I Know Everything Chapter 364

Chapter 364: Selecting the fortunate one.

There were many paths in the art of face slapping.

The one Shui Qianyu proposed was a very great and unforgettable face slap.

Comeback, it was a drama that everyone was willing to watch.

Especially when the one doing the comeback was someone that was looked down upon and was trampled through the mud, those kind of comeback was the one that excited the people the most.

The two famous and typical examples were Susan Boyle and Paul Potts from those talent shows.

But their comeback had nothing to do with a certain person or company but was entirely based on the contempt of the people around them.

This was better as there was no target and people could give out a moved expression, lest people get embarrassed.

But if the one making a comeback was someone that was looked down on and abandoned by a company that claimed they were trash without potential…then the people would rush to ridicule the company and the people without eyes in it after the person made the comeback.

This had nothing to do with me anyways, I just like to watch face slap, I’ll help the guy comeback and face slap, how fun is that!

This was how ordinary people thought.

This was another form of animosity.

It was like robbing the rich to help the poor.

Think about it, one of the candidates for Lightning Boys, who was dropped by Shining Technology, but miraculously started to succeed and so successful that the Lightning Boys couldn’t even be compared to him, what kind of scenario would that be?

Lightning Boys’ face would definitely be very swollen due to the slaps.

The blind Youyi and Shining Technology’s faces would definitely be slapped until it couldn’t swell any bigger.

Then Chen Huan thought of another thing.

If this dropped candidate in the end went to Shanhai Streaming and was nurtured by Shanhai Streaming into a talent, it would be the great thing called ‘My enemy fall while I rise’!

When the people saw this candidate, they would think of the success of Shanhai Streaming and the failure of their rival Youyi.

When they compared the two, they would definitely think, “Whatever, Shanhai Streaming is definitely a bit better’.

Even if this was  a light thought, this could influence the choice of the consumers if the two video streaming websites were of similar strength.

If things went like that, the change in numbers and market shares would be very noticeable.

When he arrived at the computer room, Chen Huan turned the computer on and typed Youyi’s website link.

There was a special section in the website introducing the Lightning Boys candidates.

There were more than 60 candidates at the beginning but after 8 episodes, only the 12 candidates would remain to form the Lightning Boys.

Four selections had passed already and there were about 30 people left now. Their profile all hung at the top and clicking it would take you to various detailed information about them.

It could be seen that the selection of Lightning Boys had already achieved much.

Because more than 100k people clicked on their profile, which was attention.

The auditions, knockouts rounds, behind-the-scene videos had been watched more than 3 billion times in total.

Although it wasn’t as much as Meteor Girls who had the super achievement of 30 billion views in total, it shouldn’t be a problem for them to reach 10 billion at the end.

It was a great fortune to have that much attention on a group that hadn’t debuted yet.

Based on the advertisement done and the fans already accumulated, there would be more than ten million at the end.

Those weren’t loyal fans but it was already good if they stayed with the Lightning Boys after the elimination rounds and the official group was selected.

If Lightning Boys could be linked to Meteor Girls all of the time and rub some attention from them, the people that didn’t like Meteor Girls may come to support them instead.

It shouldn’t be doubted.

There would be people with different views and taste in the world.

The more popular you were, the more people would look at you with displeased eyes, Meteor Girls wasn’t an exception.

Once the kind of effect on the market shares was formed, Lightning Boys then would receive more attention and receive more benefits following that, which also benefitted Youyi.

With so many benefits, no wonder a prideful man like Gan Liangchen would become shameless.

And they were indeed shameless.

Although their variety show’s had a different name and they changed the content a bit, the backbone of the show was still similar to Meteor Girls and the common people could see that there were many similarities.

That was why the ‘1 billion Meteor fans’ went to hate and berate them for copying ideas.

There were also many members of the ‘Happy Fans Group’ as they also wronged Chen Huan.

Putting that aside.

Chen Huan started to watch their selection process.

The most important things to have to be in the Lightning Boys band were appearance, singing and dancing.

Because those three characteristics drew the most fans at the fastest speed.

