I Know Everything Chapter 362

Chapter 362: Don’t like it, Don’t want to.

The one that came to find Chen Huan was the founder and chairman of Shining Technology Gan Liangchen.

He entrusted Lan Kai of Phoenix Record to tell Chen Huan about it before making an appointment in a famous teahouse at the high-tech zone.

Along with Gan Liangchen was Wang Juan, the director of the music department.

Gan Liangchen and Wang Juan were very polite when they met Chen Huan.

The two of them heavily praised Chen Huan before they sat down.

“People said Teacher Lu is a young genius but in my opinion we can take out the word young.” Gan Liangchen said, “A genius is a genius, giving the word young makes people feel like putting too much importance on seniority! Is a teenager genius inferior to a genius and needs to show some humility?”

His words were quite blunt.

Chen Huan smiled slightly at that and said, “Mr. Gan’s words are also very suitable for yourself. Very few people are like you who created his own company right after graduating university and build it into such a big company.”

Gan Liangchen was only 37 years old now and made his company right after he graduated with his first project Youyi.

As people knew now, Youyi became the world’s top video streaming website in less than ten years and also owned a large company that was valued at 120 billion USD.

A genius like him was also called a young genius back then.

Compared to Yang Feng, who was about to work in a supermarket after his repeated failure, Gan Liangchen had a smooth path.

Gan Liangchen wasn’t from a rich family either and his family could only be described as the middle class so when he started his business except the 200k given by his parents, he used his free time to work in various e-commerce companies and saved up 500k, which wasn’t that much.

Because of his lack of foundation, Gan Liangchen’s shares in Shining Technology had been diluted until it was 13%, which was lower than the usual entrepreneur.

However, he was able to lay the foundation for his company without being squeezed out of it by the other capital so the title of genius was also well deserved.

“Haha, then aren’t Teacher Lu and President Gan both people with great minds?”

Even if Wang Juan was a senior executive in Shining Technology and the director of the team in charge of Lightning Boys who had the full support of the company, she wasn’t the protagonist today and only had a supporting role.

Because the people present were her boss for one while the other was a true genius with unprecedented achievement in the music industry so both of them had a higher status than her.

After the three sat down, they didn’t talk about working together but about basketball and the NBA.

It wasn’t surprising.

Gan Liangchen was 37 years old and his college years coincided with the era where Big Yao dominated in the NBA.

In the age where football became a joke, the sports fans were naturally happy when they saw a Chinese superstars shining on the NBA stage.

It was during that time period where basketball fans surpassed the number of football fans that had decades of dominance.

Gan Liangchen was one of those basketball fans.

Even if he was now working and nobody knew if he still loved basketball or not, it didn’t prevent him from talking about his basketball knowledge.

“During the NBA pre-season, I went to watch the game live at Huajing, Huhai and Yuezhou.” Gan Liangcheng said, “I thought it was just games for show and get to fitness but Teacher Lu immediately increased the pace and intensity of the game the moment you were on the floor, it was a joy to watch! The Rockets VS the Warriors wasn’t as enjoyable to watch without you and many fans that bought those tickets cursed loudly!”

It was obvious.

In the two games with the Lakers, it wasn’t only Chen Huan that tried to show his skills as Kobe and Iverson also went all in.

They all knew that Chen Huan’s skills were superstars level but the problem was having three superstars didn’t guarantee winning the NBA championship.

Otherwise, the Cavaliers wouldn’t lose to the Warriors two years ago. (The Cavs’ two other superstars were injured…)

The key point was teamwork.

Because Chen Huan wouldn’t play in the regular season so the pre-season games were the best time to do it so they played seriously and that was why they had so many good possessions with Chen Huan.

The Rockets and Warriors didn’t have to try so hard to mesh their lineups so they obviously didn’t play as well.

“While we’re on the topic, Chen Huan, do you think Kobe and Iverson can take the Lakers into the playoffs this year?” Gan Liangchen asked in curiosity, “They haven’t made the playoffs the past two years, Kobe and 37 years old and Iverson is 40 years old. They may have a little hope if they were ten years younger or even five but now…”

“The current them can also do it.” Chen Huan said, “Mr. Gan, did you see the two regular season games? How well did they play?”

“They played good, very good.” Gan Liangchen said, “But I’ll still say the same thing, they’re too old. The fatigue and injuries will reveal themselves during the second half of the season and they won’t make it to the playoffs if the rest of the team isn’t good.”

