I Know Everything Chapter 367

Chapter 367: The wise Chu Liuxiang.

For some reasons, the princess told Zhu Mei about the matter and asked her to ask if Teacher Chu had any good suggestions.

After Chen Huan heard of the whole story, the infighting of those Chinese wealthy families resurfaced in his mind.

Whether it was on TV or real life, there was plenty of this ridiculous stuff.

In contrast, what Zheng Rongrong encountered wasn’t the worst.

If Zheng Qian had truly a black heart, he could just use his 12% and 30% from Shanhai Group to file a listing application of the company and wait until the IPO was listed before selling, which he would gain a lot of wealth from.

And the one suffering would be Zheng Rongrong.

On one hand, Shanhai Streaming was ready to be listed while on the other hand, she wouldn’t be the largest shareholder when that time came so she could be driven off and had her position stripped.

Fortunately for now, Zheng Qian just wanted to distribute it evenly.

So Chen Huan gave her a very simple plan.

Find someone to borrow money from.

Then just buy the 12% shares from Zheng Qian with the market valuation of 60 billion USD… except her part, she would need 6 billion USD.

6 billion USD was a very big figure.

But if Shanhai Streaming developed well, that debt could be wiped away in an instant by the company’s market value skyrocketing.

The princess would definitely have more control in the company if she got the 12% in her hand.

Unless the most ridiculous family fight occurred, Shanhai Streaming wouldn’t be able to leave her palm even if the 45% diluted to 30% after the listing.

42 billion Yuan was an astronomical number for normal people but in the shoes of the princess, it could be said to be a bit troublesome but not a huge problem.


Borrowing money was only one of the things.

Chen Huan also said a few words to Zheng Rongrong in indignation.

“Since they want the Shanhai Streaming’s shares, why would you still keep the promise? You should also have your share of Shanhai Group. Even if you want to let it go in the future, you must get in now otherwise there will be more problem in the future!”

The princess slammed the table in praise.

She was someone smart to begin with so obviously knew what Teacher Chu meant.

The shares of Shanhai Group in Zheng Qian’s hands were the primary wealth of the Zheng family.

As everyone agreed before, Zheng Rongrong took out her shares of Shanhai Group in exchange that they didn’t meddle in Shanhai Streaming.

But now they regretted it and wanted to snatch the Shanhai Streaming shares so Zheng Rongrong bring forward her rights of inheritance of Shanhai Group.

Regardless of whether they were willing or not, whether they would back down about Shanhai Streaming or not, Zheng Rongrong should take the initiative on her side.

It was Zheng Rongrong who didn’t want it back then so Zheng Qian didn’t say anything.

If his eldest daughter insisted on becoming one of his inheritors, Zheng Qian would agree out of guilt and as an apology to her.

As long as she was one of the heirs of Shanghai Group and owned one-seventh of the inheritance shares, then whoever wanted to wield power in Shanhai Group in the future must seek her support.

At that time, Zheng Rongrong would naturally be able to move freely and completely had the initiative in her hands.

The princess really thanked her sixth sense at this moment.

Although she had never met with Teacher Chu, she knew he must be someone wise to be able to write such wonderful stories and should have good advice for her predicament.

Unexpectedly, Teacher Chu would give his help in this way and easily solve her difficulties in a few words while pointing to her future path.

With the initiative on her side, Zheng Rongrong didn’t have to fear what they would do with Shanhai Streaming’s shares.

Because she would fight for the control of Shanhai Group against whoever went against her, how could they not be afraid?

Speaking about the capability of running a company, which of her siblings could be compared to her?

Teacher Chu Liuxiang…

Such a mysterious and wise man!

Interest involving billions of dollars couldn’t be planned or negotiated with a few words or one meeting.

The princess must plan well to fight against her family.

But Chen Huan advised her to finish it as soon as possible.

Because November was when ‘Meteor Girls’ Restaurant’ started its broadcast and also when ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was officially released.

The selection of the Oscars and the Golden Globe would be announced in January and ‘Young Di Renjie’ would also be broadcasted at that month.

After the series of operations, it would be detrimental to the princess if the valuation of Shanhai Streaming rose again and so people from the Zheng family would start to have a bigger appetite.

Zheng Rongrong agreed with Chen Huan’s suggestion.

She knew how greedy her sibling could be.

It was just she didn’t want to usually fight with them so she quickly went out to make her own company instead of staying in that toxic atmosphere back at home.

But even so, they still followed her like a shadow.

The princess was really annoyed this time and didn’t want to deal with them.