Once the young people were attracted, it was easier to have them become loyal fans and for them to support the band for the next 10 to 20 years.

Behind Lightning Boys was the number one record company in China Phoenix Records and there would be no shortage of quality lyrics, melody and publicity with them.

Therefore, the selection criteria were all about those three aspects.

Although there were more than 60 people at the beginning, they were selected from various performing arts academies and training institutions as not everyone could come and participate.

Everyone that made it to the list was assured to not be some ugly and unqualified people.

But there were only 12 places after all so the less qualified ones would eventually be eliminated.

In this idol band produced by Shining Technology and Phoenix Record, although there may be some that used their connection but it was still mostly survival of the fittest and the ones selected were mostly good.

Chen Huan definitely wouldn’t choose someone that was unfortunately not made the cut but only chose someone that the other people thought were unqualified.

But he couldn’t choose someone that wasn’t known at all and the chosen one still had to leave an impression so everyone could see the contrast.

Only like that it could reflect the genius of Teacher Lu Xiaofeng and the incompetence of Shining Technology.

Chen Huan watched the 4 episodes, the auditions in Huhai and all the behind the scene video for the whole night before finding someone suitable.

That person was called Jian Peng and was 18 years old. He came from a peasant family in Ludong.

Because his family was poor, he went to Huhai to work after graduating from high school.

He wasn’t a learned man and mostly did physical work so developed quite a bit of muscles from that and with his wild as well as masculine face along with his half-length hair, he looked quite cool.

It was because of that he easily passed the audition when he signed up.

Jian Peng obviously loved music as he gave his all when singing and followed the tune very well.

The only and biggest letdown was his voice was too hoarse. Because of his inborn voice and smoking habit, he had a thick smoky voice when singing and it felt a big awkward.

However, Jian Peng was very clever as he only chose to sing some bitter love songs with low tone voice that were barely suitable to him so he stumbled his way to the top 32.

But honestly, the main reason Jian Peng hadn’t been eliminated wasn’t because of his singing but his looks.

He was the online one working in a construction company compared to various students so his aura was completely different.

What girls liked more was his kind of cool and handsome with sculpture like beauty. The pretty type of handsome, as long as they weren’t at the level of Su Mo or Sister Xiaofeng, there was nothing special to it.

Jian Peng’s uniqueness was the reason for his popularity but it was also the reason he would definitely be eliminated.


Although various styles were needed in a band, it would affect the overall performance of the band if one person was incompatible with all the other members.

To put it simpler, it would render impossible to push the band as a group and couldn’t give people a deep impression of the band.

A singer could change their style as they want but in a band, it was likely to fail if it had too much individuality.

The best choice was if everyone blended well together.

For example in Meteor Girls, there was no real ‘ice queen beauty’ as such a girl wouldn’t be suitable in Meteor Girls.

So many music critics believed that Jian Peng would be eliminated from the beginning but they didn’t expect him to fight through four episodes and firmly remained in the potential members.

But sadly, the fifth episode would probably be his last.

What the music critics said about Jian Peng was he was more suitable to be a model than a singer.

In the music industry, there hadn’t been a singer that successfully used the very hoarse voice.

Even rock singers had some steel to their hoarse voice and not this very smoky and hoarse voice.

In fact, people with that voice would be instantly disqualified during the test for conservatory of music by the professor, telling them that that type of voice wasn’t suitable for singing.

People preferred Tang Yan’s thick voice, Su Mo’s crystal clear voice, Shui Qingshan’s slight hoarse voice, Zhou Jing’s sweet voice, Xu Ping’s bright voice…

To sum it up, the voice must have some degree of distinctiveness and the words must be clear so the people could understand them.

But was that really the case?

Chen Huan smiled and closed those videos.

People in this world didn’t know about Wang Feng and A-Do!

They would know about internet celebrities such as Sister Hua and Brother M even less.

Those people had a very special characteristic.

Both men and women had a hoarse smoky voice.

In his previous, those types of voices were very great!

They would fly up as long as they choose the right song!

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