng, not Chu Liuxiang.” Chen Huan shook his hand and denied his claim.

This middle aged man, who wore a silk robe and a bit of a poser, naturally had the capability to back up his posing.

He was Yang Feng, the second richest man in China and the owner of Habao Technology.

Habao Technology was very similar to Boss Ma’s (Jack Ma) company. They were both the number one C2C online shopping company in the country and also the best payment system in the country. However, Habao Technology also had the best express delivery services in the country.

It was like Alibaba+ SF express.

Even so, they were crushed by the Shanhai Group, Zheng Qian was really an impressive man.

However, Yang Feng was 12 years younger than Zheng Qian and online shopping would only get more developed in the future. Maybe he would surpass Zheng Qian one day and become the richest man in China.

Chen Huan had donated more than 200 million Yuan to the mountainous area through Habao Pay so the director of their public welfare department had long since guessed Chen Huan’s identity but he never admitted to it.

He didn’t admit it now either.

Habao Technology wouldn’t be that stupid anyway to directly announce this news out and randomly hurt Teacher Chu.

Yang Feng moved beside Chen Huan now and Chen Huan didn’t believe he did so because he was too bored.

When people had some thoughts while yourself didn’t expect anything from him, Chen Huan obviously wouldn’t be too friendly.

Yang Feng didn’t mind as he didn’t expect Chen Huan to admit it either, “Teacher Lu, do you think ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ will succeed?”

“It should.” Chen Huan said, “The plot is quite good after all, Aunty Mei has done a good job and the cast performed well.”

“I also think it would be successful.” Yang Feng said, “Not only because of what you said, but also because our big data analyzed the viewers’ habits as well as the investment in the advertisement.”

“As long as the movie itself isn’t bad, then they could concentrate on putting resources on promoting the film and capture the people’s attention, it would definitely achieve a big success!”

Chen Huan was taken aback by this.

Big data?


Big investment?

Boss Yang, do you know an alien called Boss Ma?

This is exactly how his film company operated!

Could it be that people developed the same idea when they were in the same industry?

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