“Just wait and see then, I don’t think they will have any problem playing 70 regular games this season.” Chen Huan said with a smile.

Gan Liangchen wanted to ask Chen Huan were his confidence came from but he didn’t come here to argue with him so he obviously wasn’t stupid enough to question him.

Putting aside his disbelief, Gan Liangchen changed the topic to the real topic of their coming.

“I think Teacher Lu also learned that we recently formed a boy band called Lightning Boys with Phoenix Record.” Gan Liangchen said, “I feel a bit ashamed now that we’re talking about it, we were inspired by your idea in creating this band.”

“Hmm, you should feel ashamed.” Chen Huan said nonchalantly.

Gan Liangcheng: “…”

Wang Juan: “…”

The two’s faces turned red and thought that was unexpected, Chen Huan should have smiled and not taking it to heart after they did this in person.

Why would he be so blunt and not attenuate his emotions?

Chen Huan wasn’t bothered by it in the slightest as he said, “As a competitor, I understand that you will copy Shanhai Streaming’s idea and understand why you would have the Lightning Boys replicate the plans that made Meteor Girls popular. This isn’t illegal but it doesn’t mean that I think what you did was right, in my eyes, this is a very distasteful behavior.”

 “Uh…” Gan Liangchen frowned and didn’t speak but Wang Juan said with an embarrassed smile, “Teacher Lu, this thing can’t be called plagiarism, we were just inspired by a very good original idea… If you’re offended by it, I want to apologize to you for it.”

“It would be whatever if it was just this.” Chen Huan said, “But why three members of your Lightning Boys constantly tried to contact the Meteor Girls in private? If they succeed, then Lightning Boys will be talked about and gain attention but to those girls, that would surely affect their future, right?”

Wang Juan was stunned and was too scared to speak.

This plan was devised by her after long contemplation in order to completely bind the Lightning Boys with the widely popular Meteor Girls so they could get a huge attention from Meteor Girls before the boys debuted.

It was still in trying and no substantial results were obtained.

Once it was successful or ambiguous enough, those media online would report on it and make the Lightning Boys known.

But how did Chen Huan know about it?

Was it because those girls trusted him so much so they told him everything?

Gan Liangchen knew about Wang Juan’s plan and glanced at her with an annoyed expression.

This thing got exposed before any success, so embarrassing!

“I know you guys came to find me because you want to work together.” Chen Huan said after seeing that they didn’t speak, “But after knowing you guys’ action, I don’t think it’s possible for us to work together, so I came to say this to you all!”

After that said, he stood up and gave them a nod before leaving.

The tea room became suddenly very quiet and solemn.

It wasn’t only because Chen Huan left but also because of the undeniable anger and embarrassment Gan Liangcheng felt.

How many years had it been?!

Since he had founded Youyi, he fought as he paved his way to the top spot in the industry by crushing all the other bigwigs in his path.

Even the princess with Shanhai Streaming could only slowly rise under the suppression of Youyi after many years due to her father’s help.

How could Zheng Rongrong be able to gain a foothold if it wasn’t for Zheng Qian?

Although he wasn’t the richest man in China, in this circle, who didn’t admire him for starting from scratch to build what he had now?

Who would dare to show their temper at him?

But it happened today!

And he was only 17 years old!

He really didn’t know how high the sky was!

In his anger, Gan Liangchen wasn’t the type to throw things around.

After being silent for a while, he said, “Director Wang.”


Wang Juan didn’t dare to breathe loudly.

“It seems that our Youyi isn’t great enough! Anybody dares to throw their temper at us now!” Gan Liangchen said with a cold smile, “Do you think because the tiger isn’t baring his fangs so they take us as some sick cats?”

Wang Juan didn’t dare to answer or knew how to answer.

Gan Liangchen didn’t expect her to answer as he said, “The Lightning Boys project, I will give you an additional fund of 100 million, the various plans and resources, you can use them all! I only have one request, you must beat Meteor Girls and let Lu Xiaofeng see that the little girl band he produced is nothing special!”

He stared at Wang Juan and pronounced word by word, “Are you confident?”

Wang Juan understood she may be fired if she showed any hesitation.

The matter reached this step so she couldn’t retreat either.

“I have!” Wang Juan’s scalp felt numb as she said with determination, “I will resign if I don’t succeed, I won’t embarrass you!”


Gan Liangchen slapped the table, “We’ll do that! I want Lu Xiaofeng to regret what he did today!”

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