If it wasn’t for Shanhai Group owning 30% of the shares, she wouldn’t even fight for Zheng Qian’s inheritance because concerning money, people may as well as be strangers.

Chen Huan didn’t know how the princess did it.

But only five days after Chen Huan advised her, Shanhai Streaming and Shanhai Group both issued a statement.

“Ms. Zheng Rongrong, the president of the company, has purchased the 12% of the company’s shares from Mr. Zheng Qian and now holds a total of 45%. She is still the biggest shareholder of the company and the other shareholders’ share remains unchanged for the time being.”

“Mr. Zheng Qian transferred his 12% shares of Shanhai Streaming to Ms. Zheng Rongrong so Mr. Zheng Qian no longer personally hold any shares.”

As soon as the two news came out, it established that Zheng Rongrong was firmly in control of Shanhai Streaming now.

From now on, no one could shake her control of Shanhai Streaming.

It was all some grandiose things.

Zheng Rongrong didn’t tell Chen Huan about the details as the princess felt it was unnecessary and thought Teacher Chu wouldn’t care about the fight about family inheritance.

However, the rumors over the next few days gave Chen Huan an idea of it.

The Zheng family made their fortune in Nanwan and Nanwan was also their base.

When Zheng Rongrong founded Shanhai Streaming, 25% of the company were invested by those wealthy people in Nanwan.

What was surprising was that those wealthy people didn’t give up on Shanhai Streaming when the company lost money over the years at the start with the lost as high as 17.8 billion Yuan but instead poured more money into it bit by bit.

Zheng Qian’s reputation must have something to do with it or it was something he asked.

He couldn’t blatantly help his children as a father but he would definitely help them secretly.

The persistence of the wealthy people from Nanwan was indispensable.

Over the years, Shanhai Streaming became better and better, and with the market value of 40 billion USD, the shareholders were even less willing to sell their shares.

They weren’t short on money and seeing that Shanhai Streaming was about to be listed, wouldn’t it be more profitable for them to sell after it was listed?

But they didn’t expect that in just one year, Shanhai Streaming’s market value would soar to 60 billion USD. It was to the point where they would definitely buy if they were willing to sell.

Those fund companies and investment companies couldn’t persuade the Zheng father and daughter so they went to the Nanwan’s billionaires.

They persisted and decided to wait until the listing in the end. They would wait until the IPO to sell no matter how badly they wanted to or not.

That pit of investment funds in the past few years became a golden hen. It changed for them as they even became a model of ‘great vision’ in the industry.

During this time, they were in the limelight.

Then Zheng Rongrong asked them to borrow money with the Shanhai’s Streaming shares as the collateral.

For one, they could be considered people from the same boat with their common interest as they understood the value of Shanhai Streaming.

Secondly, the princess had firmly grasped Shanhai Streaming so they must rely on her if they wanted to make money.

Thirdly, they had plenty of money to begin with and they also felt confident with the princess’ operation.

So in just two days, they sold some of their proprieties everywhere to collect the 42 billion Yuan to give it to the princess.

Zheng Rongrong took the money and gave it to Zheng Qian with each of her siblings receiving 7 billion.

Her youngest sister, Zheng Lele, booked a super large yatch that night and took her friends to have fun all night.

Zheng Lele was only 20 years old, it was somewhat normal for her to go crazy after receiving so much money.

Zheng Qian’s action of dividing the family wealth puzzled the outside world but it was the Zheng family’s matter so it was difficult for outsiders to say anything about it.

But another statement also confirmed Zheng Rongrong’s plan.

Shanhai Group issued a separate statement.

“Ms. Zheng Rongrong and CEO of Shanhai Streaming, a subsidiary of the group, formally joined the board of Shanhai Group as a non-executive director.”

Many people didn’t understand that message.

But Chen Huan knew from a glance that Zheng Qian gave in.

He felt guilt after he went against his words, in other words, he really looked forward to what his daughter could do in the future so he should have revised his will and included Zheng Rongrong among the beneficiaries.

Otherwise the princess definitely wouldn’t be willing to enter the company as a poster.

However, her sibling didn’t know what to feel about that.

They obviously got each 7 billion Yuan but they bought their elder sister back into the fold for their fathers’ Shanhai Group shares in inheritance.

But what could they say about it?

Since Zheng Qian’s Shanhai Streaming’ shares were divided equally, why couldn’t Shanhai Group’s shares be divided equally also and that Zheng Rongrong couldn’t inherit?

Wasn’t she Zheng Qian’s daughter?

So it couldn’t be said that they let go of the big prize while grabbing at trifles but their joy of receiving the 7 billion Yuan was reduced in half.

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