I Know Everything Chapter 363

Chapter 363: Xiao Shuishui, You’re such a genius!

Chen Huan knew that he would definitely offend Gan Liangchen when he said that.

But so what?

Gan Liangchen was only the eighth richest man in China but he was someone who had the unparalleled system Good Lord, he was luckier than him!

If he didn’t dare to speak up after they used disgusting means to copy like that because they had money, what was the point of him being reborn!?

Was it fun to hold back all the time?

Especially when you had the strength?

So Chen Huan expressed his distaste at them directly and left no room for anything else.

He wouldn’t get any favor from Shining Technology from now on and maybe would even get targeted by them.

But Chen Huan didn’t regret it.

In this time, even the richest person couldn’t cover the entire sky with his hand and it would already be incredible if they had no contact in the future.

As for being targeted by Shining Technology, they must have the gut to do so!

Chen Huan’s other identity was an international mathematician after all.

Once the ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ was proved by him, he would be one of the greatest mathematicians and his social status couldn’t be slandered by other people.

How retarded Shining Technology would be to dare to attack such a great mathematician?

“Ding Dong!”

Chen Huan didn’t think much about it but when he stepped out of the teahouse, he heard the familiar sound.

“The coward, unambitious and always trying to offend nobody –host finally raising his fangs! The system feels very satisfied by it.”

“Gan Liangchen in the tea room is very dissatisfied with the host now and may target the host at any time! as the ‘Nobody is Better than me’ system, how can the system tolerate it?”

“The system will specially release the following mission, the host should ferociously strike back at Shining Technology and severely humiliate them to let them know you’re not a person to be provoked!”

“The better the mission was completed, the easier for the host to receive more rewards from the system! The system informs you that one of the rewards you will guarantee to receive is ‘Professional Basketball (Legendary)’!”

Chen Huan was pumped out when he heard that and almost didn’t want to get into the taxi.

After getting into the taxi, Chen Huan thoughts wasn’t on going home.


After so long, he finally saw skills rated above advanced!

It was the legendary grade!

Advanced grade alone was enough for him to be a starter in the NBA but if it was legendary, even if it wasn’t like Kobe or Iverson, it should be comparable to superstars like Ray Allen, Bosh or Garnett, right?

Coupled with his strengthened body with the decoction, he would form a proper big three with Kobe and Allen!

He thought that winning the championship was a bit unrealistic before but now with ‘Professional Basketball (Legendary)’, they had 80-90% of winning it!

What kind of young man didn’t want to be in the limelight?

But when it came to acting or something similar, Chen Huan wasn’t good at it so he relatively shied away from it.

However, playing basketball was a stage for him to show his skills and strength.

With enough skills, he could be as arrogant as he wanted, showing the true nature of a man!

Chen Huan thought about the image of him crushing all the teams with their superstars on his path to the championship while getting the Final MVP trophy, he felt like dancing.

In his excited state, he started to plan about the matter at hand.

How could he severely hit Shining Technology?

He then immediately thought of something,

Shanhai Streaming!

Shanhai Streaming and Shining Technology’s core asset—Youyi, were direct competitors.

Last year, Youyi had 27% of the Asian market while Shanhai Streaming had 13%.

Youyi’s Chinese market share was 48% while Shanhai Streaming had 30%.

But Shanhai Streaming had begun to catch up to them after continuous push and effort this year.

Although Chen Huan didn’t know the market shares of the two right now, he knew for certain that it was narrowing.

Not to mention that Shanhai Streaming had always been ahead of Youyi in terms of VIP subscribers and now had expanded their leads.

Last year it was 22 million to 12 million and now, Shanhai Streaming had 32 million annual VIP subscribers while Youyi increased theirs to 15 million.

With the current trend, Shining Technology would get surpassed if they didn’t do anything big soon.

That was why they shamelessly came up with Lightning Boys.

Chen Huan wanted to give Shining Technology a vicious strike so he’ll push Shanhai Streaming forward and have them surpass and step on Shining Technology, perhaps this situation was what Gan Liangchen uncomfortable.

At the same time, it would be a serious blow to the upper and lower management of Shining Technology.

This was akin to Chen Huan letting out some of his rage.

But other than that, what else could be done?

Chen Huan thought about it on his way back home but couldn’t think of anything.

He was still thinking of this question when he was eating.

Shui Qianyu was dissatisfied by that so gave him a kick to his calf and said, “What are you doing? Eat properly!”

Chen Huan came back from his thoughts and asked subconsciously, “Xiao Shuishui, I want to teach Shining Technology a lesson, what do you think I should do?”

“Huh, you finally thought it through?” Shui Qianyu had a happy expression, “This is more like it! A shameless company like that must be viciously taught a lesson!”

Shui Qianyu was a firm supporter of revenge, the type of person that believed it was never too late to take revenge.

She already watched how Shining Technology copied Chen Huan’s way with Meteor Girls with their own Lightning Boys.

Xia He and Shui Qingshan saw the two whispering about and were too lazy to care about it so just ate their meal and watched the TV.

Shui Qianyu lowered her voice further and said, “I already helped you think about it…You’re now helping Shanhai Streaming which is putting pressure to Youyi and basically like teaching them a lesson… but this isn’t enough.”

When Chen Huan heard that, he knew that this little girl knew her stuff.

A top student was indeed a top student.

“I would like to ask Miss Shui for some advice.” He quickly respectfully said to her.

“You still need to tell them the most direct way that they’re not good enough!” Shui Qianyu said, “For example, aren’t they holding trials for the selection of Lightning Boys? You can go check the eliminated candidates if there’s someone you are suitable like Guan Yili and give him a song to make him a popular singer!”

“In that way, wouldn’t it tell the world that the Lightning Boys from Youyi are a joke and that they mistook a jade as sand? And that you, Lu Xiaofeng, is someone that could find the treasure among the sands! They would be humiliated like that!”

Chen Huan was stunned.

He was completely in admiration.

Xiao Shuishui, you’re such a genius!